The most important lesson from 83,000 brain scans | Daniel Amen | TEDxOrangeCoast

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fc kc
fc kc 10 minuten geleden
Wow great and clear message great information great articulation
E T Dag geleden
So criminals shouldn't be punished but be sent for brain scans and look for anomalies
trà ly lê
trà ly lê Dag geleden
wd salih
wd salih Dag geleden
Greetings from Iraq🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶 Very nice words But it's funny that he says I should scan the brains of American soldiers who were in Iraq and Afghanistan If you scan the brains of Iraqis and Afghans, you will never find them The best he said is that behavior is an expression of a problem, not a problem in itself This is almost identical to the concept of Ibn Khaldun in his book Introduction to Ibn Khaldun Dostoevsky's words are very wise
wd salih
wd salih Dag geleden
السلوك هو تعبير عن مشكله وليس المشكله بذاتها
Jacob Kobus
Jacob Kobus 2 dagen geleden
Still throwing darts in the dark in 2021! I need my brain to be scanned... ;-)
Nutritionist Harika
Nutritionist Harika 3 dagen geleden
Behaviour is the expression of the problem, it is not the problem. it resonated so well with me thank you for this video
Michael Melamed
Michael Melamed 3 dagen geleden
He’s right! It’s been known for centuries. Now we have the ability to prove it
Mae Dioquino
Mae Dioquino 4 dagen geleden
Had my brain scanned from one of his clinics. Waste of money.
Abdul Rahem 354
Abdul Rahem 354 5 dagen geleden
Wilfred Miranda
Wilfred Miranda 5 dagen geleden
Great lecture, Thanks.
IFistfatchiks 6 dagen geleden
Lol what a quack
qofoe jipii
qofoe jipii 6 dagen geleden
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patty stueber
patty stueber 6 dagen geleden
I find this fascinating! I believe if you can scan a brain and see the problem, then more power for that person without being a scourge on society. Look what’s going on with artificial intelligence. They can program your effing brain. I just had a tumor removed and am Still healing but so much good may come to me from ridding my brain of the pressure the brain was causing.
Patrick Garcia
Patrick Garcia 6 dagen geleden
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DevineAbyss 6 dagen geleden
How do I get a professional brainscan + analyzation done? Highly intelligent, depressed and socially cold mathematician speaking.
IFistfatchiks 6 dagen geleden
Well NLfast isn’t the place to ask LMAO
Joanna Walsh
Joanna Walsh 6 dagen geleden
Ashmyka Ferns
Ashmyka Ferns 6 dagen geleden
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Parul Gupta
Parul Gupta 7 dagen geleden
Such an out of box idea but wait... What about the victims and their families? How will they be compensated for a life lost just because somebody is ill with his/her brains? You'll be treating the criminal but what about the life lost already?
Sid 7 dagen geleden
I was really looking forward topo know the " Brain Smart Program".
Tardigrade 6 dagen geleden
You can Google it, maybe on NLfast too. Good luck.
Falorina Vickinsburg
Falorina Vickinsburg 7 dagen geleden
i concur with this man
Elaine Spitz
Elaine Spitz 7 dagen geleden
“Behavior is an expression of the problem; it is NOT the problem”
Mandy Brooks
Mandy Brooks 7 dagen geleden
I agree, it is devastating how society treats mental health, brain injuries and any kind of weakness in general. How many doctors will ignore this information, even if you brought it up. They want us all medicated and dumbed down.
Frankiejean 8 dagen geleden
I wonder how much these scans cost. How many of us could afford to get one?
Cathy Ann
Cathy Ann 5 dagen geleden
Just call his clinic , it’s $5000 for the scan, evaluation and consult with psychiatrist 2 days
Abraham Ghannam
Abraham Ghannam 8 dagen geleden
Where would you go to get this done why would you start for your son
Justyna Krakowska
Justyna Krakowska 9 dagen geleden
One of my favourite tedex speech. This Doctor showed logical point of view, how we can help to others for having bettes society.He is true proffesionalist. Thank you for your work.
Sonia Church
Sonia Church 9 dagen geleden
Thank you .
feanoR 9 dagen geleden
We cannot afford this. If we fix the brains, the society will fall apart. Sadly, that's how we have set things up.
celia duarte
celia duarte 9 dagen geleden
Excelente! Muda a transgeracionalidade familiar.
Tankster 9 dagen geleden
I think many people can be helped with appropriate treatment. Some may be too bad off to help. I resent him saying over and over that now they can pay taxes as if their life has no value otherwise. A human being regardless of ability to pay taxes has value because they are a human life and life is sacred. We don’t help people JUST so they can pay taxes. If anything, the capable wealthy should pay taxes and help solve problems.
Michael B
Michael B 10 dagen geleden
Nothing is more important than health - nothing. No money, no status, no fame; can ever overshadow your health. But mental health is perhaps the crown jewel of your health. As it can easily cause and create other related illness.
Cabir Maxmed
Cabir Maxmed 10 dagen geleden
Amazing you and you team couldn't came down to somalia you really are needed here and we pay
mツm 4 dagen geleden
@Cabir Maxmed inadeer i'm somali lol im just tryna say that somali's don't really invest in these things and there's a whole stigma about mental disorders so...
Cabir Maxmed
Cabir Maxmed 4 dagen geleden
@mツm and how do you know what Somali would buy or not all u know is through media don't be judgemental about ppl when u don't have knowledge
mツm 4 dagen geleden
nah man somali's wouldn't be buying this unfortunately
Cecilia Cole
Cecilia Cole 10 dagen geleden
Thank you for speaking out against the incarceration system. Loved the term you used, “human wearhousing, in toxic and stressful environments.” Millions sent to be slaves here in the US for-profit incarceration system.
Celsa Celsa
Celsa Celsa 11 dagen geleden
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some dude
some dude 11 dagen geleden
I guess he has his heart in the right place, but there's something about the guy that really scares me... Perhaps it's the fact that he's referring to "normality" as having a job and paying taxes? Reminds me of agent Smith from The Matrix.
Kh AM 9 dagen geleden
well maybe he's just giving examples, but I do agree with you, it's kinda creepy
Mohammed Amine
Mohammed Amine 12 dagen geleden
I was had 3 different brain injuries now I have dark thoughts sleepless night anxiety and depression and couldn't do a thing about it
L A Davidson
L A Davidson 12 dagen geleden
Never had my own scan, just listened to this guy's brain care advice
L A Davidson
L A Davidson 12 dagen geleden
I've followed dr amen for decades. Brilliant doctor. His work encouraged me to get off antidepressants, to eat right and to exercise. 100% improvement in quality of my life
Jacob Thompson
Jacob Thompson 12 dagen geleden
Daniel, Amen
Çetin Cömert
Çetin Cömert 12 dagen geleden
Great talk
Tom Hodam
Tom Hodam 13 dagen geleden
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Cat Stotts
Cat Stotts 13 dagen geleden
Vera Manifestacion
Vera Manifestacion 13 dagen geleden
Impecable!! Emocionante!! Tambien la facultad de psicología debería IMPLEMENTAR materias especializadas en Spect Cerebral, aunque el psicólogo no suministre recetas farmacológicas también DEBERÍA (desde mi punto de vista es IMPRESCINDIBLE) conocer de que se trata mas profundamente la funcionalidad y actividad especifica cerebral. Lamentablemente en Argentina continuamos demasiado enamorados del psicoanálisis como para ampliar horizontes, y esta simple postura retrasa horrores tanto en el diagnostico como en el tratamiento. Y si esto se divulgase, también haría que el ciudadano común (me refiero al no profesional de la salud mental) fuese mas comprensivo frente al sufrimiento de su semejante ¡GRACIAS DOCTOR DANIEL AMEN!
Petra Biedermann
Petra Biedermann 13 dagen geleden
What a powerful and inspirational speech! Thank you!
Roberts Reiter
Roberts Reiter 14 dagen geleden
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Ellis Haindobo
Ellis Haindobo 14 dagen geleden
big pharma and the prison cartel disagree.
Katie S
Katie S 14 dagen geleden
how did they fix the brain though? for the adhd girl. i wanna knowww
sarah deason
sarah deason 14 dagen geleden
Fascinating... Just think what could be done for people and society if scans and treatment were implemented on those with troubled behavior sooner than later ... Miraculous transformations !
Mike Mallery
Mike Mallery 15 dagen geleden
A lot of common sense here. We are biological. Any bodily functions and even behavior that is not normal has a high chance of being due to a biological abnormality.
True news
True news 15 dagen geleden
Meditation can do wonders to your brain...
Wes " life music" videos
Wes " life music" videos 16 dagen geleden
Awesome video
Bolt Bolt
Bolt Bolt 16 dagen geleden
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w23857980 16 dagen geleden
Can you scan my brain?
Hugo Olivares
Hugo Olivares 16 dagen geleden
Anne Isaac
Anne Isaac 16 dagen geleden
Of course there are 9000 dislikes… Satan wouldn’t be able to have his way with us anymore if we knew the truth. I have brain damage from 20 years of mental health drugs… if they truly know the nature of these drugs and prescribe them anyway…. Wow I wouldn’t want to meet my maker with all that blood on my hands.
Rivka Stock
Rivka Stock 16 dagen geleden
In Judaism there is no such thing as “punishment” all punishment is corrective. Find out more
Lou-Ann Daprato
Lou-Ann Daprato 16 dagen geleden
This is fascinating ! Wow just wow !!!
Lakompake Hahaha
Lakompake Hahaha 16 dagen geleden
Ananasek 16 dagen geleden
Wow he could sell the brain scans to the whole planet with this passionate talk.
Acton Jackson
Acton Jackson 17 dagen geleden
I know what you're doing to me and others
Speedy 17 dagen geleden
So he's the reason people say "amen" after sth they wish to be true. Nice
Martin Mollerup
Martin Mollerup 16 dagen geleden
waqas kayani
waqas kayani 17 dagen geleden
hats off to the doctor..he had such an eloquent style of expression that I was mesmerized and speechless. wow..great simply great.
Costin Nitu
Costin Nitu 17 dagen geleden
Will someone tell me if this "brain-smart program" works, exists? I ask because I know someone with BPD and I want to really help her if possible. Thank you in advance.
tunney debusk
tunney debusk 17 dagen geleden
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Carlsbad SoCal
Carlsbad SoCal 18 dagen geleden
Dude is an amazing Maverick!
Kamila Dymala
Kamila Dymala 18 dagen geleden
I would like to know more about that brain rehabilitation program. How many people they tested? How patients progressed over time and how long the therapy is?
Caroline SharesA Topic
Caroline SharesA Topic 18 dagen geleden
Wow, very encouraging information. I just subscribed to your channel...lots of important information here; since, I am just starting my NLfast channel a couple of month ago. Thank you!
Russell Haynes
Russell Haynes 19 dagen geleden
I never heard what kind of treatment they do or did to any of those people
Charles Medlock
Charles Medlock 19 dagen geleden
Go to Frank speech dot com and watch 9 - 0. It takes 26 minutes.
Madeline Munroe
Madeline Munroe 20 dagen geleden
I’ve been smoking weed everyday since I was about 15 and I have ocd. My head even looks weird without the scan lol
richard walton
richard walton 21 dag geleden
Brought to you by the behavioural determinists that think your DNA says __________ whatever they want. The thought police need to have their globalist-bent, Orwellian heads examined.
Maria Ortiz
Maria Ortiz 21 dag geleden
Thank you very much doctor ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
In 2008 I read The Word of God from beginning to end... And still continue to read it daily then I try to go out and practice what I have read not just reading it...all anxiety that was caused by all sorts of abuse including childhood and adulthood has drastically improved I have a great sense of peace in my life because I don't have religion but truth and getting to Know the real Awesome Christ...just give it a try but be consistent and please note Modern day Church will only make the situation your working to improve far "worste than it is now.
The Dally Diaries
The Dally Diaries 21 dag geleden
This makes so much sense!
Kyu Browse
Kyu Browse 21 dag geleden
Reason why parents should never physically attack their child. Especially hitting their head. Even slapping might cause brain injury.
lithium 9
lithium 9 15 dagen geleden
but no i forget.ive seen some beautiful things too
lithium 9
lithium 9 15 dagen geleden
all my life has been abuse...
John Dozier
John Dozier 23 dagen geleden
First you need to convince the higher up dysfunctional and corrupt law makers and decision makers to have their brains examined to open the doors to the radical changes needed for any of this to be of any use. Otherwise it is merely useless ego driven pontificating Ted talks to get excited about what could happen but never will.
Elijah Waggoner truelixar
Elijah Waggoner truelixar 23 dagen geleden
So is it weird if your doc detours you from a brain scan when there is a bunch of reasons to and check things out?
Shermaine Lee
Shermaine Lee 23 dagen geleden
This is so inspiring!
蔿Liv 23 dagen geleden
I kinda imagined asian parents bringing their kids for scans to get from C+ to A+
Kevin Kozak
Kevin Kozak 24 dagen geleden
Where is this type of treatment available???
Ali Bayat
Ali Bayat 24 dagen geleden
it is the best ted talk i have seen ever thank you very much for been a responsible person
Công Lê Thành
Công Lê Thành 24 dagen geleden
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pablo de video
pablo de video 24 dagen geleden
And how, then, do you change the brain?
Robert Gift
Robert Gift 24 dagen geleden
Howere brains made better??
oliver dock
oliver dock 25 dagen geleden
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Louise G.
Louise G. 25 dagen geleden
AMEN to this - pun intended! This is wonderful and should be brought to common knowledge !!! Thank you for your amazing life-changing work, Dr Amen! 💪❤️
world clique
world clique 25 dagen geleden
83,000? "chaching chachingggg gimme gimme gimme....gimme some more"
Le Van Thanh
Le Van Thanh 25 dagen geleden
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Danielle Scott
Danielle Scott 25 dagen geleden
Love the name cause all I have to say about that beautiful info is! AMEN!!
Cikgu Hanin Cerita
Cikgu Hanin Cerita 26 dagen geleden
Thank you Dr. Daniel Amen! May God bless you and your family.
Kim Bradley
Kim Bradley 26 dagen geleden
The only problem.....brain scans are not affordable 😒
Justine Hahl
Justine Hahl 27 dagen geleden
How about the fact that most insurance companies won’t cover brain scans. They can cost up to 5000.00. That’s just the deductible!
Dolores Dolores
Dolores Dolores 27 dagen geleden
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annika ahtreh
annika ahtreh 27 dagen geleden
Thank you Dr. Daniel Amen. The World needs more of his type. Sadly so far i only walked into docs that preffered medicating than searching the why. Maybe my son can get one of those scans...
Seema Khalid
Seema Khalid 28 dagen geleden
Hello sir I have a bay he's now 22 years old he has a ADHD problem please how I contact to you thank you
mouse house
mouse house 29 dagen geleden
This is really fascinating for me, I had a tumour removed from my frontal left lobe in 1991, not only did I have to relearn lots of things I also started swearing something I had never done. For years this was always a struggle to not swear. Last year I fell off a ladder and hit the back of my head requiring five stitches. Within five minutes of speaking to my husband to go to the hospital I realized that I no longer swore, and still don't. Whatever that fall did, it changed damage from the tumour removal.
Cikgu Hanin Cerita
Cikgu Hanin Cerita 26 dagen geleden
Amazing! Good for you Lynn :)
Zach 29 dagen geleden
Cool thanks for the “how” portion
Ish Gunacar
Ish Gunacar 29 dagen geleden
Now that you’ve watched the video read the first part of Dr. Amen’s wikipedia page and check the sources. Not saying he’s wrong, but see the other side of it too. Make a slightly more informed opinion Edit: since doing more research, I think this video is more misleading than even what I originally thought.
Ish Gunacar
Ish Gunacar 27 dagen geleden
@Prana Shakti If you've truly done research into what he's saying, you'll know that SPECT *is* the outdated technology, and in most cases is seen as too risky (high radiation) for the possible benefit. He's the one hanging onto power and profit lol. Now, that being said, his way may be profitable *and* helpful/worth it, but I haven't seen anything explaining how he mitigates these unnecessary risks.
What is Truth
What is Truth 28 dagen geleden
@Prana Shakti Well said
Prana Shakti
Prana Shakti 28 dagen geleden
I haven't read the Wiki page but I have been following Dr Amen for many years and read all of his books. Yes, it's important to get an informed opinion as there are too many charlatans out there promising magic cures. As someone who works in a similar field to Dr Amen, I think his work stands up to scrutiny. To understand why others in the field may criticise him, ponder this quote - "All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” These 3 stages describe the scientific journey. Those whose reputations depend on the old models and old paradigms are going to criticise advances in the field as they fear they will lose their power in the process. It's a rare academic who has the inner strength to put his/her ego aside in pursuit of truth.
Sabrina Giordano
Sabrina Giordano 29 dagen geleden
What are the ways you can improve people’s brains?
sizzorgirl67 29 dagen geleden
I wish I could find someone that could help me and that I had the resources to do so. I’m not broke but any medical procedure these days puts a strain on a family budget. I sprained my ankle and I didn’t even go to the doctor because I knew the bill would be 2-3 thousand dollars even with insurance. So I could even imagine what a dr and brain scan would cost.
annika ahtreh
annika ahtreh 27 dagen geleden
Really sad to hear. I am not american and have a better health plan. It shocks me to read amounts like that. My mom went to a hospital in the us when she lived there, and i found the bill. It is really cruel. I am very sorry that getting help is such a financial struggle. If it was like that here, i would never manage to see a doctor.
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