Phineas and Ferb -- All of Ferb's Lines

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Yoshisaur K. Fireball

2 jaar geleden

now with 80% more context

hi dan and swampy if you're watching this

Bryan Lozano
Bryan Lozano 9 dagen geleden
Is Candice playing fortnite
The Pondy And Rock Chronicles
The Pondy And Rock Chronicles 2 dagen geleden
Who's Candice
Luna_Lovegood 3 dagen geleden
Chaoticbraindeadrat 4 dagen geleden
Milk man
Milk man 6 dagen geleden
Who’s Candice
brooklyn 6 dagen geleden
milklord- Duffy
milklord- Duffy 3 uur geleden
Is it just me or does ferb sound off, I thought his voice was a bit deaper
DudeKrish 14 uur geleden
I just realized that Ferb's color pallette is like the color pallette of Wimbledon Championship. Or should I say colour?
Cinnabar Sorcerer
Cinnabar Sorcerer 15 uur geleden
3:37 is ground and 4th Wall breaking
Satiline thejay
Satiline thejay Dag geleden
16:49 is so cursed
Justice McWilliams
Justice McWilliams Dag geleden
How is this 39 minutes 😯😯
Beth 2 dagen geleden
28:35 holy shit Ferb is the best Wing-Man Isabelle could ever dream of
Fruchtsaft 2 dagen geleden
Ferb sounds so default
LogMan 2 dagen geleden
This is weird lmao
Serena Johnson
Serena Johnson 4 dagen geleden
Ferb barely having any dialogue aside, let's talk about how their dad is (technically) Riff-Raff and their grandpa is (technically) Brad Majors....
yourboymaxedOut 4 dagen geleden
FERB KING OF forth wall breaks
Junior The Hoodie Kid
Junior The Hoodie Kid 4 dagen geleden
7:24 And For The Ladies
how_to destroy_angels81
how_to destroy_angels81 4 dagen geleden
Moments that made me say so true 2:12 2:18 2:22 3:39 4:05
Pa Sweeney
Pa Sweeney 4 dagen geleden
7:02 star wars
Luke Bergen
Luke Bergen 5 dagen geleden
Gum me. Puh-lease.
Sarah Brown
Sarah Brown 5 dagen geleden
usa vs uk
Salamander Sam
Salamander Sam 5 dagen geleden
Hey uh 11:46 You realise Perry’s a mammal right?
Thanos 5 dagen geleden
his voice just sounds weird when you hear it consecutively
Евангелина :D
Евангелина :D 6 dagen geleden
This is the best I've heard! ^-^
The Big E
The Big E 6 dagen geleden
A lot of the time Ferb spoke are great moments
Winning Sus Albert
Winning Sus Albert 6 dagen geleden
WAIT... Why did their voices different..... what Huh AHH WAHHHHH
Mega10767 6 dagen geleden
I feel like I’ve heard ferb talk an illegal ammount of times in a set period
James Dahl
James Dahl 7 dagen geleden
Ferb: says two lines Phineas: Wow we're chatty today.
Elizabeth Gardner
Elizabeth Gardner 7 dagen geleden
What is Ferb short for? Fredric?
TheNobleSpy 2 dagen geleden
its short for ferbs
Elizabeth Gardner
Elizabeth Gardner 7 dagen geleden
Alt. Title: the best parts of the show.
sabir gaydarov
sabir gaydarov 7 dagen geleden
Legend still says Ferb still doesn't talk much but runs the whole show
Aiden Gaming
Aiden Gaming 7 dagen geleden
21:37 “M- N- Ok, so big deal, the ends come off.” 15:23 “Oh I’d never do that.”
Aiden Gaming
Aiden Gaming 7 dagen geleden
oof sword
Aiden Gaming
Aiden Gaming 7 dagen geleden
9:57 “Well, looks like my work here is done.” *(WHA- NO! YOU CAN’T DO THAT!)* 24:25 “You had me at scrap.” *“You had Me at scrahh.”*
Primark Hoodie
Primark Hoodie 8 dagen geleden
I never actually realised that Ferb was British
Morgan 8 dagen geleden
I must ask, how does Phineas put on his shirt .🤦🏾‍♀️ it still baffles me to this day
Yoshisaur K. Fireball
Yoshisaur K. Fireball 8 dagen geleden
watch the 2nd dimension movie, it shows him putting on his shirt
Praveen 8 dagen geleden
21:44 FACTS
Spark btw
Spark btw 9 dagen geleden
Well actually
Ginger T e a
Ginger T e a 9 dagen geleden
Why do I remember his voice being deeper-
Ginger T e a
Ginger T e a 9 dagen geleden
The fact this even got past 5 minutes surprises me-
Alexander Philip
Alexander Philip 9 dagen geleden
Ferb was always my hero.
Feenickz 9 dagen geleden
That rabbit is based
Dead boy
Dead boy 9 dagen geleden
Platypuses are the few animals that can lay eggs and are venomous
Geldbohne 10 dagen geleden
Le Mo
Le Mo 10 dagen geleden
i like to think they bring in ferb's VA for every episode but he just stands there saying nothing
11 dagen geleden
in the episode act your age, I’ve always though ferb said nowhere when helping phineas pick a school. I now know he said Norway and not nowhere
『 Alpha 』
『 Alpha 』 11 dagen geleden
Yes, yes it does.
Angie Parra
Angie Parra 11 dagen geleden
7:21 and for the ladys 😏😏😏😏
SethTheSpy 11 dagen geleden
Ferb is like Luigi; the player 2 but the btter of the two brothers
how_to destroy_angels81
how_to destroy_angels81 11 dagen geleden
5:08 so true
Arizona Ranger
Arizona Ranger 12 dagen geleden
I never realized he was so poche
kingeling 12 dagen geleden
15:19 garbage csgo silvers be like
kingeling 12 dagen geleden
11:35 British Propagandist speeches in the 19th century US be like
kingeling 12 dagen geleden
9:17 British/American humor be like
Byrum Publishing
Byrum Publishing 13 dagen geleden
You know, us and the British are like Batman and Superman: the British uses their intelligence and detective skills, while we only use our brute force. So it's basically brains over brawn.
Gluten 13 dagen geleden
11:23 me FaceTiming my posh English grandparents
Oviya Omprakash
Oviya Omprakash 13 dagen geleden
Ferb is iconic. Also Candace and Ferb's dynamic is so cute.
Lord_Alex12 13 dagen geleden
2:10 breh
pond 14 dagen geleden
Fuck phineas ferb is the shit
Froggy :D
Froggy :D 14 dagen geleden
The way Ferb’s voice broke and became deeper and Phineas just never changed
TheProAtPUBG 2
TheProAtPUBG 2 14 dagen geleden
Our brains would fry if ferb spoke normally
Clxud 9
Clxud 9 15 dagen geleden
2:10 uh…are those the right lines?
aye it's jay
aye it's jay 15 dagen geleden
I didn't want what I was supposed to be looking for until I looked at the title and figured out what the video was about
Giant Asian Sticker
Giant Asian Sticker 16 dagen geleden
Little unrelated fun fact: Only Phineas, Candace and Buford are pure American in the gang. Ferb is British, Baljeet is Indian, Isabella is Jewish, Vanessa is half Drusselsteinian and Stacy is Japanese. This series shows how good Dan Povenmire and Jeff Marsh nailed the interracial aspect of it.
Mellow yellow
Mellow yellow 16 dagen geleden
Ferb says gay on 1:57 o-o
Vardhan Majgaonkar
Vardhan Majgaonkar 17 dagen geleden
0:20 Phineas: I like to keep moving forward. *Marley flashbacks*
Magma 17 dagen geleden
I feel like they sounded a bit lower in pitch when I watched it last.
MacBarr Pup
MacBarr Pup 18 dagen geleden
Ferb is totally Bri'ish.
Michal zur
Michal zur 18 dagen geleden
23:33 This is just badass
Lazavion Smith
Lazavion Smith 18 dagen geleden
Best line "Well he was all up in my face"
eastern woyer
eastern woyer 19 dagen geleden
34:56 haha that transition
Swingpower 19 dagen geleden
He might not talk often but when he does, god damn does his lines hit
Allan Yariel
Allan Yariel 19 dagen geleden
What about the backyard beach
Palmberry 19 dagen geleden
32:01 RIP
UGLY Bro 19 dagen geleden
My dumbass just now realizing that’s Thomas voice-
TomatPotatIDinStat 20 dagen geleden
Who's candice?
Dark Drinker
Dark Drinker 20 dagen geleden
polnareff land or ferb land hmmmmmm
Dark Drinker
Dark Drinker 20 dagen geleden
I will probably never hear this in my language as I'm Welsh oof
Aaron Houston
Aaron Houston 20 dagen geleden
12:42 There is glory thighs, Ferb, There is.
Mini Mini
Mini Mini 20 dagen geleden
His voice is addicting
Mini Mini
Mini Mini 20 dagen geleden
His voice is addicting
Cole_CTS 21 dag geleden
*See's video length* Your longer then I expexted
Dnieto 21 dag geleden
Phineas: Hey there's Perry Ferb: Still not looking Me: 😂
Banana King
Banana King 21 dag geleden
When the mute kid talks: 👁👄👁 When ferb talks: The whole classroom 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
Banana King
Banana King 21 dag geleden
Bro if ferb got paid just as much as the rest of the voice actors i would be triggered He says like 2 sentences every episode
Sakaki Chrono
Sakaki Chrono 21 dag geleden
7:24 Damn Ferb. What a playa.
Bima Syafiq
Bima Syafiq 21 dag geleden
5:51 it was "They say fine but not without them" in reverse
Robo  Geek
Robo Geek 21 dag geleden
Why is ferb talking so much in this episode
Jacob Metz
Jacob Metz 21 dag geleden
Why did I watch this whole thing…
the darkjw
the darkjw 22 dagen geleden
18:49 normal
the darkjw
the darkjw 22 dagen geleden
9:04 sounds like he’s holding his nose
the darkjw
the darkjw 22 dagen geleden
Meryl Clarisse Magtoto
Meryl Clarisse Magtoto 22 dagen geleden
I don't know why but hearing ferb talk is so soothing 😂
TheGreatKing 23 dagen geleden
ferb is the only reason we watch phineas and ferb, besides perry and doof
Billi Eillish
Billi Eillish 23 dagen geleden
Even in a compilation of his own lines, he speaks the least.
Mr Capano
Mr Capano 24 dagen geleden
Famous last words
Chandler Alves
Chandler Alves 24 dagen geleden
28:34 Ferb trying to get Phineas and Isabella together would be so wholesome if Phineas had a frikkin clue 😂
NT Sang
NT Sang 24 dagen geleden
8:48 *Basically she rick rolled us all*
NT Sang
NT Sang 24 dagen geleden
8:48 *She kinda rick rolled us all*
TheRetroDragon Yope
TheRetroDragon Yope 24 dagen geleden
TheRetroDragon Yope
TheRetroDragon Yope 24 dagen geleden
9:26 the Me Me's, the MeMe's the *Meme's*
Big Boy Now
Big Boy Now 25 dagen geleden
28:54 heheheheh
Cool person
Cool person 25 dagen geleden
189 episodes and only 39 mins of ferb talking
sheetposter123 25 dagen geleden
Wanna know why Ferb is smiling at 2:49? Cuz he was gonna get *smack'd*
Get Crafty!
Get Crafty! 25 dagen geleden
Hearing his voice get deeper is crazzzyyyyy yo
UBT pixielox
UBT pixielox 25 dagen geleden
Ferb just being young autistic me. A lot of these are exactly things I have said before, and just as out of nowhere 😆
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