I'm The Real Life Elsa
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My Amazing Life As A Nomad
I Live With Jealous Psychos
Vonny Gunawan
Vonny Gunawan 12 uur geleden
Very interesting story
Quinn Anne Cedabia
Quinn Anne Cedabia 12 uur geleden
So good
Amiah Baladez
Amiah Baladez 12 uur geleden
LOVE THIS STORY and how it ends with tanner loves her
Gaming with Wx(Nickname)
Gaming with Wx(Nickname) 12 uur geleden
Love it!!
Yati Automobiles
Yati Automobiles 12 uur geleden
Yati Automobiles
Yati Automobiles 12 uur geleden
Aaryan Patankar
Aaryan Patankar 12 uur geleden
I loved the whole story I knew that either it's gonna be tanner or Lucas more likely tanner at a point I thought Lucas is reallly in love but... But somewhere I think this is like the one who has money wins? I actually use to recommendation from this channel everyday but I use to think it's not of use but now... Amazing unbelievable
Nickita's vlog
Nickita's vlog 12 uur geleden
The song at the last was so cuteeeeee
Life is fun with Aanya
Life is fun with Aanya 12 uur geleden
Who agree with me that after watching two three stories , we are addicted to mystoryanimated🙋‍♀️
Tolihring Wango
Tolihring Wango 12 uur geleden
Plisss make this kind of story ❤️❤️
Lulwah Alazhari
Lulwah Alazhari 12 uur geleden
I subscribed
Julia Durnford
Julia Durnford 12 uur geleden
I love your videos
Im Emma
Im Emma 12 uur geleden
Good story
Cooper D's FunTV
Cooper D's FunTV 12 uur geleden
I’m top 1 prob
Lila Marchese
Lila Marchese 12 uur geleden
Is your mom going to put your boyfriend in the.
Shanzay xookies
Shanzay xookies 12 uur geleden
I don’t know why they look like Norman ray and don but animated
Giovanna Perrins
Giovanna Perrins 12 uur geleden
More animation pls best quality love it
•YuKi_ KOrudO•
•YuKi_ KOrudO• 12 uur geleden
I can't help it but to fall for a frictional characters😭😭😭✋🏻✋🏻
Punjabi Jatt
Punjabi Jatt 12 uur geleden
Everybody gangsta until it says “True Story”
Karen Mae F. Alingkayon
Karen Mae F. Alingkayon 13 uur geleden
Hajar Timouzar
Hajar Timouzar 13 uur geleden
Her:I don’t have friends Trish:what am i a roach
I have no name
I have no name 13 uur geleden
I can't subscribe every time I subscribe and I go check some different channels and I saw that I didn't subscribe I'm sorry
SSR 13 uur geleden
Irish group here 👇
Rawr Rawr
Rawr Rawr 13 uur geleden
5:50 man are you islamaphobic or? Lol
Jiina Seokjin
Jiina Seokjin 13 uur geleden
Every story animated start be like "when I was four...."
Bharathi's K!NGD0M
Bharathi's K!NGD0M 13 uur geleden
Who else like sssniperwolf
Abbas anb gdear Abbas and gdear
Abbas anb gdear Abbas and gdear 13 uur geleden
I hope to speak English،،
Palwasha Khan
Palwasha Khan 13 uur geleden
can you make a video on my experance beaing a Pakistani
Mahdiya Rahman
Mahdiya Rahman 13 uur geleden
Really ? You gave youur boyfriend ?
unknown 💯
unknown 💯 13 uur geleden
Somehow I really like this 😂😂
Rehena Sunuwar
Rehena Sunuwar 13 uur geleden
bruhhhhhhh u are bisexual
Liz Renee
Liz Renee 13 uur geleden
Jiina Seokjin
Jiina Seokjin 13 uur geleden
Suha Khalid
Suha Khalid 13 uur geleden
Am I the only one who notice the finger heart??
Ur3ss 13 uur geleden
What is this traced shit, old animations were better
꧁grilled_ Cherry꧂
꧁grilled_ Cherry꧂ 13 uur geleden
Lol the thumbnail is soo cool I think she’s charlie
Jum-P 13 uur geleden
very cute story B)
SALEESH K V 13 uur geleden
Oh my Gose
Julius Mason
Julius Mason 13 uur geleden
Wait isn't that her mom she has a necklace but I think the heart is like under her shirt which is the principal!!!
TANG CHENG WEI Moe 13 uur geleden
why your book got goo-goo-ga-ga
Dadrie- Sinclair
Dadrie- Sinclair 13 uur geleden
Hasten 13 uur geleden
What happened to the animation I thought it was improvd heheh
Aradavecanete Canete
Aradavecanete Canete 13 uur geleden
Boooooo boys have codes.
Nahzzear Irizarry
Nahzzear Irizarry 13 uur geleden
Box Delivery 📦
Box Delivery 📦 13 uur geleden
Dhar Mann: “We’re not just telling stories, we’re changing lives.” My Story Animated: “We’re not just telling stories, we’re curing boredom.” 🤣🤣
Beachie🤭 13 uur geleden
He <_< like a jerk 😀
Shadowgamer 879
Shadowgamer 879 13 uur geleden
POV: you came from TikTok
Mihin Rila
Mihin Rila 13 uur geleden
First of all don't you know the spelling of ruined
cecille 13 uur geleden
ᗷᕼO ᗷᕼᗩ ᗷOOO シ
ᗷᕼO ᗷᕼᗩ ᗷOOO シ 13 uur geleden
Tanner right? his accent ✨😛
lily_roblox 13 uur geleden
The thing they changed the title I'm the real life Rapunzel To something else
Nina Lol
Nina Lol 13 uur geleden
Satou chan
Satou chan 13 uur geleden
Great animation , compliments for the illustrator ❤️❤️ this really inspired me
Sin jin San
Sin jin San 13 uur geleden
Was this opposite days in this video cause there's so much goin on?
Azaria Johnson
Azaria Johnson 13 uur geleden
Roma Mate
Roma Mate 13 uur geleden
Did tiara just propose to Ethan! 🤭🤭
김연아 13 uur geleden
nooo the white haired boy is more cute tho 😭
UriginaLMuffy 13 uur geleden
My story animated is always clickbaiting us😢
S. U.
S. U. 13 uur geleden
According to part 1, Brad's arrested. Why's nobody talking about that, can anyone explain?
Kylie_Mint 13 uur geleden
OMG i like the animation yiiiiiiii i want moreeeee
Alexis - Roblox
Alexis - Roblox 13 uur geleden
Gacha Mari
Gacha Mari 13 uur geleden
U copied Anastasia s story XD,nice story too
Ajuzie Bernard Maduabuchi
Ajuzie Bernard Maduabuchi 13 uur geleden
You find you're brother and i'm italan too (and lithuanian) but i liv in romania
Sokhear 28 01 1983 Lak
Sokhear 28 01 1983 Lak 13 uur geleden
Wait what i forgot the white hear guy name when he was reading read the book name
It’s Me!
It’s Me! 13 uur geleden
I really love these animations please do more of those animations
Imani Gani
Imani Gani 13 uur geleden
Me too please do more of them!!! <3
7C 12 Diya Deshmukh
7C 12 Diya Deshmukh 13 uur geleden
°lengendary death gaming°
°lengendary death gaming° 13 uur geleden
Make animation like these more pls
Mary Ann Fugaban
Mary Ann Fugaban 13 uur geleden
I like the animation better on the last video
Azaria Johnson
Azaria Johnson 13 uur geleden
GachaYuri 13 uur geleden
Why din't u just ask ur other classmates to stay on -_-
•Vanxssi• 13 uur geleden
Emmily Ekofo
Emmily Ekofo 13 uur geleden
Oops she did it again😭🤣
Azaria Johnson
Azaria Johnson 13 uur geleden
Jacob Jones
Jacob Jones 13 uur geleden
Haha 😂
Jacob Jones
Jacob Jones 13 uur geleden
sahra 13 uur geleden
i was rooting for lucas 😫