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Making a Spark-Gap Transmitter
Super Simple DC Motor
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Wait I have the same brand grinder I buy it from walmart 6 year ago is like a very good one 😏👌👌
Johannes Gallagher
Johannes Gallagher 23 uur geleden
See my physics teacher can explain stuff quite well, but when I watch this guy I am entertained and I am also understanding what he saying and getting shown how to make cool things
Askaline21/31 23 uur geleden
We we are not afraid of electricity, we are only afraid of the explosion
Rammstein Korduner
Rammstein Korduner 23 uur geleden
Why women live longer than men in a nutshell. Women also miss out on the fun stuff us men do 😏🤷
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I love it when this guy gets f****** shocked
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The PowerVolt may be garbage.. But this video is priceless.. Nice work!
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Now you are the chosen one for real
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yours scopes are so amazing , just imagine , i just got an agilent U1604A , its obsolete i know , i piss everywhere when i see your machines ! lol some kind of jalousy , ahahah no im not , have a nice day !
Javier Llaneza
Javier Llaneza Dag geleden
The belief that the current kills it's because there's a minimum current required to stop a heart (I think it's 20-30mA or something like that). So indeed it's the current that kills you. But to generate that current as you said, you need a potential differential (voltage). So the answer is really wrong. IT DEPENDS should be the answer. You can also have a 220v but if you grab it with high voltage gloves, nothing will happen. It's the combination that kills. Same thing with people that fix high voltage cables with helicopters. They're touching a huge voltage, but since they're not grounded, there's no potential difference, hence no current.
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super funny🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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This is why women live longer than men
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Very funny and educational stuff! If you normalize cost as $/Lumen-hour, and power consumption as W/Lumen, LED's look even better! Consumer Experience Factor is almost 62!
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This man brilliant
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3:37 what music
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17:01 I got Flashbacks: "Ohh I can feel my Hair rising" 1 Second later "OW! Something zaped me right in the a$$!"
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man you are crazy. at least wear a glasses for ur eyes.
Ares Apollo
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It is offcourse the "Current" that kills. But we are talking about the current through your body and that current is again relative to Voltage, your bodies resistance(and skin conductivity) and how much current your power source can deliver. So relatively not so easy to single out one factor.
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I is learning! Wonderful
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Soooo. Sparks jump the closest distance. If we were able to create a perfect circle of wire and at the center some height above it generate high voltage, where would the spark go, jump to a random point on the circle?
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When he went around saying zzzap you zzzap you he sounded like Arnold Schwarzenegger lol
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Social Medhi Manager?
John D'Orazio
John D'Orazio Dag geleden
In Italy there are screwdrivers with a little light in them, which you can use to test live wires for current. If you touch the screwdriver to the wire, and then your thumb to the back of the screwdriver, and there is current in the wire, the light will turn on. Sounds like the same principle as the chinese led light.
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Well this showed up on my recommended
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The suspense I have on these shows is worse than watching an action novel film
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Learn your anthems
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I live in Germany ang got a Keysight Ad. LOL
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I feel there should be a free energy device to made from combs.
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I grew up in Colombia and we had these at our weekend home. Not gonna lie the wiring always scared me and you can get shocked if you try adjusting the temp while its running. They don’t work that well either; never liked that setup.
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Tired of White Plastic sockets? This is how you can change them to black plastic without removing them from the wall!
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I can imagine someone buying a thousands dollar IR camera just for seeing how much milk stay in the bottle 🤣
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Lol that's like people with old wifi routers still running 2.4ghz saying that 5ghz WiFi is going to kill them all😂
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pause your video and click 9:42 you’re welcome
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5:51 why put the diode In parallel with the inductanctor. It would make more sense to put the diode in series with the inductor since it would more effectively limit current travel
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2:29 that's a lot of lotion on the right I see 😏
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is it legal to have "sex in your car" who knows! who cares honestly... it doesn't matter if you see it...
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What about the water motor that runs on a small amount of crude oil and makes its own hydrogen os something like that. Not free just super cheap is that one real?
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FAKE 100%
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that doesnt looks SFW
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You didn’t say which breaker would pop. 1:30
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this guy would look great with a beard
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I can't stop looking at ur watch
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baghdad battery juice😂😂😂😂
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13:58 It’s like he’s getting more used to it the more he does it... I wonder if u could train urself to-
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0:34 dum
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Why every one try to make it in the world .it is not for fun toy because it is huge monster inside box .because taxila coil it is not coil it is coil shape box and electricity waves it is not electricity wave it is monster hand out side monster box. Its similar to atomic bomb . AND EVERY ONE KNOW THaT HUMAN EVERY DAY SMARTER BUT ITS NOT REAL . Reality is human every day smarter in killing humanity animal peace environment etc . Please stop it and help me for safe humanity animal environment etc
Bogdan Bogdanovic
Bogdan Bogdanovic Dag geleden
Electromagnetic waves mess with the natural porality and statics in your body. Studies show, that it causes interference to the haemoglobin (an iron protein complex), which uses polarity to bind oxygen molecules. Less oxygen in your body equates to a row of problems, which take some time to show. Mostly similar to altitude sickness.
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what music @ 0:09 ?
all are fake
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One of the funniest and most informative video I've ever seen
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0:23 guide wave😂😂
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"Device may often false trigger". ded
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Problem is, people who are afraid of 5G, aren't educated enough to have a clue about what you just said.
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There is no f***ing free energy device! 🤬
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@9:41 - Isn't that Uchiyamada from Great Teacher Onizuka?
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5G can't give you cancer if you already have cancer : )
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