#A92 🇮🇪 Offica x Ksav x Dbo x BT - Plugged In W/ Fumez The Engineer | Pressplay

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The First Drill Album | Out Now!!
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Γιώργος Μαυρόγιαννης
Γιώργος Μαυρόγιαννης 58 seconden geleden
Dbos voice is deeper than Mia Khalifas p*ssy
Γιώργος Μαυρόγιαννης
Γιώργος Μαυρόγιαννης 3 minuten geleden
When Dbo is sleeping the timer is afraid to wake him up
Dan Valentine
Dan Valentine 15 minuten geleden
Wilfred zaha is that you
Tarek 069
Tarek 069 17 minuten geleden
I don’t under stand him because I’m from New York but I like him
Anthony Cervantes
Anthony Cervantes 2 uur geleden
Nice beats 🎧
Yer Maw
Yer Maw 2 uur geleden
Opp boy or pagon 😤😤😤😤
YoungTTS 3 uur geleden
I saw a wanna be ofb kid on ig dance to this and now this track will never be the same
Tasha Zapata
Tasha Zapata 3 uur geleden
No one is gonna talk about the DJ just vibing to the song??
sepehr playz
sepehr playz 4 uur geleden
when Dbo tells the rain to go away the rain goes away
addiadss 5 uur geleden
A92 first drop is to much had that bit on repeat.
jerry in pain
jerry in pain 6 uur geleden
The door opens itself for dbo
Abdulwarith Olawepo
Abdulwarith Olawepo 6 uur geleden
that guy at d end was rapping in youruba
Scxred_ Fn
Scxred_ Fn 6 uur geleden
The guy whit obito mask
Cevsi 6 uur geleden
Dbo protects his bodyguards
666 7 uur geleden
Dbo can say anything on the lie detector and it'll be the truth.
KChi Oficial
KChi Oficial 7 uur geleden
T buckets
T buckets 7 uur geleden
90% of the comments dbo
Lucas Chan
Lucas Chan 7 uur geleden
The obito mask 💀
Marco Norena
Marco Norena 8 uur geleden
When a ghost goes to sleep, he checks that the Ddo is not under the bed.
Kimi 9 uur geleden
znate koliko je ovo ustvari dobro
Electrode Cathode
Electrode Cathode 9 uur geleden
Awon dA Oya Bota!!!
The Chosen Meme
The Chosen Meme 10 uur geleden
Second dude voice deeeeeep as fuck holy shit
Blur Shinobi
Blur Shinobi 4 uur geleden
Dbo mate
Κśëf 10 uur geleden
when Dbo was a baby he used to be breastfeded by his father
kamel senouna
kamel senouna 10 uur geleden
the nuruto series fae mask
Motor Man
Motor Man 14 uur geleden
0:28 man's voice is deeper then CORPSE
Steven Gonzalez
Steven Gonzalez 17 uur geleden
Im so glad I stumbled upon this channel.
Lethxbo 17 uur geleden
Dbo sends his parents a monthly allowance
itlog ulul
itlog ulul 18 uur geleden
They watch anime?? Obito mask
IceTrey Luke
IceTrey Luke 19 uur geleden
this the hardest shit I’ve ever heard no cap
GGTA 19 uur geleden
there is a golem is the studio wtf !!
Games4B 19 uur geleden
I am pretty sure that DBO and pop smoke can rob the most secured police station with their voice thoo 🔥
Yobi 22 uur geleden
Respect for the person not wearing a mask
anonymous 67
anonymous 67 12 uur geleden
Literally 1 of them is hiding there face
anonymous 67
anonymous 67 12 uur geleden
Theres 3
Future Trunks
Future Trunks Dag geleden
I knew he was obito
OG Nach
OG Nach Dag geleden
I can't understand what they're saying but i don't stop moving my head
Imad Bourou
Imad Bourou Dag geleden
❤️🖤💚Rabat 🇲🇦
Muhammed Ahsin Shaban
Muhammed Ahsin Shaban Dag geleden
solarシステム Dag geleden
When Dbo comes late to class the teacher apologizes.
Patrick Vande blaak
Patrick Vande blaak Dag geleden
Fire it up brothers 🔱💪💪💪🤘🇱🇺🇱🇺🇱🇺
Al Dag geleden
damn high
damn high Dag geleden
I want hear it without censure
DURELLOBOI Dag geleden
Dbo is just lukakus art name
jaynotfound._1 Dag geleden
tobi mask respect
Salim El Issati
Salim El Issati Dag geleden
When Dbo was 18 his parents moved out
Charlie Berry
Charlie Berry Dag geleden
Wow well done you can copy comments
D Dag geleden
Chico Wildin
Chico Wildin Dag geleden
Guys mask is a hemorrhoid ass
Jonathan Coy
Jonathan Coy Dag geleden
What’s the singer singing at 0:55
CR19 Dag geleden
Jonathan Coy
Jonathan Coy Dag geleden
SUBCRIBE to my channel for good luck
SUBCRIBE to my channel for good luck Dag geleden
When Dbo gets to heaven he's gonna tell God where to go to
Che 1
Che 1 11 uur geleden
@Jonathan Coy offica
Jonathan Coy
Jonathan Coy Dag geleden
Do u know singers name at 0:55 plz?
An Ale wrat
An Ale wrat Dag geleden
Who is the 4th guy ? with the orange mask
Aaron Duffy
Aaron Duffy Dag geleden
prince oof
prince oof Dag geleden
Welcome back!!!!! Ain't your first time here😁😩
catie Dag geleden
yoyoyo if im not wrong thats obitos mask....
Lord Spongebob
Lord Spongebob Dag geleden
No shit he even has a song named Naruto Drillings and hes wearing the Akatsuki outfit
Your Dog
Your Dog Dag geleden
Shit’s deep
Șerbi 2 dagen geleden
sheesh obito go brrrrr
Arthur Lucht
Arthur Lucht 2 dagen geleden
Arthur Lucht
Arthur Lucht 11 uur geleden
@Jonathan Coy offica
Jonathan Coy
Jonathan Coy Dag geleden
Do u know singers name at 0:55 plz?
Sebastian 2 dagen geleden
When Dbo gets a bad mark his teacher goes back to primary school
Callum Jones
Callum Jones 2 dagen geleden
I swin my arm wit a figure of 8 fam sick lines bruda
Tomás Amiguinho
Tomás Amiguinho 2 dagen geleden
The guy with óbito mask is 2smokeyy
Randomlives Nvideos
Randomlives Nvideos 2 dagen geleden
V3nshi 2 dagen geleden
drill you KEKW
XxAlanxXK24 Xd
XxAlanxXK24 Xd 2 dagen geleden
dog shit
HydrateX 2 dagen geleden
This song was autotuned to much it’s a bit shit
Jean Cesar
Jean Cesar 2 dagen geleden
Alan NEDJOBA 2 dagen geleden
In the bendo no cap
2ESH4 2 dagen geleden
Dbo is the guy who actually talks when someone anonymous is interviewed.
Aidan Bro
Aidan Bro 4 uur geleden
Underrated comment
Thinker 2 dagen geleden
Obito on a madness
XrosCobra 2 dagen geleden
When dbo goes to court, he determines if the judge is guilty or innocent
A92 hes my cuz freind
SUBCRIBE to my channel for good luck
SUBCRIBE to my channel for good luck 2 dagen geleden
There's a Nigerian guy there I heard the local language
animation boy brothers
animation boy brothers 2 dagen geleden
Beautiful No CAP👌👌👌
DylanT0xic 2 dagen geleden
Reppin 🇮🇪
Dr. Meme
Dr. Meme 2 dagen geleden
When DBO started rapping, fumez missed 6 heartbeats and felt it
Anastasis Raptis
Anastasis Raptis 2 dagen geleden
the 3rd guy is kante
FIRE420 SHOUTOUT 2 dagen geleden
This sick tho stil 💯💯💯💯💯💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥 no more to be said 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
Hakz DZ
Hakz DZ 2 dagen geleden
Please what is the name of the first thks 🙏🏽
Hakz DZ
Hakz DZ 2 dagen geleden
@Laurent thanks man
Laurent 2 dagen geleden
The golden mask guy is called Ksav
E 2-6
E 2-6 2 dagen geleden
The simplest solution known to man. You “DO NOT” want to be an op boy or a pagan... That is all...simple
Jaden 2 dagen geleden
Matteo Letizia
Matteo Letizia 3 dagen geleden
ci manda capobastone
Con Con
Con Con 3 dagen geleden
Mans already chopped and screwed 😂
DankCod 3 dagen geleden
When dbo got pulled over he arrested the opps
Brenda Onoh
Brenda Onoh 3 dagen geleden
Fumez the engineer
Andrez Daniel
Andrez Daniel 3 dagen geleden
@2:56, bro went offf🔥🔥🔥🔥
MIKI A 3 dagen geleden
@Jays Mindset no mate
Jays Mindset
Jays Mindset 3 dagen geleden
Is this on Spotify
Adrian The Goatヘルツ
Adrian The Goatヘルツ 3 dagen geleden
Best ever made
Marni 3 dagen geleden
When Dbo hit puberty, it died.
Marni 3 dagen geleden
Dbo doesn't go hunting because the term hunting implies the probability of failure, Dbo goes killing, as easy as that.
Marni 3 dagen geleden
Dbo never reads a book. He stares it down intill it gives him the information.
Marni 3 dagen geleden
When dbo enters a room, he doesn't turn the lights on, he turns the dark off.
Stealth 3 dagen geleden
For anyone interested in the lyrics I got you ^^ . . A92 Fumez the Engineer, Plugged In Gang Yo, Charlie I like this one 92 baby It's K I'll swing my arm in a figure of 8 Or I won't leave till the whole clip empty Them boy ain't nothing but pagions I can see why them boy love envy I want LV, Prada or Gucci I might just offend my opps in Fendi And when juice get spilled like soda No I won't say no words like Kenny [Dbo:] My hand ting coming like Corona If it coughs twice then it's turning you pack They say that we come like athletes Circle your block and we do them laps All out attack tryna get this pagion All out attack in the fields, don't lack He thought he was big like mac 'Till I pulled out this stick tryna swing for backs [Trapboy BT:] In the bando, no Kay But I still make K's from this Lyca sim The jake boys irritate my skin Can't put me in the bin, no comment, can't sing Don't sing like 6, don't snitch like 9 Still circle the nine 2 times With a machine no gym Tryna put him in the sky Make an opp boy fly Get whacked by mine [Offica:] Where them at, where them be, where the paigons get? Make the boy's eyes look like an asian Man we get round there on any occasion It ain't a ride out, it's an invasion And if you fuck with them, it's a simple equation You're an opp boy, your a paigon A ti lo a ti dé, more time when we slide round there its a quick ting, no calculation [Ksav:] By God's grace I don't end up a lifer But I still slide, see me and we'll ride out I ying yang like China, rip 2 g's Make them drip like designer On the block dressed in black like China Fresh air ones, see me in my sliders Hopefully I ain't got to remind yous Up the A and fuck the Niners I can't stand them boy from the Nine All they know is tell lies, tell lies But there main boy got splashed, baptised And another Nine boy got hospitalised Any talk on the A get bun Drills get done by me and the guys Dbo tryna swing for backs He can't swing for backs, so they stay inside [Dbo:] Scar man's face like Al Pacino Buck into A and you can hold 2 on the pain, no free throw Bow, bun, and the gun need reload Stuck in the trap with one eye open Hoping the cats don't drop that kilo Dbo, fundz you can't miss me on road Fundz, 'cause man's got green like Cee-Lo Bro bro went and bust that gun I don't think that he'll bust that case They say we don't slide to the B But Foomey's gaff got smashed, no trace They left Rexy fighting for his life On a hospital bed, got chinged broad day A1 give her dick in her belly, which side is she on? Ask your pagion bae [Trapboy BT:] About slide to the B, we slide to the B How many man got chased by we? And lil' man Rose got got times 3 All the Niners, watched them flee Was me and MZ tryna catch them three Tryna switch it like OT Chi But I'm in OT tryna make this cheese I lurked down the B Town strip I was pissed that he didn't get hit Tell bro rise that mash and spit Aim for his top or aim for his wig I seen bro grab that stick Bally on his face, he's taking that risk Let sticks beat like drum kit Pull up on them and pump it Tryna let it blow like trumpets At them muppets [Offica:] Bro said to hold this stick Man you need them muscles He let it spray like Mr Muscles Chocolate ting from Belgium, Brussels She wanna go low Man bring them bottles Wait, she wanna jiggle and wiggle This bad b one split in the middle Leng, bunda come fat, not little All my girls them sweet like Skittles Yo, baby, how you move like that? This gyally wanna arch her back Go low, limbo, limbo, touch your toe No Elvis, baby, when I rock and roll Me and my guys, we flow like the river Chat loos, get one in your liver Or maybe your intestine I got love for my gang, don't test man [Ksav:] I got washed up opps, it's peak 'Cause you man move gay, that's suttin' like Marvin Out in the town tryna dish these foods Ends are hot, but these cats be starving We score them goals like Fifa But we don't commentate like Marvin No Taylor when we got down Swift 2 more down, that's no more targets [Dbo:] I do them in my Nike tracksuit and sliders I do that there in my LV kicks Must be the one who's spreading this virus 'Cause everyone knows that my flows too sick OT flying, we riding Out on the field tryna catch me a prick Bando days, we spin 'round driving Wave this wand in my hand, no wiz [Trapboy BT:] Ay, I've been in the T with profit Bruck down buds tryna make that profit They chat on the net and gossip A92, we the hottest topic Shout SS for the pocket rocket DBO got the plug like socket I been 'round there on a madness Watch them dash What happened to the badness? [Offica:] In the block like awon da oya b'ota How many points have we scored in the last few weeks? Meji, merin, mefa On the ball, 22 on my back like Kaka Bro scores like Laca Shoot and they scatter Watch them man japa Boppity bop, boppity bop Gbe soke ju sile omo dancer
Mateusz hshshs
Mateusz hshshs 3 dagen geleden
Only Block 666 :)
Frajulini 3 dagen geleden
It must be hard for DBO raising two parents alone
That Kidd T3
That Kidd T3 3 dagen geleden
rip ksav 🕊
yridbnsksnsjsjjdjdjd kdjdnejeje
yridbnsksnsjsjjdjdjd kdjdnejeje 3 dagen geleden
Dbo:talking while teacher is explaining something Teacher:ill wait Dbo:carries on talking
Beta Childress
Beta Childress 3 dagen geleden
Dbo went to court and sentenced the judge
Modi-topboy Tv2
Modi-topboy Tv2 4 dagen geleden
No Name
No Name 4 dagen geleden
When Dbo takes a girl out they pay for the food
GetClxaped 2 dagen geleden
No Name
No Name 4 dagen geleden
When Dbo swims fish clap
Najma Hassan
Najma Hassan 4 dagen geleden
Dbos voice is deeper than my dads death
sg 2 dagen geleden
Mariusl 4 dagen geleden
the first line was sick
Alex Walton-Patton
Alex Walton-Patton 4 dagen geleden
Fuck the comments about dbo, ksav's verses are so good
Cutz 4 dagen geleden
Why the tobi mask tho
Cutz 3 dagen geleden
@Lord Spongebob just wondering
Lord Spongebob
Lord Spongebob 3 dagen geleden
Naruto is his favorite anime
Karl Heins
Karl Heins 4 dagen geleden
Ksav flow is just something different
witchblades 4 dagen geleden
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