First Ever Super Heavy Static Fire
Trigger Point Technology, Control the Light, Control the Fight
Trigger Point Technology, Control the Light, Control the Fight 21 uur geleden
I thought this was a joke. 29 in 8 hours? That’s averaging 17 minutes per engine!! If anything convinces you of Musk’s commitment to rapid iteration, it’s this.
slimj091 21 uur geleden
Guys!....... IT'S HAPPENING!
araflo. hd
araflo. hd 21 uur geleden
They're way beyond warp 9 my boiz
Pelle Brink
Pelle Brink 21 uur geleden
Installing 29 raptors without Mary catching any of it on film is god damn impressive..
mikker29y 21 uur geleden
Makes you wonder if it really happened.
Balaji Kartha
Balaji Kartha 21 uur geleden
It is Boeing and their Starliner's upcoming second attempt to reach the ISS (without any crew) is what is goding guys here! This flight will puncture all the air out of that attempt ! 😁👍
Klaus R
Klaus R 21 uur geleden
It's beyond my comprehension what these engineer's bank $. Talk about stack while you stack $...
KaBup 21 uur geleden
Holy crap!
mycroft16 21 uur geleden
Nitpick, but 7:40 is not the launch site. That's the Sanchez site.
EveryThirdNotThursday 21 uur geleden
I can't wait to stand outside my house and listen to the roar of those 29 Raptor Engines, it's going to be amazing !! ( I live in Illinois )
Marcel Gerber
Marcel Gerber 21 uur geleden
Thanks Mary and team......we watching mega history......Go Elon, Go Spacex......
Thomas Goodwin
Thomas Goodwin 22 uur geleden
As Elon has pointed out, building a prototype is easy. Building an assembly line factory is a (explicatively enhanced indicator of extreme difficulty)!
New Mail
New Mail 22 uur geleden
Step in my transporter so I can teleport ya, she's just a COSMIC GIRL .... Jamiroquai
John Smith
John Smith 22 uur geleden
Surely this is just a fit check?? Why no pressure\ ram tests on the vessel. My guess is they will take them all off again tonight
J J 22 uur geleden
This is gonna get exciting!
Krzysztof Wiszowaty
Krzysztof Wiszowaty 22 uur geleden
Absolutely incredible speed!!
John Doe
John Doe 22 uur geleden
It will be one heck if a static fire test on this one....
andromenia1 22 uur geleden
Who knew raptors were plug and play hardware :)
Communist Cheese
Communist Cheese 22 uur geleden
It almost looks weird, like we’ve seen this in rendering but now… holy shit I can’t believe we are within weeks of this flying
Bill Martin
Bill Martin 22 uur geleden
Why'm I starting to get nervous? I'm supposed to be getting used to all this...
Merk Ridge
Merk Ridge 22 uur geleden
Man, all this incredible hard work just to see it all go in the dunker off of Kauai. Hope there’s a plan to salvage it.
Ken MacIver
Ken MacIver 22 uur geleden
When the history of Moon Mars Space colonisation is written and the question is asked. What was the single most important invention or piece of technology that made all this possible? The answer is simply going to be cherry picker, 🍒
TheMovieLoft 22 uur geleden
Holy moly that’s incredible work, under the cover of darkness, boy are they going for it
Nemo X
Nemo X 22 uur geleden
Oh i just looked it up and it's only supposed to have 29 engines for now? weird.
Oleksandr Honcharov
Oleksandr Honcharov 22 uur geleden
Progress is insane, installation of 29 raptors is a miraculous cherry on the top!
Space Reptile
Space Reptile 22 uur geleden
im crossing my fingers, toes, arms & legs that this thing does not explode
Cynical Miscreant
Cynical Miscreant 22 uur geleden
I'm going to lol if the massive thrust rips the booster apart... Raptors: Haha,*flex*
ZentiicV 22 uur geleden
when the lift the booster on to the pad we are going to be able to see all of those raptors and its going to be crazy
Kavriel 22 uur geleden
Guys, I think the starbase crew is starting to believe.
fly-by-fit 22 uur geleden
First time I watched the entire video. Just because so much is happening 🤩
Cynical Miscreant
Cynical Miscreant 22 uur geleden
It's looks weird ...
hawkdsl 22 uur geleden
That's the best picture you could get of B4 fully loaded? You guys are slipping.
ktmbandit 22 uur geleden
Is it possible that the "mystery structure" is a part of the orbital launch table? It almost looks like the center has hold-down clamps. Edit: Look at an aerial view of the inside of the OLT, and then look around the base of the "mystery structure". It looks like they may both match pretty well.
mikker29y 22 uur geleden
Elon Musk & Co working their asses off to make things happen. Jeff Bezos - busy bribing Congress........ and failing.
Sven Beowulfsson
Sven Beowulfsson 22 uur geleden
The manufacturer of the big kranes name is a German and is written "Liebherr"!!!
Omer Hadass
Omer Hadass 22 uur geleden
29 over night, thets just crazy
Lola Nene
Lola Nene 22 uur geleden
I'd be curious to know how much a Raptor engine costs .../ Sarei curioso di sapere quanto costa un motore Raptor...
TheWheels1965 22 uur geleden
Wow that site needs more concrete fast!
Aakash Deep
Aakash Deep 22 uur geleden
They have been too fast in last 4 days...from the unstacked booster and the Ship 20 without the nose cone to a Ship 20 with Thermal protection and 3 Rap.Vac. , the booster with grid fins and 29 Raptors.
BOliver91 22 uur geleden
I find it curious that they didn't install more TPS on the nosecone before stacking it that high. Also they are missing a few on the flaps. It's almost like they are testing if it can reenter with a less than perfect heat shield.
jan b.
jan b. 22 uur geleden
darthjump 22 uur geleden
That´s the moment where i go "Elon, you can run before you walk but don´t jump to hyperspace yet."
rawiri michael dawson
rawiri michael dawson 22 uur geleden
I doubted the raptor's would go on so fast
brianmcrock 22 uur geleden
WOW! Just... I mean... wow.
Brian Atkinson
Brian Atkinson 22 uur geleden
Impressive! Glad to see there's a place in this country that people know how to work. I love to work and learn as much as I can. Most of the people I meet seem to want to do as little as possible. I hope all this investment works out for them.... 'tis a ton of negative cash flow (at the moment).
Rehan Emran
Rehan Emran 22 uur geleden
its amazing how spacex installed 29 engines on the booster in one night, truly incredible
Wayne The Seine
Wayne The Seine 22 uur geleden
I thought, "No way is NSF using clickbait." 29 Raptors.....come on. What a marvel. Thank you Mary.
Aarons123 22 uur geleden
(Reads title) yeah I already knew Super Heavy is going to have 29 raptors... (Reads title again) *uh wait hol up*
Wayne Levett
Wayne Levett 22 uur geleden
Just unbelievable. All I did was slept. WOW 🥺
Ken Chan
Ken Chan 22 uur geleden
Dont they usually add/remove engine on the launch pad.
Gene Lomas
Gene Lomas 22 uur geleden
Concrete Pumper at Launch Site @7:45.. This is actually the gas works site.
john hopkins
john hopkins 22 uur geleden
Is SpaceX it's own contractor? are the welders union? (wonder how many different corners of the planet they came from... welders for the Alaska Pipeline was very seriously good money, for only the best stainless welders in the business)
jcoghill2 22 uur geleden
How do you install 29 Raptors in one night? Never heard of anything like this ever! You got 29 people installing them? It's a freaking miracle! I was sure this was a month away. Nice to be wrong. It's light the fire time!
Andrew Farrow
Andrew Farrow 22 uur geleden
Hang on. Isn't SpaceX getting carried away here. Doesn't one of the boosters need to be load tested with all those hydraulic rams. If not B4 it will have to be B3 if the thrust pick is the same design.
Dan Alexander
Dan Alexander 22 uur geleden
At ~14 ish million pounds of thrust, this could be now the world's most powerful rocket. Considering it's only a prototype. Holy cow.
Gammon Latrell
Gammon Latrell 22 uur geleden
Mankind literally racing to space! It’s so awesome. Thankyou Elon, Space X and Mary
Simon Eriksson
Simon Eriksson 22 uur geleden
Have they even started stacking Starship 21 yet? so slow ...
Weekly Dose of SpaceX
Weekly Dose of SpaceX 22 uur geleden
I remember they swapped out a few raptors on SN9 or something overnight and everyone thought that was fast. Well, now they've done 29 FUCKING RAPTORS IN ONE NIGHT!!!!
mikker29y 22 uur geleden
From flying grain silo (SN5) to fully stacked orbital Starship in 12 months, not bad, not bad.
Joakim Rehn
Joakim Rehn 22 uur geleden
All those raptors gives me N-1 vibes
R G 22 uur geleden
psycho !
mexes rexes
mexes rexes 22 uur geleden
Space X: We installed 29 raptors in 1 night😎😋 NASA: 😯😯😳😳🥺🥺😱
Bruno DitDaddy
Bruno DitDaddy 22 uur geleden
Hello, I think the mysterious structure is the suspension set for receiving the booster, what do you think?
Pablo Martin
Pablo Martin 22 uur geleden
joel noronha
joel noronha 22 uur geleden
So the booster will directly do a static fire?
Ferdi 22 uur geleden
@NASAspaceflight - no question about watching this in "real time" THIS is how fast SPACEX is actually moving!!!
Gaming Peanut
Gaming Peanut 22 uur geleden
Anti-government and flat earthers seeing his actually becoming a thing; UH, UH, IT'S ALL CARBOARD! AND TNT IS USED FOR THE STATIC FIRE TESTS! IT WIL NEVER LAUNCH, AH HA! I CAN SEE THE CARDBOARD FROM HERE! HA HA SO DUMB YALL! HA HA! I assume the number of flat earthers will drop dramatically when starship flights are affordable.
Atermagister 22 uur geleden
I always thought you where speeding up the footage... But apparently you're slowing it down, so we can actually see what's going on... 😅 The speed of progress over there is just INSANE... 😳
lqsers 22 uur geleden
I remember being hyped af for the SN5 150m hop. I really did think I was going to wait a minimum of 2023 to see Orbital Starship based on how underdeveloped the infrastructure was and ship development. *11 months* later we're going to see Starship being stacked onto Super Heavy soon.
ANODOMINATE 22 uur geleden
Now things are moving really fast at an incredible speed just think 1 NIGHT and 29 RAPTORS
Kevin Bond
Kevin Bond 22 uur geleden
This is awesome. That's a team of excellence
Aakash Deep
Aakash Deep 22 uur geleden
Wow!...Grid fins Instal, all 3 Rap Vac. Delivery, Launch Table, SN20 completion with Tiles.....FSAT n FURIOUS.....⚡🏍️🚄🚀🎆
SmogandBlack 22 uur geleden
I'm overwhelmed... we (we? 🤔) are doing it... oh, my Gods 😱... and thanks for the videos guys, as always 😊...
New Mail
New Mail 22 uur geleden
RJ C 22 uur geleden
Remarkable work capturing this!
zapfanzapfan 22 uur geleden
That is not a timelaps, that is how fast they are working :-)
Pablo Martin
Pablo Martin 22 uur geleden
Wow !!!! incredible !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Who!? 22 uur geleden
waffle 626262
waffle 626262 22 uur geleden
Lets just hope that this wont be another N1
mchlmrtz 22 uur geleden
WOW! They're moving at Einstein speed
Martin Vasilev
Martin Vasilev 22 uur geleden
My brain is going to explode!!!!🤯🤯🤯🤯 How they did that in one night!?!
james demler
james demler 22 uur geleden
Wow ! Imagine being able to accomplish all this without the aid of union workers! Mind boggling.🤪