VRCHAT Worlds Midnight Rooftop BGM + 環境音

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Diamoon Of NHG
Diamoon Of NHG 27 dagen geleden
Hey everyone, I am the producer of this song (if you don't believe it; check the description under MUSIC IN THIS VIDEO), and I wanted to let you all know that I have music sheets for the piano and guitar and ready to send it out to anyone whomever wants to play it :)! Feel free to contact me through my socials!
Rose Destiny
Rose Destiny Maand geleden
Finally I've been looking for this for a quite of while :)
MSD IN Maand geleden
3 Months ago I talking with one girl... we're talking in the ground floor.. talking together.... i'm alone with her and she said... "This map is so beautiful" and i was looking outside its so beautiful... Hong Kong city with rainy effects and her sounds... that's make me so relaxed and yeah!... i can't explained how beautiful in this map was... and that's why i love this map in VR Chat
ETG 2 maanden geleden
This ambience always reminds me of my first month inside of vr. It was truly the most magical experience I've ever had playing a game. Everything had just a huge wow factor to it. I met some great people in this world in particular too.
lalramthang d
lalramthang d 2 maanden geleden
立川えんか 4 maanden geleden
AoiWave 4 maanden geleden
The map and music eases my anxiety and helped me get through troubling times
Tristan Koot
Tristan Koot 4 maanden geleden
If you ever want to hop on and talk, I’m all ears! The name is T6.Melon
Prod Alex Saibot
Prod Alex Saibot 4 maanden geleden
Was having a Bad mushroom trip... joined a lobby just to listen to the music 💯
suisai 4 maanden geleden
anyone here from midnight rooftop lol
Animal Sarkar
Animal Sarkar 5 maanden geleden
what a beautiful place this truly is.
Dat Kakashi INSTACAM
Dat Kakashi INSTACAM 5 maanden geleden
Love it
Rolling rick
Rolling rick 6 maanden geleden
Calm down ft lil skele
sleepless Dreamer
sleepless Dreamer 6 maanden geleden
I think it's the words in the song for me I mean I can't say I've never felt this way I fight it daily smile and laugh help ppl who feel the way I do inside but I never break but after hearing this song I break even just for a moment it felt better after thanks for this😥
TANHK_Queen Pegasus
TANHK_Queen Pegasus 6 maanden geleden
I know I'm not the only one want to live inside this house
💖fox_lover_3000💖 Maand geleden
U do too?
ItzzGr1m 5 maanden geleden
very true
Windowww_ 6 maanden geleden
i remember feeling down and like really really bad and sad and depressed so i would just hop on midnight rooftop to chillout, this song has so much meaning to me and i almost tear up hearing it
Voxol 7 maanden geleden
Wish this was real, this is why I used to make VR worlds but never made any public because of some stuff.
lanox jolley
lanox jolley 7 maanden geleden
ure mom
Ethan Dunn
Ethan Dunn 7 maanden geleden
I love this, it's so calming. This game has given me a lot of memories
Clay 7 maanden geleden
Abel0009 Vaz
Abel0009 Vaz 7 maanden geleden
Memories come rushing back......mostly bad ones
HiTxSkills 8 maanden geleden
Every time i play vr i go this world just to relax for a minute 😴🖤💔
💖fox_lover_3000💖 Maand geleden
Same but i got grounded tell im 13 cuz my mom saw me talking to a 20 year old
ItzzGr1m 5 maanden geleden
legit thats the most chill world and vibe ive ever got, its the most like idek it just feels so CHILL not like good vibez, but just chilled tf out
sResonance 8 maanden geleden
Just being in your room late at night, Playing VR Chat and sitting down watching everyone socializing and being generally positive with the rain and music playing Just gives me a mixture of nostalgic Positive and peaceful vibe, The kind of vibe that makes you happy to be alive at that point and time. Its things like this, That make me truly Love VR Chat.
hero 136
hero 136 8 maanden geleden
in a far away city
Wavvy Mag
Wavvy Mag 8 maanden geleden
I would cry to this song while looking at the buildings. Because of someone. I’m crying now
Əžęķìĕł ø
Əžęķìĕł ø 7 maanden geleden
Why is that facts? I'd make my own lil server and just cry for so long bc of someone who broke my heart..
Wavvy Mag
Wavvy Mag 8 maanden geleden
@starlight- jumper Yes Hong Kong
MarcusDude 9 maanden geleden
What's the first song?
1a 7x1
1a 7x1 6 maanden geleden
Calm down-Suisai...I believe
LoopX 9 maanden geleden
If anyone wants to get rid of the rain but keep the muffle then download the Audio Equaliser by Muyor extention and turn down the 2k and 4 channels.
Insomniac 9 maanden geleden
Listened to this last night and got hit with a huge wave of nostalgia. The memories I've collected from this place are wonderful, all the people I've met and now call dear friends. If it wasn't for this world I wouldn't have found the beauty in this game that I had seen 2 years ago again. VRChat had kept me entertained during the months of quarantine when school was cancelled, my parents worried about still working, and the world just in a panic. I don't think that I'll ever forget my time here because this silly social game has given me memories that I love and will cherish, and because it's just dug itself inside of me and changed me as a person. I'm sad that this game is slowly dying out and that the population is most likely going to move to Chillout VR, but that's fine, as long as the people that make this game great are still by my side for the next world. TeeHee I'm a degenerate :D
Gabriel Machado
Gabriel Machado 4 maanden geleden
@Əžęķìĕł ø what exact name of the room? I am looking for bad days, I don't think she, maybe she has been removed? :c
Midna Naito
Midna Naito 6 maanden geleden
Every game dies, but that doesn't stop us from looking back on the really happy and fun times we've had with our friends on VRC. Look back and smile. I sure do. :)
Əžęķìĕł ø
Əžęķìĕł ø 7 maanden geleden
Yoooo samee literally so much nostalgia so many things happened in this room but I haven't been on it in a while..I'm about to get on rn just to see how its doin
GallonHat Pat
GallonHat Pat 9 maanden geleden
Would it be possible to put it this on soundcloud or some other streaming app?
Hugo Payne
Hugo Payne 3 maanden geleden
It's on NLfast music
Dragoon TV
Dragoon TV 9 maanden geleden
Would make a perfect dream world place to chill by yourself or while sitting down with your girlfriend napping on your shoulder or lap while you observe the night city and rain from the rooftop, very ambient.
Əžęķìĕł ø
Əžęķìĕł ø 7 maanden geleden
@Dragoon TV yeah sadly. My asuna is gone.💔
Dragoon TV
Dragoon TV 7 maanden geleden
@Əžęķìĕł ø did Asuna dump you?
Əžęķìĕł ø
Əžęķìĕł ø 7 maanden geleden
Yeah it would be if I had a gf🤣
VoidError 10 maanden geleden
Without BGM nlfast.info/head/lKjJzZqzn7uCrn4/video
Unity Fx
Unity Fx 10 maanden geleden
Imagine just imagine its this place can be real it will never but just imagine
TANHK_Queen Pegasus
TANHK_Queen Pegasus 6 maanden geleden
@Officer Peter Griffin It's Hong Kong Victoria Harbour
Rafał Całuch
Rafał Całuch 8 maanden geleden
@Takke Neatoo do you have Discord or something?
Takke 8 maanden geleden
@Rafał Całuch not much tbh cause my eyes are sensitive but I do really enjoy playing every once in a while! But yeah meeting you could be fun it‘s always nice meeting new people in that funky VR world :3
Rafał Całuch
Rafał Całuch 8 maanden geleden
@Takke Many of that sounds very exciting, you seem like you play a lot of VR. One I get that though I'll have to think twice avout what games I buy. Do you play VRChat often? Maybe we could meet soon uvu
Takke 8 maanden geleden
@Rafał Całuch true! That‘s awesome that you‘ll experience it from christmas on! It‘s really magical. I‘d say it‘s like when you‘re at the cinema or planetarium and you can see the warm and fuzzy pixels in that dark room making you realize what you see isn‘t real but it still feels like it. It‘s absolutely awesome and the community is so nice and cozy I love it! You‘ll probably also really enjoy other VR experiences though. I highly recommend falcon age for a zelda like game with very fun gameplay or Job simulator as just a fun playful VR interactive experience. Especially falcon age is so great because there you have a pet falcon like a pokemon you can actually pet and feed and they fight for you as well! It‘s just so fun and you really bond with that bird! It‘s incredible! If there was a pokemon game like that it‘d probably feel like actually being a real pokemon trainer and your pokemons that time would really feel real and like friends to you or pets you love! It‘d simply be awesome!
Joseph Rogers
Joseph Rogers 10 maanden geleden
wISH i could play this song clearly and without the rain.
kuya 10 maanden geleden
calm down by suisai
Blank 10 maanden geleden
is this a real city in the background
ItzzGr1m 5 maanden geleden
yeah, i think its ether tokyo or hong kong
TANHK_Queen Pegasus
TANHK_Queen Pegasus 6 maanden geleden
@Blank It is Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong . It's really beautiful there
jazkill7889 TG32
jazkill7889 TG32 10 maanden geleden
@Blank thank you I've been trying to figure out what city it was
Blank 10 maanden geleden
nvm discovered it is hongkong and hongkong island
HoldNoVirtue 11 maanden geleden
In case anybody wants to know the actual song playing that has lyrics, not just the beat, it is Calm Down by Suisai ft. Skele
123 4
123 4 10 maanden geleden
thank you very much
Samuel Yancy
Samuel Yancy 11 maanden geleden
HoldNoVirtue thank you!
Austin Bullock
Austin Bullock 11 maanden geleden
This man is a hero
epicEaston197 11 maanden geleden
he is
Samuel Yancy
Samuel Yancy 11 maanden geleden
Thank you so much for posting this. The moment I heard this is VR Chat I went searching for it. Thank you for leaving it muffled with the rain
Kujo Jotaro
Kujo Jotaro 11 maanden geleden
the rain is there for the aesthetic of the song, turning off the rain makes it not as peaceful and aesthetic, turning down world volume would mean turning down the music since they are both connected to world ambience; we can't physically go to unity and edit the worlds rain because it would disturb many things we may not be able to fix.. gonna have to stick with it, sorry.. or you can find the original song called: This Is Love - Diamoon
oops 6 maanden geleden
I thought it was SuSai - Calm Down .?
Diamoon Of NHG
Diamoon Of NHG Jaar geleden
Made our song very muffled under the rain noises
Diamoon Of NHG
Diamoon Of NHG 5 maanden geleden
@Takke Update; I have now tried out VRChat; Midnight Rooftop. I must say, it is very interesting
Diamoon Of NHG
Diamoon Of NHG 6 maanden geleden
@oops Much love!
Lhun 6 maanden geleden
@oops oh! did you know you can create ambisonic trigger volumes for that?
oops 6 maanden geleden
@Diamoon Of NHG also coming from another prod, props dude, I've always vibed to this. You're real good at creating emotions. Shits dope
oops 6 maanden geleden
@Lhun its muffled because it has a low pass filter or an eq applied. It sounds like that wherever you go in Midnight Rooftop.
The Butter Pancake
The Butter Pancake Jaar geleden
Without the rain??
johnfl46 Jaar geleden
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