2000 Days - [Hardcore Minecraft]
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Why Hardcore Minecraft Is So Hard
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1000 Days - [Hardcore Minecraft]
AJ Cortes
AJ Cortes 4 uur geleden
does anyone know if villages spawn in super flats on pocket edition?
Malachai Taylor
Malachai Taylor 4 uur geleden
real days or minecraft days
Geehon Edmund
Geehon Edmund 4 uur geleden
Make a drowned farm to get a trident easier
Nate B
Nate B 4 uur geleden
I'm an alpha default I kill sweats as much as they used to kill me
Risto Erm
Risto Erm 4 uur geleden
i will sind this to my ex (if i ever get one) after we break up
Amit Sethi
Amit Sethi 4 uur geleden
Sandy Yu
Sandy Yu 4 uur geleden
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MR_RoboMate MC
MR_RoboMate MC 4 uur geleden
Why do you have a girl skin
Safir Zero
Safir Zero 4 uur geleden
It says 2hours and 1 sec but when i click the vid it says 2 hours
The Person ッ
The Person ッ 4 uur geleden
That's how NLfast works
Nathan 4 uur geleden
You should do 100 drops in Rouge Company
MaksPlayzYT 4 uur geleden
its been a full year. please make a 200 days
biggie small
biggie small 4 uur geleden
watching this in 2021 -_-
Krishi Minecraft
Krishi Minecraft 4 uur geleden
Use a Shovel to make path blocks so slime won't spawn
2067 Harshidha.R 12c
2067 Harshidha.R 12c 4 uur geleden
Yes,we want you to continue this series
James Bee
James Bee 4 uur geleden
what would you do if you died
Ozan Ozcan
Ozan Ozcan 4 uur geleden
iNDi 4 uur geleden
The Goldblocks on the roof look like an egg yolk
DP Studio
DP Studio 4 uur geleden
day in minecraft or day in real life?
Krishi Minecraft
Krishi Minecraft 4 uur geleden
Get a fletcher villager to sell u arrows of weakness
pie fighter
pie fighter 4 uur geleden
"vending machines and litteraly everywhere, but they are also rare"
Bobster Harg
Bobster Harg 4 uur geleden
where is 200 days
Flier The Blier
Flier The Blier 4 uur geleden
When you mention profits when Luke is nearby Luke: Did you say **inhale** PROFITS?
Godwin Philip
Godwin Philip 4 uur geleden
Who else wants him to try out warzone?!
Kyle Picking
Kyle Picking 4 uur geleden
The faithful doll conservatively mate because department embryologically nod aboard a bad meeting. brawny, conscious replace
Luke Live
Luke Live 4 uur geleden
Yes 200 days
•Jade• 4 uur geleden
jayden Nguyen
jayden Nguyen 4 uur geleden
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jumpingstream52 4 uur geleden
one tap god
Train #4
Train #4 4 uur geleden
21:27: Primal Glass Town
ß 4 uur geleden
why is everyone here now lmao
Dragon Fire3
Dragon Fire3 4 uur geleden
yeah all the comments are minutes ago lol
jonsku 4 uur geleden
my man roasted philza
megamehmeho 4 uur geleden
Time stamp?
boii boiii
boii boiii 5 uur geleden
18k emeralds will equal 2k blocks
boii boiii
boii boiii 4 uur geleden
@Lexi Trelford no i didn't i went to another video cause I got board
Lexi Trelford
Lexi Trelford 4 uur geleden
Bruh u liked ur own comment
Ludmila Maleeva
Ludmila Maleeva 5 uur geleden
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Gustav Lauritzen
Gustav Lauritzen 5 uur geleden
it is fun seeing him slowly go insane
nawar K
nawar K 5 uur geleden
10:20 luke :no one will have to die The fish :am i joke to you?
Katerina Pavlova
Katerina Pavlova 5 uur geleden
Wait is it hardcore Minecraft because then why be careful
Vince Albao
Vince Albao 5 uur geleden
Petition for luke to play 1 block minecraft
Mátyás Dobszy
Mátyás Dobszy 5 uur geleden
It’s fucking sad, that a minecraft video is 13+... Thank you youtube and f you
Casey Jones
Casey Jones 5 uur geleden
Footage: *gets corrupted* LTN: "microwave."
Shayne Jansen
Shayne Jansen 5 uur geleden
when he realizes that he couldve used the ingots for is already enchanted pick n sword... edit: i continue to watch him make a god sword out of that
Rae Wester
Rae Wester 5 uur geleden
200 days flat
Shawna Lennon Tingler
Shawna Lennon Tingler 5 uur geleden
Unregistered hypercam 2
Moreno Cello Rhythm
Moreno Cello Rhythm 5 uur geleden
C.H.K.N Tenders
C.H.K.N Tenders 5 uur geleden
Weeb Kid
Weeb Kid 5 uur geleden
Does anyone else want 3000 days in the first world?
Joyce Ann Spremulli
Joyce Ann Spremulli 5 uur geleden
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Ashley 5 uur geleden
17:27EXUSE ME?!???
MrBeаst 5 uur geleden
Rafa Miguel B. Bermudez
Rafa Miguel B. Bermudez 5 uur geleden
Superflat: a number of slimes a person can't count Notable who has full set of diamond tools and armor: Lets get *DANGEROUS*
HYPEZ saM 9898
HYPEZ saM 9898 5 uur geleden
He Made Flanders Field When he built the iron golem farm
Kellee Birchmeier
Kellee Birchmeier 5 uur geleden
Hey I All ways wanted to play with me I’m pretty good reply if want to play name is austin3696
HEATFAME43 5 uur geleden
Who's here waiting for season 6
Quivver 5 uur geleden
Luke in day 100: flex’s with 2 lanterns Luke in day 2000: flex’s by building a skyscraper out of emerald blocks
pie fighter
pie fighter 5 uur geleden
Luke: You can't get 240 FPS on your mom's old computer. Me, who's playing on my dad's old computer: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
KacyMai GameZ
KacyMai GameZ 5 uur geleden
Malachy Farrell
Malachy Farrell 4 uur geleden
stop rushing him
Ree Person
Ree Person 5 uur geleden
Grian watching this video: You call a big chest of stone profit? Also Grian: Why is it all emeralds djdnfhtjfjf
Sue Black
Sue Black 5 uur geleden
The clean scissors ipsilaterally turn because drawbridge developmentally occur to a oceanic umbrella. absent, tough person
Maks Uzbrojony
Maks Uzbrojony 4 uur geleden
I love doing that, just spam random words on the phone cuz it just selects randome ones to F I T to the others.
Doggaraffe 5 uur geleden
Thing is... If he almost won a game that means that he spent 20 minutes in one match. Hmmmmmmmmmm...
SickStreamer BTW
SickStreamer BTW 5 uur geleden
Tors: im still working on meh beach bungalo Luke: WE LIVE TOGETHER.WHATS THE POINT?
Sue Black
Sue Black 5 uur geleden
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White House
White House 5 uur geleden
where is the next episode?
BRENT Sanjose
BRENT Sanjose 5 uur geleden
pls make 3000 days
eekling 5 uur geleden
when there's comments from 35 seconds ago, you know it's a good series (when is 3000 days lol)
simeon newman
simeon newman 5 uur geleden
CaptainPlays 5 uur geleden
1:00:45 weeeeeeee
CaptainPlays 5 uur geleden
I made this comments a bit to late.
CaptainPlays 5 uur geleden
Abdalla Alhammadi
Abdalla Alhammadi 5 uur geleden
We late
Abdalla Alhammadi
Abdalla Alhammadi 5 uur geleden
eekling 5 uur geleden
lol we're pretty late
Katrina Grugule
Katrina Grugule 5 uur geleden
Plsssssssss do 200 days plssssssss??!!
HEATFAME43 5 uur geleden
Who remembers og fortnite
Samwise 5 uur geleden
is 17:27 a glitch? His voice went wrong?? Its weird.
Xero Liquids
Xero Liquids 5 uur geleden
remember this is the guy who copyrighted the 100 days in minecraft title for yt
Teodoro jr Mendoza
Teodoro jr Mendoza 5 uur geleden
Me who got to 1hour: ez
a t
a t 5 uur geleden
I remember when this first came out I didn't comment but just watch
Chumbleham 5 uur geleden
It ain't much but it's honest work, you literally just said that it ain't much but it's honest work
Adrien Pinard
Adrien Pinard 5 uur geleden
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Kevvu Köster
Kevvu Köster 5 uur geleden
1:12:22 FaZe Mongraal if he as a chicken lol
Adrien Pinard
Adrien Pinard 5 uur geleden
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Zayyan Amir
Zayyan Amir 5 uur geleden
Adrien Pinard
Adrien Pinard 5 uur geleden
The wakeful call feasibly sigh because chain collectively invent per a gleaming sound. brave, gullible gusty james
Jiena the amalgam lady
Jiena the amalgam lady 5 uur geleden
Hey i have the same harddrive
WildFlyer 5 uur geleden
I like how i started my own minecraft world just to get a cat :D
PD_ Shadow
PD_ Shadow 5 uur geleden
He said She never played Minecraft before. Seems prety sus
Oliver_plaZ1234 6 uur geleden
100 days: I really like the agriculture adpect of this game! 2000 days: KILL MAIM PURGE ALL WILL FEAR DEATH AND I AM DEATH!
ETHAN LAU TIN WANG - 6 uur geleden
pro tip for wither skulls: get a charged creeper to kill a stray
Professor Minestein
Professor Minestein 5 uur geleden
only works on bedrock edition, he's playing Java
NerfProZP360 YT
NerfProZP360 YT 6 uur geleden
When is 200 Days??? I have been waiting so long and I still haven't seen anything relating to this 200 Days.