You Tuber
You Tuber 2 uur geleden
W - Assalley L - Dicker
thomas gamble
thomas gamble 2 uur geleden
Class act...thank you for playing for the Crimson Tide!
Chris Lane
Chris Lane 2 uur geleden
osu was never close to slowing Alabama down. Complete domination by the Alabama offense.
Ayodamola Ajala
Ayodamola Ajala 3 uur geleden
Fields might not be the best QB in this draft but everyone is looking at his bad tape against northwestern and indiana . I am surprised that no one is looking at him playing great defenses in the 2019 season . Judge a man on his worst games
Wayne A. W.
Wayne A. W. 3 uur geleden
Painting By Numbers In Twenty (20) Minutes: Collegiate QB Rankings Based on 3-Year Sample Size: Trevor Lawrence (2018-2020, Clemson): 90 TD, 17 INT - CFP National Championship Winner, Freshman Year (2018) Mac Jones (2018-2020, Alabama): 56 TD, 7 INT - CFP National Championship Winner, Junior Year (2020) Justin Fields (2018-2020, Ohio State): 67 TD, 9 INT - CFP National Championship Loser, Junior Year (2020) Zach Wilson (2018-2020, BYU): 56 TD, 15 INT - Boca Raton Bowl Winner, Junior Year (2020) Trey Lance (2018-2020, NDS): 30 TD, 1 INT - FCS Championship Winner, Sophomore Year (2019) The Collegiate Conference played in must be taken into consideration, which highlights QB play versus ranked defenses. Hereof, within these parameters, Zach Wilson and Trey Lance should not be drafted in Round 1. Projections for NFL Draft 2021: No.1 Trevor Lawrence, No.2 Mac Jones; No.3 Justin Fields. Other QBs to consider by Rank/3-Year Sample Size: Sam Ehlinger (2017-2020, Texas): 94 TD, 27 INT Sam Howell (2019-2020, North Carolina): 68 TD, 14 INT Brock Purdy (2018-2020, Iowa State): 62 TD, 25 INT Kedon Slovis (2019-2020, USC): 47 TD, 16 INT Tanner Morgan (2018-2020, Minnesota): 46 TD, 18 INT Jamie Newman (2017-2019, Wake Forest): 35 TD, 16 INT
Jay Alston
Jay Alston 4 uur geleden
It won't be a shock when he's not great. And... the NFL & college are different atmospheres. Playing on a team that's loaded (unlimited 4 & 5 stars) against scrubs then going to a Scrub team to play against talent - guess we'll see.
javier book shadows contributor du
javier book shadows contributor du 4 uur geleden
49th comment
Patrick Cardoso
Patrick Cardoso 4 uur geleden
The Jets are now the 49ers of the East Coast
Original One
Original One 4 uur geleden
I don't understand any team taking a QB if they don't need it
Anthony Lee
Anthony Lee 4 uur geleden
This didn't age well...😅
Lemar Krawitz
Lemar Krawitz 4 uur geleden
The talented soprano historically introduce because border lily occur via a abstracted process. abrasive, warlike crib
HURST BMCF 5 uur geleden
If fields goes to Carolina the nfc in trouble
Dabray Rudolph
Dabray Rudolph 6 uur geleden
Mac Jones is the smartest Qb in the draft
Hassan Saleh
Hassan Saleh 6 uur geleden
Wilson and Lawrence the only ones worthy of a top 10 pick
Steph Okoye
Steph Okoye 5 uur geleden
I’d say 4 are worth top 10 but Lawrence the only must take unless u have a dire need at QB
Isaac Adkins
Isaac Adkins 5 uur geleden
Wow seems like you formed your opinion based on the latest opinions of ESPN analyst. Your so smart.
Alex Hatchell
Alex Hatchell 6 uur geleden
Ur a clown bud you know nothing about football
Sharrybay Thompson
Sharrybay Thompson 7 uur geleden
finally someone giving Justin Fields some love
Cohen McDonald
Cohen McDonald 9 uur geleden
“The quarterbacks knee was down”
just me
just me 10 uur geleden
X YRGJORDAN X 10 uur geleden
The Justin Fields take was so bad bro...
Chayim Clark
Chayim Clark 3 uur geleden
@Steph Okoye You know who else struggled against the best defenses he played Trevor Lawrence, and when he played Alabama that was one of the weakest Bama defenses he faced? No one harps on his inaccuracy or him holding the ball for long moments when Trevor played good defenses. Plus it has already been known that Ohio State offense has option routes for their receivers. He had to wait on the WRs to make their decisions, so was he slow through his progressions, maybe sometimes, but his WRs struggled to get open against good defenses as well. They never mention that though
Steph Okoye
Steph Okoye 4 uur geleden
@Derrick Williams He was right tho. Fields doesn’t go through progressions. There’s a reason he struggled against the best defenses he played. He may have lit up Clemson but that’s maybe the worst Clemson defense I’ve seen since like 2014
Derrick Williams
Derrick Williams 4 uur geleden
Correct he was wrong on his take. He didn't do his homework on this one.... perhaps he should have watched the games a little 😆
Steph Okoye
Steph Okoye 5 uur geleden
Bro what? That was spot on analysis. Riddick knows what he’s talking about🤦🏾‍♂️
SpiritofE 11 uur geleden
Johnny Manziel
ACE 11 uur geleden
I think I know Deion Sanders&Co.. End Game and I pray that they succeed and change HBCU's and NCAA football forever
Chris Wincek
Chris Wincek 11 uur geleden
He's more likely to be a bust. He has no consistency.
Chris Wincek
Chris Wincek 2 uur geleden
Also, word of advice. Try to not make it so obvious that you're Big10 fans and watch glorified HS football.
Chris Wincek
Chris Wincek 2 uur geleden
@Sharrybay Thompson you clearly haven't watched the actual games. He's inconsistent and at times needs the defense or running game to bail him out. He shouldn't have the problems he does at this stage in his career. He cant read the field now he won't be able to in the NFL.
Chris Wincek
Chris Wincek 2 uur geleden
@Famous dre they typically dont struggle like he does when it's a good team. He can't read the field. He's been overrated his entire career
Chris Wincek
Chris Wincek 2 uur geleden
@X YRGJORDAN X he's has more then 2 bad games. Get your head out of his lap.
Sharrybay Thompson
Sharrybay Thompson 7 uur geleden
he's been in college for 3 years and has only lost 2 games & had 2 bad games. Also, in those 2 bad games he still threw for over 400 clearly dont know the definition of consistency.
nekopii 11 uur geleden
Yall. The onion ninjas at it again.
Russ Cron Sr.
Russ Cron Sr. 12 uur geleden
I'm a die hard Mia fan of 40 plus yrs & I'm praying they don't over think the pick @ 3...Stay put, Take Pitts,don't look back & or care what any1 else thinks cuz he is that good!
Titan Segundera 2.0
Titan Segundera 2.0 12 uur geleden
Hillarious: who should be number #1 Pick of the NFL Draft later this year?
Jabari McBride
Jabari McBride 12 uur geleden
The NY Jets need to go get Davonta SMith WR frm Alabama and with that 2nd overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft and with that 23rd pick if Najee Harris is there hes the pick
Jabari McBride
Jabari McBride 12 uur geleden
Yes because Sam Darnold has had a stable environment with the front office GM,HC, or any IMPACT players or a defense
Bill Turner
Bill Turner 12 uur geleden
Mr. Heisman
George Liveris
George Liveris 12 uur geleden
Travis Rehder
Travis Rehder 13 uur geleden
I See Fly Eagles Fly 🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅
Richard Kulig
Richard Kulig 13 uur geleden
Trey Lance No question Jones is a sleeper pick
DawgDaze27 13 uur geleden
All of them
Andrew Campbell
Andrew Campbell 14 uur geleden
Draft Fields already!!
Christian Tuttle
Christian Tuttle 14 uur geleden
Mac Jones had Devanta Smith, and better coaching. Zach Wilson didn’t play any defenses good enough to take away #1 and #2. Get off of Fields’ back
Mike94 8 uur geleden
@Brandon olave and Wilson is nowhere near the level of smith and waddle also the bama oline eats the Ohio state oline you put Mac in Ohio state I don’t think you have the same production. I hope they both do well in the league though.
Brandon 10 uur geleden
Justin Fields had Chris Olave AND Justin Wilson. Two first rounders. Throw in the #1 overall recruit in the 2020 class also. If you want to knock Mac for his weapons, you have to apply the same logic to Justin Fields
William Santiago
William Santiago 12 uur geleden
People act like Wilson and Lance were going through progressions rlly well and anticipating throws like no they go through progressions well because one of them is always open the defenses were trash
Christopher Woodard
Christopher Woodard 14 uur geleden
I have Todd McShay and Mel Kiper Jr shook I try to tell him it's a science to it they have their ego in the way Justin fields and Trey Lance first two quarterbacks pick
Matt Bernard
Matt Bernard 14 uur geleden
BART!!! WAKE UP!!! What do you think about Cleveland taking Zaven Collins @26 being a stud linebacker that you are?!!!
Justin Granberry
Justin Granberry 14 uur geleden
I would like to see Mac Jones do well in the NFL and prove a lot of people wrong, I know he's not the most mobile quarterback, but I believe he would be a great asset to the right team.
Chris Brown
Chris Brown 14 uur geleden
I'm sorry but Lawrence is BEYOND overhyped. People forget how weak the ACC is. Sure they got a win against Bama and OSU but how did those rematches work out for Clemson? Just saying he isnt a franchise changer like people assume. Clemson would be 7-5 at best in the SEC...
Brandon Griswold
Brandon Griswold 2 uur geleden
@Kpizzle 937 exactly it’s all just talk😂😂🙄
Kpizzle 937
Kpizzle 937 2 uur geleden
@Brandon Griswold he try to say that he's going to be a bust when he hasn't even played One Snap in the nfl then he said he would bet money on it like bruh if that don't sound like a hater .. 😂 had to shut that down real quick no response😭
Brandon Griswold
Brandon Griswold 2 uur geleden
@Kpizzle 937 exactly he threw that dime while he was injured too!! Ridiculous, 🙄no respect.
Brandon Griswold
Brandon Griswold 2 uur geleden
@Kpizzle 937 jac Queen talkin bout to watch his film, well his film tells me that he has insane deep ball accuracy, he’s very balanced, versatile, tough, and quick moving outside the pocket. I’m not a huge Buckeye fan but what I’ve seen from Fields vs Wilson..??? You can’t even begin to compare. If it weren’t for Joe Burrow’s 10,000 yard season last year, 😂😂Fields should have won the heisman throwing for over 3,000 yards, over 50 touchdowns in total, yes, 50, and only 3 picks.
Kpizzle 937
Kpizzle 937 2 uur geleden
@Brandon Griswold yeah very difficult he did that while he was injured too people be listening to too much Todd McShay and Mel 🤦‍♂️
byxisboii 14 uur geleden
It’s always a risk for these qbs and they then turn out to be the best players of that draft always those doubts,stupid analysts keep sleeping on Mac Jones,Fields and keep doubting Trey
Famous dre
Famous dre 7 uur geleden
Yep look at justin herbert last year Patrick mahomes tom Brady
Famous dre
Famous dre 7 uur geleden
@byxisboii yea I don't think trey lance is that bad
byxisboii 13 uur geleden
@ice gamer no you’ll see how he ends up in the nfl
ice gamer
ice gamer 13 uur geleden
lance is bad tho
Matthew Gorby2
Matthew Gorby2 14 uur geleden
Fields > wilson
Brandon Griswold
Brandon Griswold 3 uur geleden
@bigdap100 I agree. Part of me wanted to go high in the draft to the Jets but the other part of me wants him to drop down lower so his nfl career isn’t ruined. Lol
bigdap100 4 uur geleden
The Justin Fields disrespect is real...but honestly this is good for Fields if he goes lower in the draft...he won’t be on a trash team. But Fields is the most QB in college football.
William Santiago
William Santiago 12 uur geleden
@Bumpy Gumpson it’s not a casual pick it’s a smart pick he has all the physical tools and the last couple of years the unrefined players with amazing physical tools are the ones doing well like Allen and Herbert and Deshaun
Brandon Griswold
Brandon Griswold 13 uur geleden
@NICK MARTELL For real. And they all of a sudden forget when he throws 6 touchdown passes on a good Clemson defense with bruised up ribs. The dude was limping across the field!!
NICK MARTELL 13 uur geleden
People are blowing the 2 bad games outa proportion
Norman Garcia
Norman Garcia 14 uur geleden
Joe Namath. More Accurate... Food for thought
Isaiah ::Powell
Isaiah ::Powell 15 uur geleden
I don’t care what his care will be he will never be a bust after all his family went through
Boss Key
Boss Key 15 uur geleden
Bobby Bowden was one of the greatest College Head Coaches ever. Keep in mind he coached in an era that sported the mighty Miami Hurricanes of the 80's and 90's, Oklahoma, Nebraska (yes they were a powerhouse back then), Penn State, Auburn, Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, amongst many other awesome programs. Bowden had his ups and downs through the years, but FSU was ALWAYS in the mix of being one of the top teams in the nation every single season. I grew up not far from Florida Gator country and let me tell you. Gator fans hated FSU, but they had mad respect for coach Bowden, as did most other programs and fans. Those were great times to be college football fan, and I am so happy I got to be a part of it
TheHighlanderprime 15 uur geleden
Zach Wilson is listed everywhere at 6’3”, 210 lbs, so you may be under-selling his actual size. Kyler Murray is about 5’9”-5’10” 205-207lbs … the 3"-5” height difference is huge … Zach has a slimmer upper body, that’s the difference.
Junior Shuttlesworth
Junior Shuttlesworth 16 uur geleden
I like Fields but as a Panthers fan, OSU QBs never pan out in the league. Haskins, Jones, Pryor, Barrett, Miller...smh
Sharrybay Thompson
Sharrybay Thompson 7 uur geleden
I know right, Oregon has never had a....oh wait.
Famous dre
Famous dre 7 uur geleden
@Caden Miller exactly lol
Caden Miller
Caden Miller 11 uur geleden
U can say that about any school outside of Oklahoma currently
Michael Newton
Michael Newton 16 uur geleden
You don't tug on Superman's cape. You don't spit in the wind You don't pull the mask off the Lone Ranger And you don't say "We want Bama."
Jonathan Scott
Jonathan Scott 16 uur geleden
Jets are taking Fields lol don't believe the hype
TheHighlanderprime 15 uur geleden
I’d be fine with Wilson or Fields.
Rizzo 16 uur geleden
This kid is very mature I pray to the gods that my guys in blue can get him. Hes more mature than Odell Beckham Jr.
Michael Millar
Michael Millar 16 uur geleden
Wow this made me cry broke my heart. I guess the good do die young explains why I'm so old lol.
Robert Killian
Robert Killian 17 uur geleden
You can make a decision on Sam cause we have seen him not get the ball to open guys. Some running across his face. Wilson has better arm talent and is a better athlete.
R.I.P. Tommy
R.I.P. Tommy 17 uur geleden
As a Vols fan we should be immediately moved to a d3 school
ianthehyper Goal Horns
ianthehyper Goal Horns 18 uur geleden
Reason Texas won: Bevo charging at Uga
kyle frost
kyle frost 18 uur geleden
Fields is going to be a disappointment. He’s sucked in every big game except one. A team who wastes a first round pick on him will be bad for years.
Sharrybay Thompson
Sharrybay Thompson 7 uur geleden
so Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes did well in their big games? Do you know how many great QB's have had bad games??
Famous dre
Famous dre 7 uur geleden
Caden Miller
Caden Miller 11 uur geleden
John Roland
John Roland 20 uur geleden
Bra tripping he saying Deshaun Watson is better than Russell Wilson 😱😱
Micheal Branch
Micheal Branch 20 uur geleden
I got Deshaun as 2. He was the guy who broke through and put Clemson on a national stage. Im taking cam one.
David Cole
David Cole 20 uur geleden
Fields is not better than Teddy Bridgewater.. I would say they are close to equal.
M Performance
M Performance 15 uur geleden
Teddy arguably has the weakest arm among the starting QB’s. Teddy has very weak arm strength which limits his game. Defense crowd the box knowing Teddy can’t throw far at all.
Screw Trump
Screw Trump 20 uur geleden
U just don’t know..... let have fields play for Carolina end story........
Michael Rondon
Michael Rondon 21 uur geleden
Shouldn’t have been ranked 10 though
K Behrens
K Behrens 11 uur geleden
Isaiah 22 uur geleden
This was one of the greatest performances i’ve ever seen live
Roland Edwards
Roland Edwards 22 uur geleden
I like Fields but can he read a PRO defence fast enough.The kid is a great athletice and can throw the ball .🤔🏈
LAcrownJewel 22 uur geleden
He’s not Johnny manziel cause Zach don’t drink lol
Brian Royce Harmon
Brian Royce Harmon 22 uur geleden
Johnny Long - Tennessee
clifd91 22 uur geleden
He said lance could process better than fields , then proceeds to say lance needs a good system around him etc , could the same not be said about fields , who’s more proven?
Ira Hardy
Ira Hardy 23 uur geleden
Give Teddy back to the Saints and watch him eat Carolina’s lunch !
Mike94 8 uur geleden
Teddy has never ate someone’s lunch he managed it lol
Zone Read
Zone Read 11 uur geleden
Y’all can have him..
Olorin Mithrandir
Olorin Mithrandir 23 uur geleden
Ahhhhhh Haaaaaaa
Kweks 23 uur geleden
Matt Miller is the 🐐
bigdap100 23 uur geleden
Justin Fields is the most talented player in college football.
Breon Mitchell
Breon Mitchell 23 uur geleden
Justin Fields best QB in draft
Mitchell Ajieroh
Mitchell Ajieroh 8 uur geleden
Big facts....hope he goes to Carolina
Tristan Brown
Tristan Brown 19 uur geleden
100% they know it
bigdap100 23 uur geleden
Uncle S
Uncle S Dag geleden
Joseph Lee Burrow has proven to be a better QB than both William T Lawrence and Tuanigamanuolepola Tagovailoa.
Chet the Bee
Chet the Bee Dag geleden
I'm so tired of hearing about "he didn't play anyone in college" argument. Neither did Josh Allen or Ben Roethlisberger other than Michigan. Allen also had injury problems too. Plenty of QBs in college played tough competition and stunk it up in the NFL. Sometimes you just have to believe your eyes when you see talent. As far as Johnny Manziel his problem was he is a head case.
Marquise Gibbs
Marquise Gibbs Dag geleden
My list Cam Young Tebow/McCarron Watson
Christopher Woodard
Christopher Woodard Dag geleden
Only quarterback in this bunch going in the first round is Justin fields racism going to feel the shock of the hour!
Christopher Woodard
Christopher Woodard 10 uur geleden
@NC Pantherology truth is bitter in the mouth sweet going down
Christopher Woodard
Christopher Woodard 10 uur geleden
@NC Pantherology that what racist always say you already lost your privilege once God take the white card hasta luego
NC Pantherology
NC Pantherology 10 uur geleden
Racism doesn’t have nothing to do with the the draft stop playing the card game
Dustin Barlow
Dustin Barlow Dag geleden
At the end of the day neither are better than Mac Jones, and thats who carolina is getting.
Eric Greaux
Eric Greaux Dag geleden
I honestly don’t see how Mac Jones is an upgrade over teddy. He may have been more accurate in his one collegiate season but if(and that’s a big if) he adjusts to the next level how will he be much better?
Chase Murphy
Chase Murphy Dag geleden
I mean he hasn't had a near career ending injury like Teddy has so that helps.
Skeeter 4 uur geleden
@T Thompson He’s the best backup in the league. He ain’t a starter though.
T Thompson
T Thompson 16 uur geleden
@Chase Murphy 11 INT 15 TD!!!
T Thompson
T Thompson 16 uur geleden
Matthewsmith 14
Matthewsmith 14 20 uur geleden
@Chase Murphy nah 15 TDs ain’t average
Screw Trump
Screw Trump 20 uur geleden
@Matthewsmith 14 teddy néed to go and play for somewhere. Let have Justin fields play or probably deshaun waston?
Famous dre
Famous dre Dag geleden
He this year justin herbert
Famous dre
Famous dre 7 uur geleden
@Sharrybay Thompson fr
Sharrybay Thompson
Sharrybay Thompson 7 uur geleden
@Chris Wincek lmao yall said Justin Herbert would be a bust..people also said Oregon QBs never do good in the NFL
d wade
d wade 11 uur geleden
it’s a chance for every qb
d wade
d wade 11 uur geleden
@Chris Wincek yes it is lol
Chris Wincek
Chris Wincek 11 uur geleden
Not a chance
Famous dre
Famous dre Dag geleden
Can't wait for his pro day
GiantsGirl inFL
GiantsGirl inFL Dag geleden
Would love to have Waddle on my Giants!!!
Gallantry Gaming
Gallantry Gaming Dag geleden
Why are you directly comparing him to Bridgewater?
Mitchell Ajieroh
Mitchell Ajieroh 8 uur geleden
@Racheal Martin if Atlanta doesn’t take him....there’s a chance
Racheal Martin
Racheal Martin Dag geleden
@Eric Greaux not, he will be there for us
Eric Greaux
Eric Greaux Dag geleden
Because in the latest mock draft the panthers are trading up for fields
Allen Edwards
Allen Edwards Dag geleden
To compare a NFL QB to a kid ?
Sharrybay Thompson
Sharrybay Thompson 7 uur geleden
just because you're in the NFL that doesnt mean there aren't up-and-coming talent that are better than you. Fields has always been recruited higher, had a far better college career, and has a higher ceiling than Teddy Bridgewater.
Kaleb 8
Kaleb 8 Dag geleden
how is justin fields a kid
Gridiron International
Gridiron International Dag geleden
Why is this even a conversation?
NC Pantherology
NC Pantherology 10 uur geleden
@D Scott that got nothing to do with it smh black and white African American white American isn’t even a nationality nor is it a race it’s a slave title that was given by racist people yet people claim to be something they are not anybody around the world can be the same color skin tone that doesn’t make someone black or white another thing that type of terminology was used against people in the 50 and 60 based off a derogatory insult
Screw Trump
Screw Trump 20 uur geleden
@D Scott yes but he ain’t fit Carolina play. He should stay minn or backup at saints. Could happens like eagles won championship with backup quarterback.
Eric Greaux
Eric Greaux Dag geleden
@Chase Murphy we have Cmac DJ Moore who had another 1000 reception season. Robbie Anderson who had his first 1000 yard season and Curtis Samuel who had guess what a 1000 yard season I think those numbers speak more than the names
Chase Murphy
Chase Murphy Dag geleden
@Gridiron International I mean the Panthers don't have much talent around him. Most QBs would struggle to win games down the stretch with the Panthers roster
Eric Greaux
Eric Greaux Dag geleden
@Gridiron International facts
ESPN College Football
ESPN College Football Dag geleden
0:00​ Miller touches on the NFL QB carousel and describes how it will impact the draft. 2:11​ Miller explains why Justin Fields, who is projected to be drafted by the Carolina Panthers in Miller's mock draft, is better than Teddy Bridgewater. 3:42​ Miller says TE Kyle Pitts may be the best non-QB in the draft class.
Kaleb 8
Kaleb 8 Dag geleden