What If You Were Stranded In the Sahara Alone?

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Jesse Cohen
Jesse Cohen Uur geleden
EpicGround 4 uur geleden
This make me cry :,(
Je Moeder
Je Moeder 6 uur geleden
if i were a billionaire i would let build an pipeline and pump water at that place.
Robert Plissken
Robert Plissken 8 uur geleden
The publisher of his book needs to have it translated into English (and other languages). I'd buy it.
It tastes like burning
It tastes like burning 13 uur geleden
Sheesh, that commitment to his wife to make sure she'd be taken care of. Thats real love.
Perkeleen Hunsvatti
Perkeleen Hunsvatti 14 uur geleden
All time sauna in finland :D Still too cold it needs to be 100C
Jukettaja 14 uur geleden
Then he was adopted by the Fremen and rode Shai-Hulud at the head of an army against the Harkonnen and the Emperor's Sardaukar.
Robert Plissken
Robert Plissken 8 uur geleden
And how can this be? For he _is_ the Kwisatz Haderach!
Owen Rob
Owen Rob 16 uur geleden
Has anyone ever made a film about this miracle?If they have, what is it called?
Mohamed_ gamer 142005
Mohamed_ gamer 142005 17 uur geleden
"It's also one of the hottest locations in the world too , generally having a high temperature above 40 degrees Celsius during the summer months" Iraq with 60+ degrees Celsius : *Pathetic*
AMIT ANAND 19 uur geleden
40°c haha I m indian
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 20 uur geleden
some of his body organs. If he had not found that small Oasis with water he would have died in that Hell Hole that has only a few living small animals that can survive there.
adrian russell
adrian russell 22 uur geleden
Mmmm Palm Springs is 118 tomorrow.
Brian Arbenz
Brian Arbenz 22 uur geleden
I swear I thought he was gonna end up on Gilligan's Island!
Alex Nacu
Alex Nacu Dag geleden
Tldw *NO*
Alex Nacu
Alex Nacu 12 uur geleden
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 20 uur geleden
This has to be one of the most dramatic stories of survival in the past many years.This endurance Runner was in excellent physical condition, and his body strength and
Clumsy Turtle8
Clumsy Turtle8 Dag geleden
I get down on my knees and try as hard as I can to fill my lungs with sand so I die faster
Jason Cooper
Jason Cooper Dag geleden
I guess I'll die
FB_Equalizer Dag geleden
Conan Exile players: It's my time to shine!!!
dustin prewitt
dustin prewitt Dag geleden
Just call uber....
Hakadi Dag geleden
he should make a video about aimo koivunen the meth soldier
Spha Nkosi
Spha Nkosi Dag geleden
That still nothing compared to a guy who was stranded for 78 days at sea
Perfect Students
Perfect Students Dag geleden
Opposite to the very hot Sahara marathon, there's an equally grueling and dangerous marathon across the icy cold North Pole.
Great Dragon
Great Dragon Dag geleden
if anyone would donate to me, oh, lets say, 100 grand, i would happily make this movie. I would need 200k to do it right, but 100k i can capture the essence of the movie. Send me the money asap and I will get it done within 1 year of me receiving the funds or your money back.
saint ghost
saint ghost 2 dagen geleden
a pig lost in desert: "oh shit i got lost , finally , time to drink my own piss"
KrisRaps 2 dagen geleden
This Video Is TOPS 3 Minute Story, Don`t Strech Out 3 Min Stories Into Almost 20 Minutes, UNSUBSCRIBED !
Houston Helicopter Tours
Houston Helicopter Tours 2 dagen geleden
Hmmm...delicious bats... **shlorp shlorp**
Tyler Zang
Tyler Zang 2 dagen geleden
*Cuts wrist* Blood: No.
Lucas Locust
Lucas Locust 2 dagen geleden
I could survive there no problem, i swarm there all the time
Cassie OB
Cassie OB 2 dagen geleden
I feel soooo bad for him. Such good hope he had
Derek Obasohan
Derek Obasohan 2 dagen geleden
I survived 1 week and few days in Sahara. But we found a dirty water well . Smelling and dark . We have no choice to drink or we die . This was 2014 from Niger to Libya. It was a worse trip. I almost give up .but was fine . Life is not always easy
fasx56 2 dagen geleden
This has to be one of the most dramatic stories of survival in the past many years.This endurance Runner was in excellent physical condition, and his body strength and stamina far above the average man's. His physical condition is what brought him through this lost in the Desert nightmare and as mentioned there was permanent damage to some of his body organs. If he had not found that small Oasis with water he would have died in that Hell Hole that has only a few living small animals that can survive there.
Jagannath Yedida
Jagannath Yedida 2 dagen geleden
Good video. Metric please :)
Justin c
Justin c 2 dagen geleden
I’d be wondering where I could get a mask for the incredibly dangerous virus that has a scary survivable rate
TurboG 2 dagen geleden
A movie should be made about this event just to highlight the bravery and willingness of this man to survive all those near death situations.
T 19 uur geleden
@wanderer10k he’s running in a desert. You wouldn’t do that unless you have
wanderer10k Dag geleden
Is it bravery though?
Cessnex 3 dagen geleden
Theres a bigger compass called the sun..
teklife 3 dagen geleden
i think this has to be a bullshit story(at least partially), how could he have possibly gone that far after basically spending about(or at least) 3 days not moving? (first 2 days waiting for rescue, the temple where he made his home for a few days, and the oasis, plus nights to sleep), to go a distance from new york city to boston, and going over mountains, in the sahara, mostly without water, and with slashed wrists from a failed suicide attempt? nuh uh! sorry, it just doesn't add up.
teklife Dag geleden
@F R that's right, just about any idiot can tell direction by sun or stars, but much easier with the sun(morning sunrise, east set keep an eye on your shadow, hard in the winter in Seattle where there's no sun, easy in the desert where there's always sun), plus, this guy had training. Why then did he go southwest for so long? Any straight west or east route would have him pass over the trail again, which was marked. No way it's possible to cover that distance on foot on uneven terrain, sand, rocks, hills etc. New York to Boston is far even if you had to do it on roads. That would be 72 hours of non-stop walking which divided by 12, if you were to be walking literally the entire day nonstop is more than 10 days, so again, it doesn't add up, especially when you consider that he himself stated that he traveled in the early morning and in the late evening to avoid the heat of the day. I think what may be the case here is that this guy had it all planned so that he could write a book. stayed out in the desert surviving and spinning a fantastic yarn for his future book deal and fame and possibly, or most likely, with some (Touareg? ) accomplices. From Wikipedia article about this guy/incident: --In 1998, Marathon Des Sables founder Patrick Bauer told Men’s Journal that Prosperi’s story was a fabrication, saying : “Don’t listen to Mr. Prosperi, his story is a fabrication. He will have you believe he is Superman. It is physiologically impossible for a man to travel more than 200 kilometers in the desert without water. This is a supernatural act. It’s possible that he got genuinely lost for a few days. But all the rest rings false. We believe that early on he was picked up by someone. And then he decided to hide out for a while.[10] “He thought he could make a killing out of this if he prolonged his ordeal. He thought he could sell his story to the tabloids. He aspired to be the star of his own movie.”[10]-- Cool story bro, tell it again!
F R Dag geleden
Totally agree ... the competition was supposed to be 250km in 6 days with regular supply stations. If he really didnt move for 3 days he apparently somehow managed to keep almost the same pace (280+km in 7days) without any support (besides a few bats and 1 oasis) and severe dehydration. I also really question his route .... considering that he apparently ran straight to the soutwest he must have known where he was going (so either his compass worked after all or he managed to determine the cardinal directions by using the sun and stars). But why the f would he ever run south at all when he shouldve known that there is only more desert in that direction and going north/northwest will get him back to civilization within 100km or so. So many things just dont add up at all.
Ching Chong
Ching Chong 3 dagen geleden
47 C is about the everyday temperature we have here in thr summer and in the winter is drops to about 30
tpactionreplay 2 dagen geleden
Adrar, Algeria / Taoudenni, Mali / Dallol, Ethiopia / Death Valley, CA... The hottest places on Earth during peak heat season usually experience official average highs around 47°C under shelter in summer.
Kyusaurus. 3 dagen geleden
I can listen to this guys voice for HOURS.
Legomariogaming123 3 dagen geleden
Sahara: I’m so hot lol Death Valley: lol amatur
Obi Wan Kenobi
Obi Wan Kenobi 3 dagen geleden
A marathon in the sahara?... but why?
Amédée Jungo
Amédée Jungo 3 dagen geleden
why didnt he just walk to the west??? i mean he walked to the east for 10 hours and had a compass
TheDarkRaptor 3 dagen geleden
There has to be a Hollywood movie about this.
Shane Duffy
Shane Duffy 3 dagen geleden
I remember watching a documentary on this in like 2005. Memberberries
SilentHotdog28 3 dagen geleden
If that girl wasn't wandering out in the wilderness, if he didn't find that shrine, if he didn't find the oasis........he would have died........
Alek Sy
Alek Sy 3 dagen geleden
This gave me a reality check and reminds me to count my blessings. Man, that was terrifying. I would have died in 3 days or less if that was me.
Kenny TheChefCurry
Kenny TheChefCurry 3 dagen geleden
What’s the name of this race ?
Muhammad Hussain
Muhammad Hussain 3 dagen geleden
Moral of the story: dont challenge nature
TRAPPED 3 dagen geleden
if i was alone i would be pretty fucked but if i had a person with me i would have food
Muntadher Aljanabi
Muntadher Aljanabi 4 dagen geleden
180 km its not a big deal
KnightMD 4 dagen geleden
Otacon channel
Otacon channel 4 dagen geleden
Temperature in Celsius and distance in miles? What?
Bill LeBrave
Bill LeBrave 4 dagen geleden
they could equip the runners with a GPS and transmitter. I guess that is to easy.
Vale Die süße
Vale Die süße 4 dagen geleden
My name is mauro
Angel De Leon
Angel De Leon 4 dagen geleden
Can someone make a movie about this?
Bluechicken 99
Bluechicken 99 4 dagen geleden
How to make me afraid of the Sahara
Blue Mashed Potatoes
Blue Mashed Potatoes 4 dagen geleden
lmao i think some parts of canada are becoming the sahara
Bloop Bloop
Bloop Bloop 4 dagen geleden
didn't he have a handkerchief or something?
Luca Nickel
Luca Nickel 4 dagen geleden
i'm no expert but i think i'd die
Ivan D
Ivan D 4 dagen geleden
he surely wear that compass just for the rule, as going north will always get you out of that at some stage
Agent W. FBI
Agent W. FBI 4 dagen geleden
Bats on the roof 🦇 drinking their blood 🩸 CORONAVIRUS 🦠
أيوب الوعد
أيوب الوعد 4 dagen geleden
The Algerian desert is the most beautiful desert in the world. It's amazing as if you are on another planet
Tarokui 3 dagen geleden
Time to attempt suicide knowing i'll die either way at the planet
Spikey H
Spikey H 4 dagen geleden
8:42 this guy thinks 40 Celsius is a lot bro cone visit Kuwait
Spikey H
Spikey H 4 dagen geleden
Me: in Kuwait a country where in the summer that averages 50 degrees Celsius with basically no clouds
Crow 4 dagen geleden
short answer? I would die, slowly at first, then quickly...
FireTiger941 5 dagen geleden
-You are here... What's next?? -You are FUCKED lol
Wergy 5 dagen geleden
pfft aussies deal with 45 degree heat every summer (this is a joke dont take it seriously)
JPardonFX 5 dagen geleden
0:31 just use PSI Healing smh
Luciano 5 dagen geleden
Wonder if Skillshare can teach me how to survive like he did?
benjamin Omar gregory
benjamin Omar gregory 5 dagen geleden
Hope to see a bird and follow to water
Denny Roman
Denny Roman 5 dagen geleden
The thick stick postprandially judge because ukraine ordinarily cheer aboard a doubtful smoke. youthful, overjoyed dipstick
VkingDK 5 dagen geleden
Minecraft lied to me all this time
CherryColaCake 💖
CherryColaCake 💖 5 dagen geleden
If I was stuck in the Sahara Desert I would feel very hot.
Crawford Grimaldi
Crawford Grimaldi 5 dagen geleden
The Sahara is like Earths future when the sun goes red giant.
John F Kennedy
John F Kennedy 2 dagen geleden
The Earth won't exist when it goes red giant... Unless we get knocked off orbit or something.
Jesse Rice
Jesse Rice 5 dagen geleden
Washington State experiences higher temperatures Polo
Dan H
Dan H 5 dagen geleden
He didn't really get lost nor survived cuz it was planned lol with backup plans.. It's not the same nerves with those who actually gets lost with no backup plans and actually have to survive without preparations. Smh
F R Dag geleden
@Cory While he might have gotten lost and endured horrible things this story just doesnt sound real. How did he keep almost the same pace as that marathon event? Its one of the hardest competitions anyone can do and it was supposed to be 250km in 6 days with regular supply stations and daily rests. After already running half of this competition he somehow managed to go an additional 280+km in 9-10 days (out of which he didnt move at all for at least 2 days according to this video) while also passing a mountain range?! All he had to survive was food the blood of a few bats and 1 oasis?! Also, why did he go straight to the south west instead of going north/northwest? Going south is literally the worst direction to choose in this case. A lot of things just dont add up. Maybe someone picked him up in that bat tower or smth. But the events as described in this video are literally impossible.
Cory 5 dagen geleden
Wtf are you talking about Why are you hating on this
Dan H
Dan H 5 dagen geleden
The highest temperature ever recorded in the Sahara Desert is 58°C. At night, the average temperature is between 10 and 20 degrees Celsius. However, temperatures in the Sahara are not constant; there is variability according to the geographical areas and their climatic characteristics.
Dan H
Dan H 22 uur geleden
@Creedence Bakken It's beautiful. Laying down staring at the stars.
Creedence Bakken
Creedence Bakken Dag geleden
Nighttime temperature is between 10-20°c? That’s beautiful af I’ll love that lol
Dan H
Dan H 5 dagen geleden
So did he experience all these claims 🤔
Dan H
Dan H 5 dagen geleden
Baker Mohammed
Baker Mohammed 5 dagen geleden
We have the same temperatures in iraq, yesterday it was 47 Celsius
Luc DW
Luc DW 5 dagen geleden
Why the hell would he go south. Use the sun man damn!
Pavel Vasilache
Pavel Vasilache 5 dagen geleden
now you can put a GPS tracker up their ass so you find them, no?
Just A weeb
Just A weeb 5 dagen geleden
Die? What am I supposed to do?
Almir Softic
Almir Softic 5 dagen geleden
Only 47C?A couple weeks ago in Mostar B&H it was around 51 degrees CELSIUS for maybe 3~4 days
We be trees org
We be trees org 4 dagen geleden
It was like 38 lol
IQ 5 dagen geleden
The movie Revenant is made on him.
Maggie McCarty
Maggie McCarty 5 dagen geleden
Kosm _
Kosm _ 5 dagen geleden
Incredibly incredible
Alessandro Aranda
Alessandro Aranda 5 dagen geleden
All I can say is The Spanish Sahara is gone
jaquavius 5 dagen geleden
would be cool to have a similar video with opposing conditions; stranded alone in a tundra.
Boa of the Boaians
Boa of the Boaians 5 dagen geleden
I’m honestly surprised he didn’t use the position of the sun to figure out where north is, or is there something I missed that would’ve made that difficult for some reason?
Joe Tulenko
Joe Tulenko 2 dagen geleden
He could tell where North is but without any clue as to where he was in the first place, it wouldn't do him much good.
JEFF MAYNE 5 dagen geleden
what if your not?
JK 6 dagen geleden
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 6 dagen geleden
Damn, the most I've ever had to get is 7 liters of fluids intravenously.
Dorin C
Dorin C 6 dagen geleden
"He then killed a bunch of bats and drank their blood."
Tarokui 3 dagen geleden
peta is probably trying to find this man tho
Andrew 6 dagen geleden
For sure I thought he was going to kill the girl, drink her blood, then ride the goat to the finish line.
Sharon 6 dagen geleden
Im guessing he didnt come in first?
GradeEhCanadian 6 dagen geleden
So this is where covid actually started 🤔
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 6 dagen geleden
I got goosebumps when you said how long he had walked. Jesus what an absolute survivor!
Ryan Huisman
Ryan Huisman 6 dagen geleden
Cue the buzzards and or vultures because I'm a dead man.
Alphabet 6 dagen geleden
He just, ran a bigger marathon
Hélios 6 dagen geleden
Can you publish the original sources/papers of this story?
Gábor Varga
Gábor Varga 6 dagen geleden
Whats wrong with your accent ? You randomly put an h in some words..
Calum Jackson
Calum Jackson 6 dagen geleden
Shout ive got family and wait for dom toretto
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