So Expensive Season 6 Marathon
World Wide Waste Season 1 Marathon
Felix Degenaar
Felix Degenaar 16 uur geleden
So in effect, these nannies are trained to be effective in the 19th century. Got it.
Speckled Trim
Speckled Trim 16 uur geleden
Alternative title suggestion: "How the highest paid nannies in the world train."
Lord Muushii
Lord Muushii 16 uur geleden
I'm a man but this job looks fun af
Kayas 16 uur geleden
What happened when your knowledge different than than of the family believes? You know that kind of family member, usually the elder one, what did you do when there's a possible different way of raising in the household?
UnitedEarthEmpire 16 uur geleden
They still standing today becoz they have fancy customers who love to brag about stuffs... if their business focus on ordinary people they already gone decades ago...
Anne-Christine Marcou
Anne-Christine Marcou 16 uur geleden
Athaariq Ardiansyah
Athaariq Ardiansyah 16 uur geleden
Meanwhile my nanny keep asking for a loan, she's paid well btw
Forge Ustiss
Forge Ustiss 16 uur geleden
Doesn't the uniform advertise that the nanny is looking after a kid whose parents are able to pay $170,000/year? I'd prefer a plainclothes Norland.
sigit bagus prabowo
sigit bagus prabowo 16 uur geleden
Nico 16 uur geleden
1984 it's here. I hate this world.
ratdoto 16 uur geleden
They are literally putting this 'bio plastic' in regular plastic packaging. At the end of the day they don't give a shit about the environment, they care about selling a product. Most of the green alternatives industry is a scam built on a bunch of half truths.
Harry Huang
Harry Huang 16 uur geleden
The Japanese have such bad luck honestly. If it wasn't for covid it would've been a massive success and possibly the best opening ceremony of all time, not the mention the amount of money they would've made from all the tourists and consumerism going on... Japan stepped on a big pile of shit man, that pile of shit being covid 😢😢😢
alinasomova 16 uur geleden
my cat can get the job done for $70 per month
Vic Luna
Vic Luna 16 uur geleden
Because it was too costly to host It.. and can't sustain the facilities after the Olympics it will be a white elephant for the Govt
Grand Moff Tarkin
Grand Moff Tarkin 16 uur geleden
Maybe they can hire retired Navy SEALs and Green Berets for the job.
Jew Hunter
Jew Hunter 16 uur geleden
It's...its...its beautiful🥺😍
H 16 uur geleden
Reminds me of the super nannies in The Promised Neverland anime
VIKING PREPPER 16 uur geleden
nannies are like art the price depends on the idiot willing to pay for it
Zack Khan
Zack Khan 16 uur geleden
Olympics = waste of money
Meera Somasundaram
Meera Somasundaram 16 uur geleden
Teacha Tami
Teacha Tami 16 uur geleden
Awesome though
Teacha Tami
Teacha Tami 16 uur geleden
Is it good to advertise this? hmmmmmm.
CptSpears007 16 uur geleden
Can men do it?
Lee Davis
Lee Davis 16 uur geleden
Cute 😍
mat steadyy
mat steadyy 16 uur geleden
Paris Olympic (2024) vs London Olympic (2012)
Applicable Apple
Applicable Apple 16 uur geleden
It's a scam
Zilean Icath'un
Zilean Icath'un 16 uur geleden
They label it as is but didnt actually tried to bomb it or gas it if the end comes that will be a spacious Coffin
yellow fat dog
yellow fat dog 16 uur geleden
I thought these were an npc ;(
J Lewis
J Lewis 16 uur geleden
This is the most ridiculous think I’ve seen this week.😂😂😂😂😂
GTA GAMEPLAY VIDZ 16 uur geleden
Freemasons are an embarrassment to America.
Slim 16 uur geleden
next step: learn how to stylishly open a bottle of wine using dynamite
Skoda130 16 uur geleden
You don't need to stash stuff for "a month or more", but for at least a year. But the question I've never seen asked or answered: Why would you even want to live in a post-apocalyptic world? I think I might try for a while, and see if it pans out, but I'd stash a certain pill as well.
Govind G Krishnan
Govind G Krishnan 16 uur geleden
Steve jobs : the new iphone is slower than snail , there are a thousands of camera lenses , no fingerprint no screen shot . Instagram , youtube nothing works.Price : 1000$ People : let's buy.
Gamers only
Gamers only 16 uur geleden
Not good it will take money if we desroy
Robert Rijkers
Robert Rijkers 16 uur geleden
eel is expensive everywhere since they are going extinct. eel was big in the netherlands before the ninetees as there were dozens of vendors in towns like Harderwijk lining up the highway into town....nowadays you can barely buy it anymore and only a single family of an entire ex-eelfishing town is left in the business and most of their produce goes to 5 star restaurants worldwide.
Rahul Khamamkar
Rahul Khamamkar 16 uur geleden
So after all that, they are called 'nannies'?
JCW 16 uur geleden
It costs $18,000,000 because some FOOL will pay that for it!
Maddie Hale
Maddie Hale 16 uur geleden
Why all nannies are females though..
Cpt. Rev.
Cpt. Rev. 16 uur geleden
my school started before this nanny service.... now I see how old our school is
ᄀᄋ 16 uur geleden
Imo they need a better cooking course. The "sushi" doesn't seem like sushi at all and more like Korean kimbap. Not to mention the atrocious rolling technique. Neither sushi nor kimbap will stay put if you pack the middle and roll from the edge. If it does, the whole things prob dry
David Campbell
David Campbell 16 uur geleden
That plane is designed and built in Canada, by Canadair! best fire fighting plane in the world...BUILT IN CANADA! Bridger just upgraded the thing a bit! Canadair has a new plane the CL515 even bigger and better.
Buck Roy
Buck Roy 16 uur geleden
This is the plane I want
Swastik 16 uur geleden
This video gave me CARS (Piston cup) vibes
Vivek 16 uur geleden
Hollywood producers have not come across this,a movie will be made immediately 😂
nguyen nhat
nguyen nhat 16 uur geleden
As someone from Hưng Yên, it's really nice to see one of my hometown delicacy being introduced to the world
Mr Impossibru
Mr Impossibru 16 uur geleden
I wanted to give them 20 kg of clothes, they said they were too much clothes and didn't accept them, tried to donate them, they said they can't accept them because of corona. I threw them at the garbage.
Smokedship 16 uur geleden
They should make a movie based on this. Similar to Kingsman.
Peka Chew
Peka Chew 17 uur geleden
I want to take this course before I have my own kids😂
keith mcallister
keith mcallister 17 uur geleden
I'd love to get in to one of these recycling business. I moved from trucking to waste disposal during covid and the amount of stuff we through away is insane and only made worse with so many home
True$peaker 17 uur geleden
Türkiye yangınlarından sonra anasayfasına düşenler 😔
Bromachine 17 uur geleden
generally really interested on tasting bread thats made from old breD
swat007jp 17 uur geleden
What did he say at the end ?
PUNtube 17 uur geleden
Why world is become more stupid day by day?
0042 17 uur geleden
I need an action movie about a badass nanny protecting a rich persons baby now.
Slumpy Monkey
Slumpy Monkey 17 uur geleden
They look so weak lol
Wall Street Hamster
Wall Street Hamster 17 uur geleden
not surprised. Brazil is a developing country full of corruption. no one wanted responsibility to look after these public assets. they just wanted to fill their own pockets.
cultusfetus 17 uur geleden
great now where do i sign up
Antonio Tiani
Antonio Tiani 17 uur geleden
Ciao tutti, È Antonio Alessandro Zeppo Michael Aniceto Futura Tiani 3574 gli Artista. Mi l'opere d'arte ha stato mostra nei Galleria in Bologna Italia, Gent Belgium, Paris France, New York USA, Shangai China, Vire France, Urbis Manchester Uk, Tate modern London Uk, Los Angeles USA, Strasbourg France, Tokyo Japan, Venice Italia, Amsterdam Netherlands, Copenhagen Denmark, Sydney Australia, San Francisco USA, Berlin Germany, Barcelona Spain, Lille France, Monaco France, Moscow Russia, Detroit USA. Ringraziatante per tua Supporto. Desidera megliore. Futura. 2021.
Monty Kronik
Monty Kronik 17 uur geleden
These nannies can stop other nannies from kidnapping a child. I could just pick her up and throw her across the room though
Chandradhar Rao
Chandradhar Rao 17 uur geleden
First time protesters made sense!
skrtboy 17 uur geleden
I don't care, if my dad goes on a date I'm making him hire one of these ones. I don't care if I can't take care of myself, they make sushi, I make cup ramens
Kat Macalinao
Kat Macalinao 17 uur geleden
Now I understand why a lot of the stuff in Tokyo Olympics were recycled
Bosco 17 uur geleden
this is where the chrome books went
stretch 17 uur geleden
i think ikea is one of the most sinister companies out there in regard to environmental impact.
someTrashhh 17 uur geleden
I hate kids **sees how much they get paid** So uh about that nanny job
fishy2.0 17 uur geleden
Oh it's popular in Philippines i live in the Philippines and the STUPID COVID-19 RUINED IT
Derek Pascal
Derek Pascal 17 uur geleden
Open border, kids.
Noctambulo 17 uur geleden
My cringe detector... send me here.
Derek Pascal
Derek Pascal 17 uur geleden
Thinner meats and cheese slices will save the thoughtless giant. Also, hire an old Sears or K-Mart CEO.
Mr C
Mr C 17 uur geleden
I loved going there as a kid! Jurassic Park shooting game was my favourite.
Sarah Elster
Sarah Elster 17 uur geleden
We... We are still in a pandemic. We aren't post covid
The Truth
The Truth 17 uur geleden
Meanwhile here I am with my $1 knife that last for years.
Riflebird 17 uur geleden
Nah...! Just super rich peoples bullshit. 🥲
NoJusticeNoPeace 17 uur geleden
I dumpster dive, and I used to be able to live on what I found in Subway's garbage, dozens of loaves thrown away every night, whole ten pound bags of condiments and five pound bags of cold cuts thrown away one day past the best before date. Over time the amount and quality of their garbage declined to the point I can't even find bread any more. What that tells me is franchises are cutting corners by using up stale ingredients, quietly slipping day-old bread back onto the racks.
Astuti Lko
Astuti Lko 17 uur geleden
People don't want to lose anything they can get from mother earth .........greed can never be fulfilled I'm good eating my Indian veg food ....a lot nicer than a fungus Thanks god for not providing me with all this nonsense 🙏
Andy Pandy
Andy Pandy 17 uur geleden
simple answer *HYDROPONICS*