Gordon Ramsay Visits Prison To Start A Prison-Bakery | Ramsay Behind Bars FULL EPISODE

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All In The Kitchen

3 maanden geleden

The first full episode of Ramsay Behind Bars where Gordon visits prison to start a bakery.

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Charles Walton
Charles Walton 59 minuten geleden
Everybody giving props to Gordon but the camera men deserve some recognition too. I mean like they could have just as easily been shanked or hurt.
Charles Walton
Charles Walton Uur geleden
You’re telling me that you could stalk someone for 4 days straight but can’t keep an eye on what yo ur e cooking to keep it from burning for 5 minutes? -something Gordon Ramsay would probably say
Charles Walton
Charles Walton Uur geleden
Never knew or expected Gordon to have that kind of life growing up but I didn’t know what to expect.
Th3 f1fa godz
Th3 f1fa godz Uur geleden
The balls on Gordon
Ashlea Smith-Garner
Ashlea Smith-Garner Uur geleden
David Jones 😥
FuturePastPerson 5 uur geleden
Nino would not accept any of this disobedience
draganic jr.
draganic jr. 5 uur geleden
Welcome to brixton, im in the party with barbies and drillas.
trxky 6 uur geleden
sad to know that a random fucking criminal has seen gordon more than me
give invis pots
give invis pots 11 uur geleden
wait i thought prisons would just be loud and boring
Paula Little
Paula Little 12 uur geleden
RAMSEY GORDON kinds man, atleast he just want to help or make a different for u lock up. Be kinda to him lol
Saaniyah Yacoob
Saaniyah Yacoob 14 uur geleden
this is the cutest couple! well done first dates!
Andy 15 uur geleden
18:00.., Ramsey has no idea about prison life, to face these 21 guys and tell them they are making fairy cakes is one thing, but then to ask them to do it with finesse.., after he goes home and these guy's are on association time all it takes is one man to make a joke and there will be violence because you never show weakness in prison.
Yoda Goat
Yoda Goat 17 uur geleden
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Olivier Cophy
Olivier Cophy 21 uur geleden
"damn mate pass da bottle o wadduh"
Chris B
Chris B Dag geleden
Honestly only Gordon Ramsey could dream about pulling this off
AJ Styles
AJ Styles Dag geleden
I have to tell you, I could never be intimidated by someone with this accent 😆
Ultimate Empress
Ultimate Empress Dag geleden
I’m sorry they can barely cook scrambled eggs and he makes them cook a five course meal for the whole prison?
Bruh Train
Bruh Train Dag geleden
3:55 I'm in the party with barbies and drillas
hobby gamer
hobby gamer Dag geleden
thinking a person is supposed to have to pay a token fee for his right to exist somewhere is sickfuqs-ville 😠😡🤬😖
hellomynameisjames lad
hellomynameisjames lad Dag geleden
Cooking..in prison!
Ultimate Empress
Ultimate Empress Dag geleden
Ja, looking at how worn out gordon’s face is I always wondered if he came from a tough background
Théo Cruchon
Théo Cruchon Dag geleden
too many mate mate
justletmelisten243 Dag geleden
Ok but actually this is a great idea? Idk about Britain but I know in the US it's hard for people to get jobs out of prison, and this is giving people useful training and skills
Tyler Marshall
Tyler Marshall Dag geleden
They should call this ep bakery behind bars
General Rommel
General Rommel Dag geleden
7:01 original Bri’ish teeth
Alexa Wolf
Alexa Wolf Dag geleden
I make banging scrambled eggs 😋😚
Tammy Maui
Tammy Maui Dag geleden
Bad boyz bakery is the new black
BLUEvia 2 dagen geleden
im a bit confused why the prisoners are so nice oh wait it's Gordon
Lord Cheezburjer
Lord Cheezburjer 2 dagen geleden
I feel like Gordon gets a rush from ordering about people in a kitchen environment. Cooking foods and yelling at people is his thing so why wouldn’t he be happy to do it.
Basil's Reptiles and More
Basil's Reptiles and More 2 dagen geleden
7:23 Americans: what's the problem with that?
Gyrbae 2 dagen geleden
Gordon Ramsey made prison inmates to make cupcakes and Jamie Oliver couldn't get school kids to eat salads.
Laura Powell
Laura Powell 2 dagen geleden
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aZxzx 2 dagen geleden
42:45 wth whats the red guy doing LOLL
Sarah Kitouni
Sarah Kitouni 2 dagen geleden
I love this
Pivot Tech
Pivot Tech 2 dagen geleden
honestly this is a good idea to bond the guards and prisoners and stop the divide
GlitteryNN Chan?
GlitteryNN Chan? 2 dagen geleden
This is scary- if they get angry they have knives- *knives* q-q and all these kitchen stuff that they can maybe find useful for other things-
Kim Chie Kim
Kim Chie Kim 2 dagen geleden
It maybe a bit disappointing but one thing is for sure, you have done a great job gordon! The chance you gave them will something you can be proud of as teaching them means you might be in great danger but despite, you did it.
Ibraheem Elajlouny
Ibraheem Elajlouny 2 dagen geleden
We put your name to blow up 🤣
RapidCyclone 2 dagen geleden
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JA JUICE 3 dagen geleden
Gordon may talk the talk but he can walk the walk..he is no BITCH! I love it 😂🙌🏾
Krishna 3 dagen geleden
All the criminals making a cup cake for you with passion😭😂
Quasar.iLLumia 3 dagen geleden
1:01 got no fucking clue but likes them, honest man
Hirnfaser 3 dagen geleden
I just started the vid, all I heard yet is that prisoners cost too much and are lazy fucks, so Gordon needs to help them get off their asses. And that only 10% do a fulltime job. Bullshit, I bet there are only few jobs you can actually do in a prison and theyre all probably monotonous and repetitive. We don't know a thing about prison life, but just repeating stereotypes isn't gonna do it.
Lana Snow
Lana Snow 3 dagen geleden
Humans aren’t on top of the food chain... Gordon Ramsey is. Yes, just Gordon Ramsey.
ObamasRightNut 3 dagen geleden
“Ive been in prison for a week to get prisoners cooking on the inside and selling on the outside” -Gordon Ramsay
Denis Sabljakovic
Denis Sabljakovic 4 dagen geleden
You did not support Marcus Rashford in any way!!!WHY??!!Shame on you!!!
Dominic Cota
Dominic Cota 4 dagen geleden
torso99 4 dagen geleden
im just like them..... i can argue about everything for the sake of arguing
Amina Branda
Amina Branda 4 dagen geleden
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Pancake Waffle
Pancake Waffle 4 dagen geleden
TheCancerGuy 4 dagen geleden
The guy in the prison has more expensive dresses than i have.
3VIANEJI 4 dagen geleden
Maria Goretti ora pro nobis.
crumbly rose
crumbly rose 4 dagen geleden
Gordon has such a sweet heart
Kakara hölmö
Kakara hölmö 4 dagen geleden
Is that iron fork 14:12
Joanne Pearson
Joanne Pearson 4 dagen geleden
Why are you in here? I killed people who can not find the damn lamb sauce You got a bright future when you get out of here
Peanut Wars
Peanut Wars 4 dagen geleden
I like convict cupcakes XD the real taste of prison XD
mysteryclouds51 4 dagen geleden
One giant risk... Gordon wow A prison bakery... I would think "I'm gonna get shanked for sure"
Robby Anderson
Robby Anderson 5 dagen geleden
2:18 tf did they do??? Stab someone with a sword ?!
Kathryn Erling
Kathryn Erling 5 dagen geleden
It took me too long to figure out that "fairy cakes" mean cupcakes in the UK lol
Reticulum 5 dagen geleden
What in the kictchen suicide squad is this💀
your companion
your companion 5 dagen geleden
Gordon Ramsay. This man is an absolute G. I just watched him fvxking cooked for tribes. And now this? This man works hard and is adventurous at the same time.
Bangtan Bananas
Bangtan Bananas 5 dagen geleden
Anthony seems cool
leky 5 dagen geleden
Will there be more episodes?
heur 5 dagen geleden
when Gordon went inside the prison he stopped acting like a big shot.
Burnt Toast
Burnt Toast 5 dagen geleden
Gordon when he yells a people: >:( Gordon when he gets yelled at: o_o
curly fry
curly fry 5 dagen geleden
weird how everyone seems to act like prisoners being in prison doesn't perpetuate the internal issues that caused the action they're in for
A McDonald
A McDonald 5 dagen geleden
Did he ask last time he worked a 60 hour week? Wtf lol
Ant kimb
Ant kimb 5 dagen geleden
“Hi it’s Gordon Ramsay” (Gate opens) So that’s how I get into high security complex’s
Rocky Sewcharan
Rocky Sewcharan 5 dagen geleden
He cant swearing 🤣🤣🤣if he do 👊🤛🤜💪🦶🦵👊👊👊🤣🤣🤣🤣
Suleman Taibani
Suleman Taibani 5 dagen geleden
Now everyone let’s go loot so we can meet gordon behind the bars 😂😂😂
Future Canine606
Future Canine606 5 dagen geleden
When I need my Sauce “I NEEN MY TOMATO SAUCE!”
Go to a happy place
Go to a happy place 5 dagen geleden
Ingredients: Beef Chili oil Spit
mj de
mj de 5 dagen geleden
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वीर भोग्य वसुंधरा
वीर भोग्य वसुंधरा 5 dagen geleden
A Man On Mission To Change Lives Of Prisoners.Great Work👍
SAiGOn SiLlK 5 dagen geleden
“I’ve been here 4 years for a shotgun being found underneath my bed” LAUGHS IN ‘MURICA
HØŁŁØシ︎𓆏𓆉︎ 5 dagen geleden
HØŁŁØシ︎𓆏𓆉︎ 5 dagen geleden
HØŁŁØシ︎𓆏𓆉︎ 5 dagen geleden
Benjamin Pope
Benjamin Pope 6 dagen geleden
Gordon Ramsey the 🐐
Karen will expose you
Karen will expose you 5 dagen geleden
Gordon Ramsey the 🤡
Fity Bux
Fity Bux 6 dagen geleden
Karen will expose you
Karen will expose you 5 dagen geleden
Halillz 6 dagen geleden
Gordon Shit Himself When They Were Screaming His Name!!
Karen will expose you
Karen will expose you 5 dagen geleden
Nicholas Miles
Nicholas Miles 6 dagen geleden
"They found a shotgun under my bed" Imagine living in the UK where it's illegal to own a simple shotgun.
Karen will expose you
Karen will expose you 5 dagen geleden
@Silver Darling Imagine having an irrelevant opinion
Karen will expose you
Karen will expose you 5 dagen geleden
Imagine being against the second amendment
Silver Darling
Silver Darling 5 dagen geleden
Imagine living in a country where going to school gets you shot.
Forrest Rodman
Forrest Rodman 6 dagen geleden
The colossal sphere systemically employ because select metrically want than a decisive uzbekistan. hurried, lively mail
lucas a
lucas a 6 dagen geleden
I was confused why he got arrested because he had a gun. I really speak American😐
Karen will expose you
Karen will expose you 5 dagen geleden
I’m confused because you are obviously against the second amendment liberal commie
Gina Castaldo
Gina Castaldo 6 dagen geleden
Wait! Do inmates get 5 choices of dinner in American prisons?! lol
Rax_Roo 6 dagen geleden
Is anyone else grossed out by how much Gordan Ramsay mentions how much money these men are costing the tax-payer....
yajo891 6 dagen geleden
No? It's a fair thing to say. They are repeat offenders as wel
WhoGivesA Shit
WhoGivesA Shit 6 dagen geleden
Damn in American prison they make you do shit lmao. British prison kinda seems like a joke 40years for a shotgun but 3 for robbery
yajo891 6 dagen geleden
6:15 Even British inmates keep their self depricating dark sense of humour i love it.
McGalaxxy 6 dagen geleden
It’s a shame seeing all the black people in the can
McGalaxxy 6 dagen geleden
These are people who Gordon locked away for putting lobster under a tap
kamila dimatyte
kamila dimatyte 6 dagen geleden
my bad bois
xXStarchyXx 6 dagen geleden
23:00 man made some genuinely nice cupcakes and Gordon told him to stop doing crack wtf
Liam 3238
Liam 3238 6 dagen geleden
I feel bad for some of these inmates, some of them admit that they fucked up and are trying to compensate for being a menace to society.
Solgryn 7 dagen geleden
Oscar A De Aza
Oscar A De Aza 7 dagen geleden
My ass is like fireworks in the toilet
Andrei Ivanov
Andrei Ivanov 7 dagen geleden
Fedor Voronov
Fedor Voronov 7 dagen geleden
8:16 I bet it was an Italian guy shouting at Gordon for adding the oil into the water while boiling the pasta
Jayzen Partington
Jayzen Partington 7 dagen geleden
Are they getting paid or are we going down the slavery road, like America?
legendbob 808
legendbob 808 7 dagen geleden
Paddington bear vibes 😂
Tije Tode
Tije Tode 7 dagen geleden
Name idea for the cup cakes. Murder cakes
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