The Try Guys Bake Macarons Without A Recipe

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The Try Guys

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We've got two new bakers in the Try Kitchen today and we're all eager to see who will bake the sweetest little thing! It's episode two of the summer season and it's macarON baby! Get your very own Try Guys Apron & Oven Mitts on today!

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Kimberly Ordaz
Kimberly Ordaz 19 minuten geleden
This is my favorite episode by faaaaar
Bunny 34 minuten geleden
I always thought of Keith as a hella white name tbh
Ariadna Rodulfo
Ariadna Rodulfo Uur geleden
Can we have a try guys try to make friendship bracelets (the string ones)
J U Uur geleden
my phone is listening to me bc i just made some without a recipe…
livi 2 uur geleden
i love how all the episodes so far have been centered on the fact that eugene in an alcoholic
Blueby the cat
Blueby the cat 2 uur geleden
The lady showing the macaron recipe mispronounces them. CULTURAL APPROPRIATION!
Blueby the cat
Blueby the cat 2 uur geleden
Literally 50 minutes of people mispronouncing macaron.
Jaehaerys 3 uur geleden
23:35 song name? some classical?
Brandon m
Brandon m 3 uur geleden
i know a macron recipie at heart and the things they did wrong hurt me
Valerie Olivares
Valerie Olivares 3 uur geleden
Hold up this man straight up put a lil spoonful of cream of tartar in his mouth like why
XxtiredxX 4 uur geleden
ro is always the judge and shes like i just hope for something edible 😂😂 she knows the drill by now lol
Alexis Rodriguez
Alexis Rodriguez 5 uur geleden
Can anyone tell me why the Michelin star chef is pronouncing macron as macaroon. I knew the difference when I was 12 you would think she would know the difference
Kay 6 uur geleden
An hour of Ned knowing what it feels like to have NOOOO idea what to do lmaooo
Amy Williams
Amy Williams 7 uur geleden
Bruh, Ned shouldn’t be allowed to compete in these things cause he knows too much 😂 Edit: On second thought, I’m further in the video and…. hes doing just about as bad as everyone else 😂
Kara Arevalo
Kara Arevalo 8 uur geleden
this has got to be one of the funniest try guy video to exist
B 14 uur geleden
damn rome green fine as hell
Nele Böttjer
Nele Böttjer 16 uur geleden
Wow I laughed soo hard about Rome and Cap I would watch a full show of them cooking
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 17 uur geleden
"Have you ever heard of blue french toast?" Percy Jackson: Am I a joke to you?
Jm Catedral
Jm Catedral 19 uur geleden
Cam and Rome definitely made my day😆❤️
Vanessa Olsen
Vanessa Olsen 21 uur geleden
Zach’s talkin a lot of shit for someone that puts pretzels in everything
LifeinRachD 21 uur geleden
so many people on here upset at someone who literally makes macarons professionally for pronouncing it in a way that is correct in America?! like yes not the french pronunciation, but nobody in the us pronounced it even close to the french way until the last 5 or 10 years..... I'm gonna guarantee she knows more about them than any of yall
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 17 uur geleden
Why do I so dislike Ned's pronunciation of "caramel"? 😭😂
Char Kahler
Char Kahler 22 uur geleden
i had that vegan butter once and it's so good that i had to restrain myself from eating it alone, and i didn't like regular dairy butter that much when i used to eat it lmao
Ashlyn Griffin
Ashlyn Griffin 22 uur geleden
I thought this would be fun to watch but as someone who took two whole summers to perfect my macarons, I'm in deep, deep pain.
Yvonne Warren
Yvonne Warren Dag geleden
What about the basil?
Katie G
Katie G Dag geleden
For those of you that feel trapped in a bad situation with no way out, know that you will always have another option: Jesus. In the Bible God only requires you to seek him, to knock on his door and he accept you, love you, because he already knows you by name❤️✝️✨
Avery Graham-Howard
Avery Graham-Howard Dag geleden
the try guys continue to have extremely handsome guests that gently test the limits of my lesbianism
Colorado Arts
Colorado Arts Dag geleden
Anna Verena
Anna Verena Dag geleden
I would totally watch a cooking show presentet or judged by zach
Anna Verena
Anna Verena Dag geleden
I love Keith's bananashirt
Your daily dose of Cuteness
Your daily dose of Cuteness Dag geleden
love this vid
Alison Hope
Alison Hope Dag geleden
"i watch food network" very same
Monica Perdomo
Monica Perdomo Dag geleden
Ned stressing out stresses me out. 🙃
Synergy Dag geleden
I’m wondering is someone actually got poisoned but it was edited out.
Charis F
Charis F Dag geleden
Why do I so dislike Ned's pronunciation of "caramel"? 😭😂
Nabila Meskaoui
Nabila Meskaoui Dag geleden
Got to love how the narrator smoothly jumps between french Italian and Spanish accents
manasi arur
manasi arur Dag geleden
"how do you make something thick besides feeding it"
Angelica Hanna
Angelica Hanna Dag geleden
The narrator was such a fun touch ❤️
ischristinaok Dag geleden
the horror on poor rosanna's face when she heard grilled cheese and tomato macaron
Myeah Malalis
Myeah Malalis Dag geleden
The variations of pronouncing “macarons” is abominable
Contacto Le Quotidien
Contacto Le Quotidien Dag geleden
I wish zach just ceased
Alexandria Farnsworth
Alexandria Farnsworth 2 dagen geleden
Sooo can we get Chris Hemsworth to be narrator for one of these episodes, like in that new shark documentary? ✨🤩
MJ 2 dagen geleden
They should do a without a recipe with fans and judged by the guys
Diamondfist 2 dagen geleden
Rome and Cam totally have the high-speed connection.
Dira Boddie
Dira Boddie 2 dagen geleden
“They call me cute” “Your mom doesn’t count” Well damn 🤣🤣🤣
PlaceFantasy 2 dagen geleden
With all due respect to Keith, if I walked into a bakery and they had tomato soup and grilled cheese macarons, I’m instantly becoming violent.
Feesha C
Feesha C 2 dagen geleden
I really wanna see a reaction vid of rome and cam seeing how theyre really made lol
megan griffin
megan griffin 2 dagen geleden
You would think that as many times as the try guys try cooking ( baking especially) that they would do research on basic baking techniques to beat the other try at least that's what I would do
Kaylee 2 dagen geleden
not the chef calling macarons macaroons 💀
Guts 2 dagen geleden
i used to make butter balls aswell
월병소혜 2 dagen geleden
Them: Macarons Me: Mmm *President Macron*
Sophia Issler
Sophia Issler 2 dagen geleden
The fear in the judges eyes when Keith is explaining his macaron is so hilarious 😂
Sweaty 2 dagen geleden
Cam looks like that evil guy from rio
Sophia Satuito
Sophia Satuito 2 dagen geleden
we definitely need a video where they react to their without a recipe videos, cause it's really funny when they do the OPPOSITE of what the baker just said. 😩
audrianna 2 dagen geleden
okay cam and rome were already hot but the fact that they’re funny- oh my god this is unfair
audrianna 2 dagen geleden
i’m in love with cam and rome i have decided
Dolthra 2 dagen geleden
The Dormtainment guys really brought back some of the intense chaos that was the first season of Without a Recipe.
Moonflower 2 dagen geleden
ned made pretty patties
The Dunx
The Dunx 2 dagen geleden
These people need to know the difference in pronunciation between macaron and macaroon. Especially the lady who has been a pastry chef for over 15 years.
Ainsley Hetherington
Ainsley Hetherington 2 dagen geleden
As someone who loves to bake and has made many macarons, I laughed so hard during this video while also learning some things.
Malinda 3 dagen geleden
wait i was literally watching this while eating a macaron without realising 🤦🏻‍♀️
_/Felix wp\_
_/Felix wp\_ 3 dagen geleden
Ned dying inside 44:05 🙂
Mejoke84 3 dagen geleden
I think this may actually be my favorite “Without a Recipe”. I was laughing my head off!
BJ Kurai
BJ Kurai 3 dagen geleden
I honestly just got so excited seeing TWO black dudes in this episode haha. Though I wish Eugene was in it tooooo lol
S. R.
S. R. 3 dagen geleden
Neds look like pretty patties
VinceGetEmGone 3 dagen geleden
My favorite part of the videos is when the chef is saying what not to do and it cuts to the guys doing exactly what they are saying
Martha Atakora
Martha Atakora 3 dagen geleden
LMFAOOOOOOOO “I heard he was vegan so idk if i should put the whole egg in it. Maybe just the white part” deadddd
Emonei Shaw
Emonei Shaw 3 dagen geleden
Ned’s face at 44:06- I’m CACKLING😂🤣
La Chaparra Liz
La Chaparra Liz 3 dagen geleden
La Chaparra Liz
La Chaparra Liz 3 dagen geleden
30:40 thank me later. This just made my day
Gremlin 3 dagen geleden
2:03 Tought he meant two chefs and got confused when teher was only one.
Dubbed the du_b_step
Dubbed the du_b_step 3 dagen geleden
The guests were funny xD
Júlia Reis
Júlia Reis 3 dagen geleden
I love Rome and Cam!! Omg they are so funny aaaaaaa
Narcis 3 dagen geleden
"I'll bake them in 300" Me panicking like "What the f*** I bake them in 125°c for 15 minutes?!" Also me realizing that they probably use fahrenheit😂😂😂
Jenny Kisa Chalupa
Jenny Kisa Chalupa 3 dagen geleden
"I have bad news, I think his is one of the better looking cookies" lol
ASTRO STUDIO YT 3 dagen geleden
1:40 At first it seems find , But when you think about it. Your eating someones mouthwash in a form of gas basicly...
Arnaud March
Arnaud March 3 dagen geleden
I am usually a little bit impressed by what they come up without a recipe but with this one, I would have done better I think. Sure, I have made macaroons before but so do Ned and Keith lmao
ComplicatedAndInsane 3 dagen geleden
Ro's facial expressions in all of these is *everything*
theblankie 3 dagen geleden
Even the michelin star chef is saying macaroon lol
TheWaterMarbler 3 dagen geleden
How does the Michelin star chef not know the difference between a macaron and a macaroon?
Sophie B-M
Sophie B-M 3 dagen geleden
I would really like to see a redo with the same guest, but with the recipe provided. Even with a recipe it is still hard to do
Kim Do
Kim Do 3 dagen geleden
As someone who exclusively bakes macarons, what hurt my soul more than watching the train wreck of a baking process was "professional pastry chef" calling these "macaroons"....
Rain Ablaza
Rain Ablaza 3 dagen geleden
Next without a recipe episode: Try guys make Chicken Adobo.
Kareena Bhatia
Kareena Bhatia 3 dagen geleden
Keith is that one person who finishes 15 min earlier than everyone else, is cheering on everyone else positively, with just a hint of “mine are better than yours and I’m gonna beat you” am I wrong tho?
whore for kpop
whore for kpop 3 dagen geleden
if only they understood the science behind baking
Emmerson Holt
Emmerson Holt 3 dagen geleden
Keith supporting Ned?? I adore!!
Keanna Vogt
Keanna Vogt 3 dagen geleden
Tag yourself I’m Ned having a whole anxiety attack
Chkn Tnde
Chkn Tnde 3 dagen geleden
I remember watching the fan girls with suckerburg. To see them recommended again is an insult to the eye.
Pink Milk
Pink Milk 3 dagen geleden
I rmb watching dorntainment years ago I always thought Rome was fine
Theater Kid
Theater Kid 4 dagen geleden
The macaroon lady bothers me cause she reminds me of my chem teacher
adia swaich
adia swaich 4 dagen geleden
The try guys should do an episode making popsicles
Stephanie Tadina
Stephanie Tadina 4 dagen geleden
Wait why didn’t they include Gabbie in the flashback clip?
Gheraldine Taping
Gheraldine Taping 4 dagen geleden
Rome and Cam need to be guests on the Trypod!
Luv me26
Luv me26 4 dagen geleden
Ro looks so dead in the eyes
Gabi 4 dagen geleden
People can't bake macarons WITH a recipe. Who's fresh hell idea was this?
Aria Robin-Underwood
Aria Robin-Underwood 4 dagen geleden
They need to do this again with a recipe without a method
Cait DeStefano
Cait DeStefano 4 dagen geleden
I laughed so hard during this episode I teared up.
Mimi Bond
Mimi Bond 4 dagen geleden
lmao!! this was amazing. I love the bake without a recipe series. I laugh so hard im crying and have to catch my breath. lol NONE of those looked like a macaron and it was so funny how many other ingredients they put that just wasnt supposed to be there haahaha. it's a shame how much they fall apart and change after being put in the fridge though. i definitely agree that Cam's pancake one was the best looking, he just needed a better inside that wasnt just 2 sticks of better hahaha. Great job guys!
Mxrshmellowfluf 4 dagen geleden
As someone who loves to bake macarons, this video was very enjoyable
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