150-Hour Chocolate Cake

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Alvin Zhou

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A good chocolate cake shouldn't need this long, but I enjoy taking my time. This one has a rich chocolate mousse, brown butter espresso, infused honey bourbon, hot chocolate cake soak, and about 5 million bars of chocolate.

Cake recipe adapted from:
Claire King & Scott Loitsch: www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwKGZ...
Inga Lam: www.youtube.com/watch?v=OiKE-...

Chocolate Mousse recipe by Cooking Tree: www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYVUb...

Instagram: alvin.zhou

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Ballerina - Yehezkel Raz
My Night With You - Wesly Thomas

My video style is heavily inspired by Asian vlog channels I admire, such as Zoe, Cat's Kitchen, haegreendal, HidaMari Cooking, EMOJOIE Cuisine, Nino's Home, Cooking Tree, Wife's Cuisine, and more. Please check them out!

Thank you for watching.

LoveandBonestm 57 minuten geleden
“Excited Alvin noise” made me laugh.
LoveandBonestm 45 minuten geleden
This will be my birthday cake.
cactuses for you
cactuses for you Uur geleden
Wow that seems unbearably decadent and yet I would gladly eat it... on a special occasion.
Maria Khan
Maria Khan 3 uur geleden
Where can i find measurements for ingredients? :)
ליסה kaplan
ליסה kaplan 3 uur geleden
Send in the mail please🧍🏾‍♀️🧍🏾‍♀️
Lucas Lee
Lucas Lee 5 uur geleden
i wanna be alvins friend
Karen Zoller
Karen Zoller 5 uur geleden
is the recipe written down anywhere? looks very yummy!
Paul Jourdan
Paul Jourdan 5 uur geleden
Its impossible to spend 150 hours in a week making a cake because a week only has 168 hours total so u would have to be spending 22 hours a day makin a cake
CAPS 6 uur geleden
wholesome af
Isabel Howie
Isabel Howie 8 uur geleden
tyfrog 8 uur geleden
Frey Cruz
Frey Cruz 8 uur geleden
I loved everything about this video EXCEPT all the ads. Entirely too many ads 🙄.
EnderKat 9 uur geleden
When’s the recipe dropping??!!!😩
XxRainbodkidxX 10 uur geleden
At 13:10 you drink from the weirdest glass and it just has to be mentioned and/or mentioned again
Vith Nimal
Vith Nimal 13 uur geleden
'No egg can defy me' - Alvin Zhou 2021
Finn Fricke
Finn Fricke 15 uur geleden
This cake is so sexy to me....
MayaGold91 16 uur geleden
Jokes on you when the cream goes off because you had it open for days hahahha. Serioulsy though why waste a whole bag of coffee beans when you could just... put a little bit of coffee in your cream? Espresso, cold brew, aeropress, moka pot, cafatiere, whatever you jam is, im 100% sure there are more sensible ways to get a subtle coffee flavour in a pint of cream.
Rin 16 uur geleden
Alvin your cake was perfect, not even Gordan Ramsay could make a better one
MedFled 17 uur geleden
the sentences he puts on screen are so cringe
Vera Henning
Vera Henning 18 uur geleden
the cake literally had a wake and bake! Also, this is the nicest video I've seen in ages. Thank you for that❤️
Poornima N
Poornima N 19 uur geleden
Where can i get completely written recipe of this cake..want to bake it for my family👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
MaxiMoose 19 uur geleden
lucky ass friends
NeltittoS 20 uur geleden
That's the time it took me to finish The Witcher 3
Superfunhappyslide 21 uur geleden
Absolutely stunning! ❤❤❤
razorwire 21 uur geleden
All of your videos are so relaxing and the end product always makes my jaw drop
Nikie Martin
Nikie Martin 22 uur geleden
thats a great choppy choccy sound
Earthwisdom 22 uur geleden
Not in this lifetime I would not go through all this for something I would eat in 5 minutes. Good for a King and Queen though, I'm good with a good ordinary chocolate cake.
Kally Moon
Kally Moon Dag geleden
I got really surprised when Alvin said that he loves the "cooking tree" channel
Ruth Nichols O'Connell
Ruth Nichols O'Connell Dag geleden
My 2-year-old asks to watch this every day. And every time she watches it she says "happy birthday to that guy"
Richard Mejia
Richard Mejia Dag geleden
can I get a shoutout???
negativetroope Dag geleden
Did you finish jjk?
Paweł Nowaciński
Paweł Nowaciński Dag geleden
do you think boiling cream with coffee beans in it and then cooling it and storing in the fridge would enhance the flavour?
Marco Sbarconi
Marco Sbarconi Dag geleden
For me he has no friend
doritos are tasty
doritos are tasty Dag geleden
4:53 looks like a fire res potion to ,e
horriblenoman Dag geleden
"The pool is closed" - 4chan @ 8:50
Anna-Maria Dickmann
Anna-Maria Dickmann Dag geleden
You just made my friend and me want chocolate cake sooo bad🥺
Vaughn Hart
Vaughn Hart Dag geleden
Who's the babe at the end of the show?
Avi ben shitrit
Avi ben shitrit Dag geleden
i would really like to watch this incredible video again on my death bed and die in eternal peace.
Thorvald Spear
Thorvald Spear Dag geleden
Being this guy's friend must be the greatest thing. Both for the food and personality
Not Human
Not Human Dag geleden
Pool of death
Svetlik Muscat
Svetlik Muscat Dag geleden
The steps that go through my head: 150 hrs?! Interesting. - watch it - I have to make this, but too much time. I start fantasizing about it. Keep thinking of it. Until I eventually do it. This seemed to be one of the most complicated recipes I've ever seen - still want to do it - Something in me keeps on hoping it's all worth!
Nobody Here
Nobody Here Dag geleden
The way I would just eat half of it before it's even done😀
Loonemist Dag geleden
"I like fixing mistakes with chocolate." Drowns self in chocolate
Remo Füeg
Remo Füeg Dag geleden
I didn't know you could combine chocolate in so many different ways ... I got a sugar rush just from watching ... Definitely will give this a try !
XOOM CHANNEL Dag geleden
too bad this video isnt rendered in 4k... this on a big screen WOW
Dag geleden
Very Tasty Looking
Google Is Not Your Friend
Google Is Not Your Friend Dag geleden
I hate this trend of "I have a camera that produces a quality image so I'm going to blur the fucking video". It is not artistic or good editing, it is shit. Nice cake though...
Harsh Frost
Harsh Frost Dag geleden
Why don't you tell us that it was Inga...ah! A date night I see
Dani Dee
Dani Dee Dag geleden
Wild to click on a video and hear city girl playing! I'm such a huge fan of that musician's chill vibes so I guess this was meant to be
Bruno Popp
Bruno Popp Dag geleden
Comprate un dulce de leche hace algo
Askari Malfoy
Askari Malfoy Dag geleden
These subs are so adorable tho "The butter and bourbon are now friends" "Oh no the butter is angry" - *angry intensifies* *nervous waddling* "That's not edible, you dummy" "Precious golden potion" (to moving eggs) "No, stop. (it moves, he cracks it) That's what you get for misbehaving. What did I just say? Now drink this vanilla and go think about what you've done."
Let's bake with Chrisann
Let's bake with Chrisann Dag geleden
Askari Malfoy
Askari Malfoy Dag geleden
Also Him: *looks at perfect mousse in tidy kitchen* this sparks joy. Me: *looks at messy, deflated 'mousse' in messy af kitchen* this does not.
Mateo Licciardi
Mateo Licciardi Dag geleden
i love u men
pri lvs harry, uni y nachoide
pri lvs harry, uni y nachoide Dag geleden
no se pero ahora gracias a ger me voy a ver 40 videos de estos
Dan Riley
Dan Riley Dag geleden
Is the recipe posted somewhere? Thanks
Sahar Martinez
Sahar Martinez Dag geleden
The cosy lighting at the assembly bit was great! Lovely filming
Nicolás Gisler
Nicolás Gisler 2 dagen geleden
Yo me paro para aplaudirle a este tipo, maravilloso lo que haceeee, yo siento que pruebo eso y no la como mas para dejarla en la heladera y tener la obra de arte esta
badminton kid
badminton kid 2 dagen geleden
A 150-Hour Chocolate Cake that will take me 10 minutes to finish
Amanda V
Amanda V 2 dagen geleden
‘No. Bad egg. This is what you get for misbehaving’ ~me every time I put eggs on the counter
PeppermintNeko0w0 2 dagen geleden
imagine if this was in 8k
Vivian O
Vivian O 2 dagen geleden
Thank you so much for making this, I’ve had the worst year of my life (as many of us I’m sure) and this lowers my anxiety. 💜
Tetnus Abstract
Tetnus Abstract 2 dagen geleden
Your channel has grown so fast, man I remember seeing your 2nd video and you only had 50k subs.
Ravon 76
Ravon 76 2 dagen geleden
Wait. He watches Babish, YESSSSS
Obstone 2 dagen geleden
I feel like this cake is nice but you have to eat it slowly due to how much chocolate it has. If you have a slice thats too big all for yourself you'll start to enjoy it less and less.
Jessica Thompson
Jessica Thompson 2 dagen geleden
This was such a wonderful video. Thank you for showing the love and compassion for chocolate that I feel in my heart ❤️
upgradedbookworm 2 dagen geleden
Browned butter is so under appreciated as a flavor
Maya Noelle
Maya Noelle 2 dagen geleden
a super aesthetic video with alvin's humor is the best thing ever...
harry s
harry s 2 dagen geleden
this guys kitchen literally looks like a lofi animation
Grace Brennan
Grace Brennan 2 dagen geleden
Can you imagine being this guy's roommate: Hey who's coffee bean cereal is this?
Adam 2 dagen geleden
Anyone can make a little bit of a cake everyday for a week and then call it 150hr cake..... jk. My daughter and I love watching your videos
estella moore
estella moore 2 dagen geleden
he treats food like children with love
naNoMinoNanaa 2 dagen geleden
you lie its just 20 minutes
Fake Mask
Fake Mask 2 dagen geleden
I like cooking tree too :D
Hudson Gold
Hudson Gold 2 dagen geleden
Wouldn’t be an Alvin vid if there was no brown butter
Azor 2 dagen geleden
Me want a slice >:(
micah ingram
micah ingram 2 dagen geleden
this is the kind of malewife i need
gin - san
gin - san 2 dagen geleden
idk about you guys i don't think i can eat this knowing a family of eggs died in making this
4TheMotorist 2 dagen geleden
Is there any left?? Im on my way from Down under Australia. Oh hang on, We are in lock down. Sad face. Next time.
Josh Ward
Josh Ward 2 dagen geleden
The only disappointing part of this video was not being able to try the cake once it was done 😭
SlashDager64 2 dagen geleden
Egg moves out of place only answer murder
Med student
Med student 2 dagen geleden
Could you write down the recipe (with the measurements...) please??
Sparkling Lemon-Lime Pop
Sparkling Lemon-Lime Pop 2 dagen geleden
the egg cracking part made me chuckle out loud LOL
Jacko19 2 dagen geleden
: Me has no friends still makes this cake
Nachoo 2 dagen geleden
yo wtf this is wholesome as shit my guy 10/10
10RexTheWolf01 3 dagen geleden
Oh my....
Prinz4miga 3 dagen geleden
next: 5 year microwave dish
Eva Branišová
Eva Branišová 3 dagen geleden
Wow, this is the best video I've ever watched.
cyanide cereal
cyanide cereal 3 dagen geleden
alvin how do i become your friend
Aall Pprr
Aall Pprr 3 dagen geleden
all those processes and then you use cups and tbs?
Daniel 3 dagen geleden
It hurts
Slegster 3 dagen geleden
You know its a good cake when your making the batter 3 days in
Leon Williams
Leon Williams 3 dagen geleden
The amuck maraca ophthalmoscopically impress because pyjama consecutively cure toward a yummy instruction. untidy, abstracted bomber
Victor Sumano
Victor Sumano 3 dagen geleden
The melodic street identically challenge because gong largely harm upon a determined salt. horrible, halting flame
Ana Ordoñez
Ana Ordoñez 3 dagen geleden
Y la receta?
Hafssa exists
Hafssa exists 3 dagen geleden
This video made me feel emotions that I can't explain and all he's doing is making chocolate cake wtf
Eoghan Purser
Eoghan Purser 3 dagen geleden
The sound of cutting chocolate 🤤 🥵
jet 3 dagen geleden
jet 3 dagen geleden
Eoghan Purser
Eoghan Purser 3 dagen geleden
I just witnessed an egg massacre
BlackhawkannII 3 dagen geleden
That is the most elegant cake making process I’ve ever seen.
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