Weekend Update: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene on Science - SNL

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Saturday Night Live

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Cecily Strong) stops by Weekend Update to discuss why she hung a transphobic sign outside of her office.
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Joey Parsley
Joey Parsley 12 uur geleden
I just love her. She does some of my favorite skits. Plus she's beautiful
Liquid Sunshine
Liquid Sunshine 15 uur geleden
"Trust the Science". Perfect example of Dunning Kruger Effect
Kiki Retzorg
Kiki Retzorg 18 uur geleden
SNL is really out here making fun of Greene for saying there's only two genders, but they're still not expanding on their "ladies and gentlemen" every episode. If y'all actually care, maybe it's time to change that?
censorshipleads totheNWO
censorshipleads totheNWO 21 uur geleden
Science isn't settled though it never is and the government is now fooling humanity by putting lab coats in front of your tv who are manipulating you. Fauci is so inconsistent he should've been gone a while ago
Bob Loza
Bob Loza 2 dagen geleden
FINALLY. Thanks to Marjorie's (i.e. Cecily's) pantomime I understand the first two lines of "milk milk, lemonade...". My lame excuse is that I first heard it from a buddy of mine. I can now die in peace.
Devar Skinner
Devar Skinner 2 dagen geleden
You desrepectfull,what a poor excuse for a human being off too gotmo with her or what ever it is. We love the real.. mrs.green . donald trump is a fucking genius,a genius i tell ya a big genius i tellya.
Tammy Fisher
Tammy Fisher 3 dagen geleden
Dan Given
Dan Given 4 dagen geleden
SNL: Shty, Night, Loosers.
Sharwan Lal
Sharwan Lal 5 dagen geleden
This represents Marjorie Green stupidity on leadership. Georgia needs a actual representation. Vote her out Georgia
Horrace Corke
Horrace Corke 6 dagen geleden
The only science I trust is science that tells me my prostate is an ovary.
Da Real Deal
Da Real Deal 7 dagen geleden
i wonder what early cast members of the show would say, when asked on the direction of the show? was it always being used so blatantly as a tool to push a political view. I know they poked fun at various political figures, but did they ever push away the people they may not agree with politically?
Da Real Deal
Da Real Deal 7 dagen geleden
odd, my science book actually does only talk about male and female. How much of the covid bill actually goes to covid causes? Is SNL still trying to make people laugh, ever since they have went with this whole woke angle, i just use SNL as a punchline in my own jokes. Its as if their only goal is to alienate most of America, by trying to force feed us their political views. It just comes off snobby and self-righteous.
David Le
David Le 7 dagen geleden
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Barbara Parry
Barbara Parry 7 dagen geleden
So which gender is Greene?
AMERICA AMERICA 7 dagen geleden
I dot know who their making fun of, Margerie's joke on the Democrats or that the Democrats are an actual joke.
Slappy McSlapster
Slappy McSlapster 7 dagen geleden
Marjorie ain't wrong
Able & Willing
Able & Willing 8 dagen geleden
SNL sucks
Able & Willing
Able & Willing 8 dagen geleden
Saturday night live has always had a problem with politicians that are pro american. Should be aired in China
— Therealseandiggity
— Therealseandiggity 8 dagen geleden
That is sahhhnce
avfanatic 8 dagen geleden
I Fucking Love Sience!
Kes The Mess
Kes The Mess 8 dagen geleden
“It like the new big thing?” “No It like the creepy clown that preys on children.”
Daniel Hamilton
Daniel Hamilton 8 dagen geleden
Mtg is only down with herself ,know that's a sneeze, haven't seen a woman acted like that since my old drug days. Such memories..lol.
Ron K
Ron K 9 dagen geleden
Lord. I so miss Belushi, Radner, Murray, Dan A, etc., and the rest of the old cast, who last made SNL a hit show...... because they were genuinely funny and talented. These fools are pathetic.
Ascot89 10 dagen geleden
The sneeze 🤣🤣🤣
That_Pixie_Witch 10 dagen geleden
Marjorie obviously didn't take anything beyond a highschool science class.
Artemicion Kupo
Artemicion Kupo 10 dagen geleden
Milk, milk, lemonade, around the corner fudge is made. 😆
Commonsense 101
Commonsense 101 10 dagen geleden
Unfunny Uncool irrelevant SNL is almost as funny as a migraine
Janelli Marie
Janelli Marie 10 dagen geleden
The sneezing! 🤣🤣🤣
Chad Kunka
Chad Kunka 10 dagen geleden
Ok this is pretty funny. 👍😄
UncleHenry43 10 dagen geleden
Pathetic display of SNL’s stupidity
Mark Lutostanski
Mark Lutostanski 12 dagen geleden
Remember the good old days when MTG meant Magic: The Gathering?
Kes The Mess
Kes The Mess 7 dagen geleden
Ah, good times
Rose 12 dagen geleden
It's not about "gender roles" brain dead idiots. Yes, our gender is assigned at birth. Not too difficult to understand for most people with a minimal pea sized brain. SNL is being paid to undermine America and common sense. Male and female....not too complicated. Help those who are confused.
Seifert Iris
Seifert Iris 12 dagen geleden
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Jim Quain
Jim Quain 12 dagen geleden
Piss iff a liberal today ,work hard be susussefull make something of yourself be happy.
Jim Quain
Jim Quain 12 dagen geleden
This show stinks and has for the last 30 years but dimwitted liberals love it.
A A 13 dagen geleden
Pure Heart
Pure Heart 13 dagen geleden
SNL would not know better. Their only purpose is to take everything for a joke including the oppression of people and removal of basic rights.
Pure Heart
Pure Heart 13 dagen geleden
This woman is declaring facts. If only people would wake up and understand that the government (especially someone like Biden who represents the Catholic church and the mark of the beast) has plans that are not in favor of the people. Your rights are being removed and people are surrendering out of fear. Do not be fooled by all these benevolent acts that he has seemingly done. All of this leads to control. These powerful leaders are formulating plans that will wound people and nations. Look at the events of the past year and the restrictions and unfavorable situations that followed. This did not just occur. It was all planned and they must be pleased with what almost seems like success so far while people suffer and many are at the brink of giving in to these orders because they are at the mercy of these leaders and the Catholic church. Edify yourselves and stand for your rights.
Ian Himmelstein
Ian Himmelstein 11 dagen geleden
You sound crazy
Nathan Longacre
Nathan Longacre 13 dagen geleden
How is "there are only two genders" a hateful statement in any way?
Kyle Kraft
Kyle Kraft 13 dagen geleden
When will SNL start making fun of Joe and Kamala? That's right, the Harris administration is hilarious enough...they don't need any help to be a laughingstock!
james bond
james bond 14 dagen geleden
his fucking face XD @1:25
Patrick P
Patrick P 14 dagen geleden
oooof leftist comedy is g@y af. Give it 10 years and people will be looking back at how stupid and weak american elite college culture really is.
Beloved Woman
Beloved Woman 14 dagen geleden
"IT like the evil clown that preys on children" 🤣😂🤣😂
Flora Lee
Flora Lee 15 dagen geleden
That's a pretty Taylor Greene.
TheMixedbreedChannel 15 dagen geleden
This bad show is going down as fast as the whole country, what a terrible sketch, it sucks pretty bad
clint cole
clint cole 15 dagen geleden
redoakresident 15 dagen geleden
SNL being too politically correct by having nice looking women playing freakish looking women like Jeanine Pirro, Marjorie Taylor Green, Ted Cruz, Lindsay Graham etc., and not putting on the makeup to make them look as ugly as those assholes really are.
ORANGE GENERAL 16 dagen geleden
Charlie Mer
Charlie Mer 16 dagen geleden
Carlos Ramirez
Carlos Ramirez 17 dagen geleden
Dang it!. I thought she was really sitting on that gun.
H. Anthony Ribadeneira
H. Anthony Ribadeneira 17 dagen geleden
Why does she like signs so much?
Sheila Thomas
Sheila Thomas 17 dagen geleden
You look way too good and your eyes don’t have enough evil in them!
Wayne Shorter
Wayne Shorter 17 dagen geleden
I've watched this so many times, I can now quote word perfect her explaining the body genders. Too funny.
Technically Speaking
Technically Speaking 17 dagen geleden
jimmybusk 17 dagen geleden
Propaganda Disguised as comedy ,to fool the simple minded
Daniella Spencer
Daniella Spencer 17 dagen geleden
So selective science? Got it. 😆
harry harry
harry harry 17 dagen geleden
what a crass disgusting unempathetic excuse of a woman..... no sign of intelligence there , buckets of nosism though lol
Deadshot 18 dagen geleden
Why does SNL always ignore the actual issue?
Alyssa Hayes
Alyssa Hayes 18 dagen geleden
can't believe the SNL version of MTG is tamer than the real thing, which actually does harras traumatized children on the street
Alyssa Hayes
Alyssa Hayes 18 dagen geleden
Cecily for Congress!
Erik Andrus
Erik Andrus 18 dagen geleden
"She" talks about the appropriate gender, yet the whole time we can only see "he" on her tee.
jaba paba
jaba paba 18 dagen geleden
snl should be called omn operation mockingbird network...
Nelson L
Nelson L 18 dagen geleden
The demon sneeze👹🤧 😅
Ohio State
Ohio State 19 dagen geleden
I find it odd the amount of misogyny this woman receives from the tolerant left. The equality act which she opposes would create inequality furthermore it would promote hostility.
James Silvers
James Silvers 19 dagen geleden
Think show is still on? Who watches it? Aren't these people dead yet?
Alyssa Hayes
Alyssa Hayes 18 dagen geleden
stan Cecily Strong
Big Mac
Big Mac 19 dagen geleden
Suck Night Live !!!!! Love watching this stupid crap ! So funny !
Christina Geigner
Christina Geigner 19 dagen geleden
Why isn't there testing for intelligence and psychological or mental heath issues before anyone is even allowed to run for public service? Trump proved there needs to be one for morality. T-G has proven the others need to be standardized. And kudos to Cecily Strong for having the fortitude to play that vile thing masquerading as a human being.
Nancy Desch
Nancy Desch 19 dagen geleden
I think Michael Chi feels left out of all of these things.
G Howard
G Howard 19 dagen geleden
About ten years ago, NOVA presented a program called the HISTORY OF MANKIND on PBS. It used ice core samples taken in Greenland to prove mankind has nothing to do with the earths climate. The earths climate is controlled by the degree of tilt of its axis and changes every 20,000 years. Margaret Thatcher spoke of this saying climate change was an excuse used by the NWO to impose a carbon tax on countries dumb enough to buy into the hoax thereby controlling their industrial output. When PBS was taken over by liberals, they removed the program. GlennFHoward
Diksha Jain
Diksha Jain 20 dagen geleden
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Kiere Luurs
Kiere Luurs 20 dagen geleden
A real 'siense person' 😁
Rat 18 dagen geleden
Rasputia Fitzgerald
Rasputia Fitzgerald 20 dagen geleden
“Believe the sience”
Dolly Madison
Dolly Madison 20 dagen geleden
The voice is spot on! Cadence, timing, accent... EVERYTHING!
Pencil Narasiman p
Pencil Narasiman p 20 dagen geleden
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mark scarboro
mark scarboro 21 dag geleden
SNL is horrrible
Tim DeGraw
Tim DeGraw 21 dag geleden
Cecily Strong has, since her introduction, proven herself to be deserving of a spot on this show time and time and time again. She is SO versatile and brings something hilarious to every character she plays. I adore her.
Israel Martínez
Israel Martínez 21 dag geleden
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Suzan H
Suzan H 22 dagen geleden
Ian Himmelstein
Ian Himmelstein 19 dagen geleden
This statement alone just shows how much of a piece of shit you are. I don’t usually care about people’s beliefs but the fact that you are supporting this vile disgusting human being makes you pathetic
Kiere Luurs
Kiere Luurs 20 dagen geleden
Biggest crowd EVER! PERIOD!!
Elsebeth Lind
Elsebeth Lind 22 dagen geleden
In Denmark, we do not have people like her. HAHAHA
Sebastian Nai
Sebastian Nai 22 dagen geleden
SNL stopped being funny decades ago
Hank Terreros
Hank Terreros 22 dagen geleden
Somebody needs to ask her about the "Boulder" killings.
Judith772ov Green10mk
Judith772ov Green10mk 22 dagen geleden
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Mr. ForWard
Mr. ForWard 23 dagen geleden
The was the best sneeze in the history of sneezes:):):):):):)
ROLDAN Elvis 23 dagen geleden
Taylor is not even close to BEATIFUL Cecily Strong
Heather Collins
Heather Collins 23 dagen geleden
This is not even funny, because the real thing is so much worse...
R1GAMBLER 24 dagen geleden
SNL is propaganda pushed by Corporate Shills thinly disguised as bad sketch comedy. The LEFT is not edgy or punk rock. The LEFT is the establishment ruling class.
James Perez
James Perez 25 dagen geleden
The skinny client postmeiotically shrug because plywood promisingly perform about a resolute cafe. probable, hard screwdriver
Capt B
Capt B 25 dagen geleden
Believe science when it comes to covid19. But, when it comes to having two genders, it's out the window.
Rat 18 dagen geleden
Well, no, there aren’t even two biological sexes. This is something proved by science. There are tons of intersex conditions and chromosome variations, it’s not just what you learned in your 7th grade science class. So if biological sex isn’t binary why should gender be?
Interdimensional Hobo
Interdimensional Hobo 25 dagen geleden
This show is horrible now. Why do people pretend they think it's funny?
Jerome David
Jerome David 25 dagen geleden
I know if MTG was Senator that VP Kamala would be on the hook for the exorcist...so I'm guessing since she's a Congresswoman those degrading duties go to poor old Nancy. Now where in the hell can she find a retired Carolinian that ain't dead alread?
iKon business
iKon business 25 dagen geleden
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The Hood
The Hood 25 dagen geleden
Is it sad that this is less weird than the real person?
cmills4 25 dagen geleden
At least she is a congresswoman who represents all her people in her district.
Ian Himmelstein
Ian Himmelstein 19 dagen geleden
She represents crazies and she only won because she ran unposed
CHANTARELLA 25 dagen geleden
She is much more vicious than portrayed here.
Chris M
Chris M 25 dagen geleden
snl making bLm and cancel culturist since the 80's.
Pamela Olson
Pamela Olson 25 dagen geleden
No scientist has ever said that a man can be a woman. SNL sucks not funny why is it still on.
Rat 18 dagen geleden
You realize trans people have to see an endocrinologist to get on hormones, right? And have to see a surgeon to get gender affirming surgery, right? There are tons of medical professionals who support trans people. Btw trans women aren’t men in the first place, so no, they’re saying that women are women :)
Pamela Olson
Pamela Olson 25 dagen geleden
SNL So stupid MJG is right.
John Province
John Province 25 dagen geleden
If Lorne Michaels ran an honest shop Cecily would be doing AOC skits. Comedy gold being wasted.
Kunal Sharma
Kunal Sharma 26 dagen geleden
1:19-1:23; BRILLIANT!
SWFL Motorsports Fan
SWFL Motorsports Fan 26 dagen geleden
Still no Biden / Harris material ??? SNL scared of the Democrats
Ian Himmelstein
Ian Himmelstein 19 dagen geleden
A: it’s hard to make fun of people when they’re normal and not lunatics B: maya’s been on vacation so she can’t do her Harris impression but now that she’s hosting she’s doing it again
D. RodrsQueQ
D. RodrsQueQ 26 dagen geleden
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