How Israel's Iron Dome Works
Jinkxer 7 uur geleden
imagine gaming in the future and screaming your head off because you get put on a earth server when you live in mars and u get 1 million ping.
IT Wolf
IT Wolf 7 uur geleden
You blow my mind multiple times ... Good job!
Murad 1988
Murad 1988 7 uur geleden
Long live an independent Kurdistan in turkey iraq and syria.
Yvonne Greig
Yvonne Greig 7 uur geleden
What about Scotland and Wales
Ianiant 7 uur geleden
That looks like the route my grandparents took to school.
Ian Foote
Ian Foote 7 uur geleden
If we created one huge suburban sprawl, and put all of humanity in it, we would all fit in Texas.
Aneet 7 uur geleden
There was a guy whi conqured and rule Kabul and khandhar. Not one but twice, first in 1812 than 1825, he was Sikh general Hari Singh Nalwa. Lieutenant to King of Punjab Maharaja Ranjit Singh. The history is worth reading.
NotPercy 7 uur geleden
Jawad-ul- Aimey
Jawad-ul- Aimey 7 uur geleden
Kashmir is muslim majority should be given to Pakistan totally
Je11o 7 uur geleden
Why it isn’t- nuclear missiles.
Dear Angel
Dear Angel 7 uur geleden
Aleksandar The Great: "Challenge accepted!"
Angelos Rocos
Angelos Rocos 7 uur geleden
Why would anybody conquer this shitty country.
Merijn Fluitman
Merijn Fluitman 7 uur geleden
Imagine how bad corona would have been.
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0:07-0:08 The iconic Modern-day Tsunami disasters
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Pixel Craft 7 uur geleden
Pixel Craft
Pixel Craft 7 uur geleden
Unless they Australia is bigger
Gabriel Malefetse
Gabriel Malefetse 7 uur geleden
Did he just say Earth's ocean is only 11km deep?
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John Patterson 7 uur geleden
Musks' fantasy cars shouldn't be included. Unless you want to include my fantasy car that can do the quarter mile faster than the Top Fuel Dragster.
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This whole content is a sales ad 😂
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TurnStyleGames 7 uur geleden
I think a key feature that's often Afghanistan isn't really a country, or a modern one. That title has been more or less foisted on them. The region consists of a bunch of disparate tribes, identities, religions, languages, etc. They're a country only in so much as it says so on a map. They have little to no interest (or capability) to control, secure, or run their "country" as other nations see it.
The K
The K 7 uur geleden
Pakistan put a fence on their border to increase security and try to decrease crime? Thats so racist and xenophobic!!!!
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If someone completed this challenge today, they would have spent all of the pandemic and every other thing since 2018 on the road
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Because everyone would complain lol
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Ocean is deep but now deeper than love for family - Dom 2021
Im Mosi
Im Mosi 8 uur geleden
Thanks for such a useful and creative video that u made for my country. Its so sad that my country is at war from the day that i opened my eyes till now, i never feelt that im secure that i can stop thinking about getting killed in bomb attacks. i don't have anything to say about the governs that are behind this story. but i hope one day my country get secure that all of my people can comeback to their country and stay together.
Adam Anouer
Adam Anouer 7 uur geleden
I'll give you a like purely because it's nice to know there are actual human beings out in Afghanistan.
Siam 8 uur geleden
just a shithole init
Stefan Milojević
Stefan Milojević 8 uur geleden
If 16 minutes is to long for you, here is an answer. Why is Afghanistan so hard to conquer? 1) Americans supported Talibans before and gave them weapons, which backfired them now. USSR would wipe them from existence without USA interference, logistics, training, weapons and help for Talibans. 2) Americans don't tryhard to conquer Afghanistan, but to fight Talibans, and also, why would you even conquer and hold Afghanistan, lol... 3) Pakistan.
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3:40 i was expecting Toyota Corolla as the car
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Afghan all the way 🇦🇫👑
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Mother base was destroyed. Venom Snake is dead, Long live Big Boss.
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So you’re telling me my little buddy is a good 3 inches in Az and in north Canada it’ll look huge!?
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I have in ireland😂
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An hotel in ur building?
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man whats the song playin on background
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some places just belong in the pre-historic era.
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keyword : "only"
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5:07 The best part :)😊😉👍
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now turn off that awful american accent and we'll have some actually semi interesting videos to watch
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Poor land, everyone thinks how to conquer it.
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Pov Southafrika: lets drive quick to Chile
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When i hear poshtoon i feel proud
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actually, it´s 1/2, or 50%. either you hit it or you dont
Un Known
Un Known 8 uur geleden
The years has proven that the afghans , arabs and Germans are the best fighters.
Infradig 8 uur geleden
If you're from Texas, why do you always refer to everything in "kilometers"?
Ameer Khalid
Ameer Khalid 8 uur geleden
I have become so mentally strong living in Afghanistan
Fawad Rehman
Fawad Rehman 8 uur geleden
Uday g
Uday g 8 uur geleden
Trying to conquer Afghanistan without invading Pakistan first means impossible... They are two faced they support Taliban and take money from America in fighting terrorism
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Drop atomic bomb then new generation will be live life free air
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Ok I’m amazed rn, the first clip you show is the fountain show in Las Vegas, I just saw that a week ago
The frost thing
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CLICKBAIT this isn't the longest distance between 2 points it is the longest distance that you can calculate on Google maps you lazy shithead
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So we can finally get rid of Florida.
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So update on that asteroid the worth of Starbucks we never sent that rocket so f**k
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Its power of JIHAD
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Curiosity stream and nebula has sponsored real life lore for lifetime...
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Wanna start a global pandemic? Visit wuhan
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Don’t get it! You have to conquer the surrounding borders before going in! Because they not trying to help you! Why keep attending this foolishness way of war!
James French
James French 8 uur geleden
Surprised how small an island Great Britain is, yet so many from faraway much bigger lands aspire to emigrate there. Shows how mighty it is.
Joshua Shalet
Joshua Shalet 8 uur geleden
I hate mercator projection
cherubin7th 8 uur geleden
How to commit theft/scam and get away with it? Become a government, and people fall for it.
Xtreme Life&fitness
Xtreme Life&fitness 8 uur geleden
amazing how this is all stated as fact. we dont know whats gonna happen in a few years
Chris Botos
Chris Botos 8 uur geleden
Answer: It is not ,it has been conquared by over 20 empires and kingdoms for hunderds of years. It is just a phrase affer the failure of the British
Just Nicro
Just Nicro 8 uur geleden
Ok, but why Cremia is Russia?
Cormac Mac Cárthaigh
Cormac Mac Cárthaigh 8 uur geleden
"You would just hit a rock, *die,* hit another rock, and then roll down the mountain in more of a tumbling movement. -RealLifeLore Guy 2019
stenka rasin
stenka rasin 8 uur geleden
Let's see now, I seem to recall that a fellow called Alexander managed to conquer that entire area, as had the Persians and some of the Mongol tribes through the centuries.
iClapMaster Yeet
iClapMaster Yeet 8 uur geleden
I appreciate that you are talking about NLfast’s algorithms and are willing to make videos about what NLfast doesn’t want you to talk about
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Is Ebola Still Dangerous Today? Fixed that title for you 🤙🏼
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Your Dad 8 uur geleden
Once was a part of greater India then conquered by British
Michael Heider
Michael Heider 8 uur geleden
Lets see how China is going to do it. Give them money for acces sounds good. Are the Taliban related to the mushahidi ?
Carlos Rivera
Carlos Rivera 8 uur geleden
People will put their time an energy believing something supernatural happened but it was definitely some cause of someone aboard the plane ✈️. A lot of tampering from someone on the plane would take more than one person
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Well You guys must have to say that"impossible word' after u got ur asses beaten out of afghanistan🤣🤣🤣🤣
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Nobody got beaten. Your country is irrelevant & the US lost interest.
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Next video: How many Toyota corollas have passed the US Canada border after it opened
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I will take your entire stock
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I just wish partition didn't happened 🤦... There would not have been any conflict on Kashmir and this mess wouldn't have made as well
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I saw a video three months before, Today I have seen this video,I like it👍,It is very educative , informative, exiting, Knowledgeable.I appreciate you to create more and more.
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Someone should have thought Americans this lesson 20 years ago. It would’ve save thousands of lives and trillions of dollars.
Wolfyyy Ranchh
Wolfyyy Ranchh 8 uur geleden
Sad part is North Koreans experience a famine after the collapse of the soviet union