TOP 6 Vocal Groups From Americas Got Talent & Britain's Got Talent

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Here's our TOP 6 best vocal groups from America's Got Talent & Britain's Got Talent! Auditions from BGT winners Collabro and AGT's Musicality; who's your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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Fezzik 76
Fezzik 76 23 uur geleden
Everyone talking about the way the audience or judges made assumptions about the groups before they started singing really ought to know how television works. They are either edited or scripted reactions. It’s not all happening in real time. It’s not like they have a camera on a specific audience member ahead of time knowing what the reaction is going to be. There’s a strict screening process before the acts get on stage and the producers tell the judges what to expect and to respond accordingly. TV audiences just eat it all up because they’re made to think it’s “reality” TV
Lucas Stone
Lucas Stone 2 dagen geleden
Linkin bridge should have been in here
꧁༺X𝒕𝒐𝒑𝒅𝒂𝒏𝒄𝒆꧂ 2 dagen geleden
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Forever 21
Forever 21 7 dagen geleden
#3 audition Amanda look so beautiful ❤️😍😍😘😍😍
Jim Rosipko
Jim Rosipko 9 dagen geleden
Out of these groups only Collabro continues to have a successful career and are still performing concerts in 2021. I was fortunate to attend the three concerts they did in the USA. there are just four members of Collabro the past few years
TALENT TAKEOUT with M-G-Z 15 dagen geleden
The one with the girls🔥🔥🔥🔥
Alane Lane
Alane Lane 15 dagen geleden
They are so good.
Annelda Morris
Annelda Morris 16 dagen geleden
On the number two spot when they came out on stage why was everyone looking confused at them before they even said anything. And also with the same group at the number two spot why didn’t the boy in the white shirt get a solo
rosario larion
rosario larion 17 dagen geleden
Triple Threat is astonishingly great. Their harmony is on point.
MyWorld MyMemeWorld
MyWorld MyMemeWorld 21 dag geleden
Me wondering where bars and melody are… 👀👀
Gloria Koch
Gloria Koch 25 dagen geleden
Aside from Callabro, I didn’t see much to commend these groups.
Cathy Abrahamse
Cathy Abrahamse 27 dagen geleden
Triple threat like everyone looking🙄 but they showed them👍 People judge to much on looks.
mainelady2020 28 dagen geleden
They all shrugged with group was only 2gether a month...they showed them
Stella Gimenez
Stella Gimenez 29 dagen geleden
M E Maand geleden
Guy in the middle (lead) in Musicality could make it on his own some day if he wanted to
ClexAline Maand geleden
Musicality is literally lglee in real life
Kenichi Maand geleden
People who bring a smile to others face are pearls of the seas ❤️
JT REMIX Maand geleden
Repent now and trust Jesus Christ our Lord and savior please ❤️ God bless your family and you❣️
Alice Ayres
Alice Ayres Maand geleden
Some kids rehearse in a stairwell, & some kids are in the best schools with trust funds & still complain the world isn't fair... kids with THIS work ethic should be president.
The Nova
The Nova Maand geleden
When judges starting to look down on contestants I want to throw up
cheeto Maand geleden
I hate how cocky the judges are
Michael H Ballard
Michael H Ballard Maand geleden
Beautiful So much #talent
michelle williams
michelle williams Maand geleden
Anytime I hear that En-vouge song I immediately think of Little Mix.
Patricia Cuffee
Patricia Cuffee Maand geleden
They have to work on silencing the audience, it’s really hard to hear when they are screaming.
Belarmino Bautista
Belarmino Bautista Maand geleden
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BB GUN King Maand geleden
I would buy their cd’s Like if you agree
Beth Boldman
Beth Boldman Maand geleden
Could you list the groups' names and their songs please so I can see if I could buy their songs. Thanks.
Fran Swinford
Fran Swinford Maand geleden
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Gmail Farmer
Gmail Farmer Maand geleden
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Jose Freire
Jose Freire Maand geleden
Triple Threat!!! Amazing vocals!!! For those who haters who judged on their looks, close you eyes, SHUT UP and LISTEN!!!!
Mr Dragonballz
Mr Dragonballz Maand geleden
And hi I'm Howie I'm 60 Girls : 😑
nick the legend tv
nick the legend tv Maand geleden
tell me if one girl contestant sounds like beyonce
p chatt
p chatt Maand geleden
Frankly I believe talent can't and shouldn't be *judged*
Eleonora Rocha
Eleonora Rocha Maand geleden
Triple threat !!!!!
Leah-Ann Nall
Leah-Ann Nall Maand geleden
how dare you not put linkin bridge
GiveTheColdShoulder Maand geleden
when boy band sing church song 😨⁉️⁉️⁉️
Оля Головко
Оля Головко Maand geleden
The overjoyed freezer considerably strap because greece histologically race beneath a picayune option. uncovered, imminent deadline
Claus Jensen
Claus Jensen 2 maanden geleden
I don't think the first group were great. I didn't like it, and that's just my opinion
Happy Kid
Happy Kid 2 maanden geleden
#2 should be the #1. And the #1 is just so normal. Nothing special
ShaunLourne 2 maanden geleden
Triple threat #1 in my books their awesome!!!
Indra Bora
Indra Bora 2 maanden geleden
#2 team is my fav of all 😍😍
J. A.
J. A. 2 maanden geleden
Those guy's that's been together for only a month, sound better than some of the group's that's been together for years! OMG 👍😇
Doerthe Manahan
Doerthe Manahan 2 maanden geleden
I heard Colabro in concert. It was a great performance, loved them!
Anthony Cole
Anthony Cole 2 maanden geleden
Love good girl they are great
Anthony Cole
Anthony Cole 2 maanden geleden
Rambey 2 maanden geleden
10:24 I swear I thought I was getting rickrolled
Regina Austra
Regina Austra 2 maanden geleden
Collabro is my absolute favorite, the chemistry and blending of their vocals.... Absolutely meant for performance
Joseph Ramir Bacea
Joseph Ramir Bacea 2 maanden geleden
Now a Triple Threat fan... shame on judgementals,,,
crekodingo2 2 maanden geleden
Maybe asked before, but someone knows the playlist ? I’m looking for the names song. Thank you 🙏🏾 have a good day to all
Lynn yhost
Lynn yhost 2 maanden geleden
I wasn't thrilled w any group personally.
C Jack
C Jack 2 maanden geleden
I feel like the judges didn’t really give Good Girls the credit they deserved. The crowd came through though
Tom Wasu
Tom Wasu 2 maanden geleden
I love triple threat!!!! Very enjoyable arrangement
Buberfly 2
Buberfly 2 2 maanden geleden
I hate how everyone was judging Triple Threat before they even started singing
the islander
the islander 2 maanden geleden
Sounds good but similar to the original. What's this? Whatever happens to original?fake show.
Angie Torres
Angie Torres 2 maanden geleden
I saw Musicality group and I just... you’re incredible guys
Karol Sjolund
Karol Sjolund 2 maanden geleden
No. 2 got me all emotional. Collabro!
sammie Songz
sammie Songz 3 maanden geleden
Who’s watching in 2021
Maxine Robb
Maxine Robb 3 maanden geleden
Good girl are on POINT. Girl power you go girls👍
Mark Cullen
Mark Cullen 3 maanden geleden
Stela Nunes Gomes
Stela Nunes Gomes 3 maanden geleden
Viemos todo aqui por que a pro mandou certo?
London's Quite Big
London's Quite Big 3 maanden geleden
Not me sobbing for the first one because 1d. I'm a mess lmao. Help
Bradley Garrett
Bradley Garrett 3 maanden geleden
I wish modern singers would be more like these groups, using their actual voices and giving it their all instead of letting auto tune handle it.
Andrew Wizard15
Andrew Wizard15 3 maanden geleden
These shows are so stupid in how they’re filmed and produced, but the acts are still so entertaining.
Christian Soza
Christian Soza 3 maanden geleden
The first group 👌♥️
Dayang Norazizan
Dayang Norazizan 3 maanden geleden
Triple theart make me like wowwww this group so good with their song.... I am so like it
Jeff Klein
Jeff Klein 3 maanden geleden
Fantactic job concedering they use a stair well to practice
Dennis 3 maanden geleden
Triple threat you are amazing. What are also far amazing is the judges judge you before you open your mouth. They was all pulling scornful faces.. but you soon took smirk off her faces well done guys. Maybe there should all back their expressions until you have finished
Maria Chasse
Maria Chasse 3 maanden geleden
I got so excited when Musicality performed the One Direction songs Night Changes! It sounded so good!!!!!
Leonardo Gomes
Leonardo Gomes 3 maanden geleden
Tinha que ter um brasileiro no meio né 🤪
Murayka Data
Murayka Data 3 maanden geleden
Lucy Allen
Lucy Allen 3 maanden geleden
I had to hear triple threat a second time lol
Eisen Regj Aguado
Eisen Regj Aguado 3 maanden geleden
those girls are called the "good girls" but those nice looking guys are "triple threat"???
Kjerstin Ekhoff
Kjerstin Ekhoff 4 maanden geleden
the triple threat was sooooo good
Awozeke Daniel
Awozeke Daniel 4 maanden geleden
Wow #2 was really good
Jomick Robles
Jomick Robles 4 maanden geleden
2:13, did anyone notice the ring changed location?
Leandro 4 maanden geleden
Richard Nagl
Richard Nagl 4 maanden geleden
Who is the third group? They are really good.
Sakshi Umesh
Sakshi Umesh 4 maanden geleden
which is the song no.5 group girls sang?
NonBeeBerry 4 maanden geleden
George Kolimbiris
George Kolimbiris 4 maanden geleden
Heidi is the most irrelevant judge
Flaccko 4 maanden geleden
Always judged by their looking
esbardo hernandez
esbardo hernandez 4 maanden geleden
Mason Stoijck
Mason Stoijck 4 maanden geleden
No disrespect But there are plenty of singing competitions.. I honesty believe "talent ones" shouldn't allow singing to be the act.. I mean, C'mon.. Theres are soo many unseen acts around, singing shouldn't be emphasised.
Andrea Guardi
Andrea Guardi 4 maanden geleden
Please someone tell me the intro techno song!
taylortaylor 4 maanden geleden
klavierchen 001
klavierchen 001 4 maanden geleden
When the first song started i froze
klavierchen 001
klavierchen 001 4 maanden geleden
But 1D still sang it better
Matthew John
Matthew John 4 maanden geleden
Is nobody going to say how the ring switches fingers in the first audition 🤯🤯🤯
Iulian Bustiuc-Coman
Iulian Bustiuc-Coman 5 maanden geleden
whats the first son 0:00-0:29
Iulian Bustiuc-Coman
Iulian Bustiuc-Coman 5 maanden geleden
whats the first song pls
Kadaafi_UT 5 maanden geleden
Love that song from good girl. Throwback for some young girls. Respect
adriel mejia
adriel mejia 5 maanden geleden
בן יצחק
בן יצחק 5 maanden geleden
5:36 Hes Over there Thinking "These Chicks are perefect For Wild n out
Leo Simpson
Leo Simpson 5 maanden geleden
Anyone else spot Anthony Yarde in the audience?
bpoutsold 5 maanden geleden
2:09 HOLY GSKSJAJSHSH i can't im simping
Anne Boleyn's Green Sleeve
Anne Boleyn's Green Sleeve 5 maanden geleden
When the only winner out of all these groups was placed second on the list 🙄
Maria Baird
Maria Baird 5 maanden geleden
Dam judges and their judgment with the face expressions. These guys are great.
Maria Baird
Maria Baird 5 maanden geleden
They were fantastic.
Dazzle Clinton
Dazzle Clinton 5 maanden geleden
Who else got goosebumps
Dylan Finkelstein
Dylan Finkelstein 5 maanden geleden
Triple Threat was going at it, sad how they judged them before they even started singing.
Haarry 297
Haarry 297 5 maanden geleden
Pitch perfect vibes
BrennanF48 5 maanden geleden
i wonder how many groups that sang acapela groups were inspired by the pitch perfect movies ?
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