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Jordan Tierney
Jordan Tierney 17 uur geleden
This week on over estimating dramatically
Abidin Noor
Abidin Noor 17 uur geleden
Mantap om
Erika Castiglione
Erika Castiglione 17 uur geleden
Lol it seems a bit a tiny dolphin
CLIWINS Design Studio
CLIWINS Design Studio 17 uur geleden
This is a blue fin tuna and not a dolphin.
KAMI KURO 17 uur geleden
B_GUH 17 uur geleden
now eat them
Pokemon__ fan
Pokemon__ fan 17 uur geleden
Who like no like is so bad guys😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 fish is come to deth
Star Pillars
Star Pillars 17 uur geleden
Bro what are you doing with my new nikeys??
Sobuj Fishing
Sobuj Fishing 17 uur geleden
Sobuj Fishing
Sobuj Fishing 17 uur geleden
GraviPlayz 17 uur geleden
I Hope the 400k Ho like this Video, will one Day get a Plastik back over the Head so they can not breath, and feel the same what this Fish feels... Than wee Look how funny it is 😉
INDONESIA 17 uur geleden
Too bad the fish was even put in again
Goppie :)
Goppie :) 17 uur geleden
at first i thought it was a toy :|
Sad Bf
Sad Bf 17 uur geleden
I like albino animals I have one too
ธันวา ชาแนล
ธันวา ชาแนล 17 uur geleden
Sad Bf
Sad Bf 17 uur geleden
The shark and the guy : ah yes a nice day for a walk Everyone else at the beach: .
Sad Bf
Sad Bf 17 uur geleden
So those are the little shits messing with my leg as I swim
Sad Bf
Sad Bf 17 uur geleden
Why do I just want to.. slap the shark-
Did It.
Did It. 18 uur geleden
Sad Bf
Sad Bf 18 uur geleden
Me fishing in terraria:
WIN 18 uur geleden
おっさんの頭だって吸盤付くからね。 髪の毛は多い人は絶対退化だよな。 ハゲはそう思う。
Sad Bf
Sad Bf 18 uur geleden
Goliath groupers are endangered
Hera Jaikaran
Hera Jaikaran 18 uur geleden
Poor fish 😥
ネコメシさん 18 uur geleden
Typo Haven
Typo Haven 18 uur geleden
Awww poor fishies ..they were just hiding from predators and waiting for food and 💥🤯 Aliens come and rip them from their home and take their breath away throwing them around confusing them .. I hope they found their cool home again after they left and things settled again
stefraab 18 uur geleden
i thought they get the rolex out of the sharks belly...dissappointing
川崎瀬菜 18 uur geleden
Emmitt Simmons
Emmitt Simmons 18 uur geleden
Real example of when you are your wife get a divorce😂😂😂
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper 18 uur geleden
its like shoe HAHAHAH
Wizardyboy 18 uur geleden
And thats how it sticks to sharks
啊建 18 uur geleden
real fish? what name ?
Boyfriend Wannabe
Boyfriend Wannabe 18 uur geleden
There is so much potential for : "That's what she said"
Agustin R
Agustin R 18 uur geleden
Thought it was one of this fish made of rubber
さま 19 uur geleden
hi is a tomato?
Henry Edwards
Henry Edwards 19 uur geleden
tf kind of dolphins tha😂
Jordan Tierney
Jordan Tierney 19 uur geleden
So you flay it like any other fish? Naa, that wasn’t obvious at all 🤦🏻‍♂️
Sebastian Clara
Sebastian Clara 19 uur geleden
Alessandro Vendola
Alessandro Vendola 19 uur geleden
Live in peace that fish!! 😑
Caerus 19 uur geleden
The fish’s camouflage now gone, well done you pair of plant pots.
Lucas Fourtner
Lucas Fourtner 20 uur geleden
Heh o remember these from the wild krats tv show
Terri Fallin
Terri Fallin 20 uur geleden
I've caught one of them in florida
Hunter N. Biden
Hunter N. Biden 20 uur geleden
I’m like 1/32 Japanese and seeing that Kaiju just awakened something inside me.
h e l l o
h e l l o 20 uur geleden
The fish's thoughts: hmmm I like this face I think this shall be my new home
Ryan Bonaventure
Ryan Bonaventure 20 uur geleden
Vegan would crying
Theguitaristoflove 20 uur geleden
"I can be awesome by just fooookin being me". -Flea Does this quote only applies to athletes or musicians? I don't know
CHICKEN LIPS 20 uur geleden
Trying not to say razor sharp again 🤣
Evan Clark
Evan Clark 20 uur geleden
I can smell the Mercury from here
Dog Wizard K9
Dog Wizard K9 20 uur geleden
Is he going to eat it or is it just for sport?
putri ayu
putri ayu 20 uur geleden
ARTA 20 uur geleden
what fish is that
_M 20 uur geleden
He's just chillin. Fish: "I feel myself getting colder and colder, I'm going to die"
Danny Ortega
Danny Ortega 20 uur geleden
You can definitely tell God is coming. Everything is so abnormal nowdays
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones 20 uur geleden
I have anxiety thinking that this is a baby compare to the 95% of other creatures lurking in the deep.
abraham kim
abraham kim 20 uur geleden
That dish looked absolutely delicious. Great comfort food.
Spaghetti God
Spaghetti God 20 uur geleden
I will take this new pet into class
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones 20 uur geleden
Oh I thought you were going to clean the other side too? So record for one side.
Robert Kellum
Robert Kellum 20 uur geleden
Those lil bastards are in va. They will destroy a striped bass AKA Rock fish. I've never seen them raked up like that before.
Jenkin S
Jenkin S 20 uur geleden
You need to get ksi and some of the sidemen to go out and catch Goliath groupers
Michael Clemons
Michael Clemons 20 uur geleden
Put that damn fish back in the water and let it live!
Agam Satsangi
Agam Satsangi 20 uur geleden
Wow 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲
Some Real Retro Talk.
Some Real Retro Talk. 20 uur geleden
First of all this is not a dolphin Its a mahi and second Nice video
Jordan Tierney
Jordan Tierney 21 uur geleden
Makes you really think.. if nothing goes a full grown goliath… how does it die and what happens to it naturally? Does it die from old age and slowly decay at the bottom of the ocean or…
SUS 21 uur geleden
Leo_Pold 21 uur geleden
Where I can buy it?
Sipcity Entertainment
Sipcity Entertainment 21 uur geleden
The eel when he put the hook under it's skin 👁👄👁
戰士 21 uur geleden
I wish i could be that fish
Ch PSSPARK 21 uur geleden
What!? Is that real fish!! REAL FISH!? What the bless Mother Nature
Felicious 21 uur geleden
Please tell me they killed it first
ᶠYͧoͨᵏu 21 uur geleden
thought it was a toy
Neglected Retard
Neglected Retard 21 uur geleden
These fleas are like my mexican uncles in prison
Tim Scarff
Tim Scarff 21 uur geleden
“That’s my rod , that’s my fish”! Classic googan mentality...
Jordan Tierney
Jordan Tierney 21 uur geleden
That thumbnail 🤤
Jordan Tierney
Jordan Tierney 21 uur geleden
Them triple tails look like groupers! It’s crazy
Patrick Sullivan
Patrick Sullivan 21 uur geleden
He was staring at me 😳
Shannon Greene
Shannon Greene 21 uur geleden
Unreal. I love grouper but damn.
Evan Valentino
Evan Valentino 21 uur geleden
Kinda cute when the fish is just hanging there