2018 Puzzle of the Year!! - CASINO (Extremely Clever!)

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Alexey Ganzha
Alexey Ganzha 2 maanden geleden
Woooo, glad you liked my poem! Can’t wait till you hit them million subs :D
Алексей Архипов
Алексей Архипов Maand geleden
Классный стих =)
Eric Petersen
Eric Petersen Maand geleden
@Mr.Puzzle great choice for a winner! I have really enjoyed your videos this past couple months, some very nice puzzles! 😀
Mr.Puzzle Maand geleden
Hi Alexey, please contact me by email to arrange the shipping.
Linda Edvardsson
Linda Edvardsson 2 maanden geleden
Con grats❣️🥳🙌🏼👏🏼😌👌🏼
Caligula 2 maanden geleden
Well done!
æ 18 uur geleden
Nobody: Me: watching a guy solve a puzzle at 2 am
Kim Beach
Kim Beach 3 dagen geleden
Reminds me of the Unblock Me game. Played that for years.
Nnelg pereira
Nnelg pereira 6 dagen geleden
Are you the voice of the Chinese professor from the muppets??😀
Moon Face
Moon Face 6 dagen geleden
Considering you said it was easy!
Eric M
Eric M 6 dagen geleden
"I understood how to arrange the pieces but couldnt get it in"
Eric M
Eric M 6 dagen geleden
I came up with a great solution all youre going to need is a piece of sandpaper and A LOT of time
Exquizit Gaming and Cards
Exquizit Gaming and Cards 11 dagen geleden
The age old question… how to get it in?? Lol
Alan Foxman
Alan Foxman 15 dagen geleden
Sort of like a 3 dimensional Number 9 slide puzzle.
avarmauk 16 dagen geleden
Very elegant solution. This is a high grade puzzle for its simplicity
Anita Richmond
Anita Richmond 18 dagen geleden
Bravo, well done. I am currently working on a thousand piece jigsaw puzzle, it's difficult but I'm taking my time. Wish me luck🍀
Eddy S
Eddy S 19 dagen geleden
I can only imagine the puzzle designer's face while watching you *very nearly* nail the solution by chance on your first attempt.
Knyammyknyockers 23 dagen geleden
"Something really satisfying with this arrangement" 7:03 Swastika
suckiemee 24 dagen geleden
It dropped right in
Diego Arbulu
Diego Arbulu 27 dagen geleden
This was in a Professor Layton Game, fitting 6 books inside a box; you'd have to build a corner to lose the minimum amount of space and make the mirroring corner with the remaining three books
Noob_cabbageleaf 27 dagen geleden
Such an underrated channel, this channel honestly is like the place to be if your a puzzlehead
Preston Rodenkirch
Preston Rodenkirch Maand geleden
I would have just done 2 flat in opposite corners then 4 standing. Much easier to manipulate. I saw the solution as soon as I saw 1 flat fit on 1 standing.
Hash Vendetta
Hash Vendetta Maand geleden
That is crazy. What a great design!
Ric ferns
Ric ferns Maand geleden
Like the coins
Paul Hanna
Paul Hanna Maand geleden
Amazing sound design
Sleazy P Martini
Sleazy P Martini Maand geleden
Oh and 7:04 it’s in the shape of a swastika
Tamooz Zeltzer
Tamooz Zeltzer Maand geleden
first time here already subscribe u have a nice kind calm voice
Алексей Архипов
Алексей Архипов Maand geleden
Cool! Veri interesting puzzle =)
Lord Farquaad
Lord Farquaad Maand geleden
I love the humble comment sections on this channel it’s a nice change of pace
Mr.Puzzle Maand geleden
Jim King
Jim King Maand geleden
Thinking outside the box…….great job Mr.P
Emilio Spider
Emilio Spider Maand geleden
Simplest ideas are the best!
Jack O'Voltraids
Jack O'Voltraids Maand geleden
It's a symmetry puzzle. It's 3³ so 27. Each piece is a 1x2x2 so 4 of the 27.
Jack O'Voltraids
Jack O'Voltraids Maand geleden
I was typing the third sentence when I heard you say exactly what was in my head... Lol. Great puzzling!
SpicyFPV Maand geleden
I think these puzzles are some of the hardest puzzles, but at the same time, some of the easiest. It typically comes down to whether or not you "see it" right away and/or get lucky with how you start configuration of the puzzle. I would guess most people who do packing puzzles will run the math quickly to determine if its 100% utilization, or what the gaps are (you identified 3.) Where it becomes easy, is if you naturally saw the original configuration, then the rest of the time is spent on the order you build it. If you don't immediately see the configuration, similarly to what happened to you in this video, it becomes incredibly hard trying to break your mind out of seeing it in that original configuration!
Mr.Puzzle Maand geleden
Omri Naude
Omri Naude Maand geleden
Lol.... Love this channel.... But very frustrating, in this instance... I figured it out... Grrrrr.... Ha ha... Anyway, awesome channel... Love it
Timothy F
Timothy F Maand geleden
Very clever indeed. Awesome puzzle!
GodzillaFan111 Maand geleden
12:30 Oh yeuh
stonedforme Maand geleden
I've always been since a kid intrigued by puzzles though I must addimt i lack more times then not the ability to sit long enough to figure out the trick witch is something I find amazing about you you turned for me the hardest part of a puzzle the patience it takes to sit and figure it out and turned it into intertainment for others to enjoy such as myself much appreciated and thanks to you I've updated my wish list with to much moneys worth of puzzles id wish to someday buy
Sıla Yıldırım
Sıla Yıldırım Maand geleden
Great advice for people who are moving out
Christoffer österlund
Christoffer österlund Maand geleden
7:05, am I the only one?
Michiel Demarey
Michiel Demarey 2 maanden geleden
Just great
Storebj0rn 2 maanden geleden
Me at 16 minutes yelling rotate 90 degrees!
greeksdorok 2 maanden geleden
" i know exactly what i want to do but i cant do it" same, all the time.
trilliongold 2 maanden geleden
Half the video i was just screaming "Turn it 90 degreeees plleeassee" such a relief when you did.
Charles Fromm
Charles Fromm 2 maanden geleden
I saw from the start that the last piece should go in on one of the sides without the walls. Definitely would have taken me a while to figure out that packing though.
Diranu Kun
Diranu Kun 2 maanden geleden
The thing i like about your videos is that it helps me falling asleep 🤷🏻‍♂️🤗😊
TheBoyCalledOwen 2 maanden geleden
I knew the solution at 7:05, checked it and I was rightt heuhj
luciano pamelli
luciano pamelli 2 maanden geleden
vahid moosavian
vahid moosavian 2 maanden geleden
I am proud to announce I reached the conclusion sooner than the mighty mr puzzle 😎... ... by Just 1 minute😅. Love your videos by the way.
Kiros 2 maanden geleden
its a 3D sliding puzzle
mohawkpiper 2 maanden geleden
your videos are awesome and amazing! Thank you so much for this channel! I have a friend super into puzzles, and your videos have helped with finding a puzzle for him as a going away present. Unfortunately some of the best ones are either really expensive, or discontinued (or both). But from your videos, I was able to make this one myself, and am in the process of making the topless box as well. It isn't perfect, but it is good enough, and more personal!
Chris Mason
Chris Mason 2 maanden geleden
WOW that was a satisfying puzzle :)
Tilo Schumacher
Tilo Schumacher 2 maanden geleden
super cool
WombatCowboy 2 maanden geleden
Not sure why I enjoy your videos so much, but I do! Great content.
Cartoon cat
Cartoon cat 2 maanden geleden
It’s no puzzle why I binge these videos. I’m going to get some puzzles for my class to attempt during breaks 😃
A1R 2 maanden geleden
Castaways, we are castaways Ahoy there, ahoy, we are castaways We're stuck where we are With no house, no car Castaways, ahoy, we are castaways
vaniljam 2 maanden geleden
(makes a swastika) ”woo this is satisfying”
miika. 2 maanden geleden
9:32 at about that point it came to me that you should add some pieces and then turn the box someway to fit them all in.
Melyangeliss Perez
Melyangeliss Perez 2 maanden geleden
Commenting for the algorithm
Jude Brown
Jude Brown 2 maanden geleden
I just discovered your channel and subbed. I had it solved early on but not the way you did it 😂 so probably wrong🤣 Wanted you to fit them flat overlapping each other in a spiral... though I couldn't gauge if the depth of the box was right for this... Probably not given that there was a sort of locking mechanism involved... Great fun, thank you.
Pine Tree
Pine Tree 2 maanden geleden
7:00 Can't deny a German's instincts. Blood and soil.
patratcan 2 maanden geleden
What I like about this video is that it's the first video I've ever seen from you!
Arthur Arroyo
Arthur Arroyo 2 maanden geleden
It's really incredible how an annoying thing can be satisfying. Greetings from Brazil!
Dylan Newnam
Dylan Newnam 2 maanden geleden
I've always wanted a packing puzzle but I've never been able to find one. Hope you get to one million subs and keep puzzle mate
RubenWoodcraft 2 maanden geleden
That's such satifying puzzle. My guess was having 2 or 3 discs together on their side diagonally. I thought that might give you rnough space to move the otherd in. I love hos your videos make me visualize the puzzle in my head and try beat you to the solution or at least find the right direction. Congrats to the winner of the last giveaway !
John Hunt
John Hunt 2 maanden geleden
hehe cube
Johns Junk
Johns Junk 2 maanden geleden
Amber Hawkins
Amber Hawkins 2 maanden geleden
I like yer videos I wish I am good as you
df71091 2 maanden geleden
From when i saw this puzzle i knew that there is only one way and you had it right but i couldnt tell you to turn it 90 degrees 🤣. Sometimes there are puzzles, you just instantly figure them out.
Kelvin Le
Kelvin Le 2 maanden geleden
Oh, this one was pretty easy compared to all your other puzzles.
Risa12 2 maanden geleden
I stumbled on your channel out of sheer luck of the algorithm. As a teacher of students with different learning needs, your channel has absolutely influenced me and my students for the better. We talk about trial and error, frustration tolerance, and the ideas of delayed gratification. It has helped in my classroom when I use skills learned from watching you, and the kids think I’m cool because they knew about you first but now I am hooked too!
Mr.Puzzle 2 maanden geleden
Best feedback I can imagine! Thanks a lot! 😁🙏
Sue Simpson
Sue Simpson 2 maanden geleden
Just started watching you, very entertaining. Keep up the good work.
Lee Fisher
Lee Fisher 2 maanden geleden
Not trying for the competition, just a thought about the solution: since these are casino chips, couldn't you go and exchange one of them for a '5' coin piece, which will be the same size, but a different colour; and then just put the two chips in the box?
scooby doo
scooby doo 2 maanden geleden
me at the poker table fidgeting with the 6 chips I have left
Steve Mason
Steve Mason 2 maanden geleden
Love this puzzle :D
Troy Ramos
Troy Ramos 2 maanden geleden
You should collaborate with Chris Ramsey
Thelefthandedshooter 2 maanden geleden
Casino? .....casi-yes!
Michael Weiler
Michael Weiler 2 maanden geleden
This was one of my favorites and I’ve seen so many of your videos! Well done!
Queen JK
Queen JK 2 maanden geleden
Awesome I subbed on the third vid I had to be sure I liked your channel but I’m still not sure of that bc I’m sure that I love your channel mr.puzzle
Tony 2 maanden geleden
12:10.. lol 👀 me when failing at asking a hot chick out
MultiTatarka 2 maanden geleden
Thats a Saitama on the bag!!!!!!!!!!!
Boydoo 2 maanden geleden
Love the coins, look like cookies🤤
ABM 2 maanden geleden
7:04 *kinda looks like a swastika* “Looks really cool”
Ray Mitchell
Ray Mitchell 2 maanden geleden
A very clever solution, I don't think I would have found it... so it's a perfect puzzle to torture my coworkers (when we get back to the office) When they come in with a problem for me, and I'll ask them to solve this puzzle, they'll completely forget why they came in to my office as they pull their hair out... it's a perfect distraction! Bwahahaha!
Mr.Puzzle 2 maanden geleden
Hehe 😎, I must remember that tactic next time! 😁
isettech 2 maanden geleden
At 8 Minutes in, I had an idea in my head. The box is a cube. A dice has 6 sides. There are 6 identical pieces. Seems the cube needs solved by mirroring all parts the same in each of the cube's 6 corners. Will continue watching to see.
Nathan Bush
Nathan Bush 2 maanden geleden
My first gut feeling in this puzzle is to place them at angles, I’m posting this before I see the solution so time to be super wrong
J. V.
J. V. 2 maanden geleden
This is much better than spending your retirement at a real casino. Much less stressful! I need this!
Matthew Farr
Matthew Farr 2 maanden geleden
You’ll hit a million sooner than you think! 🙂
Matt Strott
Matt Strott 2 maanden geleden
Puzzles make my brain hurt. Yet, Mr. Puzzle is very entertaining and relaxing. It's the Mr. Puzzle Paradox.
Fons Verkoelen
Fons Verkoelen 2 maanden geleden
6:53 .. How should i get it in ... is what she said. Love your channel !
Tiffany Derosier
Tiffany Derosier 2 maanden geleden
Cool puzzle! Nice wood build, check Round and square shapes, check Uniformity, check Symmetry, check Equilibrium, check At first appears to be impossible, check Twisty trick to make it work, CHECK Solution satisfaction level -> high Excellent solution that involves taking into account shape and using it to the advantage needed to make the available space not instantly realized when just placing pieces directly to avoid the obvious obstacle. Seems like a requirement for packing puzzles for sure. That is the way of a brilliant and satisfying puzzle. Who wouldn't want that? Not me.
dadtoz 2 maanden geleden
I like your use of geometry, figuring out the square units and gaps.
sangeeta Venkatesh
sangeeta Venkatesh 2 maanden geleden
Thank you mr puzzle for inspiring , To go on trying Until it solved Just go on hustling. You thought us how much ever difficult a puzzle may be but it definitely has a solution,just as in life ❤️ Take a break when needed but never stop puzzling 🔥
Mr.Puzzle 2 maanden geleden
Thanks! 👍
Zakir Hussain
Zakir Hussain 2 maanden geleden
I loved the joy at the end when Mr Puzzle solved the puzzle and love the thought process throughout the video! :D
They Arehere
They Arehere 2 maanden geleden
Mr. Puzzle. You. Take my breath away
Glenna Howell
Glenna Howell 2 maanden geleden
I wonder if that follows Fibonacci….
ascannerdarkly 2 maanden geleden
Talk about fitting a square peg into a round hole.
Joseph Rubin
Joseph Rubin 2 maanden geleden
I like the quality of the wood, nicely built.
franklindude 2 maanden geleden
Maybe Mr. Puzzle can solve the puzzle of who is my dad
Seamus Mcgarvey
Seamus Mcgarvey 2 maanden geleden
You’ve given me many gift idea. I love it
Diana Capstin
Diana Capstin 2 maanden geleden
You are the best to watch. You have helped me three my depression lately.. where I wanted to end my life .. a bit dark I know. You bring light to my day and nights.. so thank you so much for helping me get out my own head I'm 37 single mama of a 16 yrs old. Thank you again for everything you do here on YT. Xoxo love from Seattle, wa.
Charlie 2 maanden geleden
I've discovered this channel tonight, it's almost 4am where I live, but I can't stop watching your videos!
Pieter Bassie
Pieter Bassie 2 maanden geleden
Seems simple. But probably harder then i imagine. I wont watch after the spoiler break until the winner is chosen! 😉
Robert Smart
Robert Smart 2 maanden geleden
You should bring out a "Mr Puzzle" puzzle, and make it realllllly hard 🤓
ayad bamerni
ayad bamerni 2 maanden geleden
Difntly deserve 1M Sub and more keep on puzzling
kingkratti 2 maanden geleden
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