Trump lashes out at Fox News after report on Arizona's recount

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Former President Donald Trump lashed out at Fox News in a written statement after the network reported that an Associate Press investigation found only 182 potentially fraudulent ballots out of 3 million votes cast in Arizona during the 2020 presidential election. Former Fox News political editor Chris Stirewalt shares what has surprised him the most about the reaction from Republicans and Trump supporters that Fox News called Arizona for President Joe Biden.

Chris Nieto
Chris Nieto 2 uur geleden
At a recent hearing it was found that so far 74k more ballots were cast than were sent out in Marricopa. Also some other major irregularities were found involving many thousands of votes. I saw the hearing so I call BS on this clip. Or how about we wait for official findings ( that the left will only believe if it goes their way).
KRR KRR Dag geleden
warden rahman from tallahassee leon county jail got seattle sherri oliver arm chopped off from garfield high school in seattle, call the leon county jail in tallahassee to protest to find where warden rahman is!
D Kompres
D Kompres Dag geleden
FB is horrible and should be broken up in many small pieces!!
Tony Cox
Tony Cox Dag geleden
Trump losing his mind and control soon these dumb dumb Republicans will wake up and see Trump for what he is a New York shyster
sheila lopez
sheila lopez Dag geleden
Nazi-trump's constituents are keeping him in the manner to which he has become accustomed. He and his family are literally high maintenance. Whereas, the rest of us are living on a few thousand a year, he and his family require millions maybe billions.
Bryan A
Bryan A Dag geleden
Donald J Trump is a Con Artist.
Sally Loewen
Sally Loewen Dag geleden
This is a lie again by cnn. The audit reveal fraud did occur. Why are they hiding the truth. Only God will deal with them
Reggie T
Reggie T 6 uur geleden
wow your in LaLa land 60 law suits and Dt is laughing at you and you`re still regurgitating the nonsense LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
One4 Truth
One4 Truth Dag geleden
The Party should pay for another recount. I have a great Company that they should use this time AROUND. The Only Count ANYONE should trust is the one from our paid government VOTING OFFICIALS! They understand the importance of their role in our DEMOCRACY and take this responsibility very seriously. They do not abandon their honor and risk loosing 15 Years of their freedom to rig an election for a LOW LIFE that's like what, 4 yrs in office? NOT EVERYONE IS A SUCKER!
Dontakeyr Gunstotown
Dontakeyr Gunstotown Dag geleden
OHHHHH Bunker boy needs his diaper changed again.
David Jaggli
David Jaggli Dag geleden
The news media is the poison
Sergio Alvarado
Sergio Alvarado Dag geleden
Catlady 2 dagen geleden
3,981 voted despite registered AFTER Oct 15 deadline. 11,326 voted who were NOT on rolls on Nov 7 but WERE on Dec 4. 18,000 voted and then were removed from rolls AFTER election. 74,243 mail-in ballots w/ NO evidence of ever being sent. What was really found.
Reggie T
Reggie T 6 uur geleden
stop believing the lies and deal with reality DT is laughing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sharon Caplan
Sharon Caplan 2 dagen geleden
Who exactly is paying for these audits??? If it is the people of Arizona and I lived there, I would not be happy about it.
Dan Blair
Dan Blair 2 dagen geleden
CNN says Trump lashed out you don't have to worry about Joe Biden lashing out just rolling over for a nap
Pyr01 2 dagen geleden
Let me guess... the democrats stole the audit 🤣
Utah Smurfet
Utah Smurfet 2 dagen geleden
Trump looks twenty years younger wow
Matthew McDermit
Matthew McDermit 2 dagen geleden
The fact that Republican Congressmen and Congresswomen were prepared to echo Trump's narrative on election night clearly indicates the coup attempt was premeditated. It was planned in advance, and it was conspired. Jordan, Cruz, and whoever else was parroting the narrative, need to face justice. . . . They not only failed to fulfill their oaths of office, they worked counter to their oaths of office. Prosecute, prosecute, prosecute!
Tom Beck
Tom Beck 2 dagen geleden
You know what fair and square is admitting your inadequacies and allowing other people to have them too
Tom Beck
Tom Beck 2 dagen geleden
I can stand to be self righteous as long as you can do the same
Clyde Crail
Clyde Crail 2 dagen geleden
Oh donnie at some point whether or not you like it you LOST THE ELECTION. President Biden got more popular and electoral votes than you did. C'mon princess acknowledge this fact, you're severely hurting the republican party!
Isaac Mamora
Isaac Mamora 2 dagen geleden
Catlady Dag geleden
You’re not going to get from CNN I’m afraid. I did a little research a while back of just the videos on YT where CNN was caught in lies and had to retract. Nobodies seems to make them retract anymore, which does not say much for what is called MSM these days. I used to listen to CNN, MSNBC all the time, but not ever again. Try Victory News, truth and a solution to these trying times. 👍
robert gregory
robert gregory 2 dagen geleden
How much time must do we need until the republican party stops holding onto trump, They are getting paid to do theirs jobs for Americans, They are selling books on both sides, They need to fire anyone that refuses to wear a mandated mask for everyone's safety, The former president should already be behind bars for so many crimes, He is no better than your average racketeer and con-artist, Where is all the donation money going, I believe the public taxpayer, is entitled to see these receipts on the spending of all monies.
Elaine Brooksbank
Elaine Brooksbank 2 dagen geleden
I’m still waiting for those Republicans who keep saying the election was fraudulent to vacate their seats. A fraudulent election covers all candidates whose name is on the ballot not just one pathetic sore loser. So if they keep telling everyone they are only there because of a fraudulent & rigged election then they need to explain why they are gluing their rear end to those seats. The whole thing is crazy and if the world wasn’t laughing at us before they must be in hysterics at this ridiculous display of democracy killing stupidity. The definition of madness is doing the same thing over & over again but refusing to accept the same results. This Arizona sham will only stop when the money stops rolling in. Mr Cyber Ninja obviously hasn’t found anything to back up all of his pre fraudit claims otherwise he’d have been shouting it from the rooftops by now. He’s trashed their voting machines now he wants to trash the routers which merely route the information he’s already checked - but if it keeps the money flowing and cons enough people then he’ll just keep right on doing it. And Republicans will keep right on letting it happen to appease the world’s biggest sore loser.
Etio Space Tube
Etio Space Tube 2 dagen geleden
They’re giving lots of our $ for their friends to count. F* losers.
Andrew Demeltz
Andrew Demeltz 2 dagen geleden
Chinese news network. Cnn
Addendum kebic
Addendum kebic 2 dagen geleden
"THE SYSTEM" could have installed "Tommy" for president if they wanted to!!! p.s. The WHO: Rock Opera "Tommy" - 'blind deaf and dumb kid...' p.p.s. Mark Twain said that if voting made a difference, they wouldn't let us do it.
terry harker
terry harker 2 dagen geleden
They have the right to count the votes! ballets are held for 22 months just so either side can examine them but there sure is a problem with the Department of Justice stepping in court filings! Etc. in for some reason they have nothing to do with the election ballets! It's the Democratic Party that is putting a wall on it do they have something to hide I'll bet you they do about 99.7% that sound familiar! The Democratic party did that back in 2000. Bush didn't win the election Al Gore did! Now the Democrats are s******* their pants
Reggie T
Reggie T 6 uur geleden
simonsteamyhead 2 dagen geleden
‘LOCK HIM UP’ ! ! !
Ronnie Boucher
Ronnie Boucher 2 dagen geleden
rupert murdock = now there is a first class family of liars thieves and cheaters !
Ana Camacho
Ana Camacho 3 dagen geleden
These media people helped numb the people when outrageous things happen. They need to place some responsibility to them. We need honesty in our news
Daniel Dudun
Daniel Dudun 3 dagen geleden
Woh woh poor lil trumpy-poo. Worlds against
Steve Steve
Steve Steve 3 dagen geleden
They have counties in Arizona that have more Biden votes then people in the county
Jim Wilhelm
Jim Wilhelm 3 dagen geleden
We have a country of ignorance, lost souls to the truth, conspiracies, ect...How will we rid our country of Trumpism, anybody???
ThaYoutubeBigWig 3 dagen geleden
maybe trump and the boys can start a porty potty potty business,a more appropiate daily expierence fo da guys
ThaYoutubeBigWig 3 dagen geleden
trumps rally goiers swinging thru the capital with cowhorns on……might cost him another 11,000….votes in 2024…attacking our own capital will get you no where…every voter polorized,but some will simply will swing left…due to..” theysimply dont want a dictatorship
ThaYoutubeBigWig 3 dagen geleden
is that cris fawley
ThaYoutubeBigWig 3 dagen geleden
I think Mitch shold strap on moosehorns and swing down thru the capitaal every day…maybe he will swing on back to old kentuckey onwe day……if a righty can think od something embarassing…the will do it
Alison Searcy
Alison Searcy 3 dagen geleden
He actually said that black and brown people are uneducated, and that is the reason they are not getting vaccinated, false.
Driverjoe Longhauler
Driverjoe Longhauler 3 dagen geleden
These people are what’s wrong with our country. Elites dragging us to communism
Mr E
Mr E 3 dagen geleden
When reality doesn't match Trump's propaganda just LIE, LIE, LIE.... EDIT: Nothing Republicans say or do anymore shocks me. They'd say or do anything for power. If they thought they'd get elected by trying to bring back slavery, they would. If they could throw Democrats in death camps, they would. We all know it.
Vicky Bray
Vicky Bray 3 dagen geleden
I believe Fox News is the only news station that is pro Trump, pro lie, pro republicans, that still pushes the stolen election theory! Any news reporter that doesn’t support Trump lie isn’t gonna last long at Fox news!
Alice Barrett
Alice Barrett 3 dagen geleden
Trump wasn't looking for a win but to raise money which he did.
Jayson Ong
Jayson Ong 3 dagen geleden
The swanky mascara baly rock because nylon aditionally suspect beside a ethereal apparatus. brash, slim soccer
david vickers
david vickers 3 dagen geleden
So who were the votes for? That is important as a democratic supporter. Who were the "potential" 182 voting for?
YF M 3 dagen geleden
Dave Di Giovanni
Dave Di Giovanni 3 dagen geleden
terence nelson
terence nelson 3 dagen geleden
And all those 168 votes were Republicans votes
David Post
David Post 3 dagen geleden
The reason that they keep asking for audits, etc. is not because they expect a different result but because they want to keep the "Fraud" lie alive for their base.
Catlady 2 dagen geleden
What was really found AZ AUDIT * * 3,981 voted despite registered AFTER Oct 15 deadline. * 11,326 voted who were NOT on rolls on Nov 7 but WERE on Dec 4. * 18,000 voted and then were removed from rolls AFTER election. * 74,243 mail-in ballots w/ NO evidence of ever being sent.
zurdo 3 dagen geleden
who does he think he is calling himself "President"? President of The Swines? Why isn't he arrested?
とほほ…チャンネル 3 dagen geleden
thank you so much for your great videos. ILOVE them.
x 3 dagen geleden
I already miss trump 😢 💘
MAXX BGOOD 4 dagen geleden
Interesting, the audit is not finished, currently they have found 107,000 votes in question, that was without the routers that the courts have requested, that are not being released. 74,000 more mail in votes were mailed "IN" than were ever mailed out to voters in the first place. This is fake news. More audits are being called for. These people are lying to us all. Take a look at the other side, Also, Fox is NOT telling people NOT to take the vaccine. More Fake News. I watch both Fox and CNN daily. This narrative is typical fake news. It's actually hard to believe that they are so blatantly lying as much as they do. Watch the Maricopa County Audit.. there was plenty of voter fraud.
chalabegebeya 4 dagen geleden
Fake news
He will add a Knight
He will add a Knight 4 dagen geleden
The AP are not the ones conducting the audits you biased, shady, liars.
Cynthia Wilson
Cynthia Wilson 4 dagen geleden
Key word here..potentially
Alex Salerno
Alex Salerno 4 dagen geleden
When you find out cnn is owned by China 🧐
Dale Haarman
Dale Haarman 4 dagen geleden
Who cares what the former guy says or thinks?
Vinny Drum
Vinny Drum 4 dagen geleden
Yeah. And more than likely they were simply inconsistencies and not outright fraud. As it is with most cases where they claim fraud. Every single election will have lots of wierd things happen. But of course the rep try to turn it into something entirely different and make it sound like tons and tons of voter fraud. The voter fraud and cheating just simply isn't there plain and simple. But since they lost , they have to take every little mole hill and try to make it a mountain of fraud. The rep know full well they cannot win without cheating. That is simply a fact. Now there IS proof of that. GOP representatives admitting that they can't win if more people vote so they have to change laws to accomplish that. THAT is a proven documented fact
Morris Tillberg
Morris Tillberg 4 dagen geleden
We should all be able to sue Trump For continuing the lie.
james hartshorn
james hartshorn 4 dagen geleden
As a Ex Republican I am certain that that they deserve and Need the pain of losing. They must lose multiple rounds of elections to lose the crazies and remind them of what it is to be Honest and Humble. To realize they Can lose elections despite the Gerrymandering, Lies and Hubris of becoming Authoritarian Insurrectionests.
Koragh 4 dagen geleden
Even if cnn spreads the narrative of "cleanest election" the people knows..
Alex Nichols
Alex Nichols 4 dagen geleden
I wouldn't say that Tucker Carlson is killing anybody by encouraging people to not vaccinate or to not wear masks, that's giving him wayyyy too much credit. Those grifters get paid to tell people what they want to hear. Nobody made the decision to not get vaccinated based on what Tucker Carlson has said on TV.
Bible Believers
Bible Believers 4 dagen geleden
🔴🚨⚠️FINAL WARNING ⚠️ !!!!!!!!!!!! GOD JUDGEMENT IS COMING UPON THE EARTH!!!!!!! PLEASE ACCEPT THE GOSPEL AND GET SAVED TODAY!!!!!! WE ARE IN THE LAST MOMENTS BEFORE THE RAPTURE!!!!! 1 Corinthians 15 King James Version 15 Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand; 2 By which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain. 3 For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; 4 And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures: PLEASE ACCEPT JESUS CHRIST TODAY!!!!!!!!!! THE LORD IS COMING AND ALSO HIS RATH!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Richard Olson
Richard Olson 5 dagen geleden
Zombie Kraken
Zombie Kraken 5 dagen geleden
60 times? That orange loser can't handle losing like a normal person.
carrie richards
carrie richards 5 dagen geleden
I think AZ should sue trump for the bs and what he’s costing us.
Tunaburn 4 dagen geleden
100% why they hell is my tax money funding this bullshit?
carrie richards
carrie richards 5 dagen geleden
We do not support trump here in Az. Biden won! Now trump is making fellow Republicans and demos pay in our taxes, hos, ect for the ignorant lie.
Damian Hall
Damian Hall 5 dagen geleden
Making another person wear a mask because someone else became sick is corporal punishment! Corporal punishment is again the law...
Damian Hall
Damian Hall 5 dagen geleden
Mike Lindells symposium! August 10th11th12th!
Damian Hall
Damian Hall 5 dagen geleden
Damian Hall
Damian Hall 5 dagen geleden
If you are truly concerned with election integrity?! Watch Mike Lindells symposium! August 10th11thand12th! Amy computer expert that proves his symposium false?! Gets 5 million dollars!!! What do you have to lose?! Everyone show up and try to prove him wrong!!! Buy a my pillow if he is right!!!
BOEING 747 FLIGHT 5 dagen geleden
Dr. Bunter Hiden
Dr. Bunter Hiden 5 dagen geleden
CNN's recent NLfast feed contains no clips about Biden, the "most popular president in history". Instead, every story is about President Trump (they know he's the real president), CONvid, CRT, and other BS.
Lynn Asche
Lynn Asche 5 dagen geleden
Trump is falling deeper and deeper into the hole of ignorance and stupidity he has created for himself !!!
Dr. Bunter Hiden
Dr. Bunter Hiden 5 dagen geleden
Once again, President Trump is 100% correct and propaganda media got it wrong.
Dr. Bunter Hiden
Dr. Bunter Hiden 4 dagen geleden
@Leon William I wouldn't know. Maybe you can tell us and demonstrate what you've learned in being duped by CNN for the past 5 years. 🥴🥴🤡
Leon William
Leon William 4 dagen geleden
How does it feel to always be wrong
Monze Galindo
Monze Galindo 5 dagen geleden
Lol this was before the audit , from someone who haves family in Arizona, Trumps flag was everywhere and everyone was with President Trump that’s why they are so mad 😡 no one likes biden period
MobyDick725 5 dagen geleden
Trump did win Arizona The Audit shows the truth.
MobyDick725 5 dagen geleden
CNN is so full of shit they Haven't told the truth in years. Not once.
from Clark
from Clark 5 dagen geleden
Note that the report states “POTENTIAL”, not verified!!! 🤡 TRUMPS long line of business failures is more clear now from his lack of understanding basic arithmetic!!! Actually, tRUMPS LACK OF UNDERSTANDING of most basic every day dealings is really NO SURPRISE,! With his head 🤡 so far up PUTINS PUTTY, he is blinded to reality!!!!
Matt Doherty
Matt Doherty 5 dagen geleden
Trump lashes out… does that even matter anymore? the man’s wings have been clipped, hopefully permanently, unfortunately millions of his cult followers are still out there waiting, so I guess it does matter, can’t take an eye off the f•cker for a minute
Carol Stein
Carol Stein 5 dagen geleden
trump lost texas and Alabama and every red state. I want a recount...whaaaaaaa!!!!!
Jon Roesler
Jon Roesler 5 dagen geleden
Also, how many of those 182 were of the ex-president's own party?
Matthew Huszarik
Matthew Huszarik 3 dagen geleden
How many of the 182 actually were fraud. Just because 182 have potential to be fraudulent. In Georgia they had a bunch of ballots they said were fraudulent because they had been cast by dead people. Well in every case it was the record of the voters death that was wrong. Every voter was alive and well.
Christopher Last Name
Christopher Last Name 5 dagen geleden
Fake news!
Timmy Neeley
Timmy Neeley 5 dagen geleden
One thing they can do to not discourage people from getting the vaccine is....STOP SHOWING LONG ASS NEEDLES PLUNGING INTO ARMS EVERY NIGHT AND DAY ON THE NEWS!!!!
Gloria 5 dagen geleden
trump lost it’s over no matter how many times trump shits his diaper. Biden is president no matter who likes it or not. tRUMP LOST GET OVER IT.
OM 5 dagen geleden
cnn r. F. A. K. E. S.
OM 5 dagen geleden
cnn r. F. A. K. E. S.
John Dee
John Dee 5 dagen geleden
Trump won fare and square. Lol By a lot. 75 000 “mail in ballots” never sent out/mailed. How is that possible? Oh…
James Sparks
James Sparks 6 dagen geleden
try reporting real news CNN, then maybe your ratings wouldn't be in the shitter.
Karen Jamai
Karen Jamai 6 dagen geleden
Scared much. I guess your ratin s say it one believes you----LOL, LOL, LOL,
TorstenHakonson 6 dagen geleden
The people showing up with guns to polling places to intimidate voters and vote counters into stopping the count are worried about election integrity.
Ba Doai
Ba Doai 3 dagen geleden
Benjamin Levine
Benjamin Levine 5 dagen geleden
CNN will tell any lie to help the Marxists in our country. Trump won. The evidence is overwhelming and the audits are showing this. The Atlanta audit will be juicy. Mmm hmmm ☺️
M D 5 dagen geleden
They're probably mad they didn't scare people away.
TorstenHakonson 6 dagen geleden
This whole "audit" BS is an act of treason. Time to charge them with it already. They aren't interested in integrity of the vote, they decided it was stolen and now are trying to get the "evidence" to support it. That's not how grown-a55 adults come to conclusions and also not how you have a functioning society.
TorstenHakonson 6 dagen geleden
When are the Arizona voters going to sue the living hell out of the Arizona Republican Party or the county party for handing their votes over to a hyper-politicized far-right group to handle in an attempt to overthrow an election?
Vinny Drum
Vinny Drum 4 dagen geleden
EXACTLY. " cyber ninjas" ??? Yrs. Really ??. Who the F do they think they are trying to fool? A group of inexperienced know nothing super partisan hacks actually counting votes for the sole purpose of ( finding evidence ) of alleged fraud to overturn a fair clean election. What a joke. It has gone entirely too far. The bull and utter nonsense just has to stop. How many ways and times are they going to want to count and recount and audit and audit again before they finally admit the truth? Looking for bamboo shoots ?? Really... Laser marks? Really. What's next...
TorstenHakonson 6 dagen geleden
Counting past midnight with both Democrats and Republicans signing off on the numbers on election night is suspicious. People who decided it was stolen without any evidence and are desperately looking for it behind closed doors and taking months to do it, not suspicious at all.
buck nado
buck nado 6 dagen geleden
Anyone else actually look at what the recount showed? This is an absurd "news" report
James Samford
James Samford 6 dagen geleden
That's 182 fraudulent ballots is one too many in my opinion. Though I guess CNN agrees with Trump that it's not enough fraudulent ballots.
Mark Welch
Mark Welch 6 dagen geleden
I love seeing trump stressed out because stress kills.
Alex Virella
Alex Virella 6 dagen geleden
He's delusional as well as his followers!!!
Kevin Holley
Kevin Holley 6 dagen geleden
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 6 dagen geleden
You know the truth always comes to light. Just saying.
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