Tesla Turbine | The interesting physics behind it

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The maverick engineer Nikola Tesla made his contribution in the mechanical engineering field too. Look at one of his favorite inventions - a bladeless turbine, or Tesla Turbine. The Tesla turbine had a simple, unique design, yet it was able to beat the efficiency levels of steam turbines at that time. Normal turbines are complex in design, with blades of complicated geometry and stator parts. Nikola Tesla once said the Tesla turbine is his favorite invention and he even claimed an efficiency level of 97% for this turbine. Let’s start a design journey to understand this interesting piece of technology, and towards the end we will also verify Tesla’s efficiency claim.

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Agge bagge 10 uur geleden
ShanTo Bhai
ShanTo Bhai 19 uur geleden
Tesla Love you
Geoff Jones
Geoff Jones 2 dagen geleden
All based on work done by Faraday. Tesla was just a self publicist.
Dremaro 29
Dremaro 29 3 dagen geleden
I didn't get why High rotating speed causes damage to the wheel
Uncle Nik
Uncle Nik 3 uur geleden
@Drummer_Zay94 - Thanks. It's a gift...though at times it's a curse.
Drummer_Zay94 4 uur geleden
@Uncle Nik bruh wtf 😂😂😂 this shit had me dying
Uncle Nik
Uncle Nik 15 uur geleden
@Drummer_Zay94 - You're right...a better approach might be to grab him by the ankles and swing him in a circle ever faster and faster, until his eyeballs fly out of their sockets, every bone joint in his body becomes decoupled, and his balls are forced up into his kidneys. That would no doubt teach more about centrifugal force and tensile strength, than my simply encouraging him to figure it out himself.
Drummer_Zay94 Dag geleden
@Uncle Nik lol don’t be a dick dude, some people are just slow😂
Uncle Nik
Uncle Nik Dag geleden
Think....it's fun.
ScrewsNutsAndBolts 3 dagen geleden
The man was a genius !
Zeen Alabdeen AL Gezany
Zeen Alabdeen AL Gezany 3 dagen geleden
the most brilliant person in engineering, he was really in fact ahead of his time. man just think about what he would have done if he was still alive he may have just discovered another power source or an invention
MrBrander 4 dagen geleden
Why they had to have 3 meter discs in diameter in those powerhouses? Why couldn't they just use multiple tiny ones like with 1 inch diameter or something like that for the Tesla turbines? Then have tons and tons of them working in unison? That way the tip speed wouldn't have gotten so massive and materials might have been able to withstand those forces and speeds.
Uncle Nik
Uncle Nik Dag geleden
That was answered in the video, stupid.
cybernako088 4 dagen geleden
He turned water into a working gear!!! WATER with the mechanism of a fucking GEAR!!! Oh my master teach me so i too may see.
Jose Torres
Jose Torres 5 dagen geleden
This is what the Egyptians were using
Ricky LaFleur
Ricky LaFleur 6 dagen geleden
*_Think this guy is smartest? Seeing as the oldest computer is over 2200 years old, which came nearly 2100 years before Nicola Tesla was even born it leads me to believe there were way more intelligent people in the world, perhaps constrained to the technology available during their time period._*
Lawrence Naquin
Lawrence Naquin 6 dagen geleden
Nothing is said about loads... I don't think it would achieve the efficiency and speed of 10000 rpm with a load of significant size like a power generator.
RUSHIL JOHAR 6 dagen geleden
⭐If we connect this small box with our home water pump then that pump serves dual purpose of filing our water tanks with ground water& providing free electricity. Maybe this machine is great for home energy production & not commercial electricity production.
vinod kv
vinod kv 6 dagen geleden
He was the greatest inventor of all time.
Online Technology Today
Online Technology Today 7 dagen geleden
One of the smartest men in the world, truly a
echokaminari777 7 dagen geleden
spiral wow from 1369 how beautiful don't make everything that complex but simple and easy vibration of force of water need a stronger vessel or in this machine the iron etc that is i like tesla always thinking both side like 6 and 9 just from 3 action reaction recreation just like buying iphone always a new style ahahaha a consumptive people never ending a system of to make money product need buyers fabricating a human being to life as a competition on how you look how rich i smile seeing life not a fault and just i not find balance and equality in life of people all around the world how to change the way that already from children you are created to compete in school until professor 20 years and many money only little that are used to works the other a failed replica of education same book that have inspiration will creatively be the good i just imagine in my left brain see in fantasy and face reality with smile and tears but it's okay someday they will change i believe that i prepared the flower for the butterfly that are in proses in of learning
Tooley Headbang
Tooley Headbang 5 dagen geleden
Gabble gabble gabble...
Omar Medel
Omar Medel 7 dagen geleden
also applies to the golden ratio
DERRY SCANLAN 7 dagen geleden
Real Iron man
KARL HORNE 7 dagen geleden
But.. there was no load on the turbine when he was testing it. In a real world application.. it wouldn't spin nearly as fast.
Jason Zheng
Jason Zheng 7 dagen geleden
Amazing explain! It explode my mind, thanks for this video
Matthew Foster
Matthew Foster 8 dagen geleden
um, then dont do 3m disks. have multiple smaller disks. Isnt that what Tesla did with the SpaceX raptor engines?
Jester Zubrata
Jester Zubrata 8 dagen geleden
Today if this turbine in use we can add more disk i mean over 30k rpm that crazy
AJz 9 dagen geleden
this video is like putting a script into an auto reader I'm sorry I can't watch this
Tommy. Bee. .
Tommy. Bee. . 9 dagen geleden
Nicola..was. .very Spiritual
SuDa Soul
SuDa Soul 9 dagen geleden
Very nice way to explain 🖤
John Mills
John Mills 9 dagen geleden
why would you need a turbine 3 meters in diameter. What about a turbine less than half a meter in diameter with the same torque. But I guess harnessing 50k to 100k rpms from turbine to generator would be difcult because turning a generator at such high rpms would be ????? I don't know but something small with a reduction of rpms could produce a hell of a lot torque. Power house in a small package.
Jimmy Pham
Jimmy Pham 10 dagen geleden
Is this the most efficient type of powered water pump there is compared to any other conventional type of pump designs?
Mark Manning
Mark Manning 10 dagen geleden
I wonder if the blades were made thinner at the edge could alleviate the problems. Thinning the edges would allow a greater area for the fluid to flow through thus reducing the drag effect.
bob thomas
bob thomas 11 dagen geleden
just need to synthesis a super-alloy capable of running at 100,000RPM and boom 99.99% Efficiency woo
Sokwambi TV
Sokwambi TV 13 dagen geleden
"Let the future tell the truth, and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs; the future, for which I have really worked, is mine." Nikola Tesla
Islomjon Yunusov
Islomjon Yunusov 13 dagen geleden
When the pressure can give you more than 50k rpm but you only choose to receive less than 10k rpm, you are literally wasting the energy... which means that turbines nowadays are still very inefficient.
poi qwerty
poi qwerty 14 dagen geleden
Tesla invented the flying disk he used his wireless towers to power it now they're self contained power source
Philip Syili
Philip Syili 14 dagen geleden
I want to specially recommend you all to Dr Emuakhe on You tube,he cured me from Hiv.his natural herbal medicine is highly effective.
N Kliesow
N Kliesow 14 dagen geleden
Why increse the diameter when you can increse the width of the turbine? I don't understand that problem...
Light Touch Tuning
Light Touch Tuning 14 dagen geleden
Very nice animation and explanation! Thank You!
Eric Nail
Eric Nail 16 dagen geleden
What if the whole system were to be placed in a vacuum or in a low pressure environment? Would this increase efficiency, as unrealistic as it sounds
Roland Gilmore
Roland Gilmore 16 dagen geleden
Are there not modern materials that can resist blade warping?
JPA55MOR3 17 dagen geleden
Tesla really thought he saw a pigeon with laser eyes talk to him then die in his arms.
Miroslav Vracar
Miroslav Vracar 17 dagen geleden
Gee Wizz
Gee Wizz 17 dagen geleden
My what a great world it could of been?????????? Who changed that............🤣
The Anime Homie
The Anime Homie 17 dagen geleden
I'm no engineer but the tesla turbine sounds extremely inefficient. I would know if it was if you bothered to say how much power it takes to get the thing running in the first place instead of focusing on what it can do during and after it has an unknown amount of power. Also if this thing is actually being used why not use a photo of a real one instead of a 3d model?
VuCitation 17 dagen geleden
Heat is another problem. Now a day, we have centrifugal pump, torque convert etc. work on such principle.
Peter Archbold
Peter Archbold 17 dagen geleden
Reduce rotor diameter.
red horse
red horse 17 dagen geleden
🤣🤣🤣 Every piece of technology is thanks to Nicholas Tesla. But, school only teaches about Einstein and Thomas Edison who never invented anything
Jared Maddox
Jared Maddox 14 dagen geleden
Edison did invent a few things, but his only deeply important one is the corporate laboratory, because it makes science & engineering more economically sustainable (he may have personally invented the record player and film projector, but both are antiquated, and would have been old versions anyways). As for Einstein, he was a scientist, while Tesla was more of an engineer- meaningfully different fields. Einstein earned his fame by devising formulas to predict observations (including quantum mechanics observations, though he was trying to _disprove it_ when he did so), while Tesla was _mostly_ focussed on applying existing knowledge in new ways. Hence Tesla invented the induction motor and an early version of the electric grid, while Einstein is distantly related to some particular aspects of modern electronics (the transistor is built off quantum mechanics). I think Einstein had something to do with improving the understanding of thermionic emissions (which were used in vacuum tubes) too, but I forget the details.
Vincent Russo
Vincent Russo 18 dagen geleden
Can they be utilized in a Zero G environment?
J D 18 dagen geleden
sooo.. Engineering impossiblity? so that means Nikola Tesla is still way ahead of our time even at 2021. The idea and concept is sound but the engineering materials has not caught up yet?
Dr. Top Hat
Dr. Top Hat 18 dagen geleden
LuckyWheelie 18 dagen geleden
The_Touring Jedi
The_Touring Jedi 18 dagen geleden
His visions was in those days way way beyond vision that Musk has...oh btw Musk took the name of this famous engineer only to make money.
John sarab
John sarab 18 dagen geleden
Timm Long
Timm Long 19 dagen geleden
If Tesla were alive today, we would have faster than light travel
cagdas güven
cagdas güven 19 dagen geleden
Is this theorethical engineering lol. Mechanism would be viable with a spesific new material designed for this application
Vineeth P
Vineeth P 19 dagen geleden
Tesla grown before science ❤
mihindu1967 19 dagen geleden
How different is this Tesla turbine different from the turbo charger in automobile engines or the modern day steam turbines.
Giovanni P.
Giovanni P. 19 dagen geleden
How about this power generator? - 26 years after the company was closed down..? kenpedlar.weebly.com/what-has-ken-been-up-to.html?fbclid=IwAR2bn6kYH14O5h_5AKPSsBHkgPC25dW-w8iL0OVNBNM5QA6PmNC9-5DAxiM Dual axis rotor or 'inertialess' drive...
Guz 20 dagen geleden
Why this channel name weird now?
Abner Dancuart
Abner Dancuart 20 dagen geleden
With Grapheno is possible to do it !
Bennie Chadwick
Bennie Chadwick 20 dagen geleden
Tesla and DaVinci in today's world. We would be circling the sun on bicycles by now. LOL 😆
Gerardo Ciprian
Gerardo Ciprian 20 dagen geleden
Ghost_user 20 dagen geleden
I heard if you name your company after this guy, people will think you invented electricity. Not discovered, invented
baguazhang2 20 dagen geleden
How about the highest quality carbon fiber, aerospace grade ceramics, or even synthetic sapphire disks?
Troy Broussard
Troy Broussard 20 dagen geleden
Annabi Mohammed
Annabi Mohammed 20 dagen geleden
what if the discs were made out of much stronger material? sure the cost will be unreasonable but it'll be efficient in purely mechanical terms
Louie Macorncan
Louie Macorncan 20 dagen geleden
To add stupid but wonder in dwelling in question, what happens if you wield the disk, as in making small piller inside the tiny gap? I mean if you think about it, to stop the warping for there have to be a support beam to hold the disk in place and yes I am aware of the disk losing some power of rpm. If we can wield it and not lose rpms and able keep the flow right then it would be the best energy conducting for little tiny gizmo would power probably 2 or 3 houses.
john garvey
john garvey 20 dagen geleden
so all we need is a 6 inch disk that can go 35,000 rpm. if only there was a round item sort of like a high speed saw bade that can spin very fast like a high speed cutting tool. all joking aside would a composite Kevlar/ceramic plate work
Danko j
Danko j 20 dagen geleden
100% Serbian blood!!! So small number of Serbian people in the world, but so much big individuals! For example Novak Djokovic, Mihajlo Pupin and many more!
BlueNovaFlame 20 dagen geleden
Tesla would of blue screened The Matrix
Boobindar Pussiya
Boobindar Pussiya 20 dagen geleden
Creating such high efficiency turbines at that tim I mean if he would've got more time or other scientists would've put efforts to his turbines ,they would surely have come out with some solutions and we would be using more efficient turbines in present time
Michael Pierce
Michael Pierce 20 dagen geleden
Does this work in reverse? If you spin the flat plates does it generate thrust?
Raycar 20 dagen geleden
It can be a pump or compressor, yes It does not produce thrust it produces axial rotation, which, when combined with a generator produces continuous electricity. This video got alot of things wrong... if your really interested I'll post a link to a decent presentation of teslas work.
Walter 21 dag geleden
When you score a strike at the bowling alley
Phillip Cleaver
Phillip Cleaver 21 dag geleden
Nikola Tesla , true genius & 100 years ahead of his time , a marvellous man , whose creativity became denied & abused . Men (or women ) like this never fit society , but add so much to it .
Joachim Raeder
Joachim Raeder 21 dag geleden
The efficiency argument is specious. Friction inherently causes dissipation. It probably depends a lot on the load, but the video does not address that. While the Tesla turbine is an interesting concept, traditional axial turbines work well enough, so the world will stick with them. The are millions of interesting engineering concepts, but the only ones that count are the ones that work in practice.
Raycar 20 dagen geleden
Tesla's turbine definitely worked. There are many people still using them today. Dont believe everything you see on an animated video less than 10 minutes long.
Xhing Xhau
Xhing Xhau 21 dag geleden
I didn't understood shit.
Xiao Luwan
Xiao Luwan 21 dag geleden
Maybe steel is the wrong material for the discs. Custom made ceramics or polymer maybe more suitable. Just layman thoughts.
Giorgio Tritto
Giorgio Tritto 21 dag geleden
You for sure know how to complicate something that is basic
joplimat 22 dagen geleden
Looks like a reverse cyclotron
Bueno Bueno Tv
Bueno Bueno Tv 22 dagen geleden
Thank god for the creators
sive1231 22 dagen geleden
There's a reason he didn't have to build them big to get the same power output. Check the torque those small turbines produce.
Reactor XXL
Reactor XXL 22 dagen geleden
why am i watching this now ....i used to skip physics class all the time
Lg Lg
Lg Lg 22 dagen geleden
Wast of time...
Prabesh Joshi
Prabesh Joshi 22 dagen geleden
Дави Силваз
Дави Силваз 22 dagen geleden
Tesla was one of the smartest persons that have ever lived but he was too arrogant
Pascal Gallot
Pascal Gallot 22 dagen geleden
Un , des Meilleur dès son temps
RageNugget 22 dagen geleden
Wouldnt the RPM go down itself by itself when hooking up a load? I get that the tubine also needs a minimum RPM to work well. Do we know how much it is?
Brain Dra
Brain Dra 22 dagen geleden
golden ratio
Paul Vigil
Paul Vigil 22 dagen geleden
Use titanium
Paul Vigil
Paul Vigil 22 dagen geleden
My fan clutch
Jerry 22 dagen geleden
There's a reason he was discredited & attacked financially. He was too genius for being not for profit but rather for humanity. That mentality is dangerous to those in power, especially those at the time, like Edison the Thief & J.P. Morgan
theawesomone 22 dagen geleden
yo, what you doin measuring tip velocity in mach number? thats hella confusing bro. What does that even mean when the fluid is moving too?
Jaap van der Velde
Jaap van der Velde 22 dagen geleden
It's ingenious, but in spite all the Tesla-fanboism on display, the prizes in engineering should go to the solutions that can actually be built and work efficiently. The Tesla turbine is great in theory (with currently impossible material science), but in practice only of use in edge cases (like pumping viscous fluids, or fluids with large particulate matter). In a sense, the Tesla turbine is like the space elevator: the best solution to a problem, if it weren't for the fact that we have no idea how to come up with the materials required, or if that's even physically possible under conditions on Earth.
Binh Tran
Binh Tran 23 dagen geleden
Ok ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ
Ok ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ 23 dagen geleden
The man change the world
Dave Kauffman
Dave Kauffman 23 dagen geleden
Mr Tesla was an electrical genius, he should have stayed focused on electrical inventions. I'm not impressed, the amount of energy required to do useful work with this turbine could be harnessed in better ways to do even more work.
Tristan 23 dagen geleden
I remember doing this as a kid with the hose. But just with the disk or wheel and the hose.
Soumyadip Sur
Soumyadip Sur 23 dagen geleden
To hot to handle. ! 😂
Dude Of Hazmat
Dude Of Hazmat 23 dagen geleden
This dude had an alien brain transplanted inside his skull. Lol
Alex Alex
Alex Alex 23 dagen geleden
It's easy create Teslas turbine with needed rpm. And you dont need create 3 meter disks. Even I can create design for this turbines. Just say
Dave john.
Dave john. 23 dagen geleden
due to some weird fact i had guessed the physics behind it correctly but i am not good in physics
Flat Earth
Flat Earth 23 dagen geleden
nidal idais
nidal idais 23 dagen geleden
Good work, how this graphic are made
Stick Stixk
Stick Stixk 23 dagen geleden
So really he was way way ahead of his time.
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