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6 maanden geleden
Skinny Nugget Smith
Skinny Nugget Smith 9 uur geleden
CheeseNuggs 9 uur geleden
Do jungle cruise
Crysis713 9 uur geleden
Please say “kid fight, kid fight, kid fight” and make an honest trailer of The owl house.
Igorowan 9 uur geleden
Could you do every Dreamworks movie, because they released 2 movies this year and no one noticed/cared.
Eddy The Dyna-Goose
Eddy The Dyna-Goose 9 uur geleden
The Suicide Squad needs to be done next!
roweland reid
roweland reid 9 uur geleden
Yay! It's August!! Could we have summer blockbuster Flash Gordon now please?
JustinJR 9 uur geleden
5:29 Method man said that, not RZA…just saying
Carlos Jr.
Carlos Jr. 9 uur geleden
hahahahah 'Wu Tang Clan', nice!
THE GAMER 9 uur geleden
Please say :"no one good is ever truly good and no one bad is ever truly bad"
Sebastian P
Sebastian P 9 uur geleden
My seven year old son is chanting kid fight now
ANDY LIKES 9 uur geleden
I think the first GI Joe was a good laugh tbh 2nd one for me was naff
KWiNK 9 uur geleden
Say: "This message will self-destruct in five seconds."
TheToonMonkey 9 uur geleden
In fairness, bombing their own troops (or coalition partners) is pretty damn accurate.
Barbara Joseph-Adam
Barbara Joseph-Adam 9 uur geleden
Oh, snap.
Ken Guy II
Ken Guy II 9 uur geleden
Seriously? Brendan Frasier in only one scene? Such a waste! 😤
Filipino Introvert
Filipino Introvert 9 uur geleden
Please Say "Padayon"
MADARA UCHIHA 9 uur geleden
Isn't that milk comment like 4 years old... They already did that.. F**k why am I still subscribed
Jay Michaels
Jay Michaels 9 uur geleden
Honest Trailer for 1917
Morten Ødegård
Morten Ødegård 9 uur geleden
It’s so sad seeing Bruce Willis in newer movies. Although I think he’s fairly good in Death Wish.
Will Sullivan
Will Sullivan 9 uur geleden
Please say: ” Next week, we'll be doing an honest trailer for Lucy. No take backs."
Lee Gannon
Lee Gannon 9 uur geleden
Full Force!!! Anyone who gets this reference doesn't have to fight a half faced clone of Megatron in the London sewers.
Anuj Kuumar
Anuj Kuumar 9 uur geleden
The logo looks different. Did it get a haircut?
NewKingofControversy P Kelley.
NewKingofControversy P Kelley. 9 uur geleden
Okay, where is Loki?!
Artoria Pendragon
Artoria Pendragon 9 uur geleden
Please say "Wow" like Owen Wilson
Jones Jones
Jones Jones 9 uur geleden
Please Say: "Why you going to the airport, flying somewhere!?"
c_ez 9 uur geleden
was that a goof, or is the RZA really in Snake Eyes? Because thats pretty sweet honestly
Barbara Joseph-Adam
Barbara Joseph-Adam 9 uur geleden
I... read that ENTIRELY the wrong way. Okay, Babs, you’re done. No more pron for you.
Aaron Kotte
Aaron Kotte 9 uur geleden
Damn, that Kid Fight chant just killed me.
Jenz Cadianza
Jenz Cadianza 9 uur geleden
Hey! Honest Trailer Guy! DO THE OFFICE!! 🤣
Yann Steunou-Murray
Yann Steunou-Murray 9 uur geleden
say Ahaba-haba-yum-yum
GenerationWest 9 uur geleden
I haven't watched the movie in a decade, and now I just realized that Brendan Frazier was only in one scene?! No wonder I never remembered it!
KingEgyptian 9 uur geleden
Oddly enough Michael Bay seems like the perfect fit for G.I. Joe.
William Anthony
William Anthony 9 uur geleden
You guys gotta do an Honest Trailer for the greatest movie ever: The Wraith (1986).
MegaTimmytommy 9 uur geleden
Any chance we could get an honest trailer for The Mitchells Vs the Machines?
Marcus Lopez
Marcus Lopez 9 uur geleden
That kid fight was more intense then the ending of both movies… that Asian kid is the kid from “tropic thunder” he was a little fighting and acting monster back then…. Simple jack
fanofpink 9 uur geleden
Please for my birthday next week say Happy birthday.
Daniel Cyburt
Daniel Cyburt 9 uur geleden
Please say, “And now, I present to you, the 8th wonder of the world, the backside of water!”
Nymphonomicon 9 uur geleden
'played by actors who didn't speak German' - except for Vigo the Carpathian... who gets like three lines total.
Mark Myers
Mark Myers 9 uur geleden
Haters gonna hate.
Diego Hernandez
Diego Hernandez 9 uur geleden
Pls say "i can't wait to see more Michael Bay masterpieces" 🤣
swarm87 9 uur geleden
Do The Thing next
nniizzaa 9 uur geleden
Do snake eyes next.
Mike Faller
Mike Faller 9 uur geleden
Not your best work but far better than any of the movies. My lamp is better than the movies and I don't own a lamp.
EJ Youwillneverknow
EJ Youwillneverknow 9 uur geleden
No bewbs joke? Disappointed.
Miguel Jimenez
Miguel Jimenez 9 uur geleden
Snake eyes was better than these two movies combined
Davis Phillips
Davis Phillips 9 uur geleden
Please say “You’re a good man, Charlie Brown,” if you haven’t already
Daniel Cyburt
Daniel Cyburt 9 uur geleden
I want to see an honest trailer for Jungle Cruise, with your own corny, but awesome jokes!
Ksawery Janowski
Ksawery Janowski 9 uur geleden
Do Loki honest trailer, It's a glorious purpose
Mbaire kamau
Mbaire kamau 9 uur geleden
Exacatly my question why turn Be Prepared into a spoken wordnARrggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Thomas Paterson
Thomas Paterson 9 uur geleden
Dan: you can't bring a dead character back twice Fast 9: about that...here is my beer
Clayton L
Clayton L 9 uur geleden
If we don't get a Loki honest trailer soon it's time for the TVA to enter the Epic Voiceover booth
Klaus76x 9 uur geleden
will continue to ask for the honest trailer of All Quiet On The Western Front.
mukhriz iman
mukhriz iman 9 uur geleden
Plz say: "Sometimes it take a real man to become best girl"
SSTIM 9 uur geleden
The wint-her sold-her
Clan Mando
Clan Mando 9 uur geleden
Please make an Honest Trailer for Star Wars: The Clone Wars tv series!!
Reynard City Update Channel
Reynard City Update Channel 9 uur geleden
Oh thank you!
michael m
michael m 9 uur geleden
Please do an honest trailer for Mystery Science Theater 3000
Jay Michaels
Jay Michaels 9 uur geleden
Honest Trailer for Soul
Sean Whearty
Sean Whearty 9 uur geleden
Pretty much all the Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow stuff was pretty awesome
Sifat Shams
Sifat Shams 9 uur geleden
Seriously though, What Ever Happened To Baby Jane is a horror masterpiece.
Charles Reynolds
Charles Reynolds 9 uur geleden
The "Shhh I'm hunting Cobwas" line was great
M Ralte
M Ralte 9 uur geleden
"Sadly this is the best part of the show" Its so accurate it hurts
Barbara Joseph-Adam
Barbara Joseph-Adam 9 uur geleden
Okay, I can’t be the only person on this little blue dot who likes both movies! The rest of you, come out of your cobra closets and confess!!
the meme gamer
the meme gamer 9 uur geleden
when are we getting a loki honest trailer
D G 9 uur geleden
I do Naw mean Mudflap... I do
Paul Robalino
Paul Robalino 9 uur geleden
do seinfeld
Demetrius Clay
Demetrius Clay 9 uur geleden
Can anyone tell me why the briefcase controlling Cobra's satellite weapon in the sequel had a functional self destruct button other than lazy writing?
FarmHandJoe 9 uur geleden
Do "Loki" next.
ricky01 9 uur geleden
FF9? Lol
Colin Froehlich
Colin Froehlich 9 uur geleden
"Whoa, children fighting! I can sell this!"
lubaba zareen
lubaba zareen 9 uur geleden
Why the hell have you not done Loki yet??
Yassine SABEQ
Yassine SABEQ 9 uur geleden
We want Loki honest trailer
jdng86 9 uur geleden
Sadly, "Porkchop Sandwiches" is probably before the target demographics time too.
Bahand Plays
Bahand Plays 9 uur geleden
Come on where is F9
Jeswin Jaimon
Jeswin Jaimon 9 uur geleden
Where is LOKI !!
ExWhyZed 9 uur geleden
Where's Loki Honest Trailer???
kyle Mazon
kyle Mazon 9 uur geleden
do the boys season 2
Vust Valeo
Vust Valeo 9 uur geleden
meanwhile still waiting that Transformers X G.I.Joe crossover made into live-action.
Krish Saikia
Krish Saikia 9 uur geleden
GI Joes : The 2nd highest selling toys after Barbie
One Quick Thing
One Quick Thing 9 uur geleden
You missed the sinking icebergs. But i love both of those movies. If you don't get it, you don't get it, but i do.