If Your Cat Bites You, Here's What It Really Means

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Humans have not yet learned to understand the language of animals and that is why their behavior generate many questions: why do dogs tilt their heads all the time and why do cats make such strange noises?
We'll try to answer all your questions and maybe we can help you understand your pets a little bit better.
00:00 - Welcome!
00:24 - Why do cats bite? (Preview)
01:01 - Why do dogs bark when seeing hugs?
01:45 - Why do cats freeze with their mouth open?
02:16 - Why do cats knock things over?
02:44 - Why do parrots grind their beaks?
03:30 - Why do cats bring us gifts?
04:04 - Why do dogs walk in circles?
04:36 - Why do cats drag their food out of their bowl?
05:12 - Why do rabbits thump their hind legs?
05:51 - Why do rabbits hop around?
06:16 - Why do hamsters freeze?
06:51 - Can guinea pigs purr?
07:15 - Why do dogs tilt their heads?
08:02 - Why do parrots need mirrors?
08:31 - Why do cats make strange noises?

Sienna Cyples
Sienna Cyples 5 uur geleden
My cat only bites bc hes a really energetic kitten XD
Lethe 18 uur geleden
If that was a hard bite by a cat, you would know it. That's either a playful or warning bite.
everyday tenor
everyday tenor 18 uur geleden
My cats don't bite me. They value life.
Luvisé Dag geleden
I don’t even have a cat, why am I watching this??
Daniel Lau
Daniel Lau Dag geleden
Cats chirp to entice birds to come investigate. They try to mimic a little bit of bird speech to fool birds into thinking another bird is around
Andrew McGillivray
Andrew McGillivray Dag geleden
duhhh, simple, he wants to kill me in my sleep
Confusing Bread
Confusing Bread Dag geleden
Image this happened in real life. Person 1:you wanna go play video ga- Person 2: Bites person’s throat Person 1: OH GOD
B Ank
B Ank Dag geleden
Idk my dog gives kisses & hugs but she gets jealous if my wife & i lay down together she always tries to lay in between us and make sure my hand is petting her
Evan Heick
Evan Heick Dag geleden
What this is stupid and not true
MayDayQay Valorant
MayDayQay Valorant 2 dagen geleden
Dogs are actually all gay, they tilt their head as a symbol of them now being straight.
Gray and Maori
Gray and Maori 2 dagen geleden
Brain time is actually an animal. He knows everything!
SkaterBlades 2 dagen geleden
My cats never took food out of their bowl but my dog, if he had dog biscuits in his food bowl, would take one biscuit out, walk over to his bed and eat it on there then go back for another
Dark Horse
Dark Horse 2 dagen geleden
And hear I thought cats bit me because they were onry little fuckers.. My maine coon was a little shit for about first 4 weeks.. Vicious.. He got huge and chilled
Josiah Dumas
Josiah Dumas 2 dagen geleden
I miss my dog he is in the video ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️
Shadow Wolf
Shadow Wolf 2 dagen geleden
Well if a cat bites you it either means the cat is a sourpuss, it doesn't like you, or it is tired or it untrustful of you or it could be playful. Hope this helps all to save them time from watching the video
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 2 dagen geleden
oh my god i don’t know why but I thought the mouth in the thumbnail was the cats eye and that he was literally absorbing him
james zimmerman
james zimmerman 2 dagen geleden
I'm convinced cats bring dead stuff to share and/or show off, as in - Looky what I did!
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 2 dagen geleden
Lucy!!! I will now control the situation 👍
james zimmerman
james zimmerman 3 dagen geleden
Cats knocking stuff over - I had a cat who had claimed the top of the dresser by the bedroom door as HERS It's where she greeted me when I came home. She pushed EVERYTHING off, no matter how small It was 1 place we never had to dust.
king cold
king cold 3 dagen geleden
If a wild cat bites u does that mean anything
Sharon Wanjohi
Sharon Wanjohi 3 dagen geleden
Sometimes cats are very annoying 😴😴😴
sarang vp
sarang vp 3 dagen geleden
Do I need to be vaccinated for two days with hand-picked or home-grown cat claws (slightly a scratch)? Plz Reply
Olimincraft 3 dagen geleden
No one else got the Harry Potter reference ?
Wilson Lin
Wilson Lin 3 dagen geleden
I don’t even own a pet. Why am I here.
Brandon Gomes Fernandes
Brandon Gomes Fernandes 3 dagen geleden
cats are super fuckin scary when they chirp like that
M Damon
M Damon 3 dagen geleden
Why do cats act like they cover their food dish like they cover their poops in the cat box , maybe their food tastes like shit
manstersr 3 dagen geleden
Cats are like strippers, they want to sit in your lap but don't want you to touch them. BTW, Def Leppard Sucks!
Phantom991 4 dagen geleden
Just a question what does it mean when a cat kicks you when pet their head and then fall over
Gary Morell
Gary Morell 4 dagen geleden
Cat's have unique personalities. My cat saw the vacuum cleaner as a dragon, and would hiss like hell at it while vacuuming. Also, if she saw a pencil hanging over the edge of a table, she would have to come over from no matter how far away in the room, and knock it over.
Aliyah Porter
Aliyah Porter 4 dagen geleden
This helps me understand my cat and dog now
M Talha Khalid
M Talha Khalid 4 dagen geleden
My parrot sleep on my shoulder
L Gracie
L Gracie 4 dagen geleden
I have tried so many different variants of “why does a cat grab a dog by the neck”.......I feed a most beautiful and loving stray cat by my charity shop I’ve named Sophia, she met my rescued 1 yo puppy Lucy, last year and Lucy just loves her to bits and gets so excited on the route to work and shows it when they meet.......but sometimes Sophia bites her neck........I know she doesn’t hurt Lucy as Lucy doesn’t cry but lowers herself on the ground??? But now I know, thanks to you.....Sophia will only tolerate so much affection from Lucy!!! I will now control the situation 👍
anna 4 dagen geleden
oh my god i don’t know why but I thought the mouth in the thumbnail was the cats eye and that he was literally absorbing him
James Brown
James Brown 4 dagen geleden
Is doby now a free kitten
Safaiya Visuddhidham
Safaiya Visuddhidham 4 dagen geleden
I thought the dogs thing turn around to get comfortable
Chris Akane
Chris Akane 5 dagen geleden
Cats make that strange noise when ever their is a fly on the window its to mimick the vibration noises that the fly makes.
Fluffi Arts
Fluffi Arts 5 dagen geleden
My cat brings me bags of lentils. Sometimes to my door, and sometimes under my bed. one time he stole my aunt's nice earbuds and put them on my bed lol
fitzdevlin 5 dagen geleden
my dog Spirit is a 1 yo Maltese (i know i know), and while changing to better whole food has helped, he seems to have a chronic itch on his neck--seems to have sensitive skin in general. he never seems to scratch it raw, but it seems to bother him whenever he's wearing a collar of any kind and then for a time afterward. i wonder if he is also sensitive to eating from his bowl just like cats and/or that the water is too close--he not only prefers food in his snuffle mat or just taken out of the bowl, but he also has an aversion to his feet getting wet...
Liwka Osmałek
Liwka Osmałek 5 dagen geleden
I thought they warn other rabbits about the danger by stomping so I thought he saw something scary and was just telling that there is something suspicious to him :/
Armando Garcia
Armando Garcia 6 dagen geleden
I don’t even have a cat but I still want to know
Kevin V
Kevin V 6 dagen geleden
Your cat bites you it's time to get a new cat
Mohammad Tohidi
Mohammad Tohidi 6 dagen geleden
@BrainTime: How about this good question; why do dogs constantly bark outside when the neighborhood is completely fine and nothing is going on? And why do they just chase/assault random people especially even when not perceived as a threat?
Ty 7689
Ty 7689 6 dagen geleden
Dog's head tilts too far Human observing: "is your neck okay?"
Harlie Alpha Wolf
Harlie Alpha Wolf 6 dagen geleden
Omg that siamese cat biting playfully I had siamese cat a few years ago (had to get rid of him because my mom was allergic I have him to my best friend so I still see him) he loves to bite when playing apparently that's common for siamese cats
ZeroBlackfire 6 dagen geleden
Short answer is, bite back. I love my kitty, but damn he developed a biting issue a while back, he bit me and I bit back *hard* He stopped that shit reaaaal quick. Also Vinegar and water sprays works wonders, for making an area uncomfortable for a cat (lets say you dont want him/her scratching the bed post, spray vinegar water, and they are usually repulsed by it) Conversely if you want to encourage the kitty, spray catnip spray on the desired spot.
Paul Michael Freedman
Paul Michael Freedman 6 dagen geleden
My cat never bites me. She just flops over and makes her self available for all kinds of petting.
Howard Pope iii
Howard Pope iii 7 dagen geleden
My cat,Spooky, he likes to take the tip of my nose and hold it in his teeth
Hyperkinetic 7 dagen geleden
Is it me or do some rabbits look like little jumping puppys
SWEET BUT PSYCHO 7 dagen geleden
if your cat bites you here's what it realy means= its time to put the pesky creature in a sack & drop it in the river!
Maximus Prime
Maximus Prime 7 dagen geleden
Rabbits seem like the weirdest pets.
WujiKitty 7 dagen geleden
My cats nibble a lot! It can hurt sometimes. If you love cats, be sure to check out the WujiKitty channel. We have 26 rescue cats and we are having fun sharing them with everyone in new videos. nlfast.info/contact/ZxYx1iJKcyXIn3UhUAXS0w.html
Maliyah Sykes
Maliyah Sykes 7 dagen geleden
my cat makes weird noises mostly when she's itching her ear
RVL qolzey
RVL qolzey 7 dagen geleden
Why do dogs get their food wet with their water
Terry Harp
Terry Harp 7 dagen geleden
Something I've learned about that holds true for all cats is that they hate to be laughed at. And I realize that whomever reads will think I'm crazy, but at my age (71) I do not hesitate to tell folks that sometimes us older folks do know what we're talking about.
Pi for breakfast
Pi for breakfast 8 dagen geleden
When your cat playfully bites you, it means you the owner did a bad job socializing them as a kitten. Never use your hands or feet to play with them. They’ll associate your extremities as acceptable play toys. Always use a string or a toy.
Phantom Forces Gamer
Phantom Forces Gamer 8 dagen geleden
why just why would you make "true story animations" ?
EyePod 8 dagen geleden
It means "Feed me, Human". Just like anything else ...
mee mee the cat
mee mee the cat 8 dagen geleden
john beach
john beach 8 dagen geleden
phoebs69 8 dagen geleden
What if the cat comes to you for hugs and a few seconds later while purring and stroking her head against me, she bites me hard. I didn't came to her for hugs, she came to me.
Eva Volinsky
Eva Volinsky 8 dagen geleden
Cats bring socks because they want to be set free cuz it knows Dobby got a sock and was free,( Harry Potter forever)
Dalexyl 8 dagen geleden
My dog just flops over when he goes to sleep, and my cat has literally never made any of those weird noises. I have seen her get scared of an ant before though.
wahiba nisar
wahiba nisar 8 dagen geleden
My cat doesn’t bite me because I’m a kid
Dusty 8 dagen geleden
B-Meister 9 dagen geleden
1:54 That cat: Oh god, my breath smells horrible...
Poison Potato
Poison Potato 9 dagen geleden
Me: About to hug someone close My dog: *Now this is an avengers level threat*
mc3lizard 9 dagen geleden
When your cat bites you, it's time to kill your cat.
David Jones
David Jones 9 dagen geleden
My cockatiel hated his mirror self would scream bloody murder at it. The mirror only lasted 3 days. He seemed much happier after it was gone.
Argus Rogue
Argus Rogue 9 dagen geleden
When I look at the mirror, I VOMIT
SilverSpirit45 9 dagen geleden
This need's a warning, possibility for cuteness overload.
Justin Vache
Justin Vache 9 dagen geleden
It means you should get a dog.
Lazlo Soot
Lazlo Soot 9 dagen geleden
My cat always makes those strange noises at the end whenever I put the red laser dot on the wall. He’s letting me know the hunt begins.
Michael Stark
Michael Stark 9 dagen geleden
few of them are bollocks. My cat argue with my dog with over the fence same noises like those cats in last clip. Also my dog tilt head whenever I make sound that she's not used to hear. My cat recognize himself in mirror. Also my dog just jump on place where she sleeps no trampling around
ifStatement 9 dagen geleden
There's a reason for everything lol.
Brad Bland
Brad Bland 9 dagen geleden
Your not supposed to give birds mirrors
Martha Newsome
Martha Newsome 10 dagen geleden
Why does my dog bury it's food with it's nose, but never comes back to eat it? Leaving me to have to hand feed it.
jason Lucas
jason Lucas 10 dagen geleden
It means you need to shoot the useless little asshole
Amy Byrne
Amy Byrne 10 dagen geleden
My auntie has a cat and my cousin got bite by her cat so I'm watching this
•Carter• Gacha•
•Carter• Gacha• 10 dagen geleden
This video has good info that I can understand
Anna K47
Anna K47 10 dagen geleden
Cats are amazing. 😆
Scorched Earth
Scorched Earth 10 dagen geleden
Cats are great at teamwork unintentionally. When they're chirping when the see a bird or something, they alarm other cats they saw something tasty. When hunting one cat goes after the prey while the others wait for their turn. When the cat gets tired from fighting the prey, or the prey gets away, another cat takes over. That way they can fight the biggest rat together.
Read this
Read this 10 dagen geleden
I love dogs, but I think this video must be for cats only "according to the title"
Hassan CHRIST/\HOLIC Gilchrist
Hassan CHRIST/\HOLIC Gilchrist 10 dagen geleden
Great video , however I disagree with his explanation of why scientists disagree with many on dogs twisting or turning their heads to understand people. Science will always disagree with The Holy Bible, bka GOD'S WORD like a teen rebels against their own parents, because we're all born Sinners/Rebels or Offenders. Before Adam & Eve the first God created humans- disobeyed God & caused the entire world to fall from its previous God created perfect state- God created animals to understand people and gave us a gift to communicate with animals but this spiritual fall disrupted that harmony- Adam, Eve & NOAH was the first to understand animals completely. Apostle Paul explained the side effects of the fall best , when he said ( 1 Corinthians 13:9- 13 9Now our knowledge is partial and incomplete, and even the gift of prophecy reveals only part of the whole picture! 10But when the time of perfection comes, these partial things will become useless. 11¶When I was a child, I spoke and thought and reasoned as a child. But when I grew up, I put away childish things. [NLT: New Living Translation]
•『 Mr. Pumpkin 』•
•『 Mr. Pumpkin 』• 10 dagen geleden
Title: if *your* cat bites you... Me: **taking notes** ah, so if it’s not *my* cat, and it bites me, it hates me? I see, I see...
Howardthecuck 10 dagen geleden
1:48 Flehmen response..... you're welcome
Rahma 10 dagen geleden
my cat was literally chilling next to me biting my hand when this popped up in my recommend
Shade Raven
Shade Raven 10 dagen geleden
"Who knows, maybe this cat wanted to set her free", "Master has given Dobby a sock!"
Lord Shaxx
Lord Shaxx 10 dagen geleden
Now I know why my sister's crackhead of a kitten bites my head.
Debra Baldwin
Debra Baldwin 10 dagen geleden
I want a cat.i am going to remember if me cat bite me.i am going to give him his space.a lot of it.
Wooley689 10 dagen geleden
The one about dogs thinking kissing is aggression is incorrect. Dogs often kiss and nuzzle with affection. Biting at the human owner is a sign of jealousy over hugging or kissing somebody. It is not cute.
JustArcher 10 dagen geleden
short and simple answer: kill it
IPWF 10 dagen geleden
Dogs probably tilt their heads in response to words because we've been making them evolve that behavior for 10,000 years. Yes, your dog understands what 'walk' means. This is how they communicate back to us.
J Hall
J Hall 11 dagen geleden
Cats knock things off tables for the same reason people hike big mountains.
Hens1i 11 dagen geleden
7:17 - #13, extended reasoning of dogs tilting their heads is sometimes attributed to dogs trying to get a different angle to see something their confused about. Similar to a lot of optical illusions that humans enjoy, seeing something sideways or upside down can change the way you see something and can allow them to detect prey/danger they couldn’t originally perceive.
Joseph 11 dagen geleden
Everyone knows why dogs tilt their heads
Cheeky Snake
Cheeky Snake 11 dagen geleden
if a cat bites you it bites you thats what that means.
Bije Salvaro
Bije Salvaro 11 dagen geleden
“ why do cats bites ” Is like asking “ why do fish swims ”
Reverse Flash
Reverse Flash 11 dagen geleden
It is very friendly when they do that. It is a like you enough not to bite for real but please cease and desist :-D
Wertsir 11 dagen geleden
Me: I don’t think this weed is working. Me 5 minutes later: 0:12
coolvidzman 11 dagen geleden
I knew what this video was going to be like: “biting could be a sight of aggression - it could also be a sign of love as they rip your face off”
Kenner The engineer fox
Kenner The engineer fox 11 dagen geleden
Guinea pigs don’t purr the same way like cats. They use in in two ways, one is when it like you. The other is when it’s saying your bothering it. I only know this because I own one and I watch some videos
Ethan Farles
Ethan Farles 11 dagen geleden
Damn I want a cat now
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