Karens Who Got What They Deserved

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Karens Who Got What They Deserved! Which Karen do you think was the worst? Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch the last one nlfast.info/head/sWPSsa_IqtV-rW0/video Subscribe to SSSniperWolf to join the Wolf Pack bit.ly/SubSSSniperWolf
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SSSniperWolf 21 dag geleden
which Karen was the worst???
Ariana Walker
Ariana Walker 18 uur geleden
꧁MoonFlxwerGaming꧂ 3 dagen geleden
All of them
Bindy 24
Bindy 24 5 dagen geleden
I don’t like all Karen
RocketLeague Master
RocketLeague Master 18 dagen geleden
grayjl2000 19 dagen geleden
The one that got yelled at by her daughter 😂
Rick Lawrance
Rick Lawrance 22 minuten geleden
Doing a marathon of you're vids girl love it just subbed
James P
James P 22 minuten geleden
Sarah has a bright future... Karen mom...not so much.
J Daniels
J Daniels 58 minuten geleden
The ones who act as if mask are helping and are quick to get the vaccine that the fda won't approve
Love2 Cook
Love2 Cook Uur geleden
9:31 is the same person playing different roles!
Chloe Bazemore
Chloe Bazemore 2 uur geleden
Bro like if I stood up my mom (btw she brown) my friends would have never saw me again
Lilian Campbell
Lilian Campbell 2 uur geleden
sorry is sounded sassy
Lilian Campbell
Lilian Campbell 2 uur geleden
one time my dad had to talk to the manager cause it took the people 2 hours to get our food to us and then they started talking crap about my dad so ya
August 2 uur geleden
Sarah !! I just want you to enjoy your tacos
Colour World
Colour World 2 uur geleden
Dar John
Dar John 2 uur geleden
She totally reminds me of Ashton Kutcher back in the day.
Saul Goode
Saul Goode 2 uur geleden
🤣🤣🤣DamnITMann!! Rolling man.. love this young lady
jeremiah moore
jeremiah moore 2 uur geleden
Karen: I want to speak to your manger random person: I don't work here lol
cut 3 uur geleden
lol there are 1.3 BILLION videos on YT and she thinks she going to find this upload? :):)
ItsReign 3 uur geleden
Lady who thinks she rich... girl if your rich why you shopping in a gas station
sour dragon8345
sour dragon8345 3 uur geleden
0:53 she forgot to say creeper
Monte Bateman
Monte Bateman 3 uur geleden
Which Karen was the worst? You actually. You are a freaking NLfast Karen. Some of the people you were calling out as Karens were not Karens, and your screeching voice calling them that did not make them so. Girl check yourself before you wreck yourself.
Natalie Shannon
Natalie Shannon 3 uur geleden
Wow. This takes me back to when I worked with the public. In retail stores. (This was before cell phone cameras and karen videos.) Rude people always made me feel like I was stupid. I always felt that people were on the side of the rude people. (Customer was always right) I am happy to see times have changed. I was harassed so bad by crazy rude people that I had horrible anxiety and depression. I had to stop working. I wish I had a camera back then. With these Karen video nasty people (both men and women) get called out. Back in the day nasty people would be rude and cruel over and over again. A lot of the times I would get in trouble. My manager would take the customers side.
Arik The Bold
Arik The Bold 3 uur geleden
The Karen's are right. People should have the choice to wear a mask
Arik The Bold
Arik The Bold 3 uur geleden
The new restaurant idea The Krusty Karen
Arik The Bold
Arik The Bold 3 uur geleden
Can we get the links to the videos
Scp_6789_Gaming 3 uur geleden
I admire the sarah girl and also if the "WhO Is YoUr AUnT?" Karen said that to me it would either result in her being on youtube, out cold, or me saying "That is none of your business stop asking for the Identity of my relatives and shut up because you are not an official or part of my family". and if my mom was a karen I would stand up to her and probably make her apologize because THERE NEEDS TO BE JUSTICE FOR THAT!
Uncle Moe
Uncle Moe 3 uur geleden
Sum karens jus need ta be PUNCHED IN DA FACE !!!!!! BAM !!!!!!
Uncle Moe
Uncle Moe 4 uur geleden
Sum Mfs jus need ta grow da Fack UP !!!!!!
Elisa Stain
Elisa Stain 4 uur geleden
Good job sarah
Hun Jah
Hun Jah 4 uur geleden
Nobody: Me when the karen wont let someone see their aunt: KICK HER KICK HER KICK HER, PUNCH HER PUNCH HER PUNCH HER! NOOOOO
Moenadia Noor
Moenadia Noor 4 uur geleden
hello pretty lady ........may i ask why you are wearing a wig? would love to see your real hair.......loooooooove you...your amazing
Eli Miller
Eli Miller 4 uur geleden
Good fuckin choice, Sarah.
monsterman007! diamond jack
monsterman007! diamond jack 4 uur geleden
TACO BELL why did you have to say that now I want it
william Arnold
william Arnold 5 uur geleden
The real Karen is the one trying to tell another person to put on a mask...
Mr Lose goose
Mr Lose goose 5 uur geleden
just kidding i love your dogs
Mr Lose goose
Mr Lose goose 5 uur geleden
ya dogs
Y O U ' R E A L L L I V I N G A L I E
Y O U ' R E A L L L I V I N G A L I E 5 uur geleden
I wanna be like Sarah one day - 😎
Antanella Sanders
Antanella Sanders 5 uur geleden
Omg the water one in the drive thru was great!!😂😂
william Arnold
william Arnold 5 uur geleden
this channel has 27 million subscribers?!!@ WTH?!
• Damien •
• Damien • 5 uur geleden
The waiter when the girl yelled at her mom she looked so shocked
Vera Knight-Cvitonavich
Vera Knight-Cvitonavich 5 uur geleden
You really don't see that was 'acting' and her mom is probably her manager?
icewallococ LOL
icewallococ LOL 6 uur geleden
Just put on some gloves and 🤜👵🏼 I ain’t touch you my gloves
George G
George G 6 uur geleden
So she has nappy hair and that isn't wrong don't criticize a KAREN if you are going to be fool with those remarks
George G
George G 6 uur geleden
Lose the face diapers they don't do a thing
Omega_and_Luna 6 uur geleden
The girl is a freaking legend
Bethany Holden
Bethany Holden 7 uur geleden
I wan't to be friends with that Sarah , she is a savage
LaMar X
LaMar X 7 uur geleden
Something about this host girl...
Qiana Williams
Qiana Williams 7 uur geleden
“Who the hell are you 😯??” Coolest guy ever: “I’m not Karen 🖕🏽” Thank you kind sir 😂 you are a savage
Crystal Phillips
Crystal Phillips 7 uur geleden
You do know the taco girl was the same person during a Karen skit.
Philip Otis
Philip Otis 8 uur geleden
love your youtube
WhiteTrash4954 8 uur geleden
If you say you're rich, or you insinuate you have money as a verbal defense.....You're not rich. You're a joke. Rich folks don't tell people they're rich. Plus, money doesn't make you any better than the next person. Your attitude and words you use are what people judge you off of. You may be gorgeous on the outside but, as soon as you open your mouth, that's what makes you ugly.
txgerlily 9 uur geleden
8:00 the fu-
George Rothering
George Rothering 9 uur geleden
I think masks are stupid. What's the difference between a mask and my tshirt? Same cloth, can't I just pull my shirt up just for me to get in and get out? Not like they help. You want REAL security, get a hazmat suit. Where's my hazmat suit??!
Gianni Sastroredjo
Gianni Sastroredjo 9 uur geleden
Not going to lie it souds like the cop says go shit in your car
Ronnie Fair
Ronnie Fair 9 uur geleden
I love your videos that I watch them every friggin day I love you sniper wolf
Ashley Stephenson
Ashley Stephenson 10 uur geleden
Sarah’s mum
Ashley Stephenson
Ashley Stephenson 10 uur geleden
Blogged By Ms.Brents
Blogged By Ms.Brents 10 uur geleden
BLa-ren aka BLACK KAREN was dead wrong!!
Blogged By Ms.Brents
Blogged By Ms.Brents 10 uur geleden
Sara wants to be kind, mom wants to be Karen
Sebastians gamin Chanel I love gaming
Sebastians gamin Chanel I love gaming 10 uur geleden
😺you have a dragon on dragon city
AJ Canady
AJ Canady 10 uur geleden
Karen’s are so dumb
S J 10 uur geleden
There no black Karen it’s Keisha
Stanis Kynjing
Stanis Kynjing 10 uur geleden
I like the part when the Man says "Am not Karen!😂
Mikel Rodz
Mikel Rodz 11 uur geleden
You’re a Karen mask Nazi yourself.
Paul Schumacher
Paul Schumacher 11 uur geleden
BTW Technically taping is allowed and Because he his a cop It is most definetley legal! Some live to complain!
overwicket 11 uur geleden
That woman asking for woman to wear mask wasn't Karen if she was why she apologize?
Vincent Comparetto
Vincent Comparetto 11 uur geleden
Damn Sarah
Paul Schumacher
Paul Schumacher 12 uur geleden
Sarah is going to grow up to be the new Elle!
S J 12 uur geleden
Why do I have to pay to join?
Lorenq Vibes
Lorenq Vibes 12 uur geleden
Can you even call the second one a karen
StormbreakertheStormwing 13 uur geleden
the throw the water one that mother was definitly black ( no racism intended i apologise for any racism)
Mo Hartreact
Mo Hartreact 14 uur geleden
Wht your doing giving a new meaning to Karen
superst00pid 14 uur geleden
0:30 if i do this to my mom sheesh im going to get killed
Katie's Blue World
Katie's Blue World 14 uur geleden
*Normal person (calm but firm):* Hey can you please not record or take pictures of me, I don't really like to be recorded or have my picture taken. *Guy:* That's understandable, I'm sorry (stops recording) *Karen:* (Gets close to the camera, then starts pointing, waving her arms and making a scene) OMG HE'S RECORDING ME, STOP RECORDING ME!!! *Guy:* If you're going to be rude to me like that, why should I listen to you?
Jannah Lam
Jannah Lam 15 uur geleden
@2:12 Why do they even need her ID? She doesnt look a day under 40
Darcie grace
Darcie grace 15 uur geleden
I would push down the stairs
MEANDMYNINE_tm 17 uur geleden
You are the worst Karen. But simps say otherwise
Ishmael Call Your Dad
Ishmael Call Your Dad 18 uur geleden
0:33 stan Sarah for clear skin... She's a queen 👑
Savannah Mazloum
Savannah Mazloum 19 uur geleden
That sarah girl is gonna be a role model
Savannah Mazloum
Savannah Mazloum 19 uur geleden
All of them
Merida 19 uur geleden
Sarah the Karen-Slayer! The evil laugh at 5:34 was my favorite!
Jason X-ray
Jason X-ray 19 uur geleden
Fun Fact: Every Karen has a law degree.
Nihoa Lee
Nihoa Lee 20 uur geleden
That first clip with little girl - gangster🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
BaldOldMan 20 uur geleden
Hmmm, a 10-year-old adult and a 30-year-old child. Go figure!
jeremy finch
jeremy finch 20 uur geleden
JJ 21 uur geleden
Karens get treated like conspiracy theorist
Mama Romero
Mama Romero 21 uur geleden
Answer the question if u can : Where do Karen's come from?
Kaziology Vlogs
Kaziology Vlogs 21 uur geleden
So ur gonna steal footage of others to grow ur channel? These videos are already online from rightful owners
Gilda Martinez
Gilda Martinez 22 uur geleden
"brown parents"
FransArmy 22 uur geleden
Why are you shouting?
Kineisha Shivralea
Kineisha Shivralea 22 uur geleden
like Mr Krabs says, "the customer isn't always right"
Isabella U
Isabella U 23 uur geleden
(Girl stands up to 'Karen' mother) The rest of the restaurant like: Sheesh 0.0
Darkwolf Airsoft
Darkwolf Airsoft 23 uur geleden
Duuuuuude, I haven't heard from you in years! Goood to be seeing your content again
KJstory 23 uur geleden
good on you Sarah
Anumoyus 23 uur geleden
She’s being a karen to her daughter to
John Turney
John Turney 23 uur geleden
The third one
Enchant-mint 23 uur geleden
I don't know why, but I felt some sadness on the first Karen
Ms Yvonne
Ms Yvonne 23 uur geleden
Sarah your my little shero..😍
Robbie R
Robbie R 23 uur geleden
You are AWESOME !!
rscosworthfan 23 uur geleden
Sarah an amazing girl
Tiffany Steele
Tiffany Steele Dag geleden
People who work need more people standing up for them. People think they can treat anyone who works any kind of way. Good for Sarah for knowing how fellow humans should be treated.
Natalie Goncalves
Natalie Goncalves Dag geleden
Karen’s just make me crack up 🤣 oh and btw I love your channel ☺️
CookiePineapple Meme
CookiePineapple Meme Dag geleden
Mystical Mess
Mystical Mess Dag geleden
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