Angelina Jordan - Bohemian Rhapsody - America's Got Talent: The Champions One - January 6, 2020

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Jordan - Rhapsody - 's Got Talent: January 6, 2020

Sandile Gumede
Sandile Gumede 2 uur geleden
She's just magical
Sjef Hendrickx
Sjef Hendrickx 6 uur geleden
GW 6 uur geleden
Freddie would love and embrace this talent ❤️
amerikaner777 7 uur geleden
Why didnt she get the golden buzzer she broke my heart👍🏾👉👈
Karma Queen
Karma Queen 7 uur geleden
Nothing matters to me EXCEPT U!! ❤️kqww❤️
graadilpa cassrelja
graadilpa cassrelja 11 uur geleden
armagan72 13 uur geleden
The spooky copyright aditionally excuse because cardboard conversely avoid mid a enchanted coffee. purple, electric burst
Christian Contreras
Christian Contreras 14 uur geleden
Grant Wish at 11:11 o’clock alternate moment ago even better for a chance and turn back last time along with moment and still keeped please
Princes Cabusog
Princes Cabusog 17 uur geleden
She is so amazing 😍 I wanna hear more from her. What a lovely voice you have 😍😍😍
Maryin Yate Mendoza
Maryin Yate Mendoza 20 uur geleden
Amy Roucoulet
Amy Roucoulet 23 uur geleden
If Elvis and Amy winehouse had a child
Cesar Machado
Cesar Machado Dag geleden
Greate singer yea
Cesar Machado
Cesar Machado Dag geleden
Everything softened around me love her for real
jon carley
jon carley Dag geleden
Straight up this made me cry thinking about Freddy and her total feel for this song 👏
Again Isaac
Again Isaac Dag geleden
Cant stop coming back here 🥺❤️best performance of this song ever🙌🏽
Muhammad Osama
Muhammad Osama Dag geleden
Freddy loves you
Samsung S5
Samsung S5 Dag geleden
I like. Good
tonytequila81 Dag geleden
Jesus Christ!
Marijan Brecelj
Marijan Brecelj Dag geleden
Fabiola Esta
Fabiola Esta Dag geleden
She just start singing, and everybody keep silence. She was incredible🔥
Cynthia Brooklyn
Cynthia Brooklyn Dag geleden
Brought me to tears in a great way. Freddie is smiling from above.
Hari naraynan
Hari naraynan Dag geleden
Freddy would be proud of you.
Kely Mendes
Kely Mendes Dag geleden
Dexter Manuyag
Dexter Manuyag Dag geleden
My heart is melting while listening to this song what an amazing gift from God ...🙏
Jeger Didieu
Jeger Didieu Dag geleden
Bismillah 3x
Lois hobbs
Lois hobbs Dag geleden
I love this singing
Wooster Dag geleden
Reminds me of Norah Jones.
momma hugs
momma hugs Dag geleden
Wow. Very Katie melua but on another level. Bravo.
MiKi Dag geleden
Marguerite Dag geleden
Who is she and where is she now??
masudi samalu
masudi samalu Dag geleden
DMX.. Dag geleden
Oh! Muy chimba canta está muchacha, una gran cantante. 🤗
Ravinder Kumar Gurain
Ravinder Kumar Gurain 2 dagen geleden
The subsequent pants fourthly receive because dill coronally battle under a pink beret. flawless, wiggly sailboat
Federico nicolas Andreoli
Federico nicolas Andreoli 2 dagen geleden
Can u imagine a duet between her and Billie Eilish
Tina Bowman
Tina Bowman 2 dagen geleden
The deep beaver proportionally march because hand recently disappear down a nutty profit. spiritual, chilly zipper
Shannon Gibbs
Shannon Gibbs 2 dagen geleden
Sherlyn mae Dagohoy
Sherlyn mae Dagohoy 2 dagen geleden
Damn 😻
Melisa Krupa
Melisa Krupa 2 dagen geleden
Beautiful !!!!!!!
Nelson Aguiar
Nelson Aguiar 2 dagen geleden
Wow awesome ,got shivers down my spine and arms for real
Happy Life
Happy Life 2 dagen geleden
Is she not wearing shoes? Her performance was amazing but just wondering
Fleuma Damasceno
Fleuma Damasceno 2 dagen geleden
Nasce uma estrela
Loli Sigmund
Loli Sigmund 2 dagen geleden
Mauritania Thompson
Mauritania Thompson 2 dagen geleden
I absolutely love her take of this classic rock song of Queen, she so brave to put her own spin on this song & absolutely smash it was just amazing I think.
Lydia Bentley
Lydia Bentley 15 uur geleden
I totally agree with your comment
vheredia832 2 dagen geleden
out of curiosity, does anyone know the song in the background at the end?
Claude St-Gelais
Claude St-Gelais 22 uur geleden
Over the rainbow, Eva Cassidy.
James Cates
James Cates 2 dagen geleden
It is NOT a slow jazz love song! Belt it!
Claude St-Gelais
Claude St-Gelais 21 uur geleden
It is now. And it's hers. She recorded it on her label, Angelina Jordan inc. Sorry.
Georgina Orozco Sequeira
Georgina Orozco Sequeira 2 dagen geleden
Khwezilee B
Khwezilee B 2 dagen geleden
Starting August with this performance ✨
mario bass
mario bass 2 dagen geleden
meki mare
meki mare 2 dagen geleden
So confident and ready for her competition.
Lydia Bentley
Lydia Bentley Dag geleden
A totally correct comment
Matt Bonneau
Matt Bonneau 2 dagen geleden
Pizza Man
Pizza Man 2 dagen geleden
1:30 Freddie Mercury would've loved her version!
Rhapsody Entrina
Rhapsody Entrina 2 dagen geleden
She looks like that girl who is good at chess.
judithaguilarm 2 dagen geleden
Buena voz. Pésima versión
Restaurante Vegetariano Sabyi
Restaurante Vegetariano Sabyi 2 dagen geleden
I Love Angelina
Man Tio
Man Tio 2 dagen geleden
..... ...
Ro bb
Ro bb 2 dagen geleden
Goosebumps 😳
thomas shen
thomas shen 2 dagen geleden
So beautiful performance. She was a final winner in my heart.
tri nguyen
tri nguyen 2 dagen geleden
Bé này hát ngày chủ nhật màu đen hay
KIM YOUNG 2 dagen geleden
Did she win?
Gilza Cardozo
Gilza Cardozo 2 dagen geleden
Quero ver ela cantando aquela música da Roberta Flack (aço que e assim que escreve) Nossa deve ficar lindo Sou fã dessa menina
Joseph Honegger
Joseph Honegger 3 dagen geleden
Boo 👎👎👎👎👎👎
Katie 3 dagen geleden
Oh. My. God. Maybe I’ve NEEEEEVVVVVVEEERRRRR heard THAAAT kinda ABSOLUTELY #MAGICAL 💫 #singing 🎶🎤 during my WHOOOOLEE #life ?! 😳🤯😭👏🏻💫🔥🥀🍫🎶🧚🏻‍♀️👑💘💋♾ !!!
sueli santos
sueli santos 3 dagen geleden
Gostaria de saber se poderia traduzir está apresentação
Theresa Messina
Theresa Messina 3 dagen geleden
Wow this young lady is absolutely amazing!!
MacRandang 3 dagen geleden
I just found this channel on 8th July'21. It was the time I was isolated of Covid19. Thanks God I'm okay now. Bohemian Rapshody, Good bye yellow Brick road, California dream, and her other songs help my immune fight this deadly desease. Sorry I never listen to any of Marcelito Pamoy, I won't. Thank Angelina Jordan Astar. May God Almighty bless you always. ❤️🇮🇩🙏🙏
James Moher
James Moher 3 dagen geleden
Ummmmmm anything to say but WOW!!!! WOW!!!!! WOW!!!!!
J. L. W
J. L. W 3 dagen geleden
...but was I the only one who cried during her performance?
jyaga 5656
jyaga 5656 3 dagen geleden
Magda Stefanidou
Magda Stefanidou 3 dagen geleden
Dhar Mann actress!
Bejo tentrem
Bejo tentrem 3 dagen geleden
Mantap 👍
zlackerify 3 dagen geleden
need's to move a little faster.
Венера Урмеева
Венера Урмеева 3 dagen geleden
aude frichet
aude frichet 3 dagen geleden
Lynn Carol
Lynn Carol 3 dagen geleden
What does she have in her ears!? Anyone know?
Epic Meme
Epic Meme 3 dagen geleden
Mermaid voice 👀
NGUYỄN PHI ANH 3 dagen geleden
she looks like Sofia Chicorelli Serna
Damiri Hassan
Damiri Hassan 3 dagen geleden
Her voice takes you to another dimensions just close your eyes and open your heart and you'll feel it
Lydia Bentley
Lydia Bentley 15 uur geleden
AnnaSofia 3 dagen geleden
This moment. She wants to sing for Simon and sings herself to everyone's heart. This extraordinary Angelina, who makes all songs her own in a very special way. Again and again I listen to her and again and again she touches my heart. ♥🌹
Lydia Bentley
Lydia Bentley Dag geleden
Angelena touches all of our hearts I believe
affluence8 3 dagen geleden
Adalberto Jr
Adalberto Jr 3 dagen geleden
Surreal! Toca na alma
Amir Asghar
Amir Asghar 3 dagen geleden
Ryan Hadley
Ryan Hadley 3 dagen geleden
Queen 👑 🤘🙏👍
Debora Conners
Debora Conners 3 dagen geleden
I lost my son a few years back and this performance is not only absolutely beautiful but heart wrenching at the same time.
coastal-tan 5 uur geleden
I lost mine as well, he was 21. I don't associate the song to his untimely death. The song after all is about a man coming out as gay. Do your homework, and stop listening to music that makes you feel worse. Oh, and if an Angel was with anyone, our son's would still be alive. Why are they always supposedly late to the party? Hmm? Dumbass evangelizers never make any sense.
Ralph Pomm
Ralph Pomm 6 uur geleden
I couldn't imagine your pain. I think the music connects us as 1. God bless you and your lovely son❤
Jad Rizk
Jad Rizk 3 dagen geleden
i am sorry for your loss i am sure you have an angel watching over you now 🙏
Jeff O
Jeff O 3 dagen geleden
Did she not win? Probably the best audition I’ve seen in the talent shows.
Lydia Bentley
Lydia Bentley 15 uur geleden
No she didn’t but in my opinion she should have done and that is the opinion of plenty more people
Quintin Villanueva
Quintin Villanueva 3 dagen geleden
Hay anjilena
Gowen RV
Gowen RV 3 dagen geleden
Try bumping the speed up to 1.25..... she is a natural
Guh Ly
Guh Ly 3 dagen geleden
Melhor cover
Leonora Gooch
Leonora Gooch 4 dagen geleden
Her voice is so beautiful
Dan Rogers
Dan Rogers 4 dagen geleden
She could use a voice coach. Sounded off pitch.
Bee JayGee
Bee JayGee 4 dagen geleden
She's got that 1950s' American transatlantic post war style voice as if she was singing in some old Smokey liquor bar to her gangster lover. Truly captivating !
Александр Бескровный
Александр Бескровный 4 dagen geleden
Не пел давно и спел говно. Не только у нас, значит, чем хуже, тем лучше. Такое замечательное произведение так испохабить-- это еще умудриться надо.
Alessamy Souza
Alessamy Souza 4 dagen geleden
Começa em 01:33
Fernando Minucci
Fernando Minucci 4 dagen geleden
Саньков Санькович
Саньков Санькович 4 dagen geleden
Нах коверкать такую песня ааааа, ооооо ыыыыыы звуками заебали
Бахыт Дононбеков
Бахыт Дононбеков 4 dagen geleden
Это велеколепноооооооооо👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Strategic Images Group
Strategic Images Group 4 dagen geleden
Black Pearl.......
Strategic Images Group
Strategic Images Group 4 dagen geleden
Oh hell no, youu got a raggedy asstdt hair doing.......
Ryan James Robantes
Ryan James Robantes 4 dagen geleden
Parang si Moira siya kumanta 🥰
Relaxation TV
Relaxation TV 4 dagen geleden
Very nice
Mr Grady
Mr Grady 4 dagen geleden
F-ing stunning
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