Lil Yachty - Wock In Stock
8 maanden geleden
Lil Yachty - Split/Whole Time
Taryn,Naiyana,Zachie & Chris Hesketh
Taryn,Naiyana,Zachie & Chris Hesketh 2 uur geleden
Early Gucci Mane in alot of ways👍🕶
I’m Spike
I’m Spike 2 uur geleden
Bru I haven’t heard this song in 4-5 years and first time I listen to it I didn’t what he was saying 4-5 years ago
T Ramos
T Ramos 3 uur geleden
Yatchy voice/flow = Trash
Fred Hampton
Fred Hampton 3 uur geleden
Wonder if he got toenail polish on as well🤦🏾‍♂️. To each his own
buck porter
buck porter 3 uur geleden
way he killed yachty verse reminiscent of 2016 XXL Freshmen Cypher
Stormzy •_•
Stormzy •_• 3 uur geleden
Metro booming is that you 1:47
omarion Smith
omarion Smith 3 uur geleden
Metro boming make it boom 😫
John Hogan
John Hogan 4 uur geleden
Kodak: “ I ain’t doin no features you do like it we can hit bout it” while he’s the only feature on the song lmao
Mustafe Husen
Mustafe Husen 4 uur geleden
He only brought lil Yatchy on this track because he fell off he needed that clout lol he sucks he should master on cartoons or something lol
amari pace
amari pace 5 uur geleden
The old Kodak was more 🔥🔥and full of Hype idk about this
assassinatior X
assassinatior X 6 uur geleden
The beat is just 🤟🏼👌🏻🔥
NordVGamer 123
NordVGamer 123 6 uur geleden
Dababy’s daycare I’d send my kid there
jay clark
jay clark 7 uur geleden
They had me at Gucci and Trick cameos!!! But the D flow go hard, Yachty didn’t bum me out and Kodak goes in! I see them surfing the Detroit wave.
Nebil Yosef
Nebil Yosef 8 uur geleden
I love this just because Gucci is in it.
1ndonlyReacts 9 uur geleden
Put a convertable on tha glock look like lamborghini
Yung Croc
Yung Croc 9 uur geleden
You look as good as Bill Nye's bank account 🔬💰👀
xJayDifferent 9 uur geleden
I like how no one noticed gucci mane
xJayDifferent 9 uur geleden
no one wants to admit this was the comeback of yachty
Fjfjjfhdjdjdjdjjsjd Jdjdjsjsksk
Fjfjjfhdjdjdjdjjsjd Jdjdjsjsksk 9 uur geleden
We directing traffic if you on like we can hit bout it 🔥🔥🔥💯
DeDe Dex
DeDe Dex 9 uur geleden
Yung Daddio
Yung Daddio 9 uur geleden
Wya nolifeshaq
Jay Ace
Jay Ace 9 uur geleden
Skip str8 to black part frfr jones jones 9 uur geleden
That’s black I hear it in his voice!!!
ツメㄗモ尺匕乙 9 uur geleden
This song reminds me of myself singing this with n word
Hasan Alm
Hasan Alm 10 uur geleden
Ronel Pader
Ronel Pader 10 uur geleden
0:44 *incels*
John Diaz
John Diaz 10 uur geleden
50k for the verse
Flex Operations
Flex Operations 10 uur geleden
We could hit bout it
Duncan Kinzer Jr.
Duncan Kinzer Jr. 10 uur geleden
Xtra_ takito
Xtra_ takito 11 uur geleden
21 boats
Ghost 11 uur geleden
2021 anyone?
Ronel Pader
Ronel Pader 11 uur geleden
Lil Ra Ra
Lil Ra Ra 11 uur geleden
“Lemme drive the boat”😭Kodak goin crazy
scott g
scott g 11 uur geleden
Beat hard. Kodak hard. Yachty... Your better than that 😥 why did this get the okay?
DR -
DR - 11 uur geleden
The beat sound like sum that’ll go with fast and furious
Michael 12 uur geleden
Whys he look like Sideshow Bob wth
YungXBoy 12 uur geleden
Whatttt the fuck are you saying yachty 😂😂😂😂😂
mohamed muisic
mohamed muisic 12 uur geleden
Itachi -
Itachi - 12 uur geleden
y’all ever wanna cry just a little bit cus we can’t ever experience 2016 again? ok i’m weird
American Mystic
American Mystic 12 uur geleden
whos that guy pretending to be kodak ?
Nidra B
Nidra B 12 uur geleden
Jan Flores
Jan Flores 12 uur geleden
who dat blonde on 1:16 with white tee lol
Kahzifyy YT
Kahzifyy YT 13 uur geleden
hop out wit da 0 haters poppin out da wood work but the wanna pro👌🏾😂
Mo Brown
Mo Brown 13 uur geleden
Kodak flow switched up, I mess wit it 🔥
Koori 13 uur geleden
Future went stupid.....fireeee
Nidra B
Nidra B 13 uur geleden
GGFlazesam 13 uur geleden
I remember my dad put me on this 2019 jan
Ruiz Guzman
Ruiz Guzman 13 uur geleden
This is why music stays unreleased
Go2noMom 13 uur geleden
N consigo parar de escutar tnccc
murder 14 uur geleden
Found this out on rando repeat
Nayar Mikhael
Nayar Mikhael 14 uur geleden
i love olive tree lol
hemet saints is my name
hemet saints is my name 14 uur geleden
Rene Mantequillito
Rene Mantequillito 14 uur geleden
En las fotos de Drake de joven solo le faltó hacer *brrrrr* *bebesiiiita*
Kessel Bloxk
Kessel Bloxk 14 uur geleden
Kodak voice sound different
Antonio Clarke
Antonio Clarke 14 uur geleden
Yatchy can’t rap he said he went crazy on this lmfaoo he bugging
Castle Clique
Castle Clique 14 uur geleden
best yachty song since since broccoli
Official_ Springtrap_
Official_ Springtrap_ 14 uur geleden
Lavon Shelton
Lavon Shelton 15 uur geleden
Lil yatchy ran his verse
bob ryan
bob ryan 15 uur geleden
Fly ass niggas 🐐
Isaiah Valenzuela
Isaiah Valenzuela 15 uur geleden
Mf a vibe even doe it’s talkin bout nuts and busting em😭😂👀🔥🥵still hard
BalancedPotato 16 uur geleden
I never thought these people would collab
edewp 16 uur geleden
2021 still hitttt
ProfToke420 16 uur geleden
Listening to this while I eat my breakfast....Lil Yachtys Reese’s Puffs....seriously.....too cool broskis!
Jesus Is my KING
Jesus Is my KING 16 uur geleden
Kodak even sounds younger in this video, this dude is DEFINITLY cloned, and another thing this song is straight T.R.A.S.H.H.H.H.H.H.H.H.H
Jesus Is my KING
Jesus Is my KING 4 uur geleden
@Tavoris Parker lmao it will sound worse throw this whole song in the garbage this nigga lil Yachty is trash Idk how ya niggas support this
Tavoris Parker
Tavoris Parker 7 uur geleden
Listen to this with 2 15s in the trunk...ain't no way this trash lol
chri tian
chri tian 16 uur geleden
we never getting this carti back 💀
yungSKIRMISH 16 uur geleden
FLY GOD BULLY 16 uur geleden
Kodak carried this song, lil yachty tried Rio’s flow but it don’t hit the same
Covert King389
Covert King389 16 uur geleden
1:58 what my hot pocket sees at 2am
Kutoro 16 uur geleden
This song a whole meme and a bop at the same time.
Andrew Focher
Andrew Focher 17 uur geleden
Bro i remember vibin to this at the beginning of quarantine last year
Daniel Walker
Daniel Walker 17 uur geleden
Kyo 2004
Kyo 2004 17 uur geleden
We need a carti&Yachty project
Kyo 2004
Kyo 2004 17 uur geleden
Santiago Sanchez
Santiago Sanchez 17 uur geleden
Drop the video for this mane
Daniel Nava
Daniel Nava 17 uur geleden
Ion pass my reefer you dont like it we can hit bout it!
Daniel Nava
Daniel Nava 17 uur geleden
Soul Speekz
Soul Speekz 18 uur geleden
Alan Wright
Alan Wright 18 uur geleden
Wait he said she blow it like a cello. A cello is a stringed instrument
Jay Watt
Jay Watt 18 uur geleden
“ I don’t fuc wit yachty he don’t be spreading know knowledge. I don’t fuc wit uzi he dic in the booty”. Only the real Kodak fans remember that lol 😆
Rue FriSCO
Rue FriSCO 18 uur geleden