This rescued sparrow is convinced he's a dog

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This rescued sparrow is convinced he's a dog
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Jan Longston
Jan Longston 6 minuten geleden
Thanks a lot, I am a big guy and in tears now. Looks like we have 1,600 thumb downs. That is a lot of serial killers but not surprising, less than 1% og the NLfastrs. The landmark characteristic of serial killers is in fact that they hate animals, scientifically proven btw.
Dean J
Dean J 7 minuten geleden
If you think this is beautiful, don't eat chickens or other animals, they have the same amount of love to give. They don't deserve to be a caged, abused and violently killed
Johnny Roobarb
Johnny Roobarb 41 minuut geleden
where does it go to the toilet?
Elizabeth School of Music
Elizabeth School of Music 52 minuten geleden
I loved that!!! Happy have a great life!!!
Dee Montez
Dee Montez Uur geleden
You can't tell me there isn't an amazing Creator! This is the work of his hands! God you are lovely, wonderful! Thank you for allowing us to be part of your creation! ❤️
Jacqueline Dixon
Jacqueline Dixon Uur geleden
He is precious.
Kevin Pacheco
Kevin Pacheco Uur geleden
Do you not give to worry about parasites
Kayliegh Rothwell
Kayliegh Rothwell Uur geleden
Michael Aft.🚫
Michael Aft.🚫 2 uur geleden
I know you guys want a bird like that too 😭
My silly pet
My silly pet 2 uur geleden
ben frankly
ben frankly 2 uur geleden
Theres so much shit going on and you're watching this....
vladimir saviouk burcovscaia
vladimir saviouk burcovscaia 3 uur geleden
A Frogs Adventure
A Frogs Adventure 4 uur geleden
I’m getting a bird and I’m so excited!
Tanya Chamberlain
Tanya Chamberlain 4 uur geleden
Happy looks like a very contented bird. Thank you for rescuing him.
Brian Griffin
Brian Griffin 4 uur geleden
I know of a certain sparrow, who's sailed the Caribbean and fought against a squid pirate captain.
💗Cute And Funny Pets
💗Cute And Funny Pets 4 uur geleden
Hijra Yusuf
Hijra Yusuf 5 uur geleden
Didnt he imprinted on you so he think you his mom
MI5IU 5 uur geleden
wow him following the commands blew my mind. Props to the person rescuing him. most wouldn't.
Miss Nomer
Miss Nomer 5 uur geleden
I found a tiny bird like this. Bird rescue wouldn't take him. I kept him for about a week, fed him worms. And then he died suddenly :(
Stacy Gregoire
Stacy Gregoire 6 uur geleden
This is amazing.
Cody the Cattle Dog
Cody the Cattle Dog 7 uur geleden
house sparrow male
Sing Loc
Sing Loc 7 uur geleden
Amazing story. Friend for life and or death do they part.
Elcilene Oliveira
Elcilene Oliveira 7 uur geleden
Que lindo!!!
Keidou Wong
Keidou Wong 7 uur geleden
you make me want to keep one . i want keep one sparrow ! i want keep one Sparrow ! i want keep one sparrow !
RedReddit 8 uur geleden
Me tell my mum, how the street dog chased me: 2:39
stophomescapesfakeads 8 uur geleden
This made my heart happy🥺
Nick Dent
Nick Dent 9 uur geleden
This is the best!!!
Zen Zet
Zen Zet 9 uur geleden
Super adorable 🥰
Ignacio Soto
Ignacio Soto 9 uur geleden
idk why but that is pretty amazing and you are a very good looking woman sorry just had to throw that out their ,but is that you christina??? anyways cool bird
morganandwong 9 uur geleden
20 years? Seriously? Wow that would be great!
Lone wolf
Lone wolf 10 uur geleden
world: ow so cute! meanwhile in the world? I mean props to the lady. but crazy world man
Rubypet 11 uur geleden
The dislikes are from those who can't handle the truth.
XblacksocksX 11 uur geleden
so cute bird
sunshineuk1965 11 uur geleden
Did you know Jesus said a lityle sparrow will not fall without God knowing ....
fatjoni hysi
fatjoni hysi 11 uur geleden
Artist 12 uur geleden
Great story! Thanks for loving him.
it's Saiinz
it's Saiinz 12 uur geleden
Upasana Mishra
Upasana Mishra 12 uur geleden's such a heart warming story..I love it ❤️
Katai KATAI 12 uur geleden
Mane wtf kinda dog is dat😂
I am Nero.
I am Nero. 13 uur geleden
Metiu Trek
Metiu Trek 13 uur geleden
🖤•Eva•🖤 13 uur geleden
Sledgehammer 13 uur geleden
How much time a sparrow live?
Tahera Sehele
Tahera Sehele 13 uur geleden
Teresa Wysocki
Teresa Wysocki 13 uur geleden
It really melts my heart. I love sparrows.
Fred & Sound
Fred & Sound 14 uur geleden
simply amazing
Priyam A.
Priyam A. 15 uur geleden
In India, there was time when you could easily find sparrow nest in our houses living freely alongside humans especially before wireless telecommunications. Now I can't even see in sky.
Nybravest 15 uur geleden
I'll be totally honest... If I could teach them where and where not to poop, I'd be in on having a bird as a pet. I've seen some learn easy is it to teach one?
soujanya .N
soujanya .N 16 uur geleden
Why is a dislike button there to this video? That too 1.6k people disliked "Happy"!! You guys have no taste
Killer Cuddles
Killer Cuddles 16 uur geleden
Rescued.... what a hero
Beauty Neytiri
Beauty Neytiri 17 uur geleden
legally keep him ? girl, it's a small bird...
小顾 17 uur geleden
life is amazing when treated well
logic 17 uur geleden
Quantum Cat
Quantum Cat 17 uur geleden
This little sparrow thinks he's a human, not a dog. He is remarkably intelligent in his understanding of human speech and actions. All that, is because of you who cares and love. That's wonderful to communicate and interact with such a cute little flying thing.
Karl rz
Karl rz 17 uur geleden
Heartwarming. I hope 22 years :)
Erica Gamberoni
Erica Gamberoni 17 uur geleden
Amazing ❤
heather rooken-smith
heather rooken-smith 18 uur geleden
'Cheepy' my rescued naked fledgling - a much loved sparrow full of curiosity and bravery.
Angelo G
Angelo G 18 uur geleden
Che meraviglia
Kelly Hikem
Kelly Hikem 18 uur geleden
He needs female to be completely happy
Bichon Frise
Bichon Frise 18 uur geleden
Awww. I hope he lives a long long time with his owner.
Keshav Dulal
Keshav Dulal 18 uur geleden
Just wow! What a story!
Hazieyrhah 19 uur geleden
i like this kind of content where animals can give us another of happiness in life . .
Cynthia Rhodes
Cynthia Rhodes 19 uur geleden
The magical sampan unintentionally test because competition therapeutically store amidst a sick teacher. hanging, scrawny sweets
YPC 20 uur geleden
I also had one ,used to play with me and once he flew away but came back to me......but my mother flew it away and didn't came back I miss him..😭
Dario B
Dario B 20 uur geleden
Amazing! I've always loved sparrows.
Mrs. Lovely
Mrs. Lovely 21 uur geleden
I’m so sorry for you loss. I too know how it is to lose a dog. God Bless you for taking care of the cute little 🐦. He’s so adorable 🥰. The lord put that bird in your life for a reason. God Bless you beautiful woman 💝🙏.
SherryFatKitty 21 uur geleden
Aww this is adorble
Meena Gangwar
Meena Gangwar 21 uur geleden
If this bird were with me, I am telling you I would be anxious that he has disappeared every time I wouldn't see him in front of my eyes, he is such a small bird :( I love him
Seda Aydin
Seda Aydin 21 uur geleden
lovely 🥰
LilBeast Beastly
LilBeast Beastly 21 uur geleden
This Is SO sweet
Amanda Moore
Amanda Moore 21 uur geleden
How can anyone give this a thumbs down
SayLeeLee 22 uur geleden
Omg now I wanna rescue a sparrow 💙💙💙 So sweet. You're the best rescue momma ever!
TeeN 22 uur geleden
This is so cute, I am so happy to see this, just yesterday I saw a video titled 'when you date a Filipino, they were eating a similar fetus of a bird and it was so heartbreaking even to see it and here this lady saved a fetus and named it happy. You got my respect
Florent Ricome
Florent Ricome 22 uur geleden
You are gorgeous … and the bird too.
Gabriel Grigoriu
Gabriel Grigoriu 22 uur geleden
Amazon Bond!🥰🥰🥰
markey plays
markey plays 22 uur geleden
Thats so cute omg.
Danielle Yahia
Danielle Yahia 22 uur geleden
Quien no le puede gustar un video tan bonito❤️felicidades.
Jay Maillot
Jay Maillot 23 uur geleden
any animal can be your best friend, treat them with respects boys and girls !
Annette Payne
Annette Payne 23 uur geleden
How lucky for them both
StarFuryG7 Dag geleden
I saw a video a couple of months back about a parrot that lost its beak to some kind of trauma, and they said he wouldn't survive and that he would have to be euthanized, but they decided to try and save him and used a 3-D Printer to create an upper and lower artificial beak set for him and then affixed it to him surgically. That parrot looked so happy following the procedure, flying and climbing around using his new beak. Maybe this little guy can benefit from the same kind of procedure.
Eily Bergin
Eily Bergin Dag geleden
His cute sad and concerned little chirps got me. 3:20 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Yue Gao
Yue Gao Dag geleden
He carries the spirit of her passed doggi, An angel from heaven.
bunjit65 Dag geleden
I love that one of Thunderbirds could drop by to say hello to birdy.
Josephine Crawford
Josephine Crawford Dag geleden
This is beautiful, thank you for caring and rescuing.
Hyprz Dag geleden
this is just too wholesome
corporeidad Dag geleden
Muy gracioso. Notable. ¡Y qué bien registrado todo lo que va contando!
Aroma From Heaven
Aroma From Heaven Dag geleden
Lady Luck
Lady Luck Dag geleden
All animals are ways marter then people think. Thank u for sharing your expierence peopleneed to know how smart our little furry or feathered friends are.
Lady Luck
Lady Luck Dag geleden
Awe i love him
Tȟatȟáŋka Íyotake Sioux
Tȟatȟáŋka Íyotake Sioux Dag geleden
Süß, we call them Spatzen here in germany, i love Spatzen!
Kimberly Gentry
Kimberly Gentry Dag geleden
I love it 💕
Indigo Talmadge
Indigo Talmadge Dag geleden
Watching Happy zip through the halls is so freaking cute! He really does love you; he's thankful you saved his life. :)
Jaiden Anja
Jaiden Anja Dag geleden
Yo wait hold up her dog a chupacabra or some shit??
PREPFORIT Dag geleden
We pass by so many small creatures that also have souls.
Raymond Lopez
Raymond Lopez Dag geleden
This is pure awesome 👌
R Gaming
R Gaming Dag geleden
I listen to these cute guys every day in summer, chatting away on our roof. They are curious sweet little birds.
John Doe
John Doe Dag geleden
Bless your heart
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