Milxanx Lad
Milxanx Lad 5 minuten geleden
Formula 1 is superior.
AdrianJayeOnline 19 minuten geleden
amateurs, they only did one lug nut at a time
Matty 41 minuut geleden
he could clearly destroy them . he chose peace . nice .
Livu Petro
Livu Petro 49 minuten geleden
Who made the universe???
MisterGeezy 54 minuten geleden
I'm black and I say this with the utmost respect for their curiosity and adventurous nature...White people. 🙂 P.S. And he landed on his feet...from space! 👍🏽
жора котов
жора котов 54 minuten geleden
наконец-то неймар попал в свою лигу
Max Battleman
Max Battleman Uur geleden
This is so cool. I was waiting for the rotary sound. Now I have goosebumps.
Patrick Dolan
Patrick Dolan Uur geleden
Gnarly Mr Rogers fighting a class of kindergartners in a wrestling ring.
Fahad Shah
Fahad Shah Uur geleden
Why am I just seeing this now?
Conmea Alex
Conmea Alex Uur geleden
The blue lute orly wave because active ontogenetically pretend pace a abundant probation. crooked, supreme musician
RR RR Uur geleden
I wana meet who came with this idea of climbing the 360mt tower ...
nico honore
nico honore Uur geleden
why no europeans there?? or other big guys
Jon Tompkins
Jon Tompkins Uur geleden
Should have disposed of this “prank” video, it’s not worth the electricity to play it.
Tim R
Tim R 2 uur geleden
that was very slow, maybe im used to the superior F1
Max Timberwolf
Max Timberwolf 2 uur geleden
You can compare NASCAR to F1 NASCAR takes off five lugs F1 takes off one
Mark Lar
Mark Lar 2 uur geleden
No slicks in NY lol
B_Potassio 2 uur geleden
came from the article about Aimoldir Dayanbek, sadly cant find videos on her
Gozy Bot
Gozy Bot 3 uur geleden
Me when I'm late for my first flight
Chub Toad
Chub Toad 3 uur geleden
Meh. I have seen paper airplanes fly farther.
TOPGUN MAVERICK 3 uur geleden
Pretty cool. It's based on a b-25
Morton Yepiz
Morton Yepiz 3 uur geleden
The outrageous taxicab culturally enter because patient randomly repeat upon a waggish goat. peaceful, blue-eyed married
EisteeEdits 3 uur geleden
bring mir auf der stelle parkour bei
Mason Gaming
Mason Gaming 4 uur geleden
Red Bull Definitely Gave This Guy Wings
Ove 4 uur geleden
Nice try... I watched 8 minutes before I realised the field was full of females all video.. my bad
Vitor Mendes
Vitor Mendes 4 uur geleden
Not only Neymar, the girls wasn"t trying much to, there was a lot of people around them, couldn't hit hard
kanti tirkey
kanti tirkey 4 uur geleden
👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😘😘I Love it
Hans WurstseineMudda
Hans WurstseineMudda 4 uur geleden
Jop, sieht ziemlich hoch aus.
kanti tirkey
kanti tirkey 4 uur geleden
👓👓👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😇😎😎😎🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 I Love it
Monscent 4 uur geleden
I could never own a climbing rope manufacturing company. I dont want that kinda responsibility.
Ruby Grazia jane
Ruby Grazia jane 4 uur geleden
TexasGTO 4 uur geleden
What I'm the Happy Gilmore is going on here?
Monscent 4 uur geleden
That Flavio or whatever dude is camping up there
David Wright
David Wright 4 uur geleden
Erized 5 uur geleden
Now we know how gandalf and the hobbits felt, I guess. 🤭
Arif Hosen
Arif Hosen 5 uur geleden
nice hard work
Artemis 5 uur geleden
This commentary with this man barely keeping in sync with his bike while speaking is amusing
정준혁 5 uur geleden
정준혁 5 uur geleden
와 지렸네요 진짜
Sankalp Gaonkar
Sankalp Gaonkar 5 uur geleden
4:05 Neymar approves
Marcel Meinke
Marcel Meinke 5 uur geleden
Schmeiss weg den Polo, ich nehm den Truck
Technical sidique
Technical sidique 5 uur geleden
And that's how I'm go this way when urgent toilet🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Twilek MarkThisWayAfter
Twilek MarkThisWayAfter 5 uur geleden
Greg Maddox was my favorite player as a kid.
Twilek MarkThisWayAfter
Twilek MarkThisWayAfter 6 uur geleden
We all got clickbaited. No makeup, no accent...meh
Mike Holland
Mike Holland 6 uur geleden
What rating was the ladder , I may be able to do that .
Alexis Baudin
Alexis Baudin 6 uur geleden
still far from tricky though... Tricky Tricky Yeah
geeftw69 6 uur geleden
Awesome video brother 🙏🙏🙏
Sakin Ahmed
Sakin Ahmed 6 uur geleden
Billion dollar question. That F1 car or Tom Cruise, who's more handsome?
Danny Thorne
Danny Thorne 7 uur geleden
I know it wass a red bull advert with the bord and him drinking it at costoms and in the mini frige at the bar
Entertainment For You
Entertainment For You 7 uur geleden
Contsruction Worker
Contsruction Worker 7 uur geleden
Agent Y
Agent Y 7 uur geleden
So he forgot for he’s passport and ticket
Andreas Asdasd
Andreas Asdasd 8 uur geleden
"We WaNt EqUaL pAy"
Filip Valov
Filip Valov 8 uur geleden
gggggggg 8 uur geleden
Well, it's NOT a record because of one simple fact, the starting height was above the platform..... by a good 15 feet. It's what is called cheating.
Alan Walker앨런 워커
Alan Walker앨런 워커 8 uur geleden
아..! 진짜 이사람 영상은 광고가 없어서 좋다니깐 ㅋㅋㅋ
Red Bull bike moments
Red Bull bike moments 8 uur geleden
When you realise that the video goes for 14:40 minutes
Tillolenski Art
Tillolenski Art 8 uur geleden
"Tok sm sfukan" ---> "I'm so tired" 😂
Tillolenski Art
Tillolenski Art 8 uur geleden
I wanna see Magnus Mitbo do this
Tillolenski Art
Tillolenski Art 8 uur geleden
Bruh, you know that its high when you cant see the top
6602 PRINCE MATHEW 8 uur geleden
When NLfast recommends this video in 2021.
Thefanforever RBLX
Thefanforever RBLX 8 uur geleden
Sponsored by Lufthansa, Airbus and the airport it was filmed in.
Mohammad Milon
Mohammad Milon 9 uur geleden
that last goal by neymar....op
Jerre_Cop 9 uur geleden
Massive Respect!!! I guess every alpine climber smiled when they said super early start "08AM" :D
scheppes 9 uur geleden
*dab* *dab *dab* *dab* *dab *dab* *dab*
Bughatii Lovren
Bughatii Lovren 9 uur geleden
I don’t see any falling or diving so this actually was a Neymar clone
Mechaniiclive 9 uur geleden
Beste Getränk ever!
Baxter Tanner
Baxter Tanner 9 uur geleden
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Dawson Tang
Dawson Tang 9 uur geleden
2021! God speed
Conmea Alex
Conmea Alex 9 uur geleden
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drip drip
drip drip 10 uur geleden
This dude is awesome. His positivity is contagious! I feel like I didn’t want to like him at first but he won me over pretty quick
MC_WITH_J 10 uur geleden
Baxter Tanner
Baxter Tanner 10 uur geleden
The colossal list pertinently pat because pencil proportionally pick as a gigantic saudi arabia. nutritious, longing whip
Enrico Jameel Ulanday
Enrico Jameel Ulanday 10 uur geleden
Red Bull Nascar is slow at pitstops compared to other nascar teams
Conmea Alex
Conmea Alex 10 uur geleden
The untidy heaven descriptively pass because creator initially touch in a icy explanation. changeable, loutish advantage
KinеMoment 11 uur geleden
У меня когда в подъезде клапан придавит я так же залетаю домой, отточенными движениями переобуваюсь в тапочки и лечу на унитаз... Глаза сузились, пространство раздвинулос...