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Battlefield 2042 Official Reveal Trailer (ft. 2WEI)

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Luis Torres
Luis Torres 30 minuten geleden
every battlefield player: "Ima hit this rendezook"
inFamousPlaysX 43 minuten geleden
I smell damavand peak
Alexandra Herrera
Alexandra Herrera Uur geleden
Me gusta más el aspecto de 2142... Lol
Armani.T 5 uur geleden
Dam 5 uur geleden
Lol the jet was dope
URANUS CACK 5 uur geleden
Maria José Díaz
Maria José Díaz 5 uur geleden
John_3_16 5 uur geleden
I have a feeling that the reaction to the BF2042 reveal trailer went slightly better than the BFV one
Supraboy28 5 uur geleden
I would like a battle royale from Battlefield similar to warzone
Yohan R
Yohan R 6 uur geleden
Caporal_Bric3 6 uur geleden
Evercreeper 7 uur geleden
Finally Canada gets some representation! And we died. Nice.
Trolis7777 8 uur geleden
this trailer look so cool
Portland Rob
Portland Rob 8 uur geleden
Don’t mean to be hating on BF or DICE but I refuse to get this game seeing that there is no campaign. Not everyone wants to play multiplayer online games.
Kurd Wolf K25
Kurd Wolf K25 9 uur geleden
KABA KUVVET 9 uur geleden
Battlefiled 3 tadinda ve daha fazlasi.
Gallick Gunner
Gallick Gunner 10 uur geleden
I dont understand whoooo would dislike this , like seriously why .
MrChr1S 10 uur geleden
If only it has a good single player I'll buy it! Enough with the multi-player!
Dharmendra Kumar
Dharmendra Kumar 10 uur geleden
Battlefield, you won the fight seriously!
TAM566 HgH
TAM566 HgH 10 uur geleden
i became so addicted to this trailer that when i hear the song i know what part it is
Zule Funel
Zule Funel 11 uur geleden
Is there any chances of BF Vietnam 2 or Remaster
Benny T
Benny T 11 uur geleden
LMFAO! 😂 What a Battlefield move!!! Eject out of a jet, WITH a rocket launcher, blast your pursuing enemy then climb back into your jet! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣❤️❤️❤️
savith unni
savith unni 11 uur geleden
If this game live up to hype... this game will be by far the best first person shooter game
atomique_dax 12 uur geleden
Jai hate a sa sortie
Ballistic Berserker
Ballistic Berserker 13 uur geleden
0:27 someone better make that a meme
Jon Škoberne
Jon Škoberne 13 uur geleden
So ... more of the same for 60-70 euro? Got it.
PashGang 13 uur geleden
Опять победили русских. Какие молодцы, уже даже надоело как-то.
union 14 uur geleden
Think I'll stick to 1 & 5
captain Iglo
captain Iglo 15 uur geleden
This is awesome getting BF4 vibes all over again
Melih YILMAZ 16 uur geleden
Thankfully looks like they stopped putting woman to Battlefield.
Toaster Bather
Toaster Bather 17 uur geleden
People are freaking out about how he blew up the other plane but I’m more impressed with the fact he GOT BACK IN HIS PLANE
Thomas 'Grizzly' Kossivas
Thomas 'Grizzly' Kossivas 17 uur geleden
at first i misread, thought it was 2142 and got super excited. Then, i realised its just another typical lazy EA cash cow this time being a merger between BF3 and 4 which people didn't really much like anyway both modern and old school players. But because we're so desperate ea will just serve the same dish with different sauce over and over again. There's no mutual love and passion anymore, only pure mercantilism.
Thomas 'Grizzly' Kossivas
Thomas 'Grizzly' Kossivas 15 uur geleden
@Hoang Vo Exactly, many tasteless people will throw money at EA like a stripper just because guns go bang and they feel like they've accomplished something by griefing people on the latest $100+ game. its become a zombified routine and an insult to the real fans, news flash for EA, not all of us are upper middle class middle schoolers who buy every new AAA title religiously
Hoang Vo
Hoang Vo 15 uur geleden
News flash; the majority of people like this "reused" content.
Thomas 'Grizzly' Kossivas
Thomas 'Grizzly' Kossivas 17 uur geleden
@Yuuki Im sorry you dont have an attention span longer than 6 seconds but im not going to edit my comment just for lazy readers like you
Yuuki 17 uur geleden
Tl;dr. Just be quiet please
Falcuun 17 uur geleden
For this good of a trailer I'm really hoping for 128-man servers.
Yuuki 17 uur geleden
Next-gen consoles and PC will be able to have 128 players
AnthonyLu123 18 uur geleden
Any BF3 players out there? 2021 and beyond.
Benjamin Bison
Benjamin Bison 18 uur geleden
if only we had gpus to run it
Hoang Vo
Hoang Vo 15 uur geleden
Just play at low settings xd
stealthpro123 19 uur geleden
I really miss the political messaging. This trailer sucks!!
Yuuki 17 uur geleden
Please go away.
Orion 19 uur geleden
Why don't they just make cinematic movies with game engines? This looks awesome
Marshall M
Marshall M 20 uur geleden
Got same feeling as the launch trailer of bf3 back then
DON KAZ 20 uur geleden
They should also add modern iconic vehicles as well like present day attack jets (not just stealthy ones) like MIGs, SUs, F22, F18 ... etc. Also Attack helicopters like MI 24 Alligator, Comanche 66. I like it to be more varied not just set vehicles
ever eady
ever eady 22 uur geleden
Equioment looks old for 2042
Hoang Vo
Hoang Vo 15 uur geleden
Pretty sure the military won't tell us anything futuristic since its "top secret"
Channe 17 uur geleden
It's just 21 years away.
Communiste -
Communiste - 22 uur geleden
Where legendary music theme Battlefield ?
Merryweather Security
Merryweather Security 22 uur geleden
What makes this trailer better is that it represents the chaotic nature of Battlefield multiplayer. The Rendezook and the guy driving a four wheeler at a chopper are all things players have done in BF3 and 4. It fits in with this because it's a semi modern setting. BFV failed because it tried to mimic the character customization, respawns, and pure ridculousness in a WW2 setting with female soldiers.
Merryweather Security
Merryweather Security 8 uur geleden
@Hoang Vo what?
Hoang Vo
Hoang Vo 15 uur geleden
Hendra Li
Hendra Li Dag geleden
3:01 F35 vs SU-57
ShoNuff215 Dag geleden
Looks like a new & improved BF4! BF3 will always be the best out of them all
HaciendoCine Producciones
HaciendoCine Producciones Dag geleden
What measures will be taken against cheaters?
SpaceOwl Dag geleden
Am I the only one who finds this kind of horrible and disturbing?
Yuuki 17 uur geleden
Says the soyboy
Tb_the_mini Dag geleden
Hollowsoul Dag geleden
Battlefield 3 vibes
HaciendoCine Producciones
HaciendoCine Producciones Dag geleden
que medidas se van a tomar contra los tramposos?
Shiba and Cats
Shiba and Cats Dag geleden
sou fokin gooddd
ᏰᎡᎯᎻᎽᎷ Dag geleden
Effects we haven't seen in any game before, imagine with me what the next Battlefield 6 will be like 🥇🥇
oh hey didn't see u
oh hey didn't see u Dag geleden
this is the 50th time im watching this masterpiece
niIIer1 Dag geleden
So what is this, like the 5th re-release of battlefield 3? I swear these games are all the same with 2-4 new gimmicks each and reskinned models. Why people pay 60$ for these games is beyond me.
Yuuki 17 uur geleden
Found the dumb comment
oh hey didn't see u
oh hey didn't see u Dag geleden
u can go play roblox my guy it fits with u
Sean Dag geleden
People are hyped like these aren’t the same people that made bfv
Creeping death
Creeping death Dag geleden
The new BO2.
PsychoSight Dag geleden
Teacher: define fan-service Me: shows this trailer
Светлана Санькова
Светлана Санькова Dag geleden
А, стрелять по врагу на истрибителе, для лохов?
Corona Dag geleden
I'm starting a GoFundMe to purchase this game.
xLoKs TiGeR
xLoKs TiGeR Dag geleden
omg it's just the frekin music hit with what u see it's soo awesome
Max Justh
Max Justh Dag geleden
How many of you had already a dream about tornadoes because of this? 😂
Rbusy 98
Rbusy 98 Dag geleden
Remember if you dont like it dont buy it
Reginald Armah
Reginald Armah Dag geleden
3:15 This scene lives in my head rent free
Its Havit
Its Havit Dag geleden
most like pc game trailer
犠牲なくして勝利なし 2 dagen geleden
-MrBird— James
-MrBird— James 2 dagen geleden
Hector Mancia
Hector Mancia 2 dagen geleden
I though this was a movie!!! So realistic like sharknado
lGlttoong 2 dagen geleden
간판에 한글이 왜 나와? 한국인가?
Mike The Legendary Gamer
Mike The Legendary Gamer 2 dagen geleden
Hopefully, this video gets 100 million views.. (I hope.)
KI Soldier
KI Soldier 2 dagen geleden
Least battlefield is back
Dario Molina
Dario Molina 2 dagen geleden
I freaking knew it was Mötley Crüe in the background, gonna love this
Not Mapaya
Not Mapaya 2 dagen geleden
I don't really get the hype now before I get a lot of battlefield absolutely flaming me it's because I haven't played a battlefield game before and this seems kind of interesting so I would like to give it a try to see if I can get into this series
Mag1x 2 dagen geleden
Не не убедили все равно 2 сталкер куплю
Mr. Rivera
Mr. Rivera 2 dagen geleden
The 28k people that dislike this 👎 thumbs down for you guys.
Cas Timmermans
Cas Timmermans 2 dagen geleden
Watching this everyday before EA puts a age restriction on this trailer
Puzzoozoo 2 dagen geleden
The bit with the F-35 made me laugh. 🤣
a goblin
a goblin 2 dagen geleden
I wish blindman could have been here with us too see this, he would have loved it. Miss ya big man, rip blindman , hope your doing well up there you mad dog
WinningBlade 2 dagen geleden
"Who is also here in 2042 to remember this iconic game?"
David Waked
David Waked 2 dagen geleden
This is the beginning of WW3
NIK S 2 dagen geleden
Im so happy for stun_gravy this men is GDDFCX
General Di Ravello
General Di Ravello 2 dagen geleden
What we wanted yet didn’t deserve
DREADY 2 dagen geleden
Francis Fradet
Francis Fradet 2 dagen geleden
Where the titan? 2142 I missed you :(
satyam kumar
satyam kumar 2 dagen geleden
Ooh bhaisaab kya tha ye
AkariKaguya 2 dagen geleden
I can't wait
Selash Sunny
Selash Sunny 2 dagen geleden
What the hell is happened 😟
Venoss Gaming
Venoss Gaming 2 dagen geleden
This is mine gameplay PlayStation 5
Agent Johnson
Agent Johnson 2 dagen geleden
Wow can't wait to see this movie
Yuuki 2 dagen geleden
@ps gaming It's a joke
roygfs 2 dagen geleden
Battlefield 4 with climate change added to it lol
Bhuvnesh Yadav
Bhuvnesh Yadav 2 dagen geleden
3:15 kuch bhi!!!
drewsyyy 2 dagen geleden
Very unrealistic. Flagged to NLfast.
ps gaming
ps gaming 2 dagen geleden
Shut weeb
ً 2 dagen geleden
DBT 2 dagen geleden
If they glorify the USA military in this game, it would be sooo funny. China lead the military world in near future. Whether u like it or not. I myself, nonchinese from a country near China, also afraid about that fact. Now they got the ability to build things faster in decent quality. All they need is just to upgrade their quality. They got the manpower, the quick production, the various biomes in their country so they experienced to some biomes, and soon they need to not just copy-paste american tech. They need to make their own stuff and with superb technology. China will be like Japan but with huge manpower. Imagine that...
Kusty974 15 uur geleden
Don't forget russia : they revealed they new soukhoi aircraft, and zircon hypersonic missile that is currently unique in military weaponry. The time when Usa was a great military power is past.
GAMER ADAM 99 2 dagen geleden
I'm hoping they have the kolibri the smallest gun from battlefield 1 in this game
Daniel H
Daniel H 3 dagen geleden
I started playing Battlefield with the original Bad Company. I stopped playing Battlefield after Battlefield 4. I think this might finally pull me back in. Looks like a return to form.
Daniel 3 dagen geleden
It looks awful, how are people liking it?
Den-Ver 2 dagen geleden
Why does it look awful lol
Alex Sandr
Alex Sandr 3 dagen geleden
Торнадо, это перебор! ((
Owen McColl
Owen McColl 3 dagen geleden
So unrealistic
Something Dag geleden
giorgos sk
giorgos sk 3 dagen geleden
AnthonyGamer93 3 dagen geleden
el trailer mas largo que e visto de un juego
Joshua Samek
Joshua Samek 3 dagen geleden
3:45 is when I realized that this game was going to be special
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KA - Op De Strip (prod. Keyser Soze)
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