(4K) Korean Soul Covers "Oh Happy Day" by Edwin Hawkins

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Korean Soul

9 maanden geleden

Walking Down with Korean Soul Series!!!
We begin a series we called "Walking Down with Korean Soul".
The first place is the street of Yongsan, Seoul.
We hope the election of the U.S. goes well.
Oh Happy Day! Cause our God taught us how to fight and pray

Diggy J
Diggy J Uur geleden
this should be a cardio- itinerary : semi brisk walking and singing-a-jamming thats gonna take some (a lot of) breath. >_
GBBOY_Namonly 13 uur geleden
marleasah mann
marleasah mann 2 dagen geleden
Beautiful Rendition of a Beautiful Song!
sample business
sample business 2 dagen geleden
Oh happy day.. i am 1 of your fan here in philippines 🥰🥰
Gelaii Obcianal
Gelaii Obcianal 2 dagen geleden
Praise the Lord! ☺☺💙 Sending love and hugs all the way from 😊🇵🇭
Sunnye 1_true
Sunnye 1_true 2 dagen geleden
Wow, I’m speechless...you guy’s are awesome! God Bless your Hearts 💕
Rebel Chatbout
Rebel Chatbout 3 dagen geleden
GIVE HIM THE GLORY, yes my brothers, 👏👏👏👏🇯🇲💋
Vicki B
Vicki B 3 dagen geleden
I saw them on America’s Got Talent. LOVE everything about them! LOVE their inspiring and uplifting gospel covers!
해사랑 3 dagen geleden
Love you guys. Jesus love us. Thank you
Walter G. Wehmuth Jr.
Walter G. Wehmuth Jr. 4 dagen geleden
Very nice!
Lotte Lee
Lotte Lee 4 dagen geleden
멋지다 코리안소울!!
Kaloy TV
Kaloy TV 4 dagen geleden
God is good all the time! Love from the Philippines! 🇵🇭
쑤기채널(SOOGIE CHANNEL) 4 dagen geleden
우연히 영상보고 감동 ...!!!!! 이곳까지 찾아왔네요.
Re: Choice!
Re: Choice! 5 dagen geleden
Ohhhh man you guys have the living God inside you. thank you.
Jasmine Ho
Jasmine Ho 5 dagen geleden
i want to married these guys...oppaaaaaaaa.... saranhaeyoooooooooooo
Joe Camp
Joe Camp 6 dagen geleden
Praying for you to win...AGT.
Danny Reflect
Danny Reflect 6 dagen geleden
Thank you guys for covering this song in such an awesome way. This is one of my favorite songs and I think I'm gonna come to your channel every day and get healed up spiritually. God bless y'all.
Oscar Puente
Oscar Puente 8 dagen geleden
Hermoza alavanza
Debi Kim
Debi Kim 8 dagen geleden
happy song!! make me happy.
Missy A
Missy A 8 dagen geleden
Incredible!!!! You should be more famoussss flawless harmonies
RtA 8 dagen geleden
아갓텔 보고 왔어요~ 정말 잘하시고, 뭔가 마음에 뭉클한 감동을 주시네요 응원합니다!!!
Jan Flaherty
Jan Flaherty 9 dagen geleden
Can I buy a cd? I love themxx
Annette Wilson
Annette Wilson 9 dagen geleden
I'm speechless beautiful 😍❤
Lauren Barone
Lauren Barone 9 dagen geleden
I just got done watching you all on AGT and you are AMAZING! Such soul in the way you sing, God has definitely blessed you in that way.. I hope and pray you all go very far in your music career, I have no doubt you will! You are all very handsome also! God bless all four of you! 🎙️❣️🎤👍
C P 9 dagen geleden
Wow I wish I could sing that well standing still let alone walking down the street. LOL. Great sound guys! Good luck going forward!
PD윤 9 dagen geleden
한국 가을의 평범한 삶같은 거리네요, 보수보강공사 현수막에 재활용센터 연락처까지..ㅋㅋㅋ.. 대박나셔요!!~
Nazri kadri
Nazri kadri 11 dagen geleden
Please cover bohemian rhapsody.. korean soul version!!
Nazri kadri
Nazri kadri 11 dagen geleden
Please cover bohemian rhapsody.. korean soul version!!
Dumais W
Dumais W 11 dagen geleden
Like u voice.. God bless...
Patricia Green
Patricia Green 11 dagen geleden
TO ALL THAT DID NOT KNOW Koreans are my ancestors long lost brother.
Patrícia Queiróz
Patrícia Queiróz 12 dagen geleden
Acabei de descobrir vocês, estou apaixonada!!!!
Shiza sheikh_
Shiza sheikh_ 12 dagen geleden
Omg they're just perfect 💜💜💜 your AGT performance mind-blowing... the vocals are amazing keep it up bro💜💜
Noah Y
Noah Y 12 dagen geleden
Amen 🙏
더파랑 12 dagen geleden
대한민국 여기저기 거닐면서 노래하는 영상 많이 올렸으면 합니다~^^
Brenda Douglas
Brenda Douglas 12 dagen geleden
Juliette Pelletier
Juliette Pelletier 12 dagen geleden
David Rounds
David Rounds 12 dagen geleden
It was indeed a happy day that I found this cover out. God Bless!
Nayoung Jeong
Nayoung Jeong 12 dagen geleden
한국사람인게 자랑스러워요..그렇지 않아도 외국에서 인종차별가끔받을때마다 서러웠는데..텍사스에 놀러오세요..파마예쁘게 협찬해드릴께요
Korean Soul
Korean Soul 12 dagen geleden
감사합니다 ^^
barb572000 13 dagen geleden
It was a happy day for me when I watched this video!!! Thank you Korean Soul.
Hannah 13 dagen geleden
너무 멋있다!!!! 가고 있는 길마다 축복합니다!
Irene. 11
Irene. 11 13 dagen geleden
아~. 이노래 넘 좋아~~♡ 오~~ 햇빛이데이~~~
loka losa
loka losa 13 dagen geleden
너무 잘하신다! 진짜진짜요ㅜㅜ
Zhen Merc
Zhen Merc 13 dagen geleden
I hope you win AGT. If not you will definitely will win some fans.
Zhen Merc
Zhen Merc 13 dagen geleden
You are truly Korean POP Stars with Sou. :-)
베이스치는마이콜 13 dagen geleden
이제서야 알게되네요 잘 듣고갑니다 ㅎㅎ
Supersoo 14 dagen geleden
I watched you on America’s got talent. So great! You all deserve an enormous pat on the back. Good luck! :)
권은정 14 dagen geleden
쩐다 회이팅!
마이린 14 dagen geleden
오늘도 또 듣고 힐링하고 가요. 지금 2차 곡 연습중인거 맞죠? 기대되고요. 응원할게요. 화이팅!
Amelea neti
Amelea neti 14 dagen geleden
Made me had a happy day. ♥️
도토뤼 15 dagen geleden
그냥 멋있네요.
Chanel Stuff
Chanel Stuff 15 dagen geleden
You guys are amazing 👏❤
Hazel Em
Hazel Em 15 dagen geleden
My daughter in South Africa is very religious. I have just forwarded this video to her and she loves it.😍 plus she only watches Korean movies 😂
WildBerry 15 dagen geleden
This is GREAT!!! Beautiful voices. What a blessing. You have done this song JUSTICE. Big ❤️ from Canada ✞✞✞
Asylkhan Aubanov
Asylkhan Aubanov 15 dagen geleden
Gave me the chills
dianaTwiggy 16 dagen geleden
What's NOT to like about this?
share and care Channel
share and care Channel 16 dagen geleden
Praise the Lord Jesus,love from Indonesia 🇮🇩
아기돼지 16 dagen geleden
대닥! 아갓텔에서 봤어요! 말이 안나오네요! 넘 멋있어요! I'm speechless.....
Sal Valdvso
Sal Valdvso 16 dagen geleden
New subscriber here! I love ❤️ your voices so soulful❤️
Penha Carioca
Penha Carioca 16 dagen geleden
They are amazing!!! They have a beautiful voices!!! God bless them alot!!! Hugs from Brazil.
집나간도지 17 dagen geleden
오 해피데이~! 그것은 진리!!
Yoko Debora
Yoko Debora 17 dagen geleden
You make all Christian proud after that audition and this videos of yours. Lots of love from Japan❤️
Sinikka Tress
Sinikka Tress 17 dagen geleden
I just found them in the internet.....what amazing voices and good looking young men♥️👏👍
rinaldo melo
rinaldo melo 17 dagen geleden
라시얀 17 dagen geleden
삶이 라라랜드시네;
Ági Németh-Molnár
Ági Németh-Molnár 17 dagen geleden
더파랑 17 dagen geleden
자꾸 들어오게되네요^^ 응원합니다😄👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Joseph Joestar
Joseph Joestar 18 dagen geleden
Top, excellent, God bless you!
JA L 18 dagen geleden
오렌지빛 나뭇잎과 셔츠와 가을이 잘 어울리네요🍁🍂🍁 신과 함께 멋진 노래 잘 듣고 갑니다🌆
Maata Edwards
Maata Edwards 18 dagen geleden
Wow you guys are awesome
kirsten more
kirsten more 18 dagen geleden
#jessi #showterview #koreangospel jessi you need these guys your show!!!!!! Love ❤️ 💕 love 💗
Eleonora 18 dagen geleden
I have always loved the South Koreans, their language , their culture and now this group are believers. Oh I am so so glad. Spread the good news in song, brothers
Gie E.
Gie E. 18 dagen geleden
They're good!! So simple lyrics but this song simply tells us the "joy of salvation"
Herman Aguilar
Herman Aguilar 19 dagen geleden
I just love that there’s fresh faces spreading the love of our Lord and Savior.
Dean 19 dagen geleden
May the Good Lord bless and kee you all guys. Keep singing for the glory of Jesus
Joyce Pino
Joyce Pino 19 dagen geleden
Bless you guys. You singing this song was awesome.
Jane Cardoso
Jane Cardoso 19 dagen geleden
It's awsome 'cause you're singing with your souls! God bless you all!!!
준제로 19 dagen geleden
정말 아는 노래로 이렇게 걸어 가면서 걸작을 만들다니~사람의 능력이란~코리안 이라 자랑 스럽네요~👍
Pangapang angh
Pangapang angh 19 dagen geleden
Wow wonderful...
구노부추장 19 dagen geleden
AGT. Next song is this...
Wanda Sanders
Wanda Sanders 20 dagen geleden
This sounds fantastic!!!!
Isaiah Siegel
Isaiah Siegel 20 dagen geleden
George Lewis
George Lewis 20 dagen geleden
Outstanding 👍 gentlemen. Very nicely performed.😊
Jung Hyun Kim
Jung Hyun Kim 20 dagen geleden
와우! 알고리즘이 저를 여기까지. 네이브로 이 분 때문에 좋아했는데, 나가시고 네이브로 안 듣게 되더라고요 ㅠ 어디서 무얼하나 궁금했는데. 응원합니다!
박지연 20 dagen geleden
흐미 ㅠㅠ 너무 좋아요
_준이랑산이랑 20 dagen geleden
At first i was blown away
K-아르테미스 20 dagen geleden
발음과 구부리가 어찌나 좋던지 경찰차랑 택시를 보고서야 어? 우리나라에서 찍었네 했다는. 코리안소울 👍💕
kabindu 20 dagen geleden
Absolutely love them!!
Kennah Naibaho
Kennah Naibaho 20 dagen geleden
is it Yohan Kim on Keyboard? lemme know
Magdai Santos
Magdai Santos 21 dag geleden
star wiz
star wiz 21 dag geleden
와 눈물날정도로 응원합니다..................................아메리카 갓 탤런트 보고 이제야 알았네요. 걸그룹과 보이그룹 노래에 지친 진정한 노래를 사랑하는 사람으로써...... 당신들은 너무 보물입니다.......
Joe Camp
Joe Camp 21 dag geleden
Wish they’d sing this on AGT
Joe Camp
Joe Camp 21 dag geleden
Love, love, love these guys.....Annie. Keep coming back for more.....
R. Albanese
R. Albanese 21 dag geleden
Rebel Chatbout
Rebel Chatbout 21 dag geleden
Oh my word, who r these guys, brilliant, fantastic, bless u guys, u guys can sing, WOW, 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🇯🇲💋
meilin p
meilin p 21 dag geleden
Ashley Yoo
Ashley Yoo 21 dag geleden
응원합니다. 외국인들 댓글 많은걸보니 AGT보고 온것같네요 제가 TV잘안봐서 모르지만 한국에서도 대성하시길!!
hyun jung
hyun jung 22 dagen geleden
what a amazing voices and homoney!!! thank you guys. Bless you.
ChessieC 22 dagen geleden
Brought such a Big smile to my face!!❤
Daphne Myers
Daphne Myers 22 dagen geleden
Wow!!!!! Just came across them and what a blessing! Their voices are beautiful.
makeuploveculture 22 dagen geleden
I love this song- it really does make me feel happy and like my day will be happy!!!
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