Central Cee - Little Bit of This [Music Video]

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Central Cee

🎧Stream it here now: ada.lnk.to/LBOT

LEX Diamond 954
LEX Diamond 954 3 uur geleden
Stop capping.how much did u have to pay Adam 22 to hop on no jumper.🤣🤣🤣🤣
Julius Novachronos
Julius Novachronos 5 uur geleden
Si vous cherchez des français vous etes mal tombé je suis coréen
Samuel Surmaj
Samuel Surmaj 9 uur geleden
akaSniipz 11 uur geleden
Bro what NVE yo use?
Ali Shaik
Ali Shaik 13 uur geleden
MoneyBagCrow 22 uur geleden
I don’t even like this Cench to be honest this is obviously a label move 😞
Dyl$n Music
Dyl$n Music Dag geleden
1:50 If they roll the window back up that would be an rip to central cee's pp 😭😭
Jason People
Jason People Dag geleden
Back out my rod and let’s go fishing is a robbed bar from loose1 tune let’s go fishing
Sm7 Dag geleden
Keep rapping
Tobias Kjær
Tobias Kjær Dag geleden
Hi Mate
Hi Mate Dag geleden
Is he white or mixed
Mike Dan
Mike Dan Dag geleden
Is he American or British
Solomon Mehari
Solomon Mehari 15 uur geleden
Izo Bang 4
Izo Bang 4 2 dagen geleden
I think The flow come from Raggae 🔥
Goldieblanca 2 dagen geleden
Demon time 😈
Bash 2 dagen geleden
That beat is out of this world
alexander bailey
alexander bailey 2 dagen geleden
Malatu travejo should have bin in this video😂😂..
Bazlightyear 2 dagen geleden
What size is that nba jersey large kids
heiver romero
heiver romero 2 dagen geleden
Don Mesut
Don Mesut 2 dagen geleden
A Lot Of This 🍑
A. yt channel Malcom
A. yt channel Malcom 2 dagen geleden
Brandon Beaulieu
Brandon Beaulieu 2 dagen geleden
Fire asf ong frfr 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯
Dragonite 2 dagen geleden
Went from 18th on trending 24th 🤪
Yannick Bourchaga
Yannick Bourchaga 2 dagen geleden
Daniel Larson
Daniel Larson 2 dagen geleden
central cee best in britain
Sm7 2 dagen geleden
No central cee and digga d
Maria Nusrat
Maria Nusrat 3 dagen geleden
im 5’4 with a hijab, take it or leave it
Jsjsisnsksndhdudbdbdiddindndodkdsndn Dag geleden
@GloomzyFN ofc your a fortnite nerd😂😂
GloomzyFN 2 dagen geleden
@Maria Nusrat take off the hijab and make sure youre a lightskin with big back.
Maria Nusrat
Maria Nusrat 3 dagen geleden
@GloomzyFN was anyone taking to you?
GloomzyFN 3 dagen geleden
Calum Boult
Calum Boult 3 dagen geleden
The outfits tho 🔥🔥💣💣
Peter Esony
Peter Esony 3 dagen geleden
Sheeeshh so lit this song, BRAVOO CEE👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🤳
Ghost Animae
Ghost Animae 3 dagen geleden
Mirko Tavicca
Mirko Tavicca 3 dagen geleden
Tantissima stima from italy👌👌🤯
Mitchy Watson
Mitchy Watson 3 dagen geleden
Nobody: Me: 1:28 *heartattack*
Noizy O.T.R
Noizy O.T.R 3 dagen geleden
The camera man did a good job filming this with one hand.
Someguy 3 dagen geleden
Especially because he recorder with his left hand
GBTHEPRODUCER 3 dagen geleden
TITTY 4 dagen geleden
this is a hit but I can't listen to this the mix doesnt make it drop for me
Joshua Vincent
Joshua Vincent 4 dagen geleden
tibwa kefas
tibwa kefas 4 dagen geleden
My favorite song rii naw😀
Sonny Tamber
Sonny Tamber 4 dagen geleden
Yes fake gangsta
Blu Woo
Blu Woo 4 dagen geleden
iTempestas 4 dagen geleden
the dislikes are feminists
OTTO RECORDS 4 dagen geleden
Fire bro,big up
PRINCE Hussein
PRINCE Hussein 4 dagen geleden
Si 4 dagen geleden
Th.K.S. TeeVee
Th.K.S. TeeVee 4 dagen geleden
my battery: 1% Me: just a little bit of this my battery: fine, I'll wait
ASHOK-_-Gaming 4 dagen geleden
I forgot I put myself in a playlist I was bouts search for a new song lol
Zimane Massango
Zimane Massango 4 dagen geleden
GALAXz 5 dagen geleden
hook is always so catchy & addictive
Rudy. 5 dagen geleden
good nigga vibe
Ron2615 5 dagen geleden
loving the vid bro 🤣👌🏼🕺🏻
Claudio Bruno
Claudio Bruno 5 dagen geleden
Central 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼👍😊😊😊
Claudio Bruno
Claudio Bruno 5 dagen geleden
Little bit of this lo be day ca la ma nine
Josh Baldy
Josh Baldy 5 dagen geleden
Sa vedem Cum faci clapele de date, big up 🇷🇴
DRippYsWaGgeR 5 dagen geleden
srry bro this a miss
PolishLeBronJames 5 dagen geleden
IG this girls please
Arthur 5 dagen geleden
He says let’s see a lot doesn’t he
A C 5 dagen geleden
He is fire...love from Ireland 🇮🇪
Yasin Özbek
Yasin Özbek 5 dagen geleden
This is nice 😄
footsoccer🤬 5 dagen geleden
Go also check out buruklyn boyz , these guys are a true replica for central cee , they are so hoooooot🔥🔥
Rigo HDZ
Rigo HDZ 5 dagen geleden
Lil bit of dis lil bit of dat ⚡
Junior Tan
Junior Tan 5 dagen geleden
Central is my fav Uk drill artist on g XD
FPLGeek 5 dagen geleden
Rip the brothers who saw their sister and dads who saw their daughters
Angaky 5 dagen geleden
Central cee autocontol Hahahaha
Jesse Muhoro
Jesse Muhoro 5 dagen geleden
song is good but the video needs some work
Yks._ Mik3
Yks._ Mik3 5 dagen geleden
vengo dal duetto su tik tok😂
AyeK4777 5 dagen geleden
The bass 👄
Tiago Andrade
Tiago Andrade 6 dagen geleden
This dude fr luv 50 cent man🤦🏾‍♂️👏🏾
Neil 6 dagen geleden
🥱🥱🥱🤡 Shit flow and retarded lyrics.. the uk scene starting to sound more like these American mumble rap generation.
_official bamzino_
_official bamzino_ 5 dagen geleden
Sad but agreed
jan daniel
jan daniel 6 dagen geleden
Killing the UK scene 🤏🔥🔥
Noflox 6 dagen geleden
Sharkzy 6 dagen geleden
People who dislike = 🤡
Imarikm Ahmed
Imarikm Ahmed 6 dagen geleden
What’s that girl name
sweet one styll 😏
sweet one styll 😏 6 dagen geleden
his outfits 😍😍😍
DanNufc 123
DanNufc 123 6 dagen geleden
This guy consistently has the best beats in the scene every track he drops bangs 🔥
Fark Que
Fark Que 6 dagen geleden
I thought central Cee not been around that long check out Chip - I'm fine 3m17sec chip always seem to have early connections with some of your most popular artist before they pop.
bowen voowy
bowen voowy 6 dagen geleden
the way hes staring at the bunda
Tiago Ghidossi
Tiago Ghidossi 6 dagen geleden
LazyBeatz 6 dagen geleden
nah dead song tbh
Stefan 6 dagen geleden
I didn't know Michael Scofield's son knows how to rap
bowen voowy
bowen voowy 6 dagen geleden
Carlos Juan
Carlos Juan 6 dagen geleden
0:58 sweater? pls
Lord King
Lord King 6 dagen geleden
boring song
Besenty Waiwe Moses Bass
Besenty Waiwe Moses Bass 6 dagen geleden
Ngl that bunda was mwad
옹스타 OngStar
옹스타 OngStar 6 dagen geleden
Wow Super Awesome 😁😁
Maj dee
Maj dee 6 dagen geleden
Dumisani Mvula
Dumisani Mvula 6 dagen geleden
fyah, she is a 10 out of 10 #Zimbabwe
Hernandez V.
Hernandez V. 6 dagen geleden
Shit, this is a good topic bro. 🔥
d pucela
d pucela 7 dagen geleden
mdlr people support you
Bing Bong
Bing Bong 7 dagen geleden
good summer vibes but the weathers ruining it. cant lie central cee morphed through a nitty to bill gates
Romz MLG
Romz MLG 7 dagen geleden
Palm tree settingsssss
Romz MLG
Romz MLG 7 dagen geleden
Palm tree settingsssss
ElGuiri MadeThis
ElGuiri MadeThis 7 dagen geleden
Dominik Kanci
Dominik Kanci 7 dagen geleden
Come back too london😎
Noah Pongetti
Noah Pongetti 7 dagen geleden
Peyton Zihlke
Peyton Zihlke 7 dagen geleden
my british friend reccomended you to me, and i am literally butchering your songs. and he's laughing so hard his lungs might burst. i am incredibly sorry for this because he wants me to start a yt channel of me butchering ur songs.
Peyton Zihlke
Peyton Zihlke 4 dagen geleden
@JSfromda5th damn
JSfromda5th 4 dagen geleden
@Peyton Zihlke even Idk wtf that means
Peyton Zihlke
Peyton Zihlke 7 dagen geleden
@zijuiy wttuy the thing is I have no idea what the fuck that means
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 7 dagen geleden
Penk init
Amy Hudson
Amy Hudson 7 dagen geleden
Fuking love you fuking love this one I remember when pull up was first out and you was In Brighton I come up to you haha big fan 😍🔥🔥🔥🔥
S3killers pt
S3killers pt 7 dagen geleden
Video clip with american vibes bro That's lit
J 7 dagen geleden
First time he hasn’t capped in a song 😬
stance_aint_a_crime4 7 dagen geleden
This song sounds better in a car
Callum Hitchins
Callum Hitchins 7 dagen geleden
Little bit of this n little bit dat This 1s diffrentttt
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