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Hi Everyone :)
Welcome back!
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This video contains many interesting / satisfying /innovative science puzzles / physics puzzles.

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This video contains:

0:03 👉🏻 Impossible Nail: Not impossible, but creating this does depend on the use of some amazing physical properties of wood. I won’t reveal the method here but a quick search on NLfast produces a few how-to videos showing the process. The nice version of this puzzle featured here is from @emvz.creations
(mechanics, physics, engineering, STEM, puzzle, science)

0:36 👉🏻 Impossible Bolt: Not impossible- but carefully engineered and machined. This puzzling curiosity was inverted by Scott Eliott and machined in solid brass by puzzle crafters Steve Nicholls and Ali Morris of TwoBrassMonkeys.

1:57 👉🏻 Impossible Jar with Golf Ball: The puzzle aspect is to consider how this object was produced. This incredible piece was made by craftsman and artist Nathan Nickerson, and comes with the golf tee display stand (a nice touch!)

2:27 👉🏻 Impossible Bottle Sculpture Puzzle: The puzzle aspect is to consider how the bottle was produced (I personally have some theories- but I do not know the secrets of this artist). I can tell you with high certainty that the bottle was never cut or altered in anyway, and it was not somehow formed around the objects. This bottle by Phil Evans is one of the best I’ve seen.

3:10 👉🏻 Forks and Toothpick Balance: Incredible DIY physics toy.
(bartrick, balance, centerofmass, equilibrium, physicstoy, stability, fork)

3:38 👉🏻 Impossible Dovetail
(impossiblebox, dovetail, dovetailjoint, impossibleobject)

4:22 👉🏻 Four Marble Puzzle: one of my favorite physics brain teasers- A beautiful and well-made puzzle from Creative Crafthouse.
(brainteaser, marbles, centripetal, centrifugal, rotation, kineticenergy)

4:45 👉🏻 Impossible Arrow: Not impossible, but creating this does depend on the use of some obscure physical properties of wood (similar to the impossible nail). This delightful design was made by illusionist and artist Victoria Skye @vicskye

5:20 👉🏻 Impossible Wallet

6:08 👉🏻 Impossible Knot: how did this overhand knot get into this closed continuous band of rubber? It did not get there by cutting the loop, tying a knot, and rejoining it. Amazingly this band was once a rubber o-ring. How was it cut to produce a knot? An “impossible object” related to the Möbius strip by mathematician and artist George Hart- a brain teaser puzzle he calls “Tying the Knot”.

6:46 👉🏻 Raketti Puzzle

Nova Plexus Puzzle: 12 identical brass rods can create 4 interlocking triangles in a perfect symmetry- look carefully and you can see that each rod is in an identical configuration with the 5 others that connect with it. Precision machined notches on the ends of the rods allow them to interlock with elastic tension such that vector sum of the 5 forces on each rod is zero- creating this astonishing geometry as the equilibrium state. Unlock the ends of any two rods and the system instantly disassembles. Invented and designed by artist and computer scientist Geoff Wyvill in 1978, this puzzle has just recently been made available for sale with a limited production run.

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Thank you for 10:12 minutes of your time.

physicsfun Jaar geleden
Hi everyone, Solve all these puzzles! 11 puzzles of 11 marks :) Let see how many are you able to crack their secret. Try to solve without reading others comments. #quarantinehomework Stay Home Stay Safe
smegger knee
smegger knee 2 maanden geleden
YOU BOILED WATER and dipped one end of the wood and waited until the wood was soft enough to compress using a vice.
Héritage Kébèk
Héritage Kébèk 2 maanden geleden
@physicsfun How much for that 2$ buck?
Dry Bones
Dry Bones 5 maanden geleden
Eh, like just get out one bolt and then the other one? Idk that's my solution but I don't think it works
Beni Kurniawan
Beni Kurniawan 6 maanden geleden
break the nail into pieces. install them to look like in one piece.
Krish Shaw
Krish Shaw 6 maanden geleden
2. The two bolts are adjusted in opposite sense
Jill Smith
Jill Smith Dag geleden
7# spin it around
peter greenwood
peter greenwood 2 dagen geleden
HI - Forks, glass & toothpick- set it up so it balances then set t-pick alight - the t-pick burns to the edge of glass and extinguishes itself --------- OK --------- I know a few others but is there an answer video??? Pete
#SB Studios
#SB Studios 8 dagen geleden
You are genius and...❤️
JeremyPatrick 11 dagen geleden
the nail and arrow wooden puzzles are easy after seeing similar things on the wood wright shop. takes steam and clamping the wood until its compressed enough to do the trickery then re steam for the wood to expand back out to normal size again.
Chan Fonseka
Chan Fonseka 15 dagen geleden
#10 is some sort of mobius strip
Chan Fonseka
Chan Fonseka 15 dagen geleden
Nut placed on twig. As tree grows, twig becomes thick branch around nut. Cut off branch and then start carving!
Chan Fonseka
Chan Fonseka 15 dagen geleden
A hole the size of the nail head was made in the rightmost "tooth", the nail passed through it and into the rest of the piece, then the hole filled in with wood putty.
Chan Fonseka
Chan Fonseka 15 dagen geleden
ok I just saw the rotated piece. No putty
Agung Muktasimbillah
Agung Muktasimbillah 17 dagen geleden
No 7, spin it, use centripetal effect
Murali Krishna Elango
Murali Krishna Elango 18 dagen geleden
Hau’i Kanamu
Hau’i Kanamu 18 dagen geleden
2:00 toss a lit match inside jar the place golf ball on opening. The vacuum from the flame extinguished might pull the ball in 🤷🏽🤷🏻‍♂️
icps Icps
icps Icps 21 dag geleden
4:00 A little ball is hidden in the red part and you need to knock the red part so the magnet could go down and then slide the two parts diagonally
icps Icps
icps Icps 21 dag geleden
Oh.. he showed the answer...
Akshay S.M
Akshay S.M 21 dag geleden
center of gravity
Andrew T. Austin
Andrew T. Austin 23 dagen geleden
A lot of people commenting seem to think that heating wood makes it pliable. Do they know something I don't?
BlueBlood Gaming
BlueBlood Gaming 24 dagen geleden
The nail was BENT, then nail through first notch. Turned out to side, bent again and nailed through more, repeating the bending and straightening over and over.
norbert gojar
norbert gojar 24 dagen geleden
Impossible nail: soak one end (the with the head of the nail) with hot water/ steam it then press it down. It will be flatten and you can taje the nail out
Desi Witfield
Desi Witfield 24 dagen geleden
Number seven you just spin it and then I'll go in the corner
Dhananjaya Herath
Dhananjaya Herath 25 dagen geleden
Puzzle 7: you Spin the whole thing about the centre. Due to centripetal acceleration the metal balls will move towards the corners. The rest I will think tomorrow ☺️. Going to sleep now. Night nights
siama lian
siama lian 27 dagen geleden
the trick is science
lheii guian
lheii guian 27 dagen geleden
1st puzzle put it on boiling water and after that use hammer to the first block then pull the nail the use it again to bring the first block to the original for.
Juancho Dizon
Juancho Dizon 28 dagen geleden
The dumbest puzzle of all time !
Aux Noctura noctua
Aux Noctura noctua Maand geleden
That arrow was split down the middle by the grain …the fins were also split off on a grain … then clamped and glued back together…. You would never be able to spot it if done by someone who knows what they are doing…. I could make that and you wouldn’t be able to tell I guarantee it…or it was grown with the bolt somehow
Pinoy rock Alternative
Pinoy rock Alternative Maand geleden
Thanks for sharing godless stay safe always idol nailabada na kita lods paki sampay nalang God bless you always idol stay safe
Paul Collyer
Paul Collyer Maand geleden
I know how 1 is done, & would guess similar in the arrow through the nut. Most of these I have a potential solution to, but time will tell. I certainly Didn’t get the reverse nut (2) right, and am very impressed with that. I’d love to see one for real & carry out measurements with micrometers
Paul Collyer
Paul Collyer Maand geleden
No 2. I see that having great use in engineering, if capable of withstanding torque. A locking nut that just wont shake loose
Zaid Muhammad
Zaid Muhammad Maand geleden
3:12 (center of mass)
Jordan Zacher
Jordan Zacher Maand geleden
2. Bolt is rethreaded w backwards threads
rabak omaba
rabak omaba Maand geleden
Just go to Woodglut if you want to know how to do it yourself.
krishna hemanth
krishna hemanth Maand geleden
Please say answers for these questions
Kartik Thakur
Kartik Thakur Maand geleden
1st I'll take warm water then after word i'll press the wooden in one side after 2 days I'll drill in wood and then i'll fix the nail in the wood then same boil the water then press upward direction the wood this is magic
Don Mauro di Boghari
Don Mauro di Boghari Maand geleden
Solve mine,it's for kids under 39 lol
Diane Greene
Diane Greene Maand geleden
Mensa is asking for my membership back.
Diane Greene
Diane Greene Maand geleden
I think aluminum is a better melter bc it transfers heat/cold much more quickly than wood does.
Xav Css
Xav Css Maand geleden
Toc Toc Trax
Toc Toc Trax Maand geleden
Great video, great job! Thanks for sharing!
splam stapelfeldt
splam stapelfeldt Maand geleden
#2 nut and bolt the nut has left and right hand thread
Rohit Dakhane
Rohit Dakhane Maand geleden
Nut and bolt is simple. Both have differences in direction of threads In crossboard puzzle just spin the crossboard. In wallet puzzle there are 3 sections.
Aymane berrabhi
Aymane berrabhi Maand geleden
Number 7 easy one.. spin it fast
S K Sri Harshit
S K Sri Harshit Maand geleden
7 The crossroads u have to spin the entire setup
ADITYA PATIL Maand geleden
4:09 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Ze Zhang
Ze Zhang Maand geleden
The too nuts, the secret is also in the threads on the on the bolt as on the nuts. Notice, there are actual two sets of threads on carved on the bolt, one for clockwise and another for counterclockwise. One nuts picks the clockwise track and the other counterclockwise.
Zack Zimmer
Zack Zimmer 2 maanden geleden
Golf ball was sucked in with heat like an egg in a bottle.
William 2 maanden geleden
Heat the wood to make it more pliable
ぴっくあっぽ 2 maanden geleden
0:35 ナットが2つ付いてるだけじゃん・・・ 1:02 ファッ!?
CorOt %
CorOt % 2 maanden geleden
Hay good
Tamil Angler
Tamil Angler 2 maanden geleden
1st puzzle ....1.nail cut into 3 pieces then pasted inbetween wood slot....
Hữu Khánh Trần
Hữu Khánh Trần 2 maanden geleden
Wajaht Khan
Wajaht Khan 2 maanden geleden
Puzzle no 1, heat the nail and then it can be put through wooden board holes
Manol  Kunov
Manol Kunov 2 maanden geleden
ОЧЕН хорошо но нихуя НЕ ПОНЯЛ: ало алгоритъм ли е алнаритън ли е НАПРАВЕТЕ превод 🙏🙏🙏 не всички знаят Английски между другото КИРИЛИЦАТА е създадена пред
Hữu Khánh Trần
Hữu Khánh Trần 2 maanden geleden
【ただひろ】THE FIRST TAKE チャンネル
【ただひろ】THE FIRST TAKE チャンネル 2 maanden geleden
Abdul Haseef
Abdul Haseef 2 maanden geleden
7. It can be done by two methods First: By putting it upside down. Second: By using magnets.
Abdul Haseef
Abdul Haseef 2 maanden geleden
4. This puzzle was created by moulding glass. First cards and padlock with string was putted into glass jar then it was heated to mould into bottle by narrowing the opening.
Abdul Haseef
Abdul Haseef 2 maanden geleden
3. Heat the glass it will expand and ball will come out.
Sean Tilton
Sean Tilton 2 maanden geleden
the fork trick is the center of gravity
Sean Tilton
Sean Tilton 2 maanden geleden
light a pice of papper on fire and put it is side and put the jar up sie-down
Sean Tilton
Sean Tilton 2 maanden geleden
the golf ball one can be taken out with fire because the perisher will push the golf ball out
Charles Garcia
Charles Garcia 2 maanden geleden
you spin the 4 marble puzzle to get it at the corner
Charles Garcia
Charles Garcia 2 maanden geleden
@physicsfun yeyy, I find your vid enjoyable
physicsfun 2 maanden geleden
Yes, you got it right
Ryan Hegseth
Ryan Hegseth 2 maanden geleden
Again, people need to look up the word “science” before they start throwing it around.
Michael Parry
Michael Parry 2 maanden geleden
the one it is not one nail it's split in three and each section is attached
GS 3 maanden geleden
9 impossible wallet: money is on the same side but ribbons change place. You can see that the ribbons are on the opposite side depending on opening.
Элис 3 maanden geleden
Вот так везде и наепывают нашего брата))) А кошелек в детстве у меня такой был)
Daquan Benson
Daquan Benson 3 maanden geleden
The ice one has everything to do with physics thermodynamics. The metal plate must hold some sort of heat but it won't appear to hold any heat
Brian Malady
Brian Malady Maand geleden
aluminium is a much better heat sink than wood
Allan Docater
Allan Docater 3 maanden geleden
Do it yourself, visit the Woodglut website and find out how.
greg randol
greg randol 3 maanden geleden
I recommend Woodglut to every beginner and not only.
Speedbird 125
Speedbird 125 3 maanden geleden
Where are the solutions??
Destructo Au
Destructo Au 3 maanden geleden
No#1 is done by soaking the wood down until there is clearance for the nail and nail is hammered into position then the wood end dry's out and is covering the entry point of the nail
Lori Steele
Lori Steele 3 maanden geleden
For the first one with the wood and the nail my honest guess is that they bent the nail in increments and continuously banged it in thru each block and then straightened it out and rebent it 3 times... might not be what they did but it would work
peter greenwood
peter greenwood 2 dagen geleden
I like yr idea - I hate the idea of hot water etc, -- what about the nut on arrow? Pete
Joseph Staaf
Joseph Staaf 3 maanden geleden
I don't think that would work actually, but not a bad guess
Infinity 9151
Infinity 9151 4 maanden geleden
7:19 it is because metals have faster rate of heat transfer than non metals. If you touch a metal and a piece of wood at room temperature, the metals feels cooler right? If you check it using an Infrared thermometer you'd find they're at the same temperature. What we humans feel is the rate of trnasfer if heat. When we touch the metal heat from our hand starts to flow towards the metal to achieve equilibrium and thus it feels cooler.
Soumen Mondal
Soumen Mondal 4 maanden geleden
7 by centrifugal force 😂
shivesh trivedi 54
shivesh trivedi 54 4 maanden geleden
Where is solution
Pedro Henrique Oliveira
Pedro Henrique Oliveira 4 maanden geleden
7:47 my food on the microwave
physicsfun 4 maanden geleden
hahaha !
『 Shinigami 』 『 死神 』 Ch
『 Shinigami 』 『 死神 』 Ch 4 maanden geleden
Just burn the wood
Trilok Vyas
Trilok Vyas 4 maanden geleden
nail in wood: Is the nail made up of nitinol or something super expanding/shape-changing or ultra-flexible material like that? Or it is just a regular nail ? Is it an ordinary wood or some "special" wood that expands too much in certain situations? At least one of these should be true.
D VENKATESH 4 maanden geleden
Answer for impossible arrow boil wooden arrow it will shrink and insert the bolt let it cool down it will expand
Bad Axident
Bad Axident 4 maanden geleden
The lock and deck of cards in the bottle really has me stumped. All I can think of is that the bottom of the bottle was cut and melted back in place?
fingerboard fb
fingerboard fb 4 maanden geleden
The first one you can shrink one side of the wood and put the nail in it
Mr.supat Daoh
Mr.supat Daoh 4 maanden geleden
😎👍 i Like
Arifin Tambi
Arifin Tambi 4 maanden geleden
LaLa 4 maanden geleden
I would love to see you try to solve these
Marek Balaz
Marek Balaz 4 maanden geleden
5, 6, 7, 8 is just a joke, no science
Marek Balaz
Marek Balaz 4 maanden geleden
Marek Balaz
Marek Balaz 4 maanden geleden
Marek Balaz
Marek Balaz 4 maanden geleden
Adam Conroy
Adam Conroy 4 maanden geleden
No. 7. Just spin the unit.
Rin Reborn
Rin Reborn 4 maanden geleden
Tumpa Mondal
Tumpa Mondal 4 maanden geleden
4:22 just spin it :):):)
physicsfun 4 maanden geleden
Tumpa Mondal
Tumpa Mondal 4 maanden geleden
Tumpa Mondal
Tumpa Mondal 4 maanden geleden
I did not really copy others
Subliminal Master
Subliminal Master 4 maanden geleden
Lock the nuts together and turn it counter clockwise
Subliminal Master
Subliminal Master 4 maanden geleden
You nail the wood with the nail first and then you curve the wood
K.A. Monsang
K.A. Monsang 4 maanden geleden
1:57 how to get the ball out *Break the glass with hammer*
Jon Alarcon
Jon Alarcon 4 maanden geleden
The bolt uses two different thread patterns one corse that is actually bothering correct size and the other goes between the other patterns
MK1 Cortina Tony
MK1 Cortina Tony 5 maanden geleden
4 ball bearings, maybe spinning it will send them outwards.
Kennong Rina
Kennong Rina 5 maanden geleden
Can anyone explain why Ice melted so fast..?
Sanoj Samant
Sanoj Samant 16 dagen geleden
specific heat capacity
MANI KANDAN 5 maanden geleden
6. Slide the dovetail in side way
AwfulAlex 5 maanden geleden
11: fill it with water so the wood floats and you can pull it out.
The Guy
The Guy 5 maanden geleden
the ball one uses a spin move and the dovetail is a slam
Pranav Pathak
Pranav Pathak 5 maanden geleden
2nd one of nut and bolt.... The first nut may have been fixed with left hand threads and again threading would have been done in right ward side and the second nut may have been tightened on this part... Hope i got it right🤔
Turan Off spring
Turan Off spring 5 maanden geleden
Gavin P
Gavin P 5 maanden geleden
my version of solving them is breaking them
a.s. prakasan
a.s. prakasan 5 maanden geleden
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