Dave - Clash (ft. Stormzy)

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Santan Dave

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Stream Clash: santandave.lnk.to/ClashFtStormzy

We’re All Alone In This Together, the album, available to pre-order here: santandave.com

Produced by Kyle Evans

Video Directed by Edem Wornoo

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© Dave / Neighbourhood Recordings 2021

ikiro 7 minuten geleden
Anyone know the Red Jordon 4s Daves wearing?!?
A A 2 uur geleden
Song of the year ✅❤️
Fun Viral Videos
Fun Viral Videos 34 minuten geleden
Hands down💯
A.Ffirmative 2 uur geleden
i beg to differ, jordan 11s are better
cypher 3 uur geleden
This is shit, no lyrical skill here. Repeating one with one isn’t any skill
Fun Viral Videos
Fun Viral Videos 33 minuten geleden
It’s Genius.... Poetry😍
te megela Talos
te megela Talos 4 uur geleden
How many times have you had sex?not even once
mkoneuk2012 4 uur geleden
Stormzy showed up to Chips crib with more than one........ but played it down like the Frozen One!!!
Fun Viral Videos
Fun Viral Videos 32 minuten geleden
Because it was about nothing💯
ANKRY33 ! 5 uur geleden
Teacher: What will be the cubed root of 134.3 multiplied by 67.8? Me: More than one.
Bidz _uk
Bidz _uk 6 uur geleden
Fredo should of jumped on as he was there.. only polite
Slamone 1
Slamone 1 6 uur geleden
They used the headie one adlib I just clocked
Mahmoud Levrai
Mahmoud Levrai 6 uur geleden
Ouhhhhhhhhhh !!
Jiftach Boateng
Jiftach Boateng 7 uur geleden
Only "more than one" jokes😂
Amar Mahutani
Amar Mahutani 7 uur geleden
: how many views this gonna get? Dave: more than one
Omera ✌🏾
Omera ✌🏾 7 uur geleden
This is 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Robert Pasikowski
Robert Pasikowski 8 uur geleden
Martha 8 uur geleden
okay but like that just looks like fun i get such a good vibe why do i wanna be there
Naomi Kay
Naomi Kay 8 uur geleden
Your so attractive 😍
Chidi banks
Chidi banks 8 uur geleden
When naija meets Ghana Africa stand up
Benjamin Dale
Benjamin Dale 8 uur geleden
How many face masks have you lost?
Thomas Lazaro
Thomas Lazaro 9 uur geleden
WTF IS Lukaku doing here
Rxsify 9 uur geleden
guys its the song that was in cmg!!!!
Kwamez Waye
Kwamez Waye 9 uur geleden
LS Official
LS Official 10 uur geleden
Where is the Se🅱️ Vettel cameo?
Evans Kabiru
Evans Kabiru 10 uur geleden
scot g
scot g 11 uur geleden
Number 2!? Music is doomed
Fun Viral Videos
Fun Viral Videos 7 uur geleden
@Just another mortal. I happen to think this is a bomb ass song🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 I guess we can both agree to disagree
Just another mortal.
Just another mortal. 7 uur geleden
@Fun Viral Videos This is one of the most basic songs Dave and Stormzy have made, but it still reached number 2 on the official charts only because of the clout that these rappers have. If some other random rapper with no clout made this, it would not even chart. NO CAP.
Fun Viral Videos
Fun Viral Videos 8 uur geleden
@Just another mortal. Why the cAp tho??!
Just another mortal.
Just another mortal. 8 uur geleden
Only because its made by Dave and Stormzy. If anybody else made this song, it would not break top 40.
new 667
new 667 12 uur geleden
Oh la masterclass
Obofoni Okaisabor
Obofoni Okaisabor 13 uur geleden
“Silent mode…..my guys on rider mode….zombie survival mode”
Fun Viral Videos
Fun Viral Videos 8 uur geleden
Daniel Harriman
Daniel Harriman 13 uur geleden
ive been chip all threw this beef but stormzy rinsed this beat!!!!!!!!
Fun Viral Videos
Fun Viral Videos 8 uur geleden
Nobody here cares about that troll Chip tho
Luke Kelly
Luke Kelly 13 uur geleden
Looking at the comments im legit the only one that thinks this is dogshit from dave g
Muntaka Laminu
Muntaka Laminu 13 uur geleden
I am just commenting, so that anytime someone likes, I will come back and watch this😘
ZTBEENRICHH 13 uur geleden
Fam still on repeat🤧
Fun Viral Videos
Fun Viral Videos 8 uur geleden
Ken Harnッ
Ken Harnッ 13 uur geleden
Nancy Pinto
Nancy Pinto 13 uur geleden
here from unknown p
Aussie_my_budgie 14 uur geleden
No one else think this is weak
Fun Viral Videos
Fun Viral Videos 8 uur geleden
Jack Kick
Jack Kick 14 uur geleden
This hook thou 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Mebos Story
Mebos Story 14 uur geleden
Q. How many times can you ryme with one? A. More than one
footmate 14 uur geleden
I live in Leicestershire in the UK Weston 72 spirngwellane please come tomorrow at 3 oclok
footmate 14 uur geleden
Your so great I am your greatest fan my name is cole
Laura Elizabeth Amherst
Laura Elizabeth Amherst 15 uur geleden
You aren’t trying to fix the problems in the world, you’re just trying to make enough money so they don’t apply to you anymore... hard sell out
Fun Viral Videos
Fun Viral Videos 14 uur geleden
Dude you’re too serious, lolll😂...like relaxxxxx
kvngbxne 15 uur geleden
Dave just rhymed one more than once 😂
Team Death
Team Death 15 uur geleden
Tomori - Clash (ft. Lukaku)
Data Station
Data Station 15 uur geleden
this song should be called More then one
Chuma James Nxele
Chuma James Nxele 15 uur geleden
"Overrated one, most hated one Slid around after his breath they gave him a happy belated one Burnt that bridge, cremated one Bailiff one Got away with murder this that Viola Davis one" That bar gave me a asthma attack 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Fun Viral Videos
Fun Viral Videos 15 uur geleden
Monkeys Squad
Monkeys Squad 15 uur geleden
chunkz made it
Obofoni Okaisabor
Obofoni Okaisabor 16 uur geleden
Pagan Drilla
Pagan Drilla 16 uur geleden
I wouldnt have watched this if it wasnt for that sexy fire gyal at 0:23
Anisha__xo B
Anisha__xo B 16 uur geleden
chunkz at 3:31
The Artful Rogers
The Artful Rogers 17 uur geleden
What a load of 💩
Fun Viral Videos
Fun Viral Videos 15 uur geleden
Your comment is a load of 💩
THATGuyWhoDropshots 17 uur geleden
@0:36 anyone else hear headie one Adlib "One"
latenitexeno 18 uur geleden
funTv.055 18 uur geleden
How many freaks do you need ? Dave : more than one
Highlytunedbullshitdetection 19 uur geleden
Why he talking war ? When he is a A conscientious objector when it comes to battling chip? Is this guy really the GOAT or a goat
Fun Viral Videos
Fun Viral Videos 15 uur geleden
Chip needs to get over himself already cos whatever Stormzy do or not do is not about Chip. Chip must be very egotistical if he feels that way all the time, loll😂
Payyatick123 19 uur geleden
My guy forgot how to count 😂😂😂😂
A C 20 uur geleden
3:31 is that chunkz? 😂
xrrxy vvoi
xrrxy vvoi 20 uur geleden
Q:How many Aston Martins do you want? Dave: More than one
Mario Sanches
Mario Sanches 21 uur geleden
Drugs 0% Class 100%
Fun Viral Videos
Fun Viral Videos 15 uur geleden
Omane Morgan
Omane Morgan 23 uur geleden
Girls more than one 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Starboy 23 uur geleden
How can this have disslikes?
Gabii2k Dag geleden
modie's music hard
shweeth potato
shweeth potato Dag geleden
How many Times were you Betrayed?? Me : MoRe ThAn OnE
Andrew Cruz
Andrew Cruz Dag geleden
Q: What's your body count ? A: MORE THAN ONE
Aykez Dag geleden
Q: How many times have you heard this on TikTok? A: More than one
DG 30
DG 30 Dag geleden
Came here after chip clash?. Different level to both of these. Stormzy is very weak lyrically compared to chip
MMD Dag geleden
“He’s next to i like typing o” sheeesh
Official Rakkz
Official Rakkz Dag geleden
What's the instrumental at the end?
Manzoor Razan
Manzoor Razan Dag geleden
Dave last verse 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Kieron Steer
Kieron Steer Dag geleden
Can anyone help me find out where I can find daves blue bomber jacket cause I rlly like the look ?? 1:08
Kieron Steer
Kieron Steer 12 uur geleden
@Callmedeeds yes Ik but I just can’t find it anywhere
Callmedeeds Dag geleden
It's a Trapstar jacket.
Book Wisdom
Book Wisdom Dag geleden
September Autumn song.
Leandro X
Leandro X Dag geleden
Dave ft John Amos. Man likes it, big banger👍🏾
William Q.
William Q. Dag geleden
Replayed this way too many times. Another banger from Dave.
Fun Viral Videos
Fun Viral Videos 14 uur geleden
Me tooooooooooo 😍❣️
HITMAN x JESSE Dag geleden
You played it more than one
Official jamzy
Official jamzy Dag geleden
that,s hard still
Chloe Newman
Chloe Newman Dag geleden
Stormzzzyyyy 🔥💯
J J Dag geleden
Does anyone know what make the multicoloured jacket stormzy is wearing in this video? Can't find any info.
STOP COPPA Dag geleden
YT_JJ_Fortnite pro L
YT_JJ_Fortnite pro L Dag geleden
I swear Dave has bars for life 🔥🔥🔥 album deffo going number 1🔥🔥👍👍
BANDO Baby Dag geleden
“ he’s next to I like typing O” check your phone keyboard I is literally next to O 0:58
alan white
alan white Dag geleden
This album bringing back real bars 💥 Big up dave him and ghetts best artist by far in the UK... All we need now is a new wretch album 💯. Real talk dave woke beyond your years!
Fred Garati
Fred Garati Dag geleden
How many ones do you want? Stormzy x Dave : YES
Max Pain
Max Pain Dag geleden
This is literally High Performance Rap ! Damn
Fun Viral Videos
Fun Viral Videos Dag geleden
Poetic ish🔥🔥🔥🔥
Shane Osborne
Shane Osborne Dag geleden
This song goes in way more harder than it needs to
RickyGums Dag geleden
Heard this on a NLfast advert and had to comment… This a absolutely, utterly, unbelievably shit!!!!
Dan Dag geleden
This deserves more views
Fun Viral Videos
Fun Viral Videos Dag geleden
Mister WasntMe
Mister WasntMe Dag geleden
Perfect clubbing sound. You London niggas know how to #TURNUP
Luka Zovko
Luka Zovko Dag geleden
Mans not hot anyone?
T Dag geleden
Slid round after his birthday and gave him a happy belated one, burnt that bridge cremated one ,💥💥 bailiff one 😂😂 #kickdowndoors
Fun Viral Videos
Fun Viral Videos Dag geleden
Bars for Dayyyyysssssss!!!!
Rubenn Dean Paul Alws
Rubenn Dean Paul Alws Dag geleden
Kid, good! I`m you fan!
Hillie Boyy
Hillie Boyy Dag geleden
Dave: How many blunts u smoked🌬 Nuke: More than one
Jolly Jo
Jolly Jo Dag geleden
Put this song on repeat more than once
Sandip Ramnarain
Sandip Ramnarain Dag geleden
so close to my pension my left wrist is 61 omgggg jeeeeeeeeeeeez
Unriw Dag geleden
Jordan 4 or jordan 1 ???
kfrvrggr ktfdd
kfrvrggr ktfdd Dag geleden
Jordan 1 > Jordan 4
Fun Viral Videos
Fun Viral Videos Dag geleden
Definitely Jordan 4’s
Pickle Rick
Pickle Rick Dag geleden
Insert generic "more than one" joke below.....
Alexa Goddard
Alexa Goddard Dag geleden
xrrxy vvoi
xrrxy vvoi 6 uur geleden
Yann Beaudry
Yann Beaudry Dag geleden
SiouTube Dag geleden
Tik tok +1
Arnold Marawanyika
Arnold Marawanyika Dag geleden
Got away with murder, this that Viola Davis one...Stormzy👐🔥
Simon Clements
Simon Clements Dag geleden
How many words can you rhyme? More than one!, no wait. One.
Sid_eu Dag geleden
Don’t die for nash
Fun Viral Videos
Fun Viral Videos Dag geleden
I’m from the US🇺🇸🇺🇸 and this right here is better than Chicago drill💯💯 got this on repeat🔥🔥🔥🔥
Fun Viral Videos
Fun Viral Videos Dag geleden
Dave & Stormzy definitely understood the assignment 💯🙌🙌🔥🔥🔥 cos they came and delivered!!!!!
Anzar Bogha
Anzar Bogha Dag geleden
Dave set the bar so stormzy knew he couldnt do an average verse😂💯
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