Abram Bartlett
Abram Bartlett 2 uur geleden
I wish all of your NLfast videos made it to Nebula <3
虞だ虞だパイセン 3 uur geleden
It feels like AA was aiming to backrupt Convair from the beginning....
Victor Palamar
Victor Palamar 4 uur geleden
The Hindenburg didn't have helium because the US wouldn't sell it to Germany in case Germany started another war! Germans didn't have the expertise or equipment to isolate it.
Lloey Eloralez
Lloey Eloralez 4 uur geleden
I still think that both the Lockheed L-1011 and the Mc Donell Douglas DC-10 were the target of conspiracy, at all times in order to avoid competition to the adept B-747, even if it were technologically inferior, damn elite of secret societies infiltrated in almost the world
sebastien tenaillon
sebastien tenaillon 5 uur geleden
at 1:46 did this dude just mount a scope to a flint knock or is that just me?
VICIOUS VNDTA 6 uur geleden
Nobody in the world still uses feet, step up for fuck sake. You are still a century behind when you think you should use feet instead of meters
Undrakh Gonchig
Undrakh Gonchig 6 uur geleden
a subway train.
Dmitriy K
Dmitriy K 7 uur geleden
0:57 There was no sole post for a party leader until 1922 when Stalin, not Lenin, was elected as the general secretary of CPSU Central Committee (Commission). In 1920s Stalin's authority was much weaker than in 1930s. His post was considered to be technical and mostly for paper work in order to put Politburo's and Central Committee decisions into practice. As for Lenin he was the most respected member of the party but he was often not supported during voting in Politburo. Later most members of this body headed opposition fractions inside CPSU.
Professor McClaine
Professor McClaine 7 uur geleden
Never let politicians get in the way of a great idea.
Dmitriy K
Dmitriy K 7 uur geleden
Frankly speaking, not Tu-144 but Tu-144D is the Soviet Concorde. The latter had made freight flights for several years but they decided not to reopen passenger flights after Brezhnev's death. The technical experience was later used to produce Tu-160 bomber.
Tim W
Tim W 9 uur geleden
DC-10 you saved our country towns twice over here in AUS . A fire so huge and out of control the towns were deemed unsavable, watching you fly into gullies releasing your loads and climb up and out of places where I'd fear for small aircraft was just beyond belief. No matter what anyone else thinks, says or imagines your OK with me. Absolutely amazing aircraft.
Denis S
Denis S 10 uur geleden
"Paranoid Soviet leadership" - oh yeah, that's a funny one too. Those NATO bases surrounding the USSR/Russia were/are nothing to worry about obviously.
Denis S
Denis S 10 uur geleden
Oh yeah, and it had a fully automated flight mode...In 1989. No big deal.
Denis S
Denis S 10 uur geleden
The Soviets were NEVER in the race to land a human on the Moon! They didn't have to! They sent a drone there, a lunokhod, literally a moon-walker, and saw nothing there.
Хер Моржовый
Хер Моржовый 10 uur geleden
Сколько у нас партнёры cпuздuлu история умалчивает
Xtreem 007
Xtreem 007 10 uur geleden
Indian trains keep on shaking whether they go at 50 km per hour or they go at 140 km/160 km per hour. they dont tilt but they shake a lot. You will feel like travelling in a train even after two days have been passed after you get out of the train. Aged people suffer from this the most when they have to travel longer distances like from Delhi to Chennai[2175 km/2206km(longer route),38 to 40 hrs] or much worse, from Jammu to Kanyakumari(3714 km,71 hrs) on a shaky train.
Tom M
Tom M 10 uur geleden
Great video. Amazing how it seems like such an important issue in the early 60s and then practicallity slapped us in the face. This is like a micro study on what happened in the 60s when we learned about the impact on the environment, that fuel and exotic metals are not unlimited and that their is a practical limit where the cost to go bigger and better doesn't improve our lives. Fast forward another 30 years and the internet started to make international business travel less necessary. Nobody would have seen that at the time. I wonder what changes will happen 30 years from now that we have no idea about now.
Sj Tiernan
Sj Tiernan 12 uur geleden
Here is japan making a maglev but here in new jersey i dont even have a bullet trainto get to pa or florida where i have family... i mean there is 1 train a day in either direction to where my dad lived and if you missed it that was it but yet it was full most days
Sj Tiernan
Sj Tiernan 12 uur geleden
I wish i had a train like that
Brickticks 12 uur geleden
True, but did it have cup holders?
William Bisch
William Bisch 12 uur geleden
How many wings do you want? Yes
Satvik Krishna
Satvik Krishna 14 uur geleden
Well, The Sukhoi Su-57 is an All-aspect-stealth fighter, designed to be a rival of the Lockheed F-22 Raptor. But the Su-57 can carry somewhere around 2 to 4 drones. They are specially designed for the Su-57. It might sound weird, but it is the flying Aircraft Cruiser.
Egor Amaturova
Egor Amaturova 15 uur geleden
If the Soviet still live on today, we would have more technological advancement thanks to competition between them and EU US. Competition is good. Nowadays we only have the same boring planes because the industry being lazy.
XxxVelikan CodBOCWxxX
XxxVelikan CodBOCWxxX 16 uur geleden
People were complaining about the noise? Me:look u in the best invention ever created and all u call about is the noises? Look at the design people!
DoLand Adventures
DoLand Adventures 16 uur geleden
Swap the tip jets with electric motors... Won't need much battery also for 10 minute run
Daniel Beard
Daniel Beard 17 uur geleden
What I took away from this: If you want to avoid a fight, don’t land the first blow.
Saunders high school university
Saunders high school university 17 uur geleden
Every other NLfast channel:USSR Is little more than a meme.Only good for Soviet memes. Mustard:man,look at this,This is insane!The Soviets made a bomber into a Airliner?respect!
Anonymous Playz
Anonymous Playz 18 uur geleden
The human mind has relentless capabilities to create something... Reality: I'm about to destroy this man's whole career.
Daniel28021991 18 uur geleden
I love the Concorde
Daniel28021991 18 uur geleden
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 18 uur geleden
The carrier version looks like something straight out of Command & Conquer. Very cool.
George Pomonis
George Pomonis 19 uur geleden
Southampton is one word
TRULYGMONEY 21 uur geleden
That was a great video
Gil Hunt
Gil Hunt 22 uur geleden
And a very nice plane to fly in i flew in one from Aden to England.
Alexander Fort
Alexander Fort 22 uur geleden
It felt like going backwards when the Concorde was retired.
Justin Roberts
Justin Roberts 22 uur geleden
The 2040's: "What happened to electric vehicles?"
Raid Shadow Legends Spokesperson
Raid Shadow Legends Spokesperson 23 uur geleden
I would rather ride in the tenth of any type of vehicle. Just to be safe.
Raid Shadow Legends Spokesperson
Raid Shadow Legends Spokesperson 3 uur geleden
@Sander Van der Kammen yes always go American
Sander Van der Kammen
Sander Van der Kammen 3 uur geleden
@Raid Shadow Legends Spokesperson I'll stick to the Boeing 787... over 1,000 in service for 10 years with ZERO crashes.
Raid Shadow Legends Spokesperson
Raid Shadow Legends Spokesperson 4 uur geleden
@Sander Van der Kammen ok so in that case I will rethink this plan and wait to ride one of the first kind of anything after two years in service.
Sander Van der Kammen
Sander Van der Kammen 5 uur geleden
13 Comets crashed... 26 destroyed in accidents.
Raid Shadow Legends Spokesperson
Raid Shadow Legends Spokesperson 23 uur geleden
The Pendleton form the movie “The Finest Hour” was a liberty ship
General grievous
General grievous Dag geleden
Is a ship is it a plane Soviet union : well yes but actually no
Tomas Alexander Sabella-Capuano
Tomas Alexander Sabella-Capuano Dag geleden
10:22 O come on
Tomas Alexander Sabella-Capuano
Tomas Alexander Sabella-Capuano Dag geleden
7:17 make a video about this pls
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 18 uur geleden
Can you do a video about the ilyushin il-76
Cow Dag geleden
Bristol Brabazon: *Exists* Phineas and Ferb: *Are you challenging me?*
Rowan Adam
Rowan Adam Dag geleden
0:16 to skip the skillshare? I forgot
M1LK1E W4Y Dag geleden
The most american thing I've ever imagined in the bathroom is to attach a flamethrower tilted downwards under the cannon of a a-10
tp Dag geleden
Unfortunately it is now getting heavily delayed because the governor of one of the prefectures the maglev line goes through is not allowing them to construct because he claims the maglev will "remove source water from the river". Japan rail has no choice but to build through there so they will have to negotiate for years and the product will be delayed by years.
Das Auto Pilot
Das Auto Pilot Dag geleden
charters!? what about charters? Thats where concorde actually made the money and it was actually affordable for the middle class. why didnt you mention this massive aspect of concorde?
Sen Dag geleden
Well if I could fly this I would just turn it into ammunition
uberfu Dag geleden
Odd that Bertini still managed to prove the ground effect was vaible, and yet nobody has bothered with the concept in the last 40 years. Despite being heavy and using materials and engineering from the 60s-70s it flew and the proved the ground effect -- so fast forward to 80s-90s-00s ... 2020... more modern materials (composites / carbon fiber / better and more powerful/efficient engines etc ...); they were concepting fly-by-wire back then and modern designs are calling more and more for it -- seems like a viable tangent to reexplore in the modern era. Hell they've even figured out vertical thrust since then (Harrier / F-35) -- the4 F-35 single lift jet produces 20,000 lbs of thrust so a modern version would either need less vvertical thrust jets or it could easily double the power output with a lighter/more durable frame. Seems catually vaible the more it's thought through with modern tech.
Kevin98 Dag geleden
Great counterpart of hyperloop
harbinger200 Dag geleden
Bombing at Perl Harbour was not unprovoked. US cut off Japans oil imports during the war, and despite warnings from Japan if they do that it would be an act of war. There is a transcript from US navy citing that they seen mini subs scout submarines and that the officer that spotted them got the order to ignore and carry on. Theory is that US wanted to be attacked and aggravated Japan so they would have casus belli to invade Japan towards a goal of ruling the planet. Perl Harbour was that. What Nazi Germany wanted US Empire achieved in the 90es. If Russia did disintegrate under covert US operations. US government (and everybody behind it) would be ruling the planet. Imagine Bill Clinton ruling the planet... or George Bush with no opposition. I bet they would declare them selves gods like Roman Emperors.
nice plane
Russel Vega Neucleon PS4 PLAYSTATION4
Russel Vega Neucleon PS4 PLAYSTATION4 Dag geleden
Dan Dag geleden
Remember that SCMaglev can be a devil risk, because it's very speed doesn't mean it's safe, When SCMaglev train reach top speed and there's a giant rock fall from the tunnel, it will make the train derail, flying, crashing to wall and rail, it would make people send to heaven sended to heaven
junjie romero
junjie romero Dag geleden
Burat haha
WernerKlorand 2 dagen geleden
At this "altitude" I imagine they would encounter one birdstrike after the other.
Viewer 2 dagen geleden
Coast to coast in 2 hours sounds sooooo nice
Russel Vega Neucleon PS4 PLAYSTATION4
Russel Vega Neucleon PS4 PLAYSTATION4 2 dagen geleden
Nash Blue
Nash Blue 2 dagen geleden
Able to transport passengers from city centers. More efficient, longer range, faster than helicopters and safer than airplanes. What's the downside beside noise? (which could made quieter with modern technology). Elon or Bezos should looks into this
Rick Fu
Rick Fu 2 dagen geleden
0:43 its because people are stupid and dont even know what a boeing aircraft is
Mike King
Mike King 2 dagen geleden
I assume that by "Conductor" you mean Driver!
Frank Leeming
Frank Leeming 2 dagen geleden
I sailed on three of these ships. the first was the Sam Wash. The next one had a brocken back which had been somewhat repaired. They rollled like a barrel. But they had more comforts on board than British cargo ships of that time. Frank Leeming , Derby. UK.
Dragon Meddler
Dragon Meddler 2 dagen geleden
I'd be glad to trade 17 or so hours in a 777 flying to Australia for a couple days and nights in a PanAm clipper. I'm goin' back. Who's with me?
Richard Sanders
Richard Sanders 2 dagen geleden
I liked DC-10-MD-11..
MOBA Tanker
MOBA Tanker 2 dagen geleden
137 mph moving in 7.5 seconds 137 ÷ 3600 x 7.5 = 0.2854 miles 54 mph moving in 7.5 seconds 54 ÷ 3600 x 7.5 = 0.1125 miles Difference in distance will tell the train length 0.2854 - 0.1125 = 0.17291 miles = 913 ft = 278.3 meter
orbit the moon
orbit the moon 2 dagen geleden
Japan seems (or already is) so far into the future than the rest of the world is. This invention of theirs, once finished, would probably lure in more foreigners than they already have. They've built so many things that the world has never even seen before. Systems that the rest have yet to learn. I would love to travel there someday and just admire the country's both brilliance and beauty. It isn't perfect but sure is a place to travel and see.
Ducky 2 dagen geleden
Well united and boom supersonic are making supersonic air travel a thing again
D L 2 dagen geleden
Trippe: the 747 is a weapon of peace! Air Force: We making a weapon today Trippe: No wait that’s not what I- Air Force: *I said we making a weapon today*
postlim 2 dagen geleden
it looks like a thunderbird!
mohamad faizul
mohamad faizul 2 dagen geleden
Chariot Requiem
Chariot Requiem 2 dagen geleden
Phillip Garrow
Phillip Garrow 2 dagen geleden
We deal with Lockheed where I work on occasions they are a top of the line company quality is excellent they are out on the floor overseeing production and problem solving they work hand and hand with it's contractors
Camil Iamandescu
Camil Iamandescu 2 dagen geleden
Beautiful - and very instructive - video, as always from Mustard! Thank you for the effort and for all informations and also for perfect reconstructions.
tmnsoon 2 dagen geleden
Smithers, I designed a new plane, I call it the Spruce Moose!
tmnsoon 2 dagen geleden
How do propellers works at jet cruising altitudes? I thought the reason prop planes fly lower than jets is because the air is too thin for the props to be effective at high altitudes.
Jean-Pierre Le Vagabond
Jean-Pierre Le Vagabond 2 dagen geleden
Ah lalala, we are so good in France and the UK. We created the most iconic plane of History among others but most importantly we achieved in making Americans care about environmental problems
DyreFlyer 2 dagen geleden
God.. “The president might need to fly around in a FOREIGN aircraft!” … and?