Voice coaches are SHOCKED after surprising Operatic-Pop mash-up | Journey

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2 maanden geleden

Claudillea Holloway was a contestant in the 9th season of The Voice UK in 2020. Check out her incredible journey from the 'Blind Auditions' to the 'Knockouts'.

00:00 Blind Audition: 'Queen of The Night Aria' by the Magic Flute Opera
07:32 The Battles: 'The Greatest' by Sia
15:50 The Knockouts: 'Paint It Black' by The Rolling Stones

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The Voice Global
The Voice Global 2 maanden geleden
What is your favorite performance by Claudillea? 👇
Diala Attieh
Diala Attieh 8 uur geleden
All of them wawww❤️❤️
neechiwa 3 dagen geleden
I’m entranced every time she sings!!!😍😍😍
Mario Magnelli
Mario Magnelli 6 dagen geleden
@Squidy il
Briony Paige
Briony Paige 13 dagen geleden
Paint it Black
j4eg3r 17 dagen geleden
TeeWee A
TeeWee A 7 uur geleden
He knows she will definitely get a deal even on her own. He pulled someone who needs that lil extra to get a deal. I'm sure he has set her up already.
Rich well Empire 2769
Rich well Empire 2769 10 uur geleden
She grow up in Malaysia Probably from Borneo based on her dance n her ethnic necklace on her neck
Miss Ist
Miss Ist 12 uur geleden
2021 Evanescence
Aditya Raiyan
Aditya Raiyan 16 uur geleden
when the contestant is better coached than the *coaches* smh
Evelyn Love
Evelyn Love 18 uur geleden
I literally cried twice during this video. What happened to this girl? Did she ever make it big?
Anthony Welch
Anthony Welch 21 uur geleden
This young lady really needs to be in touch with Sharon Den Adel
MeMe DaVinci
MeMe DaVinci Dag geleden
Whooooo. Wow.
MeMe DaVinci
MeMe DaVinci Dag geleden
She is an old soul...
Michael Ratliff
Michael Ratliff Dag geleden
Reminded me of 5TH ELEMENT a bit, fantastic!
Sandra Nelson
Sandra Nelson Dag geleden
Girl is FEIRCE!
suan lyn
suan lyn Dag geleden
Malaysia represent!! Kindaa 😂
Gloxinia Dag geleden
dora is that you?
Souky Phetsinor
Souky Phetsinor Dag geleden
wow some of her singing gave me the chills
SophieB Dag geleden
Honestly, shows like this is a waste of time for someone like claudillia. She is already a superstar and need to continue pursuing her career in the opera industry. She’s too gifted to settle for a talent show.
QUEEN of THE BEAN 2 dagen geleden
I don't normally like this show but fuck me she was so good!!
Hawa Ahmad
Hawa Ahmad 2 dagen geleden
🇲🇾 Malaysian here .. good luck!
Prisca Thomas
Prisca Thomas 2 dagen geleden
Now I've watched till the end I understand, she's going to be huge anyway. There is something angelic about her.
Prisca Thomas
Prisca Thomas 2 dagen geleden
She belonged with will, he is so diverse.
Abha Singh
Abha Singh 2 dagen geleden
I had a hunch that Megan would choose blaze coz she knew that after that Will I am may take claudilea.
Hakes JB Official
Hakes JB Official 2 dagen geleden
she turn into a nightwish band vocalist when Wil steal her!!! \m/\m/\m/
Mikala Baker
Mikala Baker 2 dagen geleden
Amazing talent, delightful personality, and such beauty! Trifecta!
Unsa Unsa
Unsa Unsa 2 dagen geleden
The most things I hate on the voice is,during audition they beg tobe in their team,even said and promise to win together but look now they ditch and choose the other opponent...!!!!
jim kain
jim kain 2 dagen geleden
Love to see her do a duet with Floor Jensen
Alexis Gates
Alexis Gates 2 dagen geleden
She rightfully has a place in metal/rock music if she doesn’t make it in pop
jemmy shiko
jemmy shiko 3 dagen geleden
Amaizing she is so incredible
bobby sue jabat
bobby sue jabat 3 dagen geleden
Exziner Lloyd
Exziner Lloyd 4 dagen geleden
Pär Smedberg
Pär Smedberg 4 dagen geleden
Wow that stones cover ❤️
Zul Piliey
Zul Piliey 4 dagen geleden
Tgk mcm membesar kat Sarawak
Monique Gin
Monique Gin 4 dagen geleden
Kate Bush comes to mind
Eirraca K
Eirraca K 4 dagen geleden
Paint it black gave me chills when she went to opera. Wow.
Hendi Kaf
Hendi Kaf 5 dagen geleden
Some of the judges are completely stupid and try to steal the show instead of been useful.sad
Jace Christine
Jace Christine 6 dagen geleden
Wills' face when Megan chose Blaise 😂😂😂
lilly atiny #MULTYFAN
lilly atiny #MULTYFAN 6 dagen geleden
Crise épileptiques 😂
Leo Dương
Leo Dương 6 dagen geleden
Oh my god, she is so amazingggg
Madam Kriziaaang
Madam Kriziaaang 6 dagen geleden
She should audition in AGT or BGT. Simon will love her voice and might sign her up
Cheyenne Noble
Cheyenne Noble 6 dagen geleden
Seriously how did this angel not win for the love people you dont know what you had!!
sky87drive realvibes
sky87drive realvibes 6 dagen geleden
🤣🤣🤣😭😭💀 I loved will's reaction his whole body said 🤯😵🥴😃🥴😫 what is wrong with you people?!! Hit the damn button turn the freakin' chair🤣🤣🤣😭💀 he was right!!!
Ashley Sosa
Ashley Sosa 6 dagen geleden
If you like that concept, go find Dimash Kudaibergen... He is phenomenal.
Tim Wright
Tim Wright 6 dagen geleden
Thank you
Mark Co
Mark Co 7 dagen geleden
Singing an opera with that pop smash it is very very difficult for her age to sing that it is pure talent that is very very difficult to sing as you can see how will get crazy
Nick Bailey
Nick Bailey 7 dagen geleden
Omg paint it black loved it and her audition
Leslie Mulder
Leslie Mulder 7 dagen geleden
Loved her 💖💪🏻🙏💖
Elena Pressacco
Elena Pressacco 7 dagen geleden
Never choose a coach that is not even your level. Waist of time but a good experience and a first vitrine for her. I guess she has much more possibilities and joy outside that kind of limited musical points of view..
Dat Nguyen Tien
Dat Nguyen Tien 7 dagen geleden
pefect voice =D operaaaaaaaaaaaa
T McFarland
T McFarland 7 dagen geleden
Best voice ever to my 61 yr. ears!!! My new favorite, since The Beatles.
Alexandra KONSTANTINIDIS 8 dagen geleden
Kate Bush!!🙏🙏🙏🙏🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌
Михаил Ким
Михаил Ким 8 dagen geleden
12:44 LMAO🤣🤣🤣 🎵🎼🎶
Kageoni187 8 dagen geleden
The opera and pop crossover was done in The Fifth Element. Somebody needs to educate these people.
HENK 8 dagen geleden
Love it. Stunning!
ladyrob4110 8 dagen geleden
She was above the coaches' league.
Mladen Radinovic
Mladen Radinovic 8 dagen geleden
We need album full of remakes like Painted black!!! So unique and great!
Matlala N
Matlala N 8 dagen geleden
Will.I.Am always knows what to do with opera singers.
Stephanie Graham
Stephanie Graham 8 dagen geleden
Honestly she reminded me of Amy Lee who's voice is incredible and a little bit of Sarah Brightman. So if she was to sing and My Immoral or Bring me to life, I would not have be mad at all. I think they could have given her more of a chance.
tanialee723 4 dagen geleden
Totally agree!
Sylvia Johnson
Sylvia Johnson 8 dagen geleden
That dude has no class.
Lia McKeon
Lia McKeon 9 dagen geleden
She is a super star. She is in Lady Gaga and Pavarotti’s league.
L Cain Arcelo
L Cain Arcelo 9 dagen geleden
Wtf! Claudiallia should have won this battle she’s amazing perfect voice, face she’s a total packages
Michael Wozniak
Michael Wozniak 9 dagen geleden
She reminds me of Floor from Nightwish. Shes amazing.
Marthaline Vlue
Marthaline Vlue 9 dagen geleden
To very success there is a story darling. To be very successful u have to suffer from rejection it helps make u stronger
Mermaid Queen
Mermaid Queen 9 dagen geleden
Paint is black was mind blowing
gloria nsereko
gloria nsereko 9 dagen geleden
She should be a star...already
Lallawmkima Khawlhring
Lallawmkima Khawlhring 9 dagen geleden
I come from a different place so i dont think i fit in a box.. I felt that.... Shine baby shine...
Chidiomimi Mbajiorgu
Chidiomimi Mbajiorgu 10 dagen geleden
Niesha Munroe
Niesha Munroe 10 dagen geleden
Megan really did Claudillea dirty. There's no way she should have been tossed aside like that for a talent that wont even compare.
K D 10 dagen geleden
Amazingly talented! Blessings! 🙏Jesus Christ Saves🙏 1st Corinthians Ch15 Verses1-4 KJV
Montana White
Montana White 10 dagen geleden
Will picks songs so well. That fat lady just chooses songs she likes, not the best song for her singers.
one piece
one piece 11 dagen geleden
Wow hebat👍🤠
Kathleen Windle
Kathleen Windle 11 dagen geleden
Goosebumps immediately and they just multiplied throughout this video.🕉🎶🌎🎤🎶🕉
GRACIE 11 dagen geleden
Sandler San
Sandler San 11 dagen geleden
When she sang paint it black, my gowwd, that was intense on my brain. I felt it in my brain. Gosh!
Kima Xeo
Kima Xeo 11 dagen geleden
OPERA is very limited and hard..
J B 11 dagen geleden
Paint It Black was absolutely incredible!
Madus Maxamus
Madus Maxamus 11 dagen geleden
That song she was first given was not something that she could work with in her vocal range. Totally aimed at the other girl contestant. The second song was not even in the kind of music she was used to singing and even she did a good joy it did nothing for her as far as continuing on. I really fault the coaches for not working harder with her and finding music that suited her voice and style. She was robbed no question about it. Once she gets the right exposure she will do quite well.
Péter Szerze
Péter Szerze 12 dagen geleden
I hope, she joins a metal band as a lead singer. In the right hand, she can be a superstar. She is well trained, but not as good as an opera singer. She is amateur in this way. Opera is to big for her. Symphonic metal genre fits for her. And believe me, she will be damn good. The right way, as Nightwish made for years, uses classical trained singers, their abilities, reach the edge, that an average singer unable to do, but do not mix opera. Evanescence, Nightwish, etc. are the right model for her, not these “operatic rock” bullshit. She deserve success, I am on her side, but Will did the right choice. This show is for new talents, they can teach, coach, manage. She is ready and to much for these coach. She does not need this. She has to go on her own way. In a right hand, she is a gift, a gold. I hope, they do not fuck her future. I really, really hope, that Will (I really love this highly intelligent guy) helps her.
jose fuentes
jose fuentes 12 dagen geleden
Never thought I’d see the fifth element? Make a voice appearance.
Melissa de Groot
Melissa de Groot 12 dagen geleden
I want her to sing a Marina! Song so badly
Brandi Cappetta
Brandi Cappetta 12 dagen geleden
Opera singer freaking there are no words for how amazing she is !!! None
Luby ricabt
Luby ricabt 12 dagen geleden
Okay i genuinely suprised when she said she was raised in malaysia😂😂🤣 because i really love her after watching her blind audition months ago huhu eventhough i am from part of west malaysia while she was raised in east malaysia😂 but still am i proud?? Yes i am😂
12 dagen geleden
She should be the winner... I would listen to this everyday
Alexa Mosca
Alexa Mosca 12 dagen geleden
Is Claudillea the first opera singer to be on The Voice?!! She’s absolutely incredible! She should have won! It’s one thing to see someone sing opera and pop but to do it together is a completely different story!
Alexa Mosca
Alexa Mosca 12 dagen geleden
Her German is SO clear!! Wonderful diction!
malopezmx 13 dagen geleden
An unbelievable perfect voice, the sweetest personality and a smile worth a hundred million... she can go anywhere from here!
Maggie God
Maggie God 13 dagen geleden
Her name ?
Amanda Snider
Amanda Snider 13 dagen geleden
I don't get why it'd be so hard to work with her, all they really would need to work on is suppressing her vibrato at times and bringing it out. She's got basically full range and is an experienced and well tuned instrument. I'm a metso soprano and I can sing nearly anything just like her but I am not actually classically trained, which for me basically means I'm not fluent singing in other languages like Latin or Spanish and I can't read sheet music. But I'm a parrot and I can hit all the notes I'm just very likely mispronouning words lol. But one big difference is that I can put on vibrato for more classical songs, have a different vibrato for jazzy or soul songs and then there's just my regular singing voice without much. The girl is basically limitless. It's like they were given a grand piano but it's petal is stuck holding notes and vibrato and they say, "Nope, can't work with this... not gonna bother trying to work on it... I'd rather work with a recorder with a limited number of notes."
the ronjhet
the ronjhet 13 dagen geleden
Should be a james bond theme singer!!! 🔥
Danil Dennis
Danil Dennis 13 dagen geleden
Woww. I think the coaches is not confident enough to work with claudillea. 😂😂😂
Jumari Chuah
Jumari Chuah 13 dagen geleden
👇 Malaysian ❤️
Jakeman Moanaroa
Jakeman Moanaroa 14 dagen geleden
Glad he stole her in the end tho 🙂
Jakeman Moanaroa
Jakeman Moanaroa 14 dagen geleden
Ole Willie boy has a spasmodic moment but doesn't push his buzzer either...numn#ts
Jakeman Moanaroa
Jakeman Moanaroa 14 dagen geleden
Don't know why they all never turned around...she was fantabulous!
Jemima Dostal
Jemima Dostal 15 dagen geleden
This is beautiful!!! Is she anywhere!!! I want more!!!
kim vinson
kim vinson 15 dagen geleden
Claudellia is a vocal beast!! Blaze couldn't touch her with a 10 ft stick. Meaghan chose someone who was mediocre like herself.
T Sherman
T Sherman 15 dagen geleden
Holy fk. Inspirational
yudi gendhon
yudi gendhon 15 dagen geleden
A lot like that in gothic metal
lalune 15 dagen geleden
NO WAYᵎ u̶̲̥̅̊ had something unique ᵃⁿᵈ u̶̲̥̅̊ threw it away
Krystal Merz
Krystal Merz 16 dagen geleden
That was badass!!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
md.shamim hasan
md.shamim hasan 16 dagen geleden
Your smile is amazing and so pure expression Have blessings
Snaki 16 dagen geleden
Level God..she is extra...
tessalynn3 16 dagen geleden
That's my new favorite cover of "Paint It Black"!
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