Asyraff Daniyal
Asyraff Daniyal 4 uur geleden
That luke a big boy nuke
Luis roldan jr
Luis roldan jr 4 uur geleden
Q Anon is really really Base in North Virginia State ok people's
Shane O'Mac
Shane O'Mac 4 uur geleden
“Fox propaganda host” Ah finally the mainstream media calling itself what it is. Propaganda 🤣
Doomsday 4 uur geleden
Don't worry thanks to our taxpayers money he gets free health care just like Israel gets over 3 billions on military spending and yet they can't provide shelter for the evicted!?😡🤬
Asyraff Daniyal
Asyraff Daniyal 4 uur geleden
i m from malaysia
Noeline Glynn
Noeline Glynn 4 uur geleden
That news presenter is so arrogant
Eraldo Lamelle
Eraldo Lamelle 4 uur geleden
TOS100 Returns
TOS100 Returns 4 uur geleden
They're literally and figuratively mouth-breathers. REPS: It wasn't US! It was Antifa and BLM. DEMS: Let's form a committee to investigate and punish those involved. REPS: Uh... well, now, wait a minute there. Let's not be hasty.
William Davis
William Davis 4 uur geleden
What is CNN going to blame? Trump or Guns?
Stinky girl
Stinky girl 4 uur geleden
Whenever there is bad press for Democrats we get crypto and UFO stories from the corporate media. You can set your watch to it.
Eraldo Lamelle
Eraldo Lamelle 4 uur geleden
Bravo Fausto
Zee Train
Zee Train 4 uur geleden
Bunch of IDIOTS, See Ya lol..
Raven Strife
Raven Strife 4 uur geleden
do people actually like Don Lemon???? all the Liberals I know say he's a stain to there name because of how unfair he is ....worse then Bill O'Reilly
Luis roldan jr
Luis roldan jr 4 uur geleden
President Joe Biden is a joke president of united states
Chris 159
Chris 159 4 uur geleden
Even Biden is calling on cuomo to resign.. CNN- protect Cuomo. Let’s babble about trump..
Jen Rutherford
Jen Rutherford 4 uur geleden
Does the executed guy have a name?
Matthew 21:22
Matthew 21:22 4 uur geleden
So when will he get vaccinated?
Ron Peer
Ron Peer 4 uur geleden
Does Chris Cuomo seem nervous to you?
Len Ovo
Len Ovo 4 uur geleden
how about a story about Cuomo ?
steven zatko
steven zatko 4 uur geleden
He's probably in Afghanistan talking to his buddies
Mind Reaper
Mind Reaper 4 uur geleden
Why in the HELL is this guy narrating what she has to say when it’s obvious that she can speak English well enough🤔
Kaly Moranc
Kaly Moranc 4 uur geleden
This is really good to hear
Ryan Anderson
Ryan Anderson 4 uur geleden
Isn't that imitating a law enforcement officer?
Shugs Tobin
Shugs Tobin 4 uur geleden
I'm smart enough to know the difference btw opinion and propaganda. Fox presents the other side. CNN are shills for liberals. This is America where choices are made by individuals not governments.
steven zatko
steven zatko 4 uur geleden
I knew this was CNN I just seen hijacking wheres the photos of this Betty one probably in her home in her living room sounds pretty quiet there
Luis roldan jr
Luis roldan jr 4 uur geleden
Then y'all don't believe in minutemen 1776 on year 1776
Raw for Reel
Raw for Reel 4 uur geleden
What about Cuomo? CNN still not reporting on that Chris??
K Burnley
K Burnley 4 uur geleden
I don't believe there is a delta variant.
rob queef
rob queef 4 uur geleden
hes not in trouble joe is in ..................
Kickback AndRelax
Kickback AndRelax 4 uur geleden
If this Athlete was a brown, Muslim male, would Poland have done the same? I highly doubt that. So no credit to Poland over here! They too have unleashed atrocities on Muslims in their country and off course the migrants!
SillyBias 4 uur geleden
Fire Cuomo that sleeze that helped his pervert brother...this network should be ashamed of itself
Kelvin Pichardo
Kelvin Pichardo 4 uur geleden
lol the central park 5 were actually arrested by another black cop who said they were all guilty chris cuomo keeps bringing bs literally the only argument cnn makes is about the presidents character but they never make it about the policies that were signed or the laws that were put into play because it doesnt fit their false narrative im glad i stopped supporting both sides they're just liars
Trey Hammond
Trey Hammond 4 uur geleden
Love you Don
Mariah V
Mariah V 4 uur geleden
“The investigation found that Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women, let’s talk about Trump to get that off of people’s minds!” 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣🤣🤣
Tracy Russell
Tracy Russell 4 uur geleden
Wow CNN you've went the whole day without talking about Andrew Cuomo. I wonder why 🤔
Sonnia Goldy
Sonnia Goldy 4 uur geleden
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Heather Reyes
Heather Reyes 4 uur geleden
He’s special for sure 🤣
Dwayne Therock Johnson
Dwayne Therock Johnson 4 uur geleden
Hello, I was going through the comment section when I came across yours, it's nice having you around as a fan. Thanks for your sincere compliments and love. How are you doing?
Chris Hart
Chris Hart 4 uur geleden
Republicans are Rats the numbers are in trump worst economy since depression
bombastic attitude
bombastic attitude 4 uur geleden
Will Chris interview Aaaandrew?
Luna Romanovna
Luna Romanovna 5 uur geleden
"just get the stupid shot"
ch K
ch K 5 uur geleden
Ana Navarro, i ld love to see yours soon, and see how you react..
Patty Cakes
Patty Cakes 5 uur geleden
She knows what they wanted and what they were looking for.
Mark Jones
Mark Jones 5 uur geleden
Revealing. All I've got to say is this: the people who shot Jackie - who taught them to shoot? Were they ever made to stand trial for missing the head shot? Anyone this delusional belongs in a mental institution. So I guess being on CNN is the right place for Jackie.
Patrick Adair
Patrick Adair 5 uur geleden
C'mon Clyde...Its your own words
The Yeti
The Yeti 5 uur geleden
Can't find anything recent from Fredo Cuomo on CNN? Is he still preparing statements in support of his bro? Is he still encouraging him to go out and abuse women? "mingle" Investigation finds New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women
takao robinson
takao robinson 5 uur geleden
As the January 6th committee gains momentum and Jordan has become a mumbling, stumbling fool who can't remember what time he called Trump. Because he has called and talked to him thousands of times. Okay, was it in the morning? Afternoon? Evening? He has the scared look on his face. That's afar cry from his rabid, abrasive loud mouth . Jim Jordan and Rand Paul are the two that make me sick to listen or watch. I wouldn't talk to my enemies in the way these two question witnesses. The tone, tempo, volume, the nature of the questions asked,the facial embellishments. I hope Liz and Adam along with the rest rip into you.
John Renzi
John Renzi 5 uur geleden
Not a F-ing word about Cuomo. What a joke you are CNN. And you wonder why your ratings are in the toilet!!!
hilton sue
hilton sue 5 uur geleden
If the unvaccinated are so concerned about their right to do whatever they please , they should lock themselves in a room and not come out until the covid - 19 crisis is over. Then no one would care a damn about what happens to them. But they have absolutely NO RIGHT to put the health and lives of others they come into contact with, who choose to do the right and responsible thing. They are endangering not only themselves but their relatives, friends and the rest of Society , which is not right.
toronto daddy
toronto daddy 5 uur geleden
100% Cuomo resigns. So much pressure on NY State AG to have this go away . Guaranteed she told him resign or I have to bring charges
judith kramshoj
judith kramshoj 5 uur geleden
They're all on their image of themselves they don't mind being treated terribly because that's how they treat people it's a style of Life apparently
Bernard Edyvean
Bernard Edyvean 5 uur geleden
After watching this Democrat lie. Make me pissed . He said what the officer's did. The officer let in the crowds. And on top of this there news papers from Japan,china,Australia New Zealand the Philippines south Africa and Egypt with E.U. all saying the Capitol building was ran sacked at 9:30 A.M. but no one got to the house until after 1:30p.m. so what's going on Democrats??? You lying Bastards
Candy Szymanski
Candy Szymanski 5 uur geleden
#TheWitches #SeduceYou #WithSweetCandy
Raw for Reel
Raw for Reel 5 uur geleden
Hey your boys brother Cuomo just got charged. Where’s the report guys???
Roger Parker
Roger Parker 5 uur geleden
This Dave Chappelle dont look like the old Dave Chappelle, some thing is not right here. Has any one else noticed this.
Chuck's poke
Chuck's poke 5 uur geleden
To still support this man after abundance of verified and confirmed source reporting material in existence, is truly be sad. Choose another damn Conservative to support. Liar and fruad, alledge sex assault
Taimor Noorani
Taimor Noorani 5 uur geleden
He could've easily agreed with her and could have probably won the election with cheap votes like Trump won. McCain was a man's man no BS cheap comments just to win.
Jorge M Rivera
Jorge M Rivera 5 uur geleden
No Cuomo news ?
K Smith
K Smith 5 uur geleden
Why aren’t you talking about Andrew Cuomo?
Loui Lava
Loui Lava 5 uur geleden
Yes Maga and Qanon all part of trumpcult
snap patruce
snap patruce 5 uur geleden
Cillizza is the worst.
toronto daddy
toronto daddy 5 uur geleden
He's fn evil
Sergboxer35 5 uur geleden
The Communist News Network has yet to air a story on Governor Cuomo sexual assault conviction! Fake news network. Communist scumbags.
Jerry Deford
Jerry Deford 5 uur geleden
Fredo should quit providing cover for his s e x u a l assaulting Don. They both should RESIGN IN SHAME.
Louispro games and vlogs!
Louispro games and vlogs! 5 uur geleden
F for rescpecc
Hot Rodz
Hot Rodz 5 uur geleden
Trump is gonna endorse legislative persons thats going to help the peope and our country. So stop talking shit you dont make sense and this is how you got your job making up stories take a look at yourself in the mirror cnn is going down the drain if only you talk about real news and be copestetic maybe you guys get your ratings back because you guys falling off. REMEMBER THEIRS 75M PEOPLE VOTED FOR TRUMP SO YOU BETTER BELIEVE THATS 3RD OF OUR COUNTRY AND GROWING BECAUSE OF YOUR GUYS BULLSHIT AND THATS THE TRUTH.🤣🤣🤣🤣
steven zatko
steven zatko 5 uur geleden
Yes it is true any TV broadcast is bogus anymore can't trust no one I use to be a news watcher even local news I often wonder did this happen this is because of CNN mainly I'm not sure about fox who knows I never watch CNN it's been 7 or 8 years I wouldn't give them the sweat of my nuts
Jolly The Space Pimp
Jolly The Space Pimp 5 uur geleden
I've asked this question once already. No one seems to have an answer, but I'll ask again. Could someone please explain to me how an unvaccinated person is a threat to a vaccinated person?
Alex T
Alex T 5 uur geleden
K Smith
K Smith 5 uur geleden
TDS…. What about Andrew Cuomo?
Dronesarewatchingyouwhileyoysleep 5 uur geleden
DKplayzFTW 5 uur geleden
Left wing bias made by a left wing bias news channel
Candy Szymanski
Candy Szymanski 5 uur geleden
#Racist, #Segragation really Obama?
Ralph Canfield
Ralph Canfield 5 uur geleden
Awwwwww I could care less he deserves it
hankstar NOT YOU
hankstar NOT YOU 5 uur geleden
CNN what a joke of a media news , just like all its presenters ,jokes , and Cuomo for jail along with his brother..
Fred Reinhard
Fred Reinhard 5 uur geleden
Lindsay is like that southern dish, they tried to serve in the Army you know SOS!
Herb Olson
Herb Olson 5 uur geleden
So what he does not care about anyone. Keep him away from Washington DC.