Siti Parti
Siti Parti 27 minuten geleden
China's road network: ------~~~~\√π|~---+/ My country's road network---. ---- 💀
Hamza Mohammedsadeeq
Hamza Mohammedsadeeq 43 minuten geleden
The cinematography in this video deserves praise.
Preston Darrough
Preston Darrough 47 minuten geleden
Jeremy's bottom two shirt buttons are working overtime.
Alex Stauffer
Alex Stauffer Uur geleden
Whoever did the Amazon X-ray should be fired. They put *zero* effort in for Lochdown. All it showed the whole episode was "the presenters are x, y, and z". Abbie wasn't even mentioned(!) but for voice over.
Alex Stauffer
Alex Stauffer 55 minuten geleden
Why would I continue to buy access when the prodution itself doesn't care to make use of unique features: behind the scenes facts, cast lists, background songs, hero car make/model.
Kim Kim
Kim Kim Uur geleden
Britain is Dooooooomed, you haven’t been to Uganda mate🥴🥴🥴🥴
Jose Antonio Felipe Saddul
Jose Antonio Felipe Saddul 17 minuten geleden
Funny you say that
Thomas Fletcher
Thomas Fletcher Uur geleden
That might be the only mercedes I could drive ( needs a supercharger though )
Sho and Jacob Mad Eatz
Sho and Jacob Mad Eatz 2 uur geleden
One of the funniest GT specials
danny waccoe
danny waccoe 3 uur geleden
Its on for 2min as an advert on prime
Mystery Everlasting
Mystery Everlasting 3 uur geleden
Even KJV Bible says that the last shall be made 1st and the 1st shall be made the last. ( King James was doo doo/disgusting and a killer of women). Europeans need to see the bottom. Under their rule it has been nothing but death and destruction and deceit so manipulative that only the devil could have taught them.
Lu 3 uur geleden
He keeps talking about miles, and I have no idea what those numbers mean. Like, what is 36 miles? A little over 40km?
Jose Antonio Felipe Saddul
Jose Antonio Felipe Saddul 16 minuten geleden
It’s around 58 km. 1 mile ≈ 1.6 km.
Gold Sky Beats
Gold Sky Beats 4 uur geleden
I’d love to ask the builders if they accounted for the curvature of the earth. They’ll say no because we don’t live on a spinning ball in space!
Rahul Raj Rai
Rahul Raj Rai 4 uur geleden
Honestly man I wish I had the cash to this kind of fuckery for fun
Twisted Stone
Twisted Stone 4 uur geleden
Glad Jeremy didn't laugh too much or he could have taken someones eye out...
Robert 4 uur geleden
wish you guys the best health
Graham Chan
Graham Chan 4 uur geleden
Dont worry, it was all intentionally put into place way back in 1970.,the lima convention was signed onto by freemason politicians ..another puzzle put into place ...and now we have medical Marshall law lockdowns ,while non western countries enjoy freedoms .... Watch professor Walter veith on NLfast titled "" United nations and the occult agenda "" the secret behind secret societies "" revolution, tyrants and wars "" a new world order "" ... Must watch or alternatively, go back to sleep...
yep me
yep me 5 uur geleden
Did you take the code put it against the mirror and try upside down sideways
ReefMimic 5 uur geleden
I thought he was all better now . Did he hurt himself again?
Skills Scouting
Skills Scouting 5 uur geleden
James may are u Gandalf aren’t you?
r4plez 5 uur geleden
totally not staged, totally. My god ppl are dumb
Dj Zeuz Bluez
Dj Zeuz Bluez 5 uur geleden
Yeah but they build all that shit on forced labour or twenty cents an hour otherwise why ordinary chinese are fleeing to the west in their thousands
S.R 87
S.R 87 5 uur geleden
New cars suck