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Jibs Tale
Jibs Tale Uur geleden
We have the same letter of beginning name. This is very interesting. I love your videos because they are so educational. My dream is to become a Pilot and am 12 and I am learning so much from you. Thank you. Congrats to people who found this comment :) 👨‍✈️ 🧑‍✈️ 👩‍✈️. ✈️✈️🛫🛬.
Ronak Nikam
Ronak Nikam Uur geleden
Hey Joe Please Open A Account On Twitter I Got Addicted To Instagram And I Was Not Able To Focused On My Goals
chamuditha fernando
chamuditha fernando Uur geleden
I don't think plane can take off from conveyor belt. Because according to bernoulli's principle Air air molecules need to flow around the wings to create lifting force. Even plane move fast enough on conveyor belt. Plane speed so slow relatively surrounded air. Because if plane move on run way plane go through the air molecules. But in this case plane engine suck surrounded air in to the engine and pushed from back. It create force to move plane forward but not lifting force on the wings. This is the way I think this question. Please tell me if I wrong.
Mark Jackson
Mark Jackson Uur geleden
Hmm, I always thought that with this one the plane could take off but the logic in the question means it just cant actually move initially, so its the semantics of the question but the bulk of actual the physics around the scenario means that it would take off it we substitute ground speed, got it now thanks. The conveyor wont actually let the plane move. I think a lot of folk get this right but for the wrong reason.
John Borrell
John Borrell Uur geleden
My beef with Ryan air is with the staff. I once saw a Ryanair pilot eating from a Tupperware in the cockpit. Felt sorry for him
johnfran11 2 uur geleden
If the aircraft had zero-friction & indestructible wheels it would takeoff normally as the conveyor belt has no means to product an opposite force on the aircraft. However, if you don't have the aforementioned wheels then the wheels would be destroyed on the takeoff attempt.
AminMohamed HADJ SAID
AminMohamed HADJ SAID 2 uur geleden
F-102 delta dagger
Dany Harvey
Dany Harvey 2 uur geleden
Hey Captain Joe, if you can contact Kennedy Steeve (Stephen Abraham), tell him he should write a book about his best moment as ATC ;)
Calvin chirom Chirom
Calvin chirom Chirom 2 uur geleden
Where is the captions
Guy Unknown
Guy Unknown 2 uur geleden
Yesss. Physics saved the day
Alexander Kurt
Alexander Kurt 2 uur geleden
No, the plane cannot takeoff if it was on a conveyor belt because it will snap the conveyor belt. If the conveyor belt got upgraded to handle more weight, it wouldn’t be able to have fast speed.
Unusual Videos
Unusual Videos 2 uur geleden
I need Corsair logo there
nelvin85 2 uur geleden
No, because not enough air to generate lift if depend solely on jet engine itself
Stuart McGuire
Stuart McGuire 2 uur geleden
What's the difference between the UK and England captain? Possibly explain how the other countries making up the UK were at no risk from a nuclear strike.
Dario Impini
Dario Impini 2 uur geleden
Actually the question as posed -- conveyor belt designed to match the speed of the wheels -- I think the answer is no. Yes there's thrust and the engines don't care about the wheels, but lets say the airplane starts to accelerate forward. The wheels spin faster so the conveyor belt is designed to spin faster with it keeping the plane still. No matter how much thrust the engines generate, if the conveyor is designed to match the speed of the wheels all the engines should be doing in effect is accelerating the wheels until they basically explode (or the conveyor belt does assuming it does what it's claimed to do per the original intent). The plane cannot take off without air flowing over the wings and that won't happen if the conveyor belt always matches the speed of the wheels.
Miles B
Miles B 3 uur geleden
Great vid, once again! Could your next video be about the different parts of the airport? (Ramp, Apron, Alleyway, etc.) Another one I'd like to see is the different parts of ATC. (Ground, Delivery, Approach, etc.)
Gerard Gaming official
Gerard Gaming official 3 uur geleden
It cant it needs air to generate lift if it doesn't generates enough lift it will stall in full stall aka the unrecoverable stall
Mike Burston
Mike Burston 3 uur geleden
this came up at work some 3 years ago i my answer has not changed. My answer is no it will not take off and the reason id the tyres will fail from overspeed before the plane has moved very far, the reason is as soon as you start to move the plane is say moving at 1m per second then the conveyor will match this but that will now make the wheels do 2m per second and so on in a runaway feedback loop till the tyres tear apart and then the plane is going nowhere
Tim Kinnel
Tim Kinnel 3 uur geleden
This whole issue could be solved by hiring more women pilots.
SIK RETO 3 uur geleden
What if airplane landing with the conveyor belt?
TERRY BARNHILL 3 uur geleden
Of course....the military is much different.......1 example....Vr is not used for Rotate in military flight ops. Vr = Refusal Speed.......Vrot = Rotate.
ImpaledBerrys 3 uur geleden
No it won't lol
Chris Lai
Chris Lai 3 uur geleden
Theoretically it MAY work, but, the problem is that for a plane to “run” in place until it “gets” to speed, there is not enough airflow on the wings to lift it. Practically speaking, it is impossible to build a conveyer belt of that size to move that fast while having enough support for the weight of the plane.....actually, if it is possible for the plane to build enough thrust, and the conveyer belt can suddenly accelerate, without delay, to the take off speed of the plane, then it will allow the plane to take off at much shorter distance....kind of like how jet fighter on aircraft carriers....but I feel sorry for anyone on board....
Ulysses Lee
Ulysses Lee 3 uur geleden
This is a movie effect being used during 1960s, like Thunderbirds (1964)
Georgios Gentis
Georgios Gentis 4 uur geleden
The thrust is moving the airplane - not the wheels. Therefore, the airplane will accelerate and take off.
Evan Gelist
Evan Gelist 4 uur geleden
I have more chance of winning the lottery then I do of becoming a pilot, just watched because I was curious about what a pilot takes given that they travel so much
jos 4 uur geleden
Ultrasonic ping or ultrasound ping? Are these two same? Confused with other NLfast vids! 🇮🇳
Terintia Flavius
Terintia Flavius 4 uur geleden
I imagine the first phone call between Mr. Kiker and Boeing was a bit fun. Mr. Kiker: we are gonna put shuttles on top your plane like a car luggage carrier. Boeing: (mutes call and look at each other) Nasa must of stopped doing drug tests.
John Borrell
John Borrell 4 uur geleden
You can test this this with most LCD TVs. take your polarised sun glasses and rotate them 90 degrees. TV goes dark
Rakesh Kapoor
Rakesh Kapoor 4 uur geleden
I think it will still take off because the whole point of long runways is to buy time for the plane to pick up speed and it will still do the same thing if the runway is 'spinning".
JJ 4 uur geleden
It wont take off. Trust me im an Aero Engineer
JJ 4 uur geleden
think of it this way, if you put a turbofan on the back of a car, making its wheel move on its own, would it takeoff?
JJ 4 uur geleden
If what he's saying is true then engineers should just focus on powerplant instead of focusing on the aerodynamics of an aircraft.
KG-Virus 5 uur geleden
not enough airflow under the wings that generate lift, so this is impossible
pmailkeey 5 uur geleden
Well, that's a nice unstressful procedure !
bepowerification 5 uur geleden
I rewatch this video occasionally just to watch Michelle being extremely sweet.. I know this sounds very superficial but she is just so charming I cant stop watching her..
klr 68
klr 68 5 uur geleden
the heroic stories of the falkland islands war and operation 'runway pothole' always brings tears to my eyes, tears of laughter
pmailkeey 5 uur geleden
Engine failure @ 500ft coming in to Heathrow 27L !
CARrera_Johnson 5 uur geleden
Ok so here is my take on the whole thing. (I’m absolutely *not* confident about my answer XD) I think at the beginning, the engines spool up and the plane starts to move, so does the belt. The plane while behave like a car on a dyno (a test stand if you will). But I think, because the power is provided by the engine and not the wheels, at some point the thrust will be to great for the wheels to be kept on the belt and the plane will skip over the conveyor belt. But it will not take of as there is no air movement around the wings and therefore no lift.
Utkarsh Jain
Utkarsh Jain 5 uur geleden
No, it won't takeoff because there won't be any wind coming from the opposite direction that generates lift as the plane is at the same position
HZ45OP63 5 uur geleden
What is this guy running this on!
0tispunkm3y3r 5 uur geleden
They actually did this on Mythbusters. Great episode. If it was a car. It wouldn't go anywhere. But it's not a car, it's a plane and the wheels have nothing to do with moving the plane. You'd need a wind tunnel instead to be your "conveyor". Then you could maybe stall the wings
bobbiebob575 bob
bobbiebob575 bob 6 uur geleden
No. It's air speed that lifts a plane, not relative wheel speed. It would scare me if someone thought it would.
karim.dojacat 6 uur geleden
did u talked german? 😊 i heard- wunderbar
Black Widow Wood Design
Black Widow Wood Design 6 uur geleden
God bless the professionals
Bikes and Rotors
Bikes and Rotors 6 uur geleden
I think the plane in the first example *might* still take off, if you take friction into account: If the conveyor belt has any friction at all, at some speed it would take enough air with it to "blow" onto the plane, increasing air speed, thus the wheels won't be needed anymore. If it didn't have friction (to avoid this scenario), the wheels wouldn't have any friction there either, so the plane could take off just sliding instead
Brown7219 6 uur geleden
What if the brakes were applied and the conveyor run in the opposite direction? What would this mean for ground speed vs airspeed? Would the airflow generate lift as normal, enabling take-off?
Rapunzel 1701
Rapunzel 1701 6 uur geleden
Sorry Joe, answer #1 is wrong. You would just have the wheels spinning at 2X airspeed. Wheel/ground speed & direction is irrelevant. You even state this directly at 6:55. Unless the trick answer is that friction overcomes thrust, but you would need far more than 2x speed on the belt.
Gissie 6 uur geleden
, how they clean or valet inside aircraft?
Vishal K Sahoo
Vishal K Sahoo 6 uur geleden
hey, isn't the radios off...its not showing any frequencies
Toaster having a bath
Toaster having a bath 6 uur geleden
I don't like boeing, but those are nice planes
Susheel kumar Pippera
Susheel kumar Pippera 7 uur geleden
hey joe how did u generate those graphics of conveyer belt and B 747, what software do u use to edit your videos, please reply
3D FPV Prints
3D FPV Prints 7 uur geleden
These people are so lucky they had someone that could stay calm and handle the situation. The training these pilots receive is top notch as they always have so many lives in their hands. Great job pilots!
omid fazeli
omid fazeli 7 uur geleden
No Because the airplane don’t move
Dhruv Sabharwal
Dhruv Sabharwal 7 uur geleden
Hey Captain Joe, I would really appreciate a video on why you shouldn't be afraid of flying. I know a lot of data and sources already exist that prove that flying is safer than even walking up a flight of stairs, but some people can't fathom the idea that cruising at 35,000 feet above the ground is actually safer than walking up or down a flight of stairs and driving on the road. There are a lot of videos on NLfast about this topic but someone of your image would be able to make a real impact in reassuring scared flyers.
Artem Panfilov
Artem Panfilov 7 uur geleden
It's so hard to listen to the physics explained by the rookie or for the rookies.
Max Baltzer
Max Baltzer 7 uur geleden
Who would even ask this idiotic question?
Shlok Mathurkar
Shlok Mathurkar 7 uur geleden
Im literally watching this for understanding xplane 11 mobile
Alessandro Della Casa
Alessandro Della Casa 8 uur geleden
What does the NTSB personnel do when they're not investigating on an accident? Would be interesting to know about their stories like if they're engineers and they are called out from their ordinary job to work for the emergency for a period of time.
Walie Johnson
Walie Johnson 8 uur geleden
david thompson
david thompson 8 uur geleden
Boeing deserves to fail, it's so wrong that everyone responsible got away with this. Never fly the MAX . Ever
Julian Mrtns
Julian Mrtns 8 uur geleden
Wasn’t this Something mythbusters did with a Cessna and a car with a super long blanket and they succeeded to take off
Ali Ahmed
Ali Ahmed 8 uur geleden
It will not take of
Timwi Heizmann
Timwi Heizmann 8 uur geleden
(1) I’m confused why your conclusion is that a passenger couldn’t do it despite the fact that your test subject did it; and (2) if it were me, I would much prefer the voice to speak clearly; I find this calming/soothing voice to be too mumbly, personally
83DarthVader 8 uur geleden
I would rather take the bus
Paul Valdez
Paul Valdez 8 uur geleden
Thrust + airfoil of wing(airflow) = Lift. Take away the airflow because it’s stationary. I’d say it won’t create lift.
Thomas Bastet
Thomas Bastet 8 uur geleden
The wheels themselves in the first scenario would have to roll really really fast to produce an enormous amount of drag 🤣 the drag created from the wheels turning, would have to be equal to the thrust 😅
M J 8 uur geleden
I can't believe this is even a question. It's like asking if a car will drive forward if the headlights are facing backwards. The wheels have nothing to do with what makes the plane accelerate or fly.
Pablo Gonzalez
Pablo Gonzalez 8 uur geleden
Joe you're overthinking it man. The wheels freewheel. They can spin backwards, forwards or not at all they don't affect the thrust acting against the air. The aircraft takes off either way what changes is the wheel rpm.
Willy Kang
Willy Kang 8 uur geleden
I just get started to watch it on 1:00. And the answer is definitely no. Aircraft need the lift and drag force to take off.
Ambassador Kees
Ambassador Kees 8 uur geleden
Beg to differ. If the conveyor belt works against the wheels the WHEELS would be standing still. That would mean the conveyor belt moves forward in the same direction as the thrust. Your graphic at 2:58 shows the conveyor belt to move in opposite direction. This won't stop the wheels, but instead make them turn at double speed. So with a Vr of 150knts the wheels would be turning 300knts. You may now a tire, but taking of is no problem. No need for infinite speed.
Shahjad Rashed
Shahjad Rashed 8 uur geleden
Next riddle: where do we get a conveyor belt that big and place a whole plane on top of it.
Jose glenn
Jose glenn 9 uur geleden
And now I know.
eLem3nT 9 uur geleden
Ok so they're not calling the airplane fat? 🤔
Daniel Julian
Daniel Julian 9 uur geleden
Joe, if you need 10 minutes to explain lift to a non-expert audience, that's generous of you, but it's a waste of my time. This is very close to hucksterism. Let's see what you've won: A bright, shiny "do not recommend this channel" award.
Byron L. Head
Byron L. Head 9 uur geleden
Ken More
Ken More 9 uur geleden
The link to your little plane isn't working. I get a 404 error. BTW, is it available as a build-it-yourself model? 😃
Lucas Hermann
Lucas Hermann 9 uur geleden
This technology is actually already being used in secret russian aircraft carriers.
nalie kim
nalie kim 9 uur geleden
water does not compress, can only try to displace it in efficient way
Jozsef Takacs
Jozsef Takacs 9 uur geleden
No air speed . No lift...
Fantastic explanation in its entirety. Also, excellent calm composure of all involved is very crucial. For the safe landing and passengers safety, a big kudos to every one!