bismi lah
bismi lah 14 uur geleden
صح عندك حق
KingX Official
KingX Official 14 uur geleden
To think he’s holding my biggest fear on his arm 😭
Tycho Mallee
Tycho Mallee 14 uur geleden
Only sparkling water should work or soda. So i dont think that normal water works.
Amel Liya
Amel Liya 14 uur geleden
Megan Owens
Megan Owens 14 uur geleden
That’s not a snapping turtle if you look at its tail it means that it’s an alligator snapping turtle
Guinever GamePlay
Guinever GamePlay 14 uur geleden
Where ican buy that one
arhan show
arhan show 15 uur geleden
last person do cheating😠😠
Courtney Ruffin
Courtney Ruffin 15 uur geleden
Peppa Chungas
Peppa Chungas 15 uur geleden
Kory Little
Duante Oosthuysen
Duante Oosthuysen 15 uur geleden
Go insode secretly
Nicole Mineo
Nicole Mineo 15 uur geleden
Le dernier est malin
Alena Černá
Alena Černá 15 uur geleden
Karna Cook
Karna Cook 15 uur geleden
Bill Cipher
Bill Cipher 15 uur geleden
Kill the scorpion it brings a lot of bad stuff
Carolyn Mahala
Carolyn Mahala 15 uur geleden
Mmm forbidden boba
nightmare 15 uur geleden
Dennis Bolaños
Dennis Bolaños 16 uur geleden
That ain't laser that is light saber
Gelo legend
Gelo legend 16 uur geleden
I would sit in a pile of snakes
Gelo legend
Gelo legend 16 uur geleden
I have a ball python as well
Gerth Knudsen
Gerth Knudsen 16 uur geleden
they are really delicious
Isabella O'Brien
Isabella O'Brien 16 uur geleden
Ruh is are you home
KillSavage456 16 uur geleden
When i saw title I said “ why is this man built like me”
I am creative
I am creative 16 uur geleden
How are you not scared. If I see one far away from me I would still run away
Rose The Great
Rose The Great 16 uur geleden
Im 5'1 and i can easily clear all 3
chofong 16 uur geleden
You are supposed to keep your arm straight by your body when squeezing the gauge, just so you know.
Molly the Cat lover
Molly the Cat lover 16 uur geleden
I knew it wouldn’t work
Daniel Boyd
Daniel Boyd 16 uur geleden
Someone had to do 28 levels up 😳
Robert Viterbo
Robert Viterbo 17 uur geleden
Hanan An
Hanan An 17 uur geleden
Antonina Masua
Antonina Masua 17 uur geleden
This is fake
sat 17 uur geleden
How fake you want this to be ? Them: Yes
김밥 민윤기
김밥 민윤기 17 uur geleden
Plot twist: His roommate was the one recording in the first clip
ushamathy krishna
ushamathy krishna 17 uur geleden
Real madridddd jersey
Tofu ツ
Tofu ツ 17 uur geleden
"IM UP Next"
James Cupit
James Cupit 17 uur geleden
Why the 🤟 like no
Yehia ElTemsah
Yehia ElTemsah 17 uur geleden
I have got a fish like that wile I was fishing
Khalid Albinali
Khalid Albinali 17 uur geleden
Yo my name is khalid and I live in Qatar khalid means mortal in Arabic
Patrick the g.o.a.t
Patrick the g.o.a.t 17 uur geleden
I lost 🧠 brain power seeing this 😕 😩 😫
Roshan Kumaar
Roshan Kumaar 17 uur geleden
I went there yesterday.. He's still stuck!!
Paul Cesar Fernandez
Paul Cesar Fernandez 17 uur geleden
The fact that his pal didn't notice the balloon the moment he enters the bathroom
Ishaan K
Ishaan K 17 uur geleden
Wait he has all these pets but not a dog
Tieson Vieson
Tieson Vieson 17 uur geleden
My name it kinda like your dog name
Maggie Waring
Maggie Waring 18 uur geleden
Police watching this be like :😧😧
Michael Begley
Michael Begley 18 uur geleden
You came here to see if it worked
Plucial(player x luyciel x special)
Plucial(player x luyciel x special) 18 uur geleden
Me at the beginning: A M O G U S
Noorهعغطغععاومغغ ناف٧ففة عمو اتصل ع ٧٧٧٧ 2232
Noorهعغطغععاومغغ ناف٧ففة عمو اتصل ع ٧٧٧٧ 2232 18 uur geleden
gamingwithdrake 18 uur geleden
I think your one of the only people in the world that can let a KING SCORPION crawl on your arm and be calm about it
kingbornallah 18 uur geleden
To get killed by one
kingbornallah 18 uur geleden
I’m scared of his spider I hate spiders they are my worst fear
ROBLOX 👉ju570r👈
ROBLOX 👉ju570r👈 18 uur geleden
I found kiera or keeks
spawnboy x
spawnboy x 18 uur geleden
Get over here ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no
Giovanni Adams
Giovanni Adams 18 uur geleden
Is water in dear
Christina Foo
Christina Foo 19 uur geleden
lmaoahahahhaha 19 uur geleden
This remind me of The Megalodon movie.
•Crazyinnit😩✋🏽• 19 uur geleden
As a person with Nyctophobia( fear of the dark) Don’t do this this give people anxiety for you laughs
Mukesh Sahni
Mukesh Sahni 19 uur geleden
Nice 😃
Donte Flake
Donte Flake 19 uur geleden
Me thinking he's going to throw it in the pool 😂😂😂😂😂
Bianca JONES
Bianca JONES 19 uur geleden
15 pets wow I only have 5
L L 19 uur geleden
Ursella Levias
Ursella Levias 19 uur geleden
Johnny Lee
Johnny Lee 19 uur geleden
My man just found a living fossil that is the dinos age
Kentuckiana Down Under
Kentuckiana Down Under 19 uur geleden
I hate your pet tarantula I’m scared of it sorry
USHA NARAYAN 20 uur geleden
Dimond-YT 20 uur geleden
This is called trespassing
Gabriela MY
Gabriela MY 20 uur geleden
Ummmmmm ........... yaaaa
vel friends
vel friends 20 uur geleden
Supper man
vel friends
vel friends 20 uur geleden
Supper. Man. no. Danger. Man
Donte Flake
Donte Flake 20 uur geleden
That is so cool but it's your pet right??
Filotakiki 20 uur geleden
It's not gonna do shit. It will fall apart. I hate those 2 part videos. It can't grow more.
Lucio Zafra
Lucio Zafra 20 uur geleden
Is brent rivera
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 20 uur geleden
Obviously cheated using leg leverage at the end there.
puppy corn369
puppy corn369 20 uur geleden
Kiwi is my favorite